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_captain_N videoland @Nester_N_P [notices Mr game and watch now catching fish 🐟 in a fishbowl and putting them back into the tank to safety like in the title tropical fish] studio audience: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! game master and defender of videoland. check out my ally captain S. @Captain____S
nominallyian Yorkshire I’d be crap at keeping tropical fish. Once bought a freshwater crab as a teenager. Took it back home, filled the tank as per instructions. Dropped the crab in and it scuttled under the little porcelain bridge I’d bought for it. I will kill again
nominallyian Yorkshire I’m going to have to stop being emotionally fragile on the internets and get a proper hobby. Like building cathedrals out of matchsticks. Or keeping tropical fish. Or entombing sex workers under my shed. I will kill again
JamesBegg11 @abbeylinegold @NotreRene @racingspoon @TalkTV 100%. One foolish dog owner robbed my daughter of the love a dog can bring to a family. We never got a dog after that. Just a marine tropical fish tank and one very annoying cat 🙄 it’s all about the rangers. lover of rock music. mon the biffy
GMU_COS Fairfax, Virginia Congratulations to Thomas Lopez, @GMU_Biology undergraduate student, for being named on the of @Mason_OSCAR Top Presenters at the Spring Celebration of Student Scholarship and Impact! Watch his presentation on the endangered tropical fish Betta channoides: George Mason University's College of Science. Engaging Alumni, Students, Faculty & Staff in the name of science. #ShareYourScience #MasonScience
physicsmom1 @jack_msw Penny is very striking. I had tropical fish for years and enjoyed them very much. Michigan Progressive, Resister
barrelstreams @ItsKyleEff I kinda wanna see a massive glass spire that's full of tropical fish and axolotls...if that's even possible Greetings! I'm barrel and I do streams over on twitch Er...drop a follow if I'm interesting ig!
traveltappers London @TamaraHinson I was always rather fond of Cork airport for its life-size statue of Jackie Charlton fishing in the pond in the terminal, and the tropical fish tanks that the conveyer belts circled in baggage reclaim! aka Kate Simon, former Indy on Sunday travel editor now PR/content consultant - reps Cheshire & Chester, Newmarket, Tapnell Farm and more at
RealAquaticsLtd Thame, Oxfordshire The Oak Style #aquarium range offers the perfect combination of the classic robust oak look but with a modern lightness to it Included with all #Oak Style aquariums is powerful LED lighting and an Aqua One 200w heater to allow for a tropical fish set-up. Dedicated to sourcing the highest quality #aquarium, #pond & #reptile products! Use our exclusive discount code TWIT-15 for 15% off at our website! UK only.
teberearts Kampala, Uganda @esteritebandeke who starred in our one woman play "Tropical Fish" that is written by @dbaing01 and acted in movies like Queen of Katwe along side award winning actress Lupita Nyong'o, is in need of you help. Tebere Arts Foundation believes that in any given society, Art & Culture is part of one’s daily life, & one’s daily life is part of Art & Culture
shinyhyacinth AZ typically didn't speak your language, but none had been agressive. You had been swimming with some of them before, and seen shark, tropical fish, and even octopus merfolk. But... Nudibranches? 16/16 Percy~35 ~ he/they || Cryptid, Author of questionable haunted robot content || Sun☀️Moon🌙Eclipse🌘simp 🐊Monty x Liz stan🍰 pfp by @syniacs
BlueTreasure5 Blue Treasure Tropical Fish Sea Salt is suitable for the growth and breeding of all tropical marine fish and other ornamental organisms. #bluetreasure #coral #aquarium #aquariumtank #fishtank #aquariumseasalt #seasalt #marine #reeftank #reefseasalt #marinesalt
mukusunokibot nee nande ita-ita-itai- "Q14. Hobbies?" Taking care of tropical fish. They're small and cute. quote/image/gif/video bot for Mu Kusunoki 楠夢羽 MILGRAM Prisoner No. 04 | mods & other bots in following | translation credits & stuff in txti
sarah_coyote Fort Worth, TX Me: I’m a private person. Anyone: Hi- Me: So here are pictures of my fifteen tropical fish whom I call my children with their names and backstories and how they relate to their fish brothers and sisters and these are the fish that are currently dating each other and (she/her) eating burgers and breaking hearts. cajun/japanese. stoic. mama. amateur farmer.
aho_birdapp @noonbase he also keeps tropical fish so his room is all dark and edgy and then there's just a tank. of eye-searingly colourful fish Lisa - old - F - Hyoutei/Rikkai/Higa enjoyer - OC enthusiast - 🎾
jeremy_guyton @thenaynayshow Subaru maintenance (and doing it the wrong way). Planted aquarium setup and maintenance. Breeding certain types of tropical fish. Favorite Martin Scorsese movies. Atheist. Human (He/Him). Less angry than my tweets seem. Texan. Democrat, because I'm not a forking moron. No DMs. #VAXXED #TrumpLost #LoveisLove #KETO
KHSAcademics Keene High School While doing a tropical fish study in Belize over spring break, KHS teachers and students see a Tapir, the national animal of Belize, swim across the Blaiden River #Tapir Curriculum Director and members of the Instructional Leadership Team and Keene High School in Keene, NH
RealAquaticsLtd Thame, Oxfordshire Fishmeal-Free Food | Made with Insects and Crustaceans INTERPET FIT & WILD - From £5.99! In the wild, most tropical #fish evolved to eat insects and small crustaceans. Fit & Wild mimics food fish would eat in their natural environment! #Interpet Dedicated to sourcing the highest quality #aquarium, #pond & #reptile products! Use our exclusive discount code TWIT-15 for 15% off at our website! UK only.
BlueWaveWarrio1 @GeneralGRegret It most definitely is not set near Norway. There’s a Jamaican flag, tropical fish, and coral. Also mermaids aren’t real.
mindahomeUK England Southend-on-sea, East of England: Starts on 2 Sep 2022, duration 26 days. We have a lovely house in Southend. Looking for house sitters as we have tropical fish that need feeding and also a garden that needs regular watering. Thanks very much House… House Sitting for the UK. Mindahome has been has been matching pet and home owners with their perfect sitters since 2009.
hogge_fred As hot season slips into rainy season and the humidity leaps to levels more befitting a tropical fish, what am I making for our Thai bank holiday lunch? Steak and kidney pie… Writer, photographer & half-Jamaican🇯🇲 based in Thailand, cooking jerk pop-ups in Chiang Mai. My book, "Of Ice And Men", comes out 2023 with @Pegasus_Books.
ZherzOFC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia @carnivorologist The only milk from famous Swedish video game @Minecraft 🥛 comes from the cow 🐮 Along with many types of meat such as steak, porkchop, chicken, rabbit, salmon, cod, tropical fish and rotting flesh. Heck, even my golden apples are not vegan. My name is Zherz a Malaysian content creator focused on gaming and digital art. BEEG fan of rock'n metal music 🔥🤘🎸 and meat 💪🥩
djarchi Chicago, IL @GeneralGRegret Do you also take issue with the fact that Sebastian the singing crab is clearly of Afro-Carribean descent? Or that Flounder, who is clearly a tropical fish and not a flounder at all, is not a Cod, the most common fish in Norway you forking dingus it’s made up. DJ/Dad and 80's Soul Train enthusiast. Seriously. I own 46 DVDs of 80s Soul Train. Also Juicy J is great.
katvespa the sisters camp wanna overhaul the ambience in the game.. step outside in the morning and listen. what do you hear? birds. all the time. add them w/ templates the same way you did tropical fish. you should be able to hear them from miles away like ghasts so too many dont need to spawn at once #BlackLivesMatter black, n fighting back| PROSHIP DNI | goes on priv sometimes| slowly moving to mastodon. i use some of the same names on there too.
AniseKStrong Kalamazoo, MI @DougMcCrae @tlecaque Also, it's a remake of the _Disney_ movie, which featured mostly tropical fish playing _reggae music_, and I'm pretty darn sure they didn't have ships like this in the 13th century: (L is Little Mermaid ship, R is recreation of 1042 Viking ship) Ancient historian of gender/sexuality, prostitution, film, tv, & music video studies, media consultant, mom of 3 + golden retriever. She/her/ista.
J_Good_1 I finally found some tropical fish and they weren’t even at a reef she/her i guess
needlepov Brooklyn NY Tropical Fish by #pepitaneedlepoint stitched and shared by M.W. #needlepoint #needlepointframing #needlepointfinishing #needlepointersofinstagram #ndlpt No time for this - I need to get back to my stitching!
HybridMagazines like Ebony, but with more New Scientist and less Tropical Fish Hobbyist
dxnidarko She/they She’s a talking human-fish hybrid with a tropical fish as her best friend and a Jamaican crab as her mentor/babysitter who gets her voice stolen by an octopus with a pixie cut TPWK | 18
likkleduc 6ix @bikkduc Stupid tropical fish all it does is be intersex and eat (she/her) | @bikkduc ♡ | INFP :)
SalesTweaker Honolulu Hawaii Tropical fish sales increase amid COVID-19 pandemic - The Ledger || #IncreaseSalesNews Courtesy of Increase Sales - Why You Need Help with Your Web Page and Other Sales Copy to Increase Your Sales and Make More Money Subscribe by Following on Twitter… It’s the job of a sales expert, such as myself, to make your prospective buyers as passionate about your product or service as you are.
atarifari London, England @colinphoenix I’ve seen a few of them driving in California and they almost all had a busy restaurant. I’d sit and watch some bizarre going’s-on, the best was a woman getting out of a car holding a aquarium full of tropical fish - she wasn’t the driver Rejoin! Lefty. Fan of Peter Hammill and Van der Graaf Generator, Bolan, Bowie, Soul, Prog and Save the NHS
CptBenzie Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe Basically, bro has never encountered the story before: In the book, the Prince's kingdom is described as having citron trees and warm climes. But the author...? Was Danish, published in the 1837. Oh, the Disney cartoon? With tropical fish and marble palaces? Mobile Gaming Content Creator based in Zimbabwe - All content made entirely on my ASUS ROG Phone 3! He/Him
marionceperiodt The Disney Little Mermaid is literally set in the Carribean (at least the ocean portion… tropical fish, Jamaican crab) so if they wanted to be accurate, they need a full Black and Latino cast. Which is what they SHOULD be doing for the movie. from a pobresita to a bad bitch 💔💋🇲🇽
zittiblackbeard She/her/they? One of my biggest special interest is tropical fish! But more specifically BETTA FISH!! Did you know that betta fish are so smart they can actually learn tricks? And did you know that betta fish actually require a atleast 5 gallon tank ! With a heater and filter ? I’m that lesbian that dresses her dog up in clothes and sews random crap| our flag means death brainrot| 21 years old | indigenous aboriginal 🖤💛❤️ , Autistic
ClivekellyKelly LANCS UK . Now they are hundreds of plastic Jesus Christ’s nailed to the Amazon trees and the church Padre has got all the Amazon Indians collecting little tropical fish from the Amazon which they sell in the shop called oh my God in New York one third of the fish die in plastic bags sailor ecologist , writer , actor , film producer . photoggrafista . aerial rigger , stoker , navvy .DIVER, Scrimshander 36 in museum Portugal all signed .
llDrssdNBlck Pretty sure all those tropical fish in the DISNEY movie are not indigenous to forking norway. And the songs are Caribbean. Yall look sweaty trying to bend your racism into any semblance of a good point. not for the faint of art 🙃 •she/her•
alijamieson London, England I know this breaks all of the rules of Twitter, being both banal and sincere, but I just don’t get it. Not like I’m after some tropical fish or lambasting Lidl for not stocking lobster Composer/Sound Designer/Producer/Teacher. Listen:
eel_facts3000 Though sought after by tropical fish enthusiasts, Purple Spaghetti Eels are very difficult to come by due to their general shyness in nature and are only available on rare occasions Explore the marvelous world of eels with these eel facts! Eel facts daily - eel spotlight bi-weekly
RushEloc We went to a specialty tropical fish/reptile/bird store and now I really want a lizard. We were aiming at iguana but kind of had to negotiate down to uromastyx because of space requirements (He/They/She) If you like goofy cartoony forced fem stuff, you're in luck! MORE: Minors will be blocked! PFP by @luciushargrave
jonbrownmusic New Orleans my wife is a college professor. a student plagiarized and then got salty about the grade. student said her daddy was a lawyer and she didn’t want to have to take this further. my wife’s daddy is a tropical fish farmer and my wife said she didn’t want to tell her dad either. Jonathan Brown
FatherFish2 @marcorubio @WHO And the federal government should never be allowed to dictate what kind of tropical fish I keep. Local laws are perfectly adequate to prevent dangerous invasives. Banning a fish from every state and territory because it is a problem in one state is just stupid.
HybridMagazines a hybrid of Paste and Tropical Fish Hobbyist
SimpleLifeDiver Koh Tao, Thailand Koh Tao’s clear, warm waters offers diversity of marine life including sting rays, barracuda, and an abundance of tropical fish species. Come and check out the underwater world at Koh Tao with Simple Life 🌊🤙🏼 💻 info@simplelifedivers.com 📞 +66 77 456 329 PADI 5* dive resort in Koh Tao, Thailand, running daily dive tours, PADI courses and scuba diving internships! Dive Koh Tao with
RealAquaticsLtd Thame, Oxfordshire King British #Tropical Treats (£2.95) are fun and healthy treats suitable for all tropical #fish that stick to the glass of your aquarium and attract the fish to feed. Children will love the spectacular "feeding frenzy"... Dedicated to sourcing the highest quality #aquarium, #pond & #reptile products! Use our exclusive discount code TWIT-15 for 15% off at our website! UK only.
Kentishtrivia The Garden of England #OTD 1948 The Mayor of #Margate (Alderman W. J. Perkins) opened Kent's first tropical aquarium at the #Cliftonville Lido. Tropical fish from across the world are on view, and another section housing a snake house in which will be varieties of vipers, lizards and other reptiles. A canter through Kentish history. Pics from various sources, credit shown where poss. If I infringe your copyright, get in touch and I'll remove the material.
Ganemedes11 @friendlybearsOG @TacoTribeNFTs @opensea Yo this little guy is so cute! And reminds me of my tropical fish 🐠 🐟 Love ❤️ these guys! This guy is my soul mate #NFT lol! Thanks for the chance! @christovonn @ZeeSucksLoL @Alex_Y_Kamran Metasaurs #2723 Cool Dogs Creature Toads NFT Collector! Follow me ill Follow back! Bricktopians #5712 first 4D collection on the block chain! 🌈🔥💎😍
eclipsefoxart United States @jenpolroxx Even poor Razzle's tank water is heating up and he's a tropical fish his water is already warm. I hope he will be ok during this. 🥺 She/they. I draw both fan art and original art. I also enjoy playing video games. Instagram: eclipsefox.
VEXIKKU Česko 🇨🇿 So only food source you can get in early game are Tropical Fish and after you set down you can get some Bees and Wheat there and If Wandering Trader spawns you can get his Llamas and there might also low chance of Chicken Spawning, so you can get also Chicken. 20 - He/She/They/It - Pan - #ActuallyAutistic - ADHD - Textile Artist, Modder, Steam Workshop Creator, Big Chungus Redesigner, Indie Game Ethusiatist
aquatek_austin Austin, TX Saltwater and plant shipments received this week @ Aquatek Tropical Fish Passion, Perfection, Precision! Discover a whole new world at Aquatek Tropical Fish.