Pet Insurance

Do you need it?

The short answer is YES YOU DO!


But let’s not be too hasty. If your pet is a tadpole, then maybe it’s not so crucial to have the little wriggler insured. But pets that are part of the family, pets that you cannot bear to lose, they need insurance.


This is well illustrated by a tragic turn of events that happened to a friend recently. He recently ran over his own cat. The cat must have been dozing under the car and decided to walk under the wheel just as my friend was driving away. The cat was well loved but also quite old, in other circumstances the cat may have been put down. But my friend felt so guilty about the situation that even though the surgery would cost $8000 and there was no guarantee that the poor cat would ever walk again, he decided to go ahead with it. With pet insurance he would have had no problem coming to that decision. Without pet insurance and without $8000 in the bank, that decision becomes much harder.


Pet insurance is now available for a wide variety of pets, and to some extent the cover and premiums are still negotiable. So I can definitely recommend that you get some for your pet. Hopefully you will never need to make a claim.

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