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RobTaylor551 @anthonymacleod5 I used to ride my horse and sleep on the Beach…🙏🙏❤️ TRUMP🇺🇸 MAGA Patriot ⚖️ 🕊Grammy of 3❤️ No DM or Instant BLOCK
eunchaeg libertè, venditores.♡︎ I dressed up like a cowboy, ready to ride my horse and conquer evil in the city! This 'DUSTY AMBER' concept photo is hands down my fave, and I love how it showcases the beads on my cute little earlobes. Yeehaw! ૮₍ ´• ˕ • ₎ა A cutie maknae of the le sserafim’s while working long as music bank MC.✧ ⋆ ࣪.
ciriIlas 20 me genuinely just loving to ride my horse around the open world and hunting for animal parts in another life i would have been a horse girl val & league enjoyer
28satellitesfly “I’m just going to ride my horse really quick and probably leave there at 8pm so i’ll be home by 9pm…” …me leaving the stables at 9pm😬😅 20 || she/her || fan account || ot5 || no stunts🐝|| #LOUIS: with these lot behind me, who the f*ck is gonna stop us do ya know what I mean🍁FAITH IN THE FUTURE
tm163267 @kaitgonewild take you out a date so you be a real cowgirl and ride my horse later on and you can be goofy with it too and do it in reverse there cowgirl lol
KellyGriese Indianapolis This feels like the right time to request another #RedDeadRedemption game. I just want to ride my horse around, collect plants, go fishing, start bar fights, and creatively unalive some racists. @RockstarGames she/her | @kellygriese@sfba.social on Mastodon
mech_eng_girl @Stands It was finally dry enough to get out and ride my horse after the great south Florida flood, so it was good! Avid GISHer!! Mechanical Engineer, Dressage Rider, Cat Lover. Team #WhatIsYourDamageHeather
SynonymUnion Scotland @Glenlyon17 But I would ride my horse down the mall And I would ride my horse up the mall once more Just to be the man who rides his horse To put a crown on my head Da da da (da da da) Da da da (da da da) Likes to highlight how dysfunctional this union is within the UK which no longer has an empire and remind people that the UK is union not a country.
pressfuturist Stirling, Scotland “I saved money at university by getting my scribe to copy – and illuminate – the manuscripts by hand, so that I had my own copies and didn’t need to ride my horse across Wessex to the castle library every time I needed to consult them.” Lecturer at @stirpublishing (opinions my own); researcher on smartphone storytelling for an AHRC CDP PhD at @BritishLibrary; writing a novel; He/him
digdeeperDTRH Planet Earth @TrumplicanWIN Only if u let me ride my horse & buggy to the voting both. This is the stupidest thing on the internet. Learn blockchain. It fixes ALL the voting problems. THEY know this and hope ur too ignorant to figure it out. Move forward, not backward. NOONE is going back to the 1800s. “My country is the world and my religion is to do good.“ ICT Professional, cypherpunk, #bitcoin, #XRP
LuminousTwix @dead_girly Get ready to straddle up and ride my horse 😏 A ebony Femboy UwU/ 18+ no kids/ versatile/ Bisexual/ I do Lewds :D
Smpritch87 United States @ktsprentiss I was Heading to a riding clinic with my coach, had spent all day crying and angry and then had to try and pull it together so that no one at the barn could tell and so that I could ride my horse well. I was a mess though. #MagnumPI #WhiskeyCavalier for life. Magnum PI Ohana member. We Saved #MagnumPI 👏
0xbluecow the network Ride horse to town to sell remains of a bear I hunted, mistakenly ride my horse inside the butchers private area and he reports it to the police, flee with horse to the montains, wait it out go back to sell bear skin and accidentally punch the butcher, he reports the crime agaib,… internet cow, niche twitter celebrity, cute frontends, NFTs dev, CSS, React, Solidity, Game Designer, $WAR, accepting commission 🥹🤝🤖 🤍🖤🐮 ⚙️ 420 it/its/cow
opinionatedmare Ontario, Canada Finally got to ride my horse today and the saddle feels freaking great 💜 • 26 • Mom to a sassy OTTB • Adult ammy Hunter to dressage • she/her •
MoeBrueC München, Bayern I'm a cowboy in the wild west I ride my horse and do my best To keep the peace and uphold the law And face the dangers that I saw But now there's something new and strange That makes me feel a bit deranged It's #artificial #intelligence That makes music with no sense /1 Tech biz enthusiast. Artist. Loves looking up - observing space, the final frontier. Occassional contributor. / opinions are my own, mainly „just kidding“.
DUSTfu Around @jsorrentino123 They didn’t even cut paper correctly. I had a lady ask me if I used a helmet when I would ride my horse in the 70’s. After laughing for a bit, I told her about a few really bad concussions and about breaking my leg in a stall. I needed a full body helmet. Still do………..😬 100% Texan. We create fun with products that are awesome. Music is fuel for your happiness! Adults are kids with money. No DM’s 🚫. Give it away.
anovelchapter West Midlands, United Kingdom @nicolebounxe Love this scene in the movie and have imagined a funny deleted line into this where Lara says to Bryce and Hilary "I am so mad right now I'm going to ride my horse and shoot things" with Gollums facial expression 🤣 Started as a book blog account, now I post about gaming, Zumba and life in general as well 🤣
Michsteer Orange County, CA @Long_Brown_Path Thank you! I did run through the bush or ride my horse barefoot until I was 18. Then I went to university in Durban, South Africa and I attended lectures barefoot! Sometimes with a flower tied around my ankle 🌸 Nature girl, flower runner, ocean swimmer, lawyer, lover of life and solitude! Zambian🇿🇲 Zimbabwean🇿🇼 South African🇿🇦 Canadian 🇨🇦American🇺🇸
Beachdogs67 @SilverChiquitaa Where I will ride my horse and spend my money! 99% will loose everything. #Silver surfing.Treasury QE as Fed print compounding interest debt tornado. 100 yr end cycle calculus.Volcker real inflation
greywalkerr Ishgard probably i MIGHT ride my horse tomorrow. depending on the weather. cause if its windy i know hes gonna be a ding dong (and ive also not ridden him in a while qwq) Eternal cat boy lover and elezen enjoyer multiship, polyship, ocasional NSFW 18+ #Lorenandcompany for oc lore! Just a lil cat trying my best
LadyMFC1234 @brittanygadoury You will love it. We used to walk the dog up and down that piece of grass, he loved it. I used to ride my horse in Windsor Great Park, away from the crowds its so peaceful. Resin artist, crafter, love the Royal Family with the exception of the narckles. Love my family. God save the King 🇬🇧 Love my country.
JPowerThought If I ever get a dog, I'm going all out and getting a Saint Benard. I shall ride my horse sized dog into glorious battle, FOR THE EMPIRE! Fairly Daily bullcrap. (they/them). Main: @realbearom but I don't post crap over there
mdbell79 Phoenix, AZ @PaulWrites7 I know that “time to replay the Witcher again” urge! And I’ve played RDR2 all the way through twice too. Now I just load up my endgame and ride my horse around, which I find very relaxing. Writer, teacher. Out now: APPLESEED, a novel (2021, @marinerbooks). REFUSE TO BE DONE, a guide to novel revision (2022, @soho_press). He/him.
AyeCeeL Colorado, USA. and Nepal. @NoContextHumans this reminds me of the time i used to ride on my dad’s back, he’d pretend to be my horse and we’d play all day 🥹 miss you dad, i’ll see you soon! founding swe @echowinai: business AI customer service agent 🤖 help with tech/business at CCRC, Nepal 📈💻🇳🇵 i enjoy hiking, singing, playing music 🥾🎤🦕
ShotgunBound @MapleWhiskySigh "To that I say..." I take his hand with a chuckle and move to get into my seat, murmuring just loud enough for his ears to pick up. "Save a horse, ride a cowboy." -; ૢ✧∘* I'ᴍ ɴᴏᴛ ᴀғʀᴀɪᴅ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴀʀ ʏᴏᴜ'ᴠᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴡᴀɢᴇ ᴀɢᴀɪɴsᴛ ᴍʏ sɪɴs, I'ᴍ ɴᴏᴛ ᴏᴋᴀʏ, ʙᴜᴛ I ᴄᴀɴ ᴛʀʏ ᴍʏ ʙᴇsᴛ ᴛᴏ ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴘʀᴇᴛᴇɴᴅ *∘✧ ૢ ;- #Parody
av8nradioguy Wisconsin @janefortruth @AngEngland I remember that from my sister’s equestrian days. She had a registered quarter horse and you never wanted to deal with a case of colic. Her horse did have an amusing habit of throwing or scraping off men who tried to ride him, including me. He was pretty lovable though. Family man, Christian, 37 years in general aviation, audio mixologist, musician, writer of things, animal lover, ham radio geek.
JWPanovec Pennsylvania, USA @TPV_John @JoJoFromJerz He calls himself a modern-day Paul Revere. My guy, Paul Revere got drunk and arrested, and then the British took his horse. He was forced to walk back to Lexington. He never finished that midnight ride. Hell, he barely started it. What a forking NPC this guy is. Husband, Father, Preparer of home cooked meals, fixer of broken things, writer of fantasy INTP-A. No fascists. he/him
Thelovingbard @Amber_Eyed_Wolf Rest at the inn and who knows maybe my singing will win us a free meal or drink.” He joked walking along the ride of you and your horse as we approached the inn together. “ For the record I’m not not into it.” My lovley Sarah 💕#Thewitcher #MV #Parody #Songofthe7
RobTaylor551 @anthonymacleod5 I used to ride my horse and sleep on the Beach…🙏🙏❤️ TRUMP🇺🇸 MAGA Patriot ⚖️ 🕊Grammy of 3❤️ No DM or Instant BLOCK
OdballsS Looking for a bridge @Goldietheswag3 @MetalMa90357143 As my bio says I am the Fourth Horseman. I ride a pale horse, and hell follows with me. Metal is the Warmaster...he leads us on to fame, glory ...and a messy end😉🤣 Forgemaster and builder of tiny machines of mass destruction. Fourth Horseman of the Legion of Unpopular Opinions. #warhammer40k #warmongers #LoUO
M4ryGater Cheshire @DawnVanstone I used to ride, my then young horse, across Dartmoor, the only horse to ditch me and give my concussion 😍 but I had bred him and then kept him all his life, riding on Dartmoor was fabulous. Working my way through life with a compass kept in magnetic box, live a rural life, slightly eccentric. I make glass and other jazzy crap 😂
NachosDad United Kingdom My friends horse, who I adore and have had the privilege of riding has had to retire on health grounds. It was an honour to ride you big chap and I’ll still be your friend. 💔 Owner of two patchy ponies, one young, one broken. Rubbish at outdoor things. Likes old vehicles and history.
VlNTAGESTARS she/her 17 | DIPS ⅑ | chc&van need a man to ride his grandfather’s bike and then ask a sheep herder for his horse on the way to my wedding so that he can step down from the throne to give me what is rightfully mine and watch as his uncle is dragged outta the wedding for being difficult creator of the quiz & extremely terrified of adam fantilli
kitsunetickler tfw no horse to get on and ride into the wilderness until I encounter a beautiful damsel who provides me with a quest with which to prove my chivalry and martial prowess ma'at enjoyer
burnedless @_MiraculousMe_ Ride frost fury and 2 fool eggs for no pot undead horse? My chocolate chow chow for your black chow chow? she/her roblox
ErinneSince88 LA ✈️ KS ✈️ CA ✈️ CO @TheSunsetOfTime The way I just spit out my sparkling water. 🤣. ILY. Well I am very excited to see you analyze ever frame Pedro is on a horse in. I love horses but have never had the opportunity to ride much so it makes me happy that he rides and is not only talented at it but enjoys it! Holding it together with duct tape and a smile. Wine and tacos. Sass and ships. Hospice Intake / Social Worker 💖 Comfy in my 30s
RodCoris Raccoon City @JOWAN_JW I had a package delivered to my house, and when I open it, poof, out comes a lot of smoke and I'm stuck in red poison country with no ghost horse to give me a ride home :( Das, worauf ich gewettet habe, ist das, was jetzt kommt
ArloLucial 5391 I'm sorry I'm so sorry my two little brothers, I can't be your big sister at all, I can't be your horse at all.. sorry you couldn't ride on my back all the time, sorry I did try my best I payed attention to you guys all the time and fed you when our parents was gone I'm sorry
Route_60plus California, USA 1973: Their last #1 hit as a duo began… 🎶 “Ride I used to jump my horse and ride I had a six-gun at my side I was so handsome, women cried And I got shot but I never died…” I love pop culture memories, my family & friends. I’m a writer & blogger, artist & dreamer. No DMs please.🤔🏳️‍🌈🌎🇺🇸🇺🇳👍
Grace_Face_20 Houston, TX @TYPOGRAPH1C I’m from Mansfield Louisiana and when I moved to Texas as a kid all I got asked was “Who dat? Is Mardi Gras fun” and I’m like bro I’m 7. Now if my son could ride a horse everyday he’d be happy the cowboy hats already glued to him LMAO Halo Caster! Twitch Streamer! Work email: Gnewland7@icloud.com
holdon41020 @MichaelBurea This was my first and last ride on a horse During the winter with ice and snow. Sucked! Wife…Mimi..dog 🐩 mom. Some days are better, some days are worse. Look for the blessings instead of the curse.
xa_sxlmaa @sabaxhh Meh I mean horses are fun to ride apart from the fact that once in 2017 my horse ran away and fainted and I fell off and ran. Then the guide shouted at ME AND THE HORSE IN ARABIC nearly cried Wallahi I was so traumatised oh and my horse kicked my brothers face😭
EdwardHoltJr1 @Blacktarzanx Good morning my love you looking to good an sexy with all that you packing on your sexy body. You need me to handle all that you packing an taking it all in this tight as an ride it like a horse and deep throat and swallow ur nut and suck them balls and let you man handle me. I'm blessed to be stressed and living single. and plus I see that you are not trying to get with me and playing with my feelings .
Artsy242 Bahamas My baby girl is finally cantering! 🐎 Received a vid of her this morning and I am so proud of her. She left the stables yesterday with the biggest smile ever. Makes me so happy. She will be able to ride a horse anywhere in the world. I think that is so special. Real Woman: Catching the wind in my sails.
IAlwaysYolo0904 Malaysia After finishing the Duviri Padarox in #Warframe , what can I say besides I ABSOLUTELY love it. The story that allows us to learn about Drifter, the world design and atmosphere, the music, able to ride a FLYING HORSE. Blew my mind away once again by DE. 2023 Year Goal: To become a Content Creator on Twitch Platform
2156679 Philadelphia, PA @DAQUANDSG ,And then man you GOTTA know these people right here in this photo they made our women think like "We could'nt protect them" like they were so bold to be like yo if I snatch your wife up on my horse and ride off into the night AIN'T nothing u or any other man NOT gonna We are a father and son music group called Lil'reggiebigreggie , full time decaded single father,Musician
__Aplomb @jiggyjayy2 Still got the picture of the horse I met during my first carriage ride. Went on a dinner date and then the ride. Peep the candle lit bubble bath that ended the night 😅🙃This new generation is weird lol. V i R G O |
1joeyv caught covid for 28 days. But folks were dying at the hospital! I saw all the pills that my mom and dad had to take, and it just didn't feel right. They weren't really sick but saw a Dr. every few months. I am healthier than a horse, ride m-cycle, golf, dirt bike, work hard daily
liltweeter12 Phoenix, AZ @PicturesFoIder My dad used to say “they ride the good horses and shoot the lame ones, the sweet spot is to be just a good enough horse to not get a bullet”. Christian, American
Harmonious_43 I'm a huge Rapidash fan. The fire horse makes my brain happy, even if it's never been good competitively. Its shiny is one of my favourites, making the flames (normally animated) into a lavender shade. I would try to ride this thing and probably die of severe burns he/they || Marxist || $Harmoneyous || Mid level fighting/plat fighter player || On that constant burnout ||

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