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jnweber_ Houston, TX I laugh at myself when I’m looking for my pen and it’s in my pony tail the wholllleeee time 😆 CNA 🩺 ; SHSU Pre-Nursing Student
GrandSlamShinku Cinque's computer! As much as I say that I hate my pony and that she's an asshole, she's very dear to my heart! 【I spread forth my sapphire wings to capture that eternal glow.】
Rahnierich Michigan, USA I’m so happy I found someone who does hair to trade services, because my pony slickkkkkkk. And I feel so cute. nail technician 💅🏽
ajfemcel no tw/ any pronouns/ bi MY PONY MY SADDLE IS WAITING COME AND JUMP ON IT! this my priv my main is gone so i’m here now😐 so follow me especially beautiful black woman n enbies
SummersDenise_ Vancouver, BC I made a tsunami wave of bath water out of the tub cause my pony tail fell on my shoulder and I thought it was a spider. 🤦‍♀️ A romantic comedy junkie on a mission to find and share romance stories. Author of Immortal Sacrifice. #Romance, #fantasy #Author, #books, #paranormal, #read
seoulrebel1 Daaaamn I went with the Americans today and I have never received so many compliments. They said I was pretty, that they liked my pony tail, that I'm a cool dude and that I have so much going for me. 10/10 hang
ryudevill itzyzone ride it my pony my saddle's waiting come and jump on it chaeryeong yujin ryujin chaeyeon
brunettebreeche The South @uptight_equest I know the feeling. I haven’t consistently worked my pony in awhile because life and I constantly feel like I’m not doing enough or that he’s wasting away. I just remind myself he’s happy as long as he’s fed has water and can be outside. It’s a battle I have all the time. lost dressage rider trying to figure out wtf is going on
Troton12 Best half an hour of the day. Chasing lazy thoroughbreds up hills and chilling with my pony crew 💜 Me and my horse ... she’s young and ready to go !! let’s do this
confusedcowpony Tennessee, USA @jumpmyslug My PARENTS always have said so much crap about me having one on my pony who was morbidly obese and struggled with lameness for years. Finally moved out and brought her with me and she’s sound and fit for the first time in absolute years. And now they say how good she looks 🤦🏼‍♀️ hi
jumpmyslug I honestly get so judged and have had a lot of comments made about Jay wearing a muzzle whenever he is out. I'm sorry I don't want my pony to founder. Prevention is better than cure. I never grew out of the pony phase
GrandSlamShinku Cinque's computer! As much as I say that I hate my pony and that she's an asshole, she's very dear to my heart! 【I spread forth my sapphire wings to capture that eternal glow.】
sealskull dni proships, anti blm & terfs @BVRNlNGMAN CAN I DRAW MY PONY SONA AND URS TOGETHER PERHAPS SMOOCHING he/it🧷always in a silly goofy mood 🤟bf @BVRNlNGMAN 🎵 LOVE acnh and MLP! 🎸COMS OPEN!! 🛸 art website:
qh2wb2ottb @thestarhorse @jen_thejew My pony did that! He starting backing himself up to the corner that I picked his stall to and he still does it lol. And buddy would pee around lunch time if I would take him out of his stall 😂 Just a washed up eq rider and her OTTB
wyrick_matt Third planet from Sol. @jmolder988 After we sold my pony the kid next door and I cleaned out the shed and turned it into a clubhouse. I wired the whole shed with a fuse box and lights and switches. I still had my go-kart and I got a mini cycle when I was 13 so it was before that. PCTechnician, college graduate and videographer for a Blues band Martial Arts Instructor. Scifi writer. Happily gifted with dyslexia and ADHD. #WritingCommunity
AdvInCensorship Ogden, UT Just had a new experience where Tikka, our new cat, decided my pony tail was a toy and began attacking and chewing on it. We are learning new boundaries. Nonbinary political scientist studying censorship of queer stories and speech. I also read a ton of YA literature. #firstgen 🏳️‍🌈 they/them views=mine only
EdinaFreire Rio de Janeiro, Brasil #Tbt 🎶If you're horny, let's do it... Ride it, my pony... My saddle's waiting... Come and jump on it🎶 👀🥵😈🔥🔥🔥🔥 If you don't like Bruno Mars, don't follow me! (FAN ACCOUNT). 😍🥰🦁🐉🐊🍹
Montagsdayjob Weed by a wall, God in nature. @sambwrite It’s my final sin and the good Lord can slap my pony’s ass, sending it racing to hell because I ain’t giving it up. ☕️ Actor. Reps = Metric Talent. Dead Poet Nuwanda. Writer rep: Vendetta Mgmt = Hybrid, Where The Streets Have No Name. Dad of He/Him & They/Them. ❤️
bleakhousing Ohio Who writes best about John Ashbery’s poems? I ❤️ Ashbery, but sometimes I feel like I’m cleaning a stuffed attic and coming across an amazing heirloom every so often. This happened w/ Hart Crane, too. But I eventually wove him into my pony tail. writing: THE NOTHING THAT IS (cosmic horror novella) | OH PAIN (weird fiction collection) | nightmares are my own | rep'd by @ianbonaparte
mhenderson33 Saint Paul, MN @GordonSeverson @kare11 Cue Lyle Lovett: And if I had a boat I'd go out on the ocean And if I had a pony I'd ride him on my boat And we could all together Go out on the ocean I said me upon my pony on my boat… Tweeter of song lyrics books food history wine news and booze. Follower of The Dude. Pun Purveyor Avid reader. Ebayer. Crossworder Outspoken Curmudgeon
OConnellsbrain im here @SteveDoesnt Ween: Bananas and blow Mister would you please help my pony Fluffy Pollo asado Boys club Etc.
Taddy_Scrimblo hii this is snap shot my pony sona and i dont like her *kills* (they're siblings by the way) 🐸 Tad/Tadpole/Taddy/Funder 💚 Any pronouns :) 🌿 Pan 🌱 18 / Oct 23 🍀 I like to draw lol ❇️ Cookie Run + Fnaf!
NachosDad United Kingdom Miss my pony. Work and life stress sucks. Owner of a little horse with a huge heart. Rubbish at outdoor things. Likes old vehicles and history.
Morvenrb Isle of Arran Tonight I got my pony back from Hollie and we had an awesome lesson . This time last year I had lost all confidence and was was wreck at the thought of cantering never mind jumping. What a way to clear the head for an hour.... Proud mum of Cam, Izzi & Hollie. Unit manager, Montrose House Care Home/Stronach Day Care NAHSCP. views my own. motorbikes walking music ponies cats
SlasherTheMod Home OC fact of the day 8: Wing Slasher. Wing's origin story was actually him being human, finding the MLP universe by accident and soon fitting in once he was helped transform into a pegasus. This is due to him being my pony Sona in the past, finding a form and a new way to live. My Personal Account. I'm just a lazy artist. Amateur Cosplayer. Don't follow if you're under 18.
MechaDragon101 New York, NY @BlueSkyActual If it helps I love her so much and consider her part of my pony OC family ❤️ (He/Him) (Single) I put gaming headsets on my ponies cause I find it cute ❤️ OCs own: Cinnabyte, Lillybit, Skydrive (Avi by @LBRCloud Banner by @DandyBouquet)
TinyPixxels South Wales So: - Cook dinner and go to bed - Get through the last workday of the week - Take in a straw delivery and wish a massive happy birthday to the best girl in the world @ZiggySweet48 THEN IT'S BABY TIME!! HOPE YOU'RE EXCITED TO BE SPAMMED WITH PICTURES OF MY PONY WHEN SHE'S HERE 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 || Marketing Gremlin for @nomorerobotshq || @MCV_DEVELOP 30 under 30 2021 || She/They || Pip@TinyPixxels.com
Laybaeeeeee Not my pony getting some length na!! 😂😂 just out the braids ! me taking my hair journey serious this time definitely showing the difference and growth. BabySwank Educated & Degreed FOREVER ME 💯
Araya_beauty999 ประเทศไทย My pony is cute and friendly to everyone. My name is Araya. I love animals. I like to rescue the poor animals from the slaughterhouse. Please support me by purchasing my NFT. God bless.
evansaj2 Charlotte, NC My pony tail stiff …. Time for a wash and deep condition 🤣🤣 #teamnatural #teamscorpio♏ #teamUS me n my Beanie thats all that matters. @laina_cakedupllc
thatalexyarde Maplewood, New Jersey #beltwaymedia in two acts 🎭 Trump: “He’s a controversial figure for sure! He’s retooling for 2024, still a dominant force in GOP politics.” Biden: “You inherited a pandemic and economic collapse, you’ve had one year as President. Where’s my Pony?!” I'm a picker, I'm a grinner, I'm a lover, And I'm a sinner, playin' my music in the sun, I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a mid-night toker. I’m Back!!!
suzthackston @TheaLanden I’ve worn nothing but soft sports bras for years. Works well most of the time, but my trainer video-ed me trotting on my pony and that’s one vid that will never see daylight. Writer, night wanderer, solitary mystic, former homeschooling mom of now-grown kids, horse-crazy, bookworm, woods witch, summer lover, stargazer.
OnlineSailor Barrie, Ontario @PADI Self reliant. Just me, my pony bottle, and a sub surface world to explore! Sailor, diver, construction professional, wannabe farmer, and overall gearhead.
eXAKR Singapore I think it stemmed from me ironing my pony flags; I had them folded up for storage so they don’t get dirty while I spring-clean my room, and decided that I don’t want any fold creases in them when I hang them back up. … Aspiring graphics/UI designer | male • he/him • 1987 • autistic • Singapore | MLP • Pokémon • furry • art • tech • transit | 90% crappost • 10% insight/opinion
bobdylan_ebooks Long-distance operator What’s the matter here? I hear this phone call is on the baseball team, he was ten years old he had to say to us no man can take away Hey, hey, babe, I got blood in my pony’s stall Cain’t ya hear me cryin’? Ashes and diamonds Hm, hm, hm Markov Dylan Lyric bot. fueled by elasticsearch, and @edyesed. Call me at +1-731-630-4470
AceCCYT1 Nashville, TN Any chrysalis accounts okay with feral and 1-9 words a line because i really would love with in my limits for a chrysalis to use my pony oc Sakura for lewd fun “she” is a extremely naughty alicorn~ real name=Acey Sub not looking for a relationship don’t report please pronouns she/her I prefer female pronouns irl age:22 no minors or irl accounts
GrandSlamShinku Cinque's computer! As much as I say that I hate my pony and that she's an asshole, she's very dear to my heart! 【I spread forth my sapphire wings to capture that eternal glow.】
anexoticxur The Tower Y’all keep liking tweets and you’ll end up added to my pony girl collection, I will have a full set of races and classes if it kills me exotic merchant, hypnosis enthusiast, part time cow girl curtesy of a certain siva exo
JustinRozell @fanizzi__ No my pony is these are 2 examples of safe red states they have no interest in voter ID laws because they are solid republican. How convenient and hypocritical And that’s the point I’m making.
whypeoplewhyyvt Twitch Omicron is still kicking my pony bottom and my voice is still gone. Thursday stream cancelled!!! I will do my best to stream Friday morning. Destiny 2, Rivals of Aether and some VRchat. #wpyevent #OmicronVarient #VTuberUprising Go check out @Kbellrock while I heal up. Ponytuber: Twitch Affiliate Aiming to be Twitch partner/Vshojo Art: Dm me Links: Plays games, reacts, open collabs and etc. Just ask.
BobaRatBlast I never posted this here but this is the detail head sheet for my pony sona since his main ref is so messy and some markings aren’t as visible on it anyways hands him to you ⚾ Scout/Boba 🏳️‍⚧️ He/Him 🥃 23 🌈ADHD 🎨 Artist 🌟 Hyperfixations: TF2, MLP, HTTYD, OW , etc ⚡️ Rapid tweets 🚫 Proship/sickos DNI Matching w/ @Low_Fat_Leche
SparkyPony1 Ponyville Okay I made two watermarks one for my Mario account and the other one for my pony account ^w^ Hi everypony my name is SparkyPony it's very nice to meet you i flew all the way from Canterlot to make new friends ^w^ (single and might be looking)
KittiesnKream Wouldn't you like to know ;) ✧༺💙༻∞COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN∞༺💙༻✧ Some examples of my pony and furry/anthro art can be found below in the comments! Feel free to DM me if you're interested or have any questions! :3 #commissionsopen #nsfw Kat ♡ 25 ♡ She/Her ♡ 🇵🇷 ♡ Draws ♡ Aro/Pan ♡ NSFW ♡ Do not follow if 🔞 ♡ Inconsistent artstyle ♡ Current interests: FNF, Sonic, MLP ♡ 💙Bottom BF Supremacy💙
ArtEllys The study continues - just finished the Twilight Sparkle sketch, I'm working really hard on overcoming my artblock and improving my pony style ;u; #mlp #mylittlepony #mlpfim Elly | 🇩🇪 | 22y/o | she | loves Pokémon and My little Pony | Hobbyartist | Insta: @ellys.art.gallery
Phillip55240889 Texas @lovesgeography Reminds me of a song, "The Blizzards" There's a blizzard coming on, how I'm wishing I was home For my pony's lame, and he can't hardly stand. Listen to that norther sigh, if we don't get home we'll die. But it's only seven miles to Mary Ann's. How many thousands do I have to block to enjoy Twitter?
iamAtheistGirl Bible Belt, ‘Muricah CANCEL CULTURE 😆😆😆 no one cares crybaby y’all cry about everything and we are numb at this point. but i’m gonna go put my pink carhartt coat over my pink carhartt overalls and go take care of my pony. don’t be jealous I’m the tree hugging + cannabis lovin’ + animal rescuing + prochoice + lgbtq + secular + humanist + liberal + activist your parents warned you about. 🐈‍⬛
PintSizedFarmer Matfen, Northumberland @polscothorses Do Ayr and Cupar ever try and have a sneaky nibble of a passing hedge? My pony finds it literally impossible to pass the nearest flower bed without having a snack. Mind you that's probably because she's 1/2 shetland & much nearer the ground😍 I’m Sally Urwin - a very short farmer's wife living in Northumberland. My book A Farmer’s Diary is published by Profile Books in hardback, audio & on kindle.
michaelmcgandy Ithaca, NY I just have to share that my 5-year-old, home sick and tethered to me, still calls My Little Pony (wait for it) ... Little My Pony. If someone could stop time and leave me right here, at season 5 and episode 11, I would be content. #amparenting #amediting Editorial Director of Three Hills & Senior Editor with Cornell UP, acquiring books focusing on New York City and New York State topics.
Kazooomie Japan First ever gift I got of my pony, and I really loved it! It was also my first pony pfp I've ever used - Gift from @CrimmHarmony

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