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Jaboed1 CA @DavidSacks so you prefer an unchanged society? Should I get my sword and armor and ride my horse? Cook with dung? Fusion Energy Researcher. Fan of woodworking and electronics.
jake_w0405 @grebigils @PeterDClack I’d be completely fine if we cut off all fossil fuels today. My solar panels will provide me electricity for another 20 years, I have easily enough land and livestock to provide me sustenance until I die, and I will ride my horse if I want to go anywhere.
culperring76 @saxisaxa I'm just trying to bounty hunt, play poker, and ride my horse man. 🤣 Once proud American and Veteran. Feel free to scroll through and seethe commies, marxists, and queer theorist. I know you are big mad. Fight Like Hell.
Jaytee198513 Northern California @aborealis940 To be fair, I grew up in Wyoming and I would ride my horse to the market.
ClubBopper @MomAngtrades The exact reason why I ride my horse to town. And, I'm being silly only because this whole media hysteria is silly. On a separate note, my Mahindra tractor caught fire several years ago, and I still bought a new Mahindra tractor that works fine to this day. Had enough of the increasing PC culture with the normal job. Learning the ways of equity trading.
nutzo4horses Washington State @KeneAkers 4 years ago, I was living in Texas and took a trip to Galveston to ride my horse on the beach ... I was horrified and appalled to see how many vehicles driving on the beach had Confederate and tRump flags flying. And yes, many of them were POC. Baffling. 🌊LGBTQ Ally▪️Lock up Mango Mussolini▪️Horsewoman▪️Pets are Family▪️Un-Patriot▪️I block MAGAts & DMs▪️49ers #bluecrew #recoveryposse
RayTheChelly South Africa @monsyera It wasn’t my favorite either, I just tried it out because I ride my horse at 8/8:30 so it was nice to get all my workouts done at once and have the rest of the day to do what I need to. I doubt I’ll go back to it though 😂 18 || I play CS:GO and take naps || you&me 🦋
SpectralHounds Virginia/USA Though i never actually wanted to do any of the missions i just wanted to hunt, ride my horse and sell pelts 32 • ♂️ • Gay • 🔞+ • Golden Kamuy • Professional Oggiegirl • Follow/Unfollow/Block/Mute Freely •💍@twinkicorn💍noisy/RT heavy •🐺 Harlock (Lapinporokoira♂️)
xrayctprof Illinois, USA @JerasIkehorn Had 200+ undeveloped acres abutting our farm when I was a kid. Lots of pine trees and several ponds. Beautiful and silent to ride my horse through in the snow, Sadly, now a gated community of 1 acre lots. Wife, mom of 2, educator, healthcare worker, glass artist, equestrian, progressive🌊🌊🇺🇦. Not necessarily in that order. No DMs...Will block immediately.🇺🇸
KevinLo65627354 @mikaylademaiter Nice cow girl outfit. Cum over here little lady and ride my horse. Giddy up cowgirl...
Prettylilting10 I think I wanna go to the barn tonight and ride my horse 😏🤭 22 & livin’🌈LLF🕊
txintel101 Republic of Texas @braxton_mccoy @canyon_clowdus "I'm gonna ride my horse to the bar and put it on the Gram." - This e-girl, probably Business owner & moonshine connoisseur. Husband to one, father of two. Private investigator in real life. I’d rather be outside.
coletteesq Sonoita, Arizona @JerasIkehorn Of course. I own guns. I live in a rural area and I ride my horse in remote areas. But I don’t need to flaunt my guns or use them to boost an insecure ego. A guy wearing a gun as an accessory always makes me think he’s inadequate you know where and I’m talking anatomy. Proud Democrat and defender of voting rights.
sartcrates Internet @tnatw I prefer to produce less, think slow, stay limited to my own creativity, and use 17th century tools in the 21st century. That’s why ai sucks and I’ll never use ai. Whoever uses ai is not a 17th century human and should be shunned. Anyway I have to ride my horse to work now. FWIW, I’m an IRL NFT NPC.
HellOrBywater New Orleans, LA @irishman3370 @FOX8NOLA yes you’re right the Smoothie King Center is usually like the Wild West. As such I will ride my horse to the game on Saturday and if I see either of these two chuckleforks I’ll give them a fist bump and a wedgie I ain’t dead yet 💀
TheFirstSoilder @JaydisHIM As for Vegeta his is Emotional and badass, but it was all in vain and the guy still alive after his death for the later ark, so doesn’t feel like an ultimate sacrifice (DBZ logic 💀), and Erwin has emotional weight as well as inspiring. The dude would even get me to ride my horse He/Him, LVL 26, Huge Final Fantasy Fan and Legend of Zelda,Gamer and Adventurous! 😁
VWVNDV_ Oakland, CA Need to always live near a major, walkable city or I gotta move to the sticks and ride my horse everywhere eventually
GyShay The world It’s too cold to ride my horse lately and I miss it 😭 French girl with egyptian roots. Doctor, dental surgeon.Writer. #Evhead #Freak.Love traveling, coffee, rock shows & animes.Colored horses owner & rider.Kiowa 💜
shehnaazdicute New Delhi, India I had daydreams and fantasies when I was growing up. I always wanted to live in a log cabin at the foot of a mountain. I would ride my horse to town and pick up provisions. Then return to the cabin, with a big open fire, a record player and peace. #HBDShehnaazGill hi sana baby. fan page account for shehnaaz gill
NorCal_Eventer Chico, CA I am so excited to get done with work and go ride my horse this afternoon
vegan2023 Ive got a horse and I’m shocked about the attitude of most horse owners. Being vegan I don’t ride my horse, I’m constantly being told my mare is wasted as she’d be such a good ridden horse and eventer. I’ll post some pics of her soon. our circle of compassion should include all sentient beings. Mother Earth is beutiful.
purrcelot Karnaca, Serkonos @4erepawko True! I also liked it ☺️ tho ER is more rich with content than inquisition, but in exploring way they are similar I think. You know I like just ride my horse and observe this amazing work of environment artists ИNNA 🌻 art enthusiast ✦ autistic + adhd ✦ english / italiano ✦ n s f w @fromcrowtown ✦ commissions: OPEN ✦
redmareeq I have food poisoning and have been begging my barn mates to ride my horse and she has been SO perfect for them. Not a hoof out of line area VI eventer, rat breeder, owned by a red mare
RingJosefine @zee_pruk I am in the stable and will soon ride my horse.🐎Hope you have a good day.🥰💕 Supports everything with #Mii2 #ZeePruk 💛💚💙
RingJosefine @jimmy_jimmoi I am in the stable and will soon ride my horse.🐴 Hope you have a good day.🥰🥰 Supports everything with #Mii2 #ZeePruk 💛💚💙
CHEYENN98705437 @seigfried_sigil lol i got a farmers tan because i also ride my horse in a sports bra and spanks to train an ride my horses bareback i dont ride in shorts with a saddle that crap hurts /katsukis sister //100% sud//if you wanna RP DM me or comment //25 years of age //the pinned song is something I FEEL like katsuki would sing to katsumi/
oatmilkmaid69 only real glizzy mcguire fans remember when i was sexting a guy and, mid sesh, tweeted “love abortion love divorce pop my pills and ride my horse” and was caught red handed by the sextee himself who accused me of being “forked in the head” and “a real chump” fatherless activity
riverbyphl Philadelphia, PA had someone made a mod for elden ring yet where i can just ride my horse around and not get nerfed? a pacifist elden ring? i just wanna ride my pony river-bee. august, mol, g (they/them), tyler, and doug (he/him). absolution is out now. @t3hrecords | contact: riverbyphl@gmail.com | pfp: @ItsAJoBrainer
carolane_cle Ohio, USA @karadetwiller I need to be strong enough to ride my horse and do farm work. Some days my daily routine is enough to keep me in shape, but sometimes I have to supplement with cardio and resistance-type exercises to maintain an acceptable level of fitness in this middle-aged body. Working to ensure every person has basic human rights. Mom, communicator and animal lover. She/her.
clementineleo @realfemsapien Gyn/Ecology by Mary Daly IS my 'bible', AND I was a single parent who made the money to make the dinners to do the homework, to wash the band uniforms, to go to PTA meetings, to pick them up from friends houses, to clean the house, to ride my horse, to pay the bills & taxes.
MeyerRants @LupintheI @phatal187 I need to be able to ride my horse from one end of the map to the other. In a straight line. Over mountains. Through the air. Because I clipped terrain trying to climb a sheer cliff with the horse and it f**king launched me. Otherwise it's not a Bethesda game. I rant about tech Blog: Discord: "no no no you don't understand" means I'm crapposting Also I follow back
aloyshorizn London, England @Earthlyfaune I wish there was a mode where you can block that behaviour, I just want to ride my horse and pick flowers to craft 🥺 virtual photography • #horizonzerodawn & #horizonforbiddenwest
colinoverweg Los Angeles, CA @ChaseSupport Why do my Wife and I need to schedule an in person meeting to simply open a Joint Checking Account? Should I ride my horse there? Founder of Advize Wealth 👨🏼‍💻 • @investopedia Top 💯 Advisor • Aspiring golf bum🏌️#creator #lifelonglearner
cheetah_ray @Ve_Velvet21 Yeah you can ride my horse and then you can ride me Investor
JETBABY56 Western NC @sunsetklee @seabunnis @Lisahudsonchow7 @trustjesus333 @GreyLady45 @TheGrayRider @bdonesem @1NJConservative @originalace13 @PAYthe_PIPER @827js @bpz6961 @PC4USA1 @PalmBayMAGA @NanLee1124 @JohnC32116200 @smirking_bitch @keith0sta @WenMaMa2 @james_pidd @curvycom @NolaCookPatriot @Melissa1opinion You (yes you, weirdo) have no idea what I look like. I can still ride my horse which ensures nothing “sags.” Get a life and stop acting like a cartoonish 3 year old, ya f’in’ troll. 🤣🤣 Close your eyes now. This is bound to sting a little: Conservative gal. Ret. F/A. Happily ❤️ Married to Jack. Luv my BFF’s, Stepkids, Grands, dog (Teddy) & horse (Tim.) NO DM’s/Porn/Hate/Vulgar Liberal BS. I CUSS!
itsshannnnnnn Battle Creek, MI I looked outside this morning and never canceled my plans so fast 🥴 I was gonna go and ride my horse but I said nope as soon as I seen the snow littered all over the ground 😂 your average crapposter kicking sand over her depression with memes
SharjeelSMMA Sydney, Australia i want to own a farm. Where I can ride my horse. Tend my cattle. Make love to my wife. Eat fresh. Read books and pray to God. This is what i think freedom is. SMMA - Upwork- Crypto Let's Talk Business. Sharing my agencies progress from $0-60K /m (Current: $10K/m)
yourfavbandari straight out the persian gulf I want to paint, drink matcha, eat halal food, go to hot yoga and pilates, shop, and ride my horse. Come home, cook, bake, take baths in a jacuzzi tub, pets my cats, spray perfume and sleep 10 hours every nights. what the hell is a dream job? I do not dream of labor. thanks x 🇮🇷 🌙

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