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ManMadeMoon I'm proud to say I was given my first chess lessons by @EricIdle and to this day still yell the requisite "YATZE" at the top of my lungs when my pony mounts the rook in the endzone. Director of Moon, Source Code, Warcraft, Mute, the graphic novel MADI and the kids Stenton & Zowie. Working on what’s next.
grellbreanna My pony half Fox Demon, Mystic Kitsune I'm actually new to Twitter and nice to meet you all Please do not steal, recolor, trace, and do not put my base edit or artwork as NFTs please and thank you. Art belongs to me #mylittlepony #OC #originalcharacter Hello, I'm Breanna but you may called me Bre (Bree), Grell, Red, and any nicknames! I'm an artist btw and I'm 19 years old
MarinaSofia8 Near Wind in the Willows river @Marcie_Hatter I had just come out of my pony books phase and was reading all the romantic/sexy things I could find. Gone with the Wind, Forever Amber, The Thorn Birds. 😳😳 But also lots of poetry... Global nomad, addicted to world lit, writes 'just bits'. Co-founder of Corylus, publisher of translated crime fiction with a social edge. Translator RO/DE-EN
Mlplpscustoms Virginia, USA well I order some brown mlp hair off of etsy for my pony oc so we'll see on how it is after it comes in the mail and rerooting it once I get a working station for customs. She/her / 26 yrs old / 18+/ Brony/Pegasister/ Single da:YT:
royleeclark1 Bayou Vista Texas RIO BRAVO My Rifle, My Pony, and Me Cindy Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson an... via @YouTube #RRmusicman TearsforUkraine 💎🌻🪑🌈✈️🦮❤️👑 Native Texan #Seniormoment #Votedblue America has always been great #married #dogpicoftheday #theoldman #RRmusicman .Truckers league MVP —softball
royleeclark1 Bayou Vista Texas Now playing My Rifle my pony and me with Dean Martin from Rio Bravo #RRmusicman TearsforUkraine 💎🌻🪑🦮🌈✈️❤️ Native Texan #Seniormoment #Votedblue America has always been great #married #dogpicoftheday #theoldman #RRmusicman .Truckers league MVP —softball
tonguesplits fifteen! they them nsfw + blasian ooc @zombyfiie NO ITS NKT ITS RIDE IT MY PONY, MY SADDLES WAITING, COME AND JUMP ON IT mayori's pretty prince!
PaleoSteno North Carolina, USA Today has been one of those days where my heart has been remembering how it was hurt. Lately, I've been pretty distracted by getting more involved with making my pony OCs and coming up with ideas to commission people which has helped A LOT. But the hurt comes back every so often. I talk cartoons, movies and games. Likes: Cetaceans🐳🐋🐬, Paleontology🦕🦖, Animation🎞️, Video Games🎮, Boobs👀 Ko-Fi:
GrandSlamShinku Cinque's computer! As much as I say that I hate my pony and that she's an asshole, she's very dear to my heart! 【I spread forth my sapphire wings to capture that eternal glow.】
DesirablePony Ohio, USA Does anyone know of a good 3d model artist that makes vrc avatars want to get one of my pony. Femboi, gelding, boobs and all that A 27 y/o pony that gets super depressed at times and can also be super stubborn. BF: @themathorse Icon made by: Petpolaris
neverlow_enough 🕊my name is Soph ☁️i’m 16 📖book enthusiast ☕️coffee addict 🦢obsessed w my pony 🤍strive for academic validation 🐚intrigued by fun/weird facts :) 🫧love old architecture and cities minor | edtwt | dni if not edtwt | tumblr @/neverl0wenough :)
kugurtner @TracesofTexas My rifle, my pony and me: Mag die drei K: Küche, Kino, Klarinette. Gründer, Präsident und einziges Mitglied der IG #RettetdenAkkusativ und der IG #RettetdieindirekteRede
AHugeSnowOwl @Daggerlad2 “fire hazard”? bet you wont be saying that when theres a fire and youre rappelling down the window on my pony tail What is rice, if not shrimp persevering
SonOfPootieTang United States @Marshall__Scott @Baldur_Odinsson @hoeingforsoup @eatthegarnish @alveena210 @cooterhog I hate pants, and I don't trust pickles! Okay, going back to my lair to ride my pony. I dig photography, film, & music. Vidjagame Geek. I've been known to document people who make music. Yellowberri Fam. Animals are awesome. #adoptdontshop
sullyoonah Fake, Not Real ♥ 2004 Sullyoon in Black and White, and don’t forget with the black ribbon as well on my pony tail! 🎀🖤 Some of them might asking, “How To Tell If A Fairie Is Nearby?” and you can answer it when they are seeing Sullyoon around!
YeotMel Olinda, Brasil If you're horny let's do it, ride it, my pony, my saddle's waiting, come and jump on it 김종현🌹. não tem nd de interessante aqui.
VolatiIeBlonde 🔞 #Thorn is 21+ 🔞 🎵 If you're horny let's do it Ride it, my pony My saddle's waiting Come and jump on it 🎵 ❝𝐈'𝐥𝐥 𝐛𝐞𝐚𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐚𝐧 𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐩𝐮𝐭𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐝𝐢𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞!❞ | #multiship parody acct, minors DNI |
Brandon_Waters Florida, USA Do you ever have a mini panic attack because you hear Ginuwine my pony playing inside but someone is talking to you and you’re outside? Yeah, me neither. professional fighter, recreational bartender. comedy + coffee + popsicletails. hopelessly optimistic jags fan. Walk on Waters podcast link in bio! 🇵🇭 🇺🇸
MikeJabBCFC Birmingham @KFitz_3 @delves1 @26jpa My pony still stands and I think deep down you both understand me ⚽️🏌️‍♂️⛳️🥊🏎, bad views aren't mine.
beyondwaiting From the ground to the saddle, I got to do all the training on my pony today. She is clumsy and frantic at times, but overall she’s still my favorite and I’m so glad I picked her. Singleness Guru turned wife and mama. Dreamer of dreams. Collector of stories. Still learning to live in the moment.
JMCarrenoDiaz My rifle, my pony and me.
GrandSlamShinku Cinque's computer! As much as I say that I hate my pony and that she's an asshole, she's very dear to my heart! 【I spread forth my sapphire wings to capture that eternal glow.】
glimieglim i cant draw my pony oc i need help drawing that i tried and its hard as funk!! gender: female age: 16 i want to be a voice acter cus i am the best! i play: sims 4 fnaf undertale genshin impact fnf and so much more also i love to rp
_L_McArthur London, England @KaySocLearn All i remember from secondary school were teachers telling me to tie my hair up.. it was tied up and parts would fall out of my pony tail throughout the day from growing out my fringe. Apparently it was very important every strand of hair was tied back at all times of the day.. RHS Level 3 Capel Manor student, Yong Hort Capel Manor 2020, plant enthusiast, Maintenance Supervisor at Bowles & Wyer
LeachJuice Kent, UK 22 books?? forking hell! Actual writers with something worthwhile to say would give their right arm for 1% of that! And what young person wants to read some ghost written bullcrap about the childhood of a privileged white girl! 'The butler had to shoot my pony today.' fork off. Writer. Blogger - #Lucky13 📚 #MentalHealthMatters 'Great things always begin from inside' - Buddha.
hanna_c2 Kingston, Ontario @fehmihf When I was an fy1 in 2014-15, our hospital was going through an accreditation process. A sister chased after me on a floor WITH SCISSORS because my pony tail was "too low and touching my shoulders" and threatened to cut it. NO Joke. #POCUS Fellow & Emergency Physician @QueensU @QEmerg. MSc Candidate @EdinburghUni. Proudly raised in the #NHS, formerly @unibirmingham 🌍🇪🇬
DolFinnDraws He • They • Fish • It I've come a very long way with my pony art and I'm proud The first two were from like two years ago or smthm Last two were this month ✨🥺 •20•🐟He/They/Fish•Pink!💖•🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈• just a little creature
RArrow22 My sona is basically me. First created my sona at the start of 2020 and is slightly coloured after my high school. Since my pony sona is also a pegasus, it can relate to aviation since I am wanting and planning to be a pilot and fly high in the skies. 1/2 He/him | Blender animator | Blender Artist | Blender Modeller | Voice Actor | YouTuber | 6 Kyu Kendo Trainee | Poly Relationship |
lbgracioso Minas Gerais, BR No more cows to be roping No more strays will I see Round the bend she'll be waiting For my rifle, pony and me For my rifle, my pony and me. Querido diário, me pegaram e agora estou na Sibéria de férias para os próximos 3 anos. C# Intern pt-br, en-us, ru
lbgracioso Minas Gerais, BR Gonna hang my sombrero On the limb of a tree Coming home sweetheart darling Just my rifle, pony and me Just my rifle, my pony and me (Whippoorwill in the willow Sings a sweet melody Riding to Amarillo) Just my rifle, pony and me [...] Querido diário, me pegaram e agora estou na Sibéria de férias para os próximos 3 anos. C# Intern pt-br, en-us, ru
Mares4Life Georgia, USA 30 minutes later we were back at the truck with nary a scratch on any horse or human. ATM led the entire way back, and she never put a foot wrong. She took care of all of us—but especially the scared kid who needed her. She was remarkable. (ATM and my pony each got 800 treats!) I work from home so I can wait hand and foot upon my very poopy farm animals. They own me, not the other way around. // (Domino 1995-2015) (ATM 1996-2021)
Mares4Life Georgia, USA Of course I had no cell service, and we were on a new trail not yet added to the trail map. When we heard a loud clap of thunder, the kid started to get scared. So I stopped my pony, turned around, and looked her in the eyes. I work from home so I can wait hand and foot upon my very poopy farm animals. They own me, not the other way around. // (Domino 1995-2015) (ATM 1996-2021)
FarmsStagecoach East Texas @mikekuban1962 My rifle, my pony and me🎶 Husband/Wife joint acct.#MAGA🇺🇸Retired mil pilots, first gen clueless rancher/farmers Masters of redoing things. Should've paid more attention in shop class.
lameandconfused Michigan, USA My coworker told me when I take my hair out of my pony tail I go from a 6 to a 3 and I just music admiring, equality believing, coffee concocting, city life craving, naptime loving, somewhere star-gazing, sensitive and strong. #blacklivesmatter
AmethystShadow4 I felt compelled to show this awesome piece by @StainedGlassLH Features my pony girl Amethyst Shadow and Pearl Shine of the Philippine Bronies M | 57 | ACAB | BLM | ANTIFA I love commissioning art, both SFW and NSFW (If Molon Labe is your philosophy, GFY) (If you're a Trump supporter, kindly f*ck off)
OomlesArt Bozeman, MT @wolfthehuskykng I haven't made a post about it yet, but I want to clarify as the artist here - she has already paid me for labor and supplies. I start my pony plushies at $250, and I totally get that that's out of reach for a lot of people (art is a luxury, after all) I'm Emily! 🐧 I make stuff! • SFW artist • she/they • 25 • furry bird gal extraordinaire • BLM! • Trans Rights! • Draws ponies over at @OomlesPony
RR_sono El cementerio I’ve drawn my pony oc, Rodam, and other’s oc comms’ samples yay 🌑🔞 • 23 • They • 2D , 3D Artist • NSFW stuffs , Doodles , and ETC • Call me RR
GrandSlamShinku Cinque's computer! As much as I say that I hate my pony and that she's an asshole, she's very dear to my heart! 【I spread forth my sapphire wings to capture that eternal glow.】
_YourPalAce_ I'm in my pony era and I'm having fun so far hi I'm ace ya nerds they/them a roblox,OC,minecraft, and fnaf account 🎃halloween all year here🎃 ✨currently in pony era✨
Pinkie_tastic @KeatingRogers @dannyimusic I was just listening to my pony playlist, like ya do… and I SWEAR TO GOD! EVERY SINGLE TIME! We’ll Make Our Mark has made me cry, not exaggerating, probably about thirty times! I just relate to it so hard and it’s such a beautiful song. 😭💚💚💚
byggchuck NYC @STORMIMFMAYA @STORMIMFMAYA make sure it's all singles so when you get off the plane I'll hit "My Pony" and strip on the runway 🤣🤣 byggchuck aka DJ Champagne
deafhorsemoon VI-I-VI My pony is essentially me and some of the things I can't really do. Deaf's past is something I can't see myself doing and in comparison to me being very shy and introverted, Deaf is still able to have a conversation. Also he's more social sooo the Hispanic Viking. toffee pagan batcorn-thestral. mostly b/w photo posting & pretentious music rambles. @WolfHeadBrony is my snugdom. not actually deaf.
Sir_KnowlesCBE Austin, TX @johnrich My rifle my pony and me is better. I just want to smoke a stogie with my Senator from Texas and Sir Michael Knowles. I am not affiliated with Senator Cruz or Michael Knowles.
monsteramoth United States of Mistakes I can't wait to move entirely so I can go back to buying and adding to my pony collection again When your ponies are packed up and you're supposed to be saving money, looking at any mlp toys online is torture Simon / they/them / 22 / Illustrator + Game Dev 🐌 All opinions are my own. They do not reflect the people I work with 🐝
nicky_france1 Bh23 5hn Day off today and went to royal Windsor horse show and myself and my pony lola got 4th place. #PlatinumJubilee #rwas #windsorhorseshow #newforestpony Project Support Officer, proud to be part of the NHS. Loves the outdoors and being active (My views are my own)
CrazyPigSam Made My Pony Oc Pepper Snoots and trying a different shading techniques. Let me know what you think cause I think this turned out good but not sures hehe. #art #MLP #mylittlepony #persona #cute #pig #shy #digitalart #tongueout A brony/furry person who plays as a pony name Hamlet #Gaming #Art #Commissions #commissionsopen #smallstreamer #MLP #Hobkin #PoniesOnTwitch #FurriesOnTwitch
the_chart_life Charlotte, NC "I should've been a cowboy, I should've learned to rope and ride. Wearin' my six-shooter, ridin' my pony on a cattle drive" 🎵🎶 Technical Analysis | Buy side @adaptiv | Author | Alum @UofSC & @Citadel1842 | Tweets are not investment advice
devlin_jp Thankfully I was on my pony and trap BBC Radio 4 - #T1D💉- PhD Media History - Book: Podcast:
kittenmorag @Sadhbhzilla Look, I've decided that my pony thing is over, and i'm selling my collection. See details on my Inst*!

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