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erinlovesfatti i ride my horse long and low and i just wanna know... will he kick himself in the face or does he know when to stop #replytweet some things, are not important
SophiexJane Newmarket, England Got asked to lead up again this weekend up in Lincolnshire. I’m grooming for my sister all day Saturday, I’ve got a late night Saturday evening at the awards dinner and can’t physically do another day of grooming Sunday. I know I need the extra money but I need to ride my horse Horse rider | ex Racehorse Freddie #Krugermac | @RoRlatest coordinator | Eclectic Music Taste |
AmishHero CEO / Senator of Amish As Senator and CEO it’s my duty to protect the Amish at all costs, we no longer will be stepped on! I will bring the Amish back to the powerhouse it deserves! I will ride my horse to DC and demand it for my people! A vote for Jack Goff is a vote for a change. I am inevitable. Senator Jack Goff {Amish War Hero}, Fastest Amish Alive, Tobacco Enthusiast, Amish Sex Icon, Missionary Expert, #JackGoff2020 #Inevitable
michaelaagent47 Essex, United Kingdom @Drexl_Raz I got bullied for listening to depeche mode, goth music and wearing a crap load of black. I used to bunk off and ride my horse anyway #Essexgirl,#pugmum,#animals,#veggie,#goggleboxl,#battlefield,#eastenders,#hollyoaks,#garynuman, #seanharris,#exhorserider, #hitman,#terrifier,#NIN,#SAS,#trance
bishoujoworld california @useyourdrill all i do is ride my horse and pick flowers and play gwent for 20+ hours always willing to lend an ear and a bitchy comment. artist, writer, whatever, she/her. ko-fi commissions open!
EmmaBHarte Gingin, Western Australia @joannanuisance @sunanda_creagh @slackbastard Yep he was in debt here in WA so he sold off as much crown land as he could. What I used to ride my horse through thoroughly enjoying the flora and fauna is now privately owned farms. Good on ya Colin! owner of West Coast Heli Scene, Childhood in Isle of Skye, heart in the Kimberley, Arabian horses, books, photography & music. dislikes hatred,
CaroleTBeers Southern Oregon @PFDonato Good day to all! At leasI pray it will be good for you. Good, for me, would be to write a few pages, and ride my horse! Follow and be followed. That’s good, too. Award-winning Seattle Times journalist writing New West mysteries with a kick--and a kiss. Celebrating other writers, family, food, horses, dogs...all Creation!
kaytiehenricks Aumsville, OR Is it 5:30 yet. I’m ready to go home and ride my horse Wifey. Barrel racer. Ambassador: The Western Thoroughbred (ottbwestern), Team Equine Saddle Pad Co. Discount code: khe10, Draw it out(message me for code)
sailorxxslut had an avocado for breakfast, going to walk my dog, and then get ready to ride my horse :) so anyway, today is pretty nice so far (soooo celebrate my nice day with me with some $$$ ;) ) 🌙 findom finD dominatrix finsub findomme 🌙 24, OF verified || 18+, NO minors || proud bottom vegan || I myself am strange and unusual... The Princess findomme of your dreams.
IamTheKayyBee Centurion, South Africa @kinglalamak2 “Hi I’m brad from Houston Texas I love partying dirt bikes and if she can’t ride a horse, she can’t ride my horse”.... Brad walks out, Stacy “Next!!!” Brad: “You missed out babe”
KrussyBoi It’s the last day I can ride my horse before he leaves and I can’t get myself out of bed what’s new Valar Morghulis
SearsonEmma Monday morning and back to work, when what I really want to do is go for a run, ride my horse and read a book. love food, horses and lying on the sofa. Decided to challenge myself so going to run a marathon in 2020 before I turn 40. C242K here I come
dknight431 @Kerembo67 @Doranimated That's o.k. I'm from Texas and people ask if I ride my horse to my oil well.😁
Joshthesmoke The Republic of Texas @ERMAGARN Ride my horse , shoot a few guns, play 18 holes at1 , play some fiddle music and watch football this eveing. Drink cold beer thru it all TEXAS FIDDLE PLAYER, CHAMPION CALF ROPER, AQHA,INFIDEL,OFFSHORE CAPTAIN,CONFEDERATE, BOWHUNTER,RANCHER,#CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN,#MAGA HONORARY REDNECK & FRIEND
Glowingivy_ 📍Louisiana the only two riders i trust (besides trainers) are Ela Acevedo and Grace Harlan. if that’s not your name i will lose my absolute goddamn mind if you tell me how to ride my horse you got dreams in life? that’s lit.
KYLEEBeventing BC Canada I just wanna ride my horse to help relieve this anxiety I’m having ... but it’s dark and the ground is flooded and snowy .... Follow my IG: KyleeBird
thenorcalpaint sf bay area if you’re a boarder and you want to give me unsolicited advice about how to ride my horse, just know it’ll take everything in my power not to sock you in the face we vibin
jason_cohee Jason @Pappiness @realDonaldTrump ILLINOIS, law states; 510 ILCS 70/3.03(b) Animal Torture, 4 the purpose of this section ", animal torture" does not include any death... caused by any of the following; "(1) any hunting fishing or trapping under the wildlife codes." Reads as if I can ride my horse and dog down
padders001 @SecretyStorms @PaperBundle @zalisteggall Yep, cos the climate changes always has always will and to think humans can control that is hilarious. Sounds like, according to you, we are rooted. So I'm off to ride my horse, lord knows if I'll be able to next year.... Hawthorn member, centre right conservative, fly fisher, horse rider, Westie owner, animal lover, farmer, test cricket, retired (work is highly overrated)
knifegurlllll Tryon, NC I could ride my horse with my knife and switchblade until it got bad then the space ship can take us away 😂 weird horse girl who loves to rave
Nickolasshiple2 Oklahoma, USA @ShawnG927 @Wyn1745 So we stop watching meat to over populate the animals on earth. Then we challenge earths resources between people and animals! I keep eating meat. Eat my pig, cattle, goat, bird and fish. Ride my horse! Haters going to hate! Conservative Father, Brother, Son. #Trump2020, God Bless America. PC is unfair to the stupid.🇺🇸🇺🇸#qanon#maga#kag
amelia_8221 Ive always had bad confo and my hips/back have been on and off painful for the past year and a half but the past week has been absolute hell like i dont even want to ride my horse because everytime i walk it feels like my bone is stabbing my other bone. What am i supposed to do '21 LSS
OpusHopeless United States @lovelybluetrees Yeehaw partner, gotta ride my horse to the saloon and drink so ole draft root beer 20 • Twitch Streamer • Josh • 𝔸 𝕗𝕦𝕥𝕦𝕣𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝕟𝕠𝕥 𝕘𝕚𝕧𝕖𝕟 𝕥𝕠 𝕪𝕠𝕦. 𝕀𝕥 𝕚𝕤 𝕤𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕞𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕥𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣𝕤𝕖𝕝𝕗
Runnin_Unicorn Hell @BradleyMoles @kendraaaleighh @justjess_nicole 40h work/week, I still have time to catch up with my friends, spend quality time with my bf, ride my horse 2-4times/week and sleep my mandatory 7h/night. No much time for "nothing much to do" time tho, which can be exhausting but at least I don't live for work 🤷🏽‍♀️ Pony lover, cats master // "There were dragons when I was young..."
redheadedmare So I went to the barn to ride my horse after a day off. And now his eye is 100% better but he sliced the inside of his leg open and is dead lame 🤦‍♀️ I hate baby horses sometimes retired mediocre big eq rider. now even more mediocre low level hunter/jumper rider who sometimes trains nice horses
Eilishanne96 Spring, TX I’m the type of person that sees a big field or grass or a bayou and thinks that would be a great place to go ride my horse! We aren’t the same 😂 Live and love life
iamvaughnheart hell @brownricebabe nah it's time to fertilize the corn and feed the cows. gonna ride my horse to the farm 🤠 My pinned tweet aptly sums up my clownery. they/them #campurLGBT
AugustSteve The Large Apple @Gwynnion I for one hate crafting and endlessly searching drawers and boxes and looting bodies and looking for plants and skins and furs all to craft. It’s like every game is Etsy. Not that there’s anything wrong with Etsy but you know sometimes I just wanna ride my horse. Just trying to get by, he/him
jennagaynor7 @HVanCuran I spent years being thrown off almost every ride until I find the correct formula of bridles and spurs and whatever to have a good ride. Don’t ride my horse a couple times and say I’m wrong. He’s only that good because of all I do for him. Gets me heated 😂 If I follow you congrats! I don’t hate you
Horse_and_Rider Boulder, Colorado @cshorsedotcom @HorseChatHour 11. I don't need an indoor arena. 12. Let's go to the mall. 13. Sure, you can ride my horse. Horse&Rider is THE leading Western training, how-to, and advice magazine for horse owners and enthusiasts.
ponywriter7 Jackson Hole, WY @EmilySkeie @Jarrett_Lerner This may sound weird but I read some of my favorite parts of my already-published books. It reminds me I can do it and for some reason, it jump starts my creative brain. Otherwise I crochet or paint or ride my horse. LIZZIE FLYING SOLO (HarperCollins) a Kirkus Best Book of 2019 + theatre Stage Mgr Books, mountains, ponies, rescue dogs, flowers & kids.
MisterPreda Los Angeles, CA I wanna turn my friend into a horse so badly...like for a video...like buy a saddle, a BIT and a jacket / horse shoes...and ride her into town through a Starbucks drive-thru....should I do it??? 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎 a little bit of everything | producer of @escapethenight & daddy of 10 huskies / biz: misterpreda@select.co
janos_horak Badacsonytomaj, Magyarország @DogOnTheRoof @RealKav_P *walks over to Dani:* - 'ey girl, I bet you're impressed! - OMG This was so cool! I don't even care about my dead sister and parents anymore! *They find a white horse, and ride into the sunset* The okayest developer, okayest dad, okayest husband, and the okayest looking guy with the okayest personality. (he/him)
DonRosinate ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ Imma call my horse Thranduil and ride it every day 🌚 manga enthusiast and gamer | 日本語が大丈夫。
lolwatjustin You should be sad still makes me want to put on a Joanne hat, ride a horse naked, and throw a molotov popsicletail at my ex's car. #ManicTheAlbum Moira main. Chicken wing enthusiast. Future Big Brother houseguest.
BrownEyedKhan @blobyblo How do you know the first guy to ride a horse wat already friends with that horse and horse was like hey brow wanna sit on my back while I run around? mono is my saviour ~~ OT7 ARMY ||| Mamamoo , Hyukoh , Mokyo, AOMG /H1ghr,Dean, Day6 ||| groovy-everywhere
Orions_BeIt She/Her I'm laying in bed in tears because I just found out that my absolute favourite horse is being put down tomorrow. His name was Prince and I was the first to ride him when he came to camp and we had this really special bond 🥺😭 thinking bout Wedge Antilles or DnD at all times
nyevi_ Oakland, OR I appreciate the people who don’t ride my bottom when pulling a horse trailer and understand the extra room that needs to be inbetween them and the trailer To infinity and your mom🐰
erinlovesfatti i ride my horse long and low and i just wanna know... will he kick himself in the face or does he know when to stop #replytweet some things, are not important
adaauditsusa Loving and missing my baby brother one of only two black professional race horse jockeys in history of the world Akili Gray Sr. Rest in heaven little brother we love you miss you and you will never be forgotten I pray that you ride with the Angels and look down upon us smiling
carlajean97 Idaho, USA @americanliv Same with my dun mare. They supposedly had her papers but we never got em. She’s my go to horse though. You can’t ride papers. I’ve seen some horses that are papered nicely and they turn out crappy, but you’ve got to factor in the owner/trainer as well I suppose I’m forking delightful🥳 New Mexico raised ⛰ Idaho livin 🌾
AmberCadabra Chicago, IL My kid and our horse are competing this coming weekend. Ain’t they cute together? She’s really coming along as a bright young rider. I don’t ride half as well, but I love watching her grow and improve. Content Consulting @ LinkedIn. Mom. Author. Musician. Pittie rescuer. Equestrian. Sweary. I solemnly swear I am up to no good. She/Her
ChitkwesuManetu London, England @THOLT8 My daughter who is a riding instructor has a wonderful way with horses, she taught me to ride by bonding me with her horse Roger. This is my daughter and her darling boy. Proud to be Scottish/German🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇩🇪 Hopefully in some way giving support to the people of Turtle Island by bringing more awareness to others.
THOLT8 Fraser Valley B.C, Canada .. footnote: In gaining trust of the horse the elder told me to go swimming with the animal. I spent two days in the Thompson river in deep water embracing, hugging my future partner. He rewarded me with the gift allowing me to gently sit on his back and ride, ride with the wind. Marketing Consultant, Artist, Graphic Designer, Photographer, former Broadcaster, Reiki Master, history buff and advocate for responsible change. NO LISTS. Thx
itsglal Sudan -I'm gonna take my hoes to the hotel room she's gonna riiiide till she can't no more -Imma hit her from her back -There's no strings attached -Jesus got my back -Imma ride you like a horse -You can kick my pors -I've been an orange and you'll be more than just a booty call I get high with good music
snowwyLizzy @VanillaRefunds I got scammed for my ride parrot and ride horse 😭 I have proofs. Hello people. I'm lily. /bi
rosalie_gautier @heirnomore "Hehe," she smiles proudly, "I'm gonna be a Holy Knight when I grow up! I'm brushing up on my Faith first, but once I get bigger, I'm gonna learn how to ride a horse and use a lance!" She tugs at his arm, excited. "You'll teach me how to ride a horse and use a lance, wont you?" Muse is 5. Mun is 26. NSFW jokes okay, lewdness is not. // denotes OOC
paulruddstubble the devil's whore || 🏳️‍🌈 i just want to climb him like a tree, put my hands on his shoulders for support and ride him like a horse for all eternity the devil does indeed wears prada
Mike_the_Actor New York, NY @travischaney721 @fern0830 @channingfrye Just the other day came upon a meadow filled with hyacinths, a huge 🗻 off the the left and a river lazily meandering through the field. Clear sky and wispy clouds. I just sat on my horse and gaped for like 5 minutes. I'll try the train ride idea. Thanks! Professional actor based in NYC. Founder of NBA fan and lifelong PC gamer. Endeavoring to keep a beginner's mind.
WalkingAccess Wellington We're blessed with dozens of wonderful places to walk, cycle or ride your horse, pick your favourite and enjoy. Use our Find My Adventure tool to search amongst more than 150 tracks across the #GreaterWellington region The New Zealand Walking Access Commission seeks to enhance access to the outdoors, and to strengthen New Zealand's access culture and heritage.

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