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AnneJoLee Pagosa Springs, CO @NationalParkFdn A9 #Parkchat Yes, I would have loved to work at the @DryTortugasNPS as a spotter of turtle eggs 🐢🥰 then mark them off and make sure people stay clear. Love those loggerhead turtles, my favorite! Artist, Huntress, Camera Operator, Visual Story Teller, Reef Hugger, Loves God, Autistic #Supportindiefilm #GuardianoftheGulf
MisuAnonimasu Shy Town I finally did it, after Two Viking Au onshots and 3 and half chapters of Love Turtle, I have finished my first fanfic notebook 📖✍🥳 Ignore the bite marks, i have carried this stupid thing many times in my mouth 😁 #fanfiction #fanfic 26 - She/Her - Retweet dirty things 🔞 - BabyFicWriter - Currently in LawLu/LuLaw Hell🍙🍖🔁 🍖🍙
LunaAmatista Mexico I love how sometimes you’ll talk to people who have turtles/tortoises and they’ll say something like “oh yeah I’m 20 and my turtle is 50, he was my mom’s” Luna/Elena, 29, 🇲🇽. I sing on YT. Mod for the Revue Starlight wiki. || ESP | ENG | ITA | FRA | 日本語 → OK
realtinywhale Jos, Nigeria @Andy55260961 Oh my 😱 Thank you so much You know, more than anything, I love the fact that every collector actually loves and vibes with the collection. And I believe you could already have a creative description to each turtle and what you perceive it's expression to be. Thank you so much JesusLover, Smartphone Nature Photographer, #NFT, OS, OBJKT tinycollector 🇳🇬
muppet1987 Zwolle(Netherlands) @davidcinema I love My Neighbor Totoro and The Red Turtle! Films, Ajax, woordgrapjes zijn leuk, progressief, (thuis)biosfan
jcg2491 Edinburg , TX I trade my girl’s turtle shell fries for my waffle fries at CFA and to me that’s a love language. CIT Student | Gym | Gamer | Spartans never die. They're just missing in action.
turtle_soldiers @hellzcapade Omgomg I really really love your fanfics since got into rottmnt last year!!(I already read your all RL fanfics 🥹🥹💖) I cried a lot after reading your RaphxF!Leo fanfic and I read that sooo many times😭😭!! you are the one of my favorite fanfic writers❤️❤️ send love💝Hellzie🥹💝 라프왼고정❤️ 본계: @p_i_s_a_m_a_k i am a trash 🥹‼️빻았읍니다🥹
ggunjangz 22 he they i love turtle and kitty gunwook but husky gunwook will always be in my heart rising seung, shining hwan
muckingup discord: muckingup#6961 @Ghoostfood I love mothra!! But I'm a simple man, my fav is definitely godzilla 🦎 I saw the godzilla vs kong movie with a friend and got so excited whenever godzilla was on screen, she's soooo cute, and I especially love her turtle-esque design in that movie!! 28 | they | naruto, mp100, kirby, animal crossing, dragon ball, pokemon, hamtaro, sonic, eat hot chip, & lie | a place for my art
kennithapetty Bussy, DP @SuperMom_Jess @x4ndrr @updatesofcardi Tacky is that cheap Amazon slake dress or shirt you got on look a mess I love showing my body cause it’s not covered in fat like yours and you got a turtle neck looking like you do a entire bedbug Check you credit score before you try to check me boo 😒
Ender_the_d3mon The cats tails casino Turtle necks are a common culprit of overstimulation but I love then tbh and I get over stimmed from bring out of my room for too long! I think their lovely :D #Vtuber the new bakeneko demon Prince of wrath horror Vtuber I post a lot of gore and horror 🎨: #artofthedemon aspiring VTuber my love ❤: @Asmodeus___69 he/him
desucum I love my sweet handsome lovely amazing boyfriend so much and I would never leave him not even for a turtle 🙄 {22} I got mad tummy issues
Na_The_Queen I asked my coworker if she’d still love me if I was a turtle and she looked at me SOO crazy 🤣💀 she said yes tho soooo 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣🫶🏽 N is for anywhere at any time at all down here in the deep blue seaaaaa. ♒️
Mama_Jenni85 Florida, USA @ryancoltlevy 🥰🥰🥰I love turtles! My brother and I had a pet turtle when we were younger! They’re just so cute! I'm a 37 y/o Gemini and a crazy Mom who loves anime, is a weirdo and a dork, and has a tendency to post random things! she/her I’m 6’1 -or- 186 cm tall😱
kittycatgundam Savannah, GA @ryancoltlevy Turtle are so cute, I love turtle! My grandma pool turn into a pond and there a big box turtle that live in it. He came to the front of the house today and then returned to his pool pond.🐢 42 years old/single/Super positive and optimisti person/straight/tomboy/she or her/painter/Twitch: Kittycatgundam81/ Instagram: gundamkittycat
Beth0104Marsh @Exacerbater1 @killldraco @wealth_turtle @POTUS Well, I’m a 15 years in high school public school teacher and have worked weekends, summers, breaks, taken days off to work, nights, etc. Most of my colleagues would also say the same. Our job never ends and we do more than what the contract says. I love what we do and refuse 1/2
puppy_breath_ Earth @liam081963 As a kid I'd watch my Mom with a box turtle that would come up from the woods and follow her when she would hang out the laundry. She'd then go get the turtle tomatoes and lettuce. He'd come back every year, bigger. That is where my first intro to turtles took place. Love them! Yogi Vegan Hippie Tree Hugger Animal Lover Common Sense User Earth Occupant WOMAN! #Resister #BLM #LGBTQIA+🏳️‍🌈 ☮ NO DMs ✌🏽❤🕉
Turtle_Doc_ Shouting into the Void @Becomingfoxes so good! i love the dichotomy of the pov and all the language used to describe the religious guilt really hit my soul! Doc - She/They - 27 | a literal raccoon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #steddie | Minors DNI 🔞
wookpie @prettypgw Bulbasaur and squirtle are og pokemons. The first ones we had🤧 sorry I just love pokemon so.. anyways squirtle is inspired from turtle+water type so he is blue. Bulbasaur is inspired from frog and is grass type. They both surely look like gunwook so even I cant makeup my mind🥹 mainly bread & biscuits
MalMations90 Vancouver Island, Canada Oh my gosh #NFTCommunity while I was writing my previous tweet, my lovely sweet infinity sister @PhoenixCrypto7 💜💜 went to town and bought Ocean Starfish, Ocean Turtle, Ocean Whale anddddd Ocean Jellyfish 🪼❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much I love you♥️❤️ #CactusBoom #NFTs #NFT #Web3 She/Her ♥️- Crafter/Artist fueled by love & coffee♥️☕️ NFTs~ Bought:366/Created:79/Resales:143 Member of both #Doodlegenics ♥️🧸 & #CactusBoom ♥️🌵community's
She_Brings_Joy Hudson Valley NY @coolp100 I see a lot of really nice ones- I know because I would never let my kids pick out degrading ones. I do let them pick out funny ones- the one my daughter got my husband for Valentine’s Day this year had a turtle on it, and said, “I love the shell out of you”.😂😂 Christian. writer. anti-abortion. adult human female. amateur historian. conservative. thoughts at @fdrlst @savethe1child @secularprolife #Lutheran #LCMS
ilovebushwoolie moo ping 10 @joelhater1993 i don't know how seriously you mean this but it's not raph !! these four are separate turtles, mutated by casey jones JR to follow in the footsteps of the signature turtle bros !! This is Odyn, and I love him with my whole heart, he has such big sad puppy eyes and i uthTRRRGHRGHR 🦇 jasper lover!!🦇 ▪︎ casual tmnt enjoyer ▪︎ on the brainmaxxing grind since 1984 - tw sh
aikaistry they/he/it | 17 | non-binary @Mxrs_Eternal First impression: turtle enjoyer Your nickname in my head: mars Closeness ratings [1-10]: 2-3 Do I like you: yes! You are my: first turtle moot!! To be honest: ur cool and i love ur art!! Should you post this too: if u wanna!! | multifandom artist | bi aroace | shark enjoyer | megatrons #1 fan |
Mxrs_Eternal Tmnt brainrot @FoteinaAsteria Spike drew me as a four eyed turtle and I love it this is my sona this is me this is Nardo turtle Little doodle is a map out of the fit (straps r 100% for style only) The last pic is colors :) Nardo/Donnie/Mars| |They/he| |tmnt/mario mostly,,| |artist| |‼️TC*ST/PR*SHIP/NEUTRALS/NS\\FW DNFI‼️| |2012 Leo is transfem bc I said so| |pfp by @camcuca_|
ChmclChameleon She/They/He/Honestly idrc Watching Rise of TMNT and honestly this is definitely my favorite characterization of the turtles. Usually Leo is my least favorite but this show makes him my favorite. Dudes just a klutzy and flamboyant turtle and I love him. And Mikey. But I always love Mikey Aromantic Asshole
insanitywelcome Texas, USA You know what I love about living out here? I walk down my driveway to check the mail. I look over to the grass and bam! Turtle is just hanging out and moving about. Husband father disabled vet, proud member of #RegimentGG #PNGtuber. Business Inquiries: InsanitywelcomeBusiness@Gmail.com
TurboBronco239 @oarts01 Yeah, my dad used to assume my brother was up to something when he wasn't and not notice when he actually was. Also— I LOVE 💕 the toothy turtle mouths!! 24 | He/They If you follwed me for OMFD, this has become my TMNT side, so follow @LilOtotou for that, pfp is a mk from Lego Monkie Kid
KeithThomas1977 Michigan, USA @CrabbyMiss @wealth_turtle @POTUS No... I love my kids' teachers and schools. You, on the other hand, hate schools and teachers who are fellow Americans. Making you, UN-AMERICAN. Advocate for what's right and fair. Nurse 👨‍⚕️. Dad. Avid camper 🏕
snuggly_turtle SingKit, Into1 This is insane Happy graduation my boys, INTO1 I hope a great and colorful journey for all of you Please stay healthy physically and mentally Finish your studies and reach your dreams in every good ways I will support you whatever you do I love you all, I really do💙💜🤍 Random Fan Account ❤ Multi Shipper ❤ INsider ❤ I Love Angst AU ❤
StellaVellani Toronto, Ontario @iamofdaniel I used to have a red plum tree and my turtle love to eat the ones on the floor , of course the first time i saw her face red i though it was blood
RyanAnnett5 Fredericton, New Brunswick @pauliswalrus Awesome..I got the original turtle van, some bikes and quite abit. All out of packaging to me I'd rather be able to hold them play with my son like I used to do as a kid. Got a couple He-man figures, Bravestarr too. Chuck Norris karate commando. Love the old toys Visually Impaired Artist / NB Disability Art Collective Member, Blind Chronicles is about exploring art with Glaucoma
xxxXapoHxxx @HamstersSui #HamstersSui I love animals very much. I went to the pet store for food for my cat and dog, which I once dragged from the street. And she returned home with a turtle, a hamster and a rabbit. The husband cursed and was in shock. I can't go to pet stores, I can't. @HamstersSui #Hamster ⚙️ @hohgameofficial @bayswap is the best 🔥 #zombiesui
atVintage1 Vancouver, Canada Thanks for the kind words! ★★★★★ "This jade turtle is just perfection. It is absolutely beautiful not to mention such a substantial piece. I am so happy to have this in my collection. I absolutely love it and will buy from this seller again. Amazing! Thank you soo much
ezedv9 @IDWPublishing @BISHART @TMNT I love these turtle designs! Can't wait to see them in action, and see their journey as they grow up to become ninja turtles! This will be like reliving my childhood all over again.
MansfieldGSC @phil_hellmuth I would love to shake hands but then I want to play HU & crush the greatest ever. #1 on my bucket list HTown Just ask around for Turtle and someone will text me or honestly just tweet me when and where and I’ll be there. I just want to play the best ever 1x Giving is better than receiving. Giving will fill your heart with a great sense of love and happiness. Deep in the heart of Texas Recycled TL.
marisol9812 New Yo GorK Today my boyfriend bought me a sea turtle ring . And there are actually two turtles on the ring and its so cute and i love it so much 24 just want to make the world a better place someday 💘
mrspratt2nd Katy, TX We are researching bugs and insects in ELAR. I am so excited to show my kiddos these pictures I took on my walk this weekend. You see the compound eyes, pollen pouches,etc. They are going to love them. Ok, ok, I know one is a turtle 🤷🏻‍♀️😂. #creechpride #katyisd #prattspals Creech 2nd grade, #HouseofCooperation #orangehouse #prattspals #creechpride #onekatyisd
manicfanfic Silly Goose University @cturtleturtle Turtle you are absurdly talented and the sweetest friend!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺 My sweet girl! I love you to pieces!! writing fluffy 🏳️‍🌈🏴‍☠️ stories 💜 she/her | 37 | bi 💜 BLM | fork TERFS | 🔞 💜 Ed-coded 1/2 of the @flufftwins 📖
NiiLomoteyEngma Be mindful, be intentional. Be still. Enjoy every moment. I love you so much. I miss you, and I understand. Take however long you need, I'll be alright. Remember, never give up without a fight. My Moonlight, My Sunlight. I love you, Your Turtle. All for my Penguin, Coco, Firebabe, Lilo, Baby, Pupuss. Countdowns, 5 years.
AmberMercuryy The Stars I've gotten waaay more social the last few years and at turning my self-hatred into self-love but all it takes is for someone to make me feel like a bore or a pest for all that self esteem to plummet and retreat back into my turtle shell where I don't wanna be chatty ever again I'm not the most feared witch in the village but definitely the most whimsical 👻🥀 Lover of all things horror and big nerd 🖤 pfp ~ @datcravat
jagddoga @JonnoVanguard @aevanko I've always been an SnS main (miss you deathprize) and Sunbreak was my first time branching out seriously. I am now a lance main and love it. Building up for the infamous turtle build I learned about after TU5! Audiophile and Digital Migrant. Lover of Comic Books, Monster Hunter, and Gundam. A Board Game Aficionado and believer in Wabi-Sabi.
cherriinie @_harpynest_ Hello!! I don’t think we’ve really interacted before, but your art is very soft and pleasant, and I love the way you draw Mikey!! He’s my favorite turtle and I get unreasonably excited when I find another artist who seems to like him a lot 😅 hope you‘re well!! 🧡 🐷 she/they. ‘tism swag tcest dni plz. k thanks
MiaWilsonn16 my sis loves travelling via subway but always had problem sleeping comfortably. So I got her this turtle neck pillow and she is in love with it. Now she can sleep whenever she wants on the subway😘😍😍 busy loving life
MiaWilsonn16 my sis loves travelling via subway but always had problem sleeping comfortably. So I got her this turtle neck pillow and she is in love with it. Now she can sleep whenever she wants on the subway😘😍😍 busy loving life
MiaWilsonn16 my sis loves travelling via subway but always had problem sleeping comfortably. So I got her this turtle neck pillow and she is in love with it. Now she can sleep whenever she wants on the subway😘😍😍 busy loving life
MiaWilsonn16 my sis loves travelling via subway but always had problem sleeping comfortably. So I got her this turtle neck pillow and she is in love with it. Now she can sleep whenever she wants on the subway😘😍😍 busy loving life
MiaWilsonn16 my sis loves travelling via subway but always had problem sleeping comfortably. So I got her this turtle neck pillow and she is in love with it. Now she can sleep whenever she wants on the subway😘😍😍 busy loving life
Nuwopp Jerz Doing some major brother bonding and I love my little turtle 💚🥹 I Can Give less than a fork & not a damn. I'll never be apologetic over who I am. ig: _nunix
Mines_DoDo United Kingdom But anyways why did I drink n I think you forgot it was Johnathan the tortoise 180th bday or sun and ya know I had to turn of for Johnny boy that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it I love that mf turtle Ion know or met but we solid ok ? Okurrrr ! Good peace ✌🏻 🚀Music , Guitar , NFTs 👽 Life 🔥🤜🏻💎🤛🏻🔥thank you god ! 🙏🏻🫶🏻

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