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Jeffrey213__ @GingaKiller -Walking through Grand Avenue Mall with his lover right by his side, Jeffrey enters a tropical fish store and starts to look around I need some algea eaters -he says quietly to Max
SnowbeatUK London @docky Loving that dino! I'm going to need to see a cat, a swan, and a tropical fish ASAP. Jack of all trades.
ruby_enbot run by @asuranko Ruby will become a small, pink, tropical fish swimming with trembling fins, and wait in her small aquarium every day for you to come home♡ english bot for ruby kurosawa from aqours!♡@hanamaru_enbot♡
WendyHunterMah1 Middlewich, England Khya and Anya wanted to introduce you to some of our new tropical fish 🐠... We have bought 3 Black Phantom Tetras, 3 Peppered Corydoras and 2 Golden Gourami’s which Khya and Anya have named Mary and Eve (We always name our Gourami’s a biblical name).... What do you think...? x x💗X 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 X💗x
ArtofWarm Citoyenneté mondiale On my return to the tropics, one of my first purchases will be a better underwater camera. However, my current one captured this black and yellow tropical fish hiding behind a sea urchin on the coral reef. Data Science Influencer, Futurist, Technical Architect, Emergent Technologies, Blockchain applications, AI, Data Privacy,
bernieroko Kuyaiva, Poland @uwuzyy Use a fish tank to water cool your pc and insert tropical fish into said fish tank Kool Karla™ Official Fanclub / ultra deorum / avi by @ariwannii
ICUdocX North Yorks and County Durham My first tropical fish tank ever and my first joint tank with @harry_patta and so far so good. Been established 3 week's, no nitrites or ammonia present, pH 7.4 and fish seem healthy. New 'shark' keeping the bossy black fin tertra in line 🤜. Critical Care Doc, family man, designer of CPDmatch and Trustee of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare. Raising money for Centrepoint UK:
L0RELEl lorelei | pccgc while we r on the topic of mc fish... i think the tropical fish are very underrated. my favorite is the teeny tiny yellow and teal one :) block game babyyy | BLM / ACAB
jawnwan Philadelphia, PA @meliss_liss @dangwashere They’re blackworms (I believe Lumbriculus variegatus) commonly used to feed tropical fish and are apparently very nutritious for fish if you ain’t got no giddy up then giddy out my way 🇭🇰
uvstevvie Ideally, 50+ long gallon tanks work best for sharks; except bala sharks need 100+ long tanks because they are both active swimmers and school. Putting tropical fish, such as neon tetras, in with goldfish is detrimental to their health as goldfish produce A LOT of waste. The~ Just call me Ringo cus Imma star.
WReynolds20 Pouce Coupe, British Columbia @Modster99 Hey, I'm really good with tropical fish. Fresh and salt water. That counts, no? Old Oil Field Trash. Don’t believe in AGW, Trudeau, or Michael Mann and his minions. Max Bernier follower. I follow people I respect. Also crazy people for fun.
SparksTheGoo Pennsylvania, USA @ChillyWilly8000 Go find a coral reef and catch tropical fish in a bucket! An alien goo mass similar to Majins. Can shapeshift into any form I wish, but prefers anthro female Jolteon form.(pfp is not mine, credit goes to Neme303) (RP)
birdnerd_rn quarantine @fredrickbudgie please don’t keep them in bowls or tiny tanks! They need a gentle filter and HEAT. They are tropical fish! Seeing them in cups and vases is so depressing 💔 #weddinghawks #insulin4all #type1diabetes #CPP #IPP #RN #ActuallyAutistic #AutismAwarenessMonth #birbs
N8_IsWriting Australia 🇦🇺 Twas so cold this morn! My tropical fish tank had steam coming off of it and I saw my dogs breath when he yawned!! 😂😂😂 Nate ~ Writer ~ #WritingCommunity ~ GIF-Queen ~ Chocolate ~ Tennis Fan ~ Petra Kvitova ~ EDS ~ Environment ~
SunKuWriter “AIM-MP1080 Coral and tropical fish #Filipe #Filipe #SunKuWriter
HANDWRlTTENTRIS black lives matter @arctichoxran I used to have 50 tropical fish and the other one fish we had blew up and killed them all came for the artist stayed for the support act
joonoopenstory The #colorful fish on earth 「Tropical #Fish for #Kids」 The book is popular in #Canada #France and #Europe We are an indie publisher that creates children's e-books, language learning and visual research e-books around the world. iBooks, iPad
PedrhoesT @3fatcats1 @StarlitSkyGW Tropical fish are sooooo pretty. I went to Hawaii with my grandparents and bio dad. We went snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. It was like swimming in a fish tank. It was a bit scary at first putting your face in the water because the fish just come right up to your snorkel mask. Thirsty grown bottom single woman in a Pedro world. Don't want you to be my daddy. Don't wanna make you a daddy. What would @PedroPascal1 do?
CaltonDuns Edinburgh, Scotland @IseultWallace @maennis1982 @BadStairlift I sympathise with the poor goldfish. I was once sitting alone nervously in a dentist's waiting room with a fish tank, there to keep people like me calm, and realising, with a sense of portentous dread, that something was very wrong with the tropical fish: it was dead! Rights, Writes & Aye, Rights. Vegan 🌍 Gender critical "facts are chiels that winna ding" You/youse Celtic 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇮🇪 🇵🇹 🇪🇺 Alba gu bràth
ruby_enbot run by @asuranko Ruby will become a small, pink, tropical fish swimming with trembling fins, and wait in her small aquarium every day for you to come home♡ english bot for ruby kurosawa from aqours!♡@hanamaru_enbot♡
wabsnazsm Brighton...somewhere. There was a time when my neighbours were called Ron and Don. Ron used to drive a stupid looking moped whilst Don listened to Madonna and kept tropical fish. That's how I told them apart. The chances are, I'm thinking about a snack. Me/Mim.
HybridMagazines like Fortune, but with less Cosmogirl and more Tropical Fish Hobbyist
Season_eng :tropical_fish:BIG FISH TOURNAYt! :tropical_fish: Come and join me! ★★ #AnimalCrossing #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #acnh #stream #twitchstreamer #SupportSmallStreamers 🔞🏳️‍🌈 Int account. Cosplay/Streaming/Crosstitch/Bullet Journaling
_xsinner Israel and USA (MAGA)(KAG) Let’s see, their will be 47 Republican votes in my house😄 3 Dogs🐕 2 Cats🐱 2 Hamsters🐹 And 40 tropical fish🐠 After all if the slimy disgusting degenerate evil Demonrats can have dead people voting for them than why not some live little Republicans to equal those liars🤥! I am a Christian(Jesus died for me,I live for Him)I am a Warrior for the Lord. I teach what is going to be happening soon I am a Hebrew of the tribe of Ephraim
lummoxacillin Spokane, WA wow 200 on a tropical fish setup and my cats arent even interested wtf im terrible at this why would cats not want an aquarium to look at infosec lobbyist, p2p enthusiast, ipsec fundamentalist, no to big data, no to the cloud, amateur chef, failed comic, mostly joking, he/him. center post
WatchLuvr Vintage Tropical Fish and Coral in the Ocean Wristwatches by YesterdayCafe via @WatchLuvr #watches #zazzle Created for those who LUV cool #watches. Help us pick the coolest timepieces at
ruby_enbot run by @asuranko Ruby will become a small, pink, tropical fish swimming with trembling fins, and wait in her small aquarium every day for you to come home♡ english bot for ruby kurosawa from aqours!♡@hanamaru_enbot♡
oxfordcombat Can’t believe humans wasted all their skin tone evolution potential on sun protection/absorption, we should’ve gone full tropical fish and been rainbow to attract mates smh “Remember one rule of thumb: the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.” -Steven Pressfield
ScubaCaribe Several Scuba diving in Guanacaste 🇨🇷 is superb, with a plethora of marine life to enjoy. Manta rays, sharks 🦈 , dolphins 🐬, turtles 🐢, eels, and schools of vibrant tropical fish 🐠 can be seen swimming here everyday. 💦Diving, water sports & tours. Fun from the beginning! ⚓️⛵️🐙🦈🐢 info@scubacaribe.com
Tyreeeeee Los Angeles, CA @TTimecuh 7seas tropical fish and they sold out yesterday
cnawabii New York, NY I had a dream that I moved into a huge beautiful house with lots of outdoor little ponds and waterfalls and I freaked out bc there were huge fat colorful tropical fish everywhere including in all my sinks .... anyone care to interpret 👣👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️🦠 Foot doc married to IM/ID doc . 🇦🇫100% Afghan. 🤰🏻Blessed future mama. 🗽NY born & raised. Tweets are my own.
STCARLILE Sanford, FL. US. @AllMyCarnists Netting tropical fish for personal tanks, farming salmon and whitefish, capturing exotics for seaquariums, and fishing, in general, are all cruel and unnecessary acts. I suppose I am more sensitive to these forms of exploitation based on the fact I grew up around it. VΞGΛИISM | FOOD | ΛCTIVISM | iRΛCIИG | HΞ/HIM
vexcavator Fukuoka “...I don't notice the words. I'm too mesmerised by the sight of his bisected and reflected features, projected overhead on to a 30ft screen, his lips pursing and unpursing like a giant tropical fish.” Judith Palmer on #BrianCatling @Independent Dispatches from the work of poet, sculptor, writer, performance artist, and educator, @BrianCatling RA. Views are my own
CriticalApe Washington, USA Came home to all my fish except for one dead... Friend changed there water and did not add water conditioner to my EXTREMELY bad home water. New goal for stream tips is going towards a new fish tank setup... 75 gallon tank and tropical fish for a backround in the new house. PvP Focused Content with an emphasis on chillin | Youtube and Twitch are where I'm at | Encore Member | @TrackerNetwork Destiny 2 Lead | 💕A
johnnykaje “I told my husband he needs to learn to wipe and he poured antifreeze in my tropical fish tank, WIBTA for kicking him out?” “Do you really value a goldfish over the man you pledged you life to, in sickness and health??? YWBTA” Wuff
MelanieMoore out front, leaning on the horn We hit the private island owned by the company. They had a secluded bay which was netted off to prevent sharks and such, but there were tons of tropical fish. LIFE JACKETS WERE MANDATORY Proud sex worker and modern Hetaera. Cousin to Emma Evans, erotic hypnodomme. Friend to small woodland creatures. She/Her/HRH/Mistress Despiser of forkery.
deepblueaquatic Hemel Hempstead, UK Plenty of stock in this week - corals, #tropical fish, #marine fish, #snails, #crabs, #coldwater fish, #pond fish, #koi, #sturgeon etc. And don’t get me going on plants - plant tanks full of all types of #aquatic… An extensive range of aquariums, dry goods, foods, marine, tropical and cold-water fish. In our outside area we have our goldfish, koi and many pond plants.
ursuloIita me, not having watched the office: ann perkins you poetic and noble land mermaid you beautiful tropical fish have never done anything wrong in your entire life there’s more to life than stupid boys
ellesacie and he would also sell you special sea decoration items kind of like the mermaid diys but more. once a week he would take you to a special fishing area with exclusive fish like tropical fish and you could dive the coral reefs. blathers got a deep sea update on the fishing section || 𝟙𝟞 || 𝕟𝕠𝕣𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕟 𝕙𝕖𝕞𝕚𝕤𝕡𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 || 𝕔𝕠𝕥𝕥𝕒𝕘𝕖𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕖 || 𝕤𝕙𝕖/𝕙𝕖𝕣 || hi i dont know what i'm doing yet 🥰
KidsfunArtUtube United Kingdom How to Draw Tropical Fish Step by Step Easy | Drawing and Coloring for Kids via @YouTube #fish #tropical #sea #drawing #draw #kids #children Welcome to Kids Fun Art. Here you will find step by step kids drawing tutorial videos. Our aim is to help kids in learning and easy drawing with Nursery Rhymes
EmilyDonham Santa Cruz, CA Such a treat to see this juvi. Makes me miss tropical fish surveys and Hawaii peeps! PhD candidate at UCSC studying the impacts of climate change on kelp forests, producer of @SCNaturalist at @KSQDFM. She/Her/Hers
skiddadlez @sIeepytechno fav color is a mix between purple and blue, and mob is the tropical fish since they’re all cute and cool to look at AAAAAAAAAAAAA| minor | she/her | 💖💜💙| sleepytwt | header: iamjapanes on Tumblr | social interaction is tiring | lastly, fork da police
antreid Eccleshall @zoesqwilliams I once had a shopping cart with just a crate of wine, a chicken and a car battery in it. Could have put a tropical fish and a sea anchor in as well. French hypermarkets are amazing... You know me? Then why are you even considering clicking that button?
DavidBLowry East Lansing, MI @thoughtsofaphd Definitely worth doing. I took three years off. Worked in three lab/field groups at UC Davis, caught tropical fish in Venezuela (below), and researched food webs in Montana. With funds from jobs, traveled to Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil for five months. Associate Professor. Ecology, evolution, genetics, climate change, agriculture, and bioenergy @michiganstateu Tweets don't represent the views of my institution
CupcakeMegL Purgatory @love_in_myst @ArsenicInShell I like the aqua.... but yes. Put some tropical fish and I’m getting married! Lol Gamer (Dragon Age, Mass Effect), Cupcake Baker, X-Men Mutant, Disney Princess, Mermaid, Sith Lord,, She/Her.
FrostScience Miami, FL Behold the humpnose unicorn! This distinctive tropical fish can be found in coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The species, named Naso tonganus, is also commonly known as a bulbnose #unicornfish. Spot this real-life unicorn in our Great Barrier Reef Exhibit. 🦄 Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. Located in Downtown Miami's Maurice A. Ferré Park. Tickets available at
POSTTHISFOX multilingual A large message in A Tropical Fish Yearns For Snow is "Everyone has a lonely side to them and they actually care deeply about you but they don't want to talk about it" or whatever but when my brother left to live with his girlfriend I eventually forgot I even had a brother bye POST THIS FOX
ruby_enbot run by @asuranko Ruby will become a small, pink, tropical fish swimming with trembling fins, and wait in her small aquarium every day for you to come home♡ english bot for ruby kurosawa from aqours!♡@hanamaru_enbot♡
nomxnty she/her | jeno, nana, tyong ok last one – we have a tropical fish tank and technically most of the fish have names but i'll just show you tiger, the angelfish. ollie recognizes my dad, but tiger recognizes me. it's awesome. i'll post a video sometime of summn. #BLACKLIVESMATTER nctzen/weishennie/whatever tf you wanna call it all of nct bias wrecks me daily 💚nct/wayv💚 exo, superm, skz, txt, monsta x, red velvet
nomxnty she/her | jeno, nana, tyong i have 24 pets – a turtle, two snakes, two leopard geckos, two tarantulas, a goldfish, and then a tropical fish tank with 16 fish (i'll put names in the replies lol, there's too many of them) #BLACKLIVESMATTER nctzen/weishennie/whatever tf you wanna call it all of nct bias wrecks me daily 💚nct/wayv💚 exo, superm, skz, txt, monsta x, red velvet

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