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SweetBeansComix Oozing Through the Cracks @30_Helens I might buy the DVDs. I hate paying money just to access streaming. And I can't find the complete series on my torrent site. But I love my turtle boys. Artist | Comics & Illustration |Kind of Totally Gay | Self-Proclaimed Idiot
pudauncle it/crow/they My brain is only turtle I got Rita’s today and immediately thought “omg Raph from the show rottmnt would love this Italian ice” I am a mental illness i think i’m unironically into among us right now💀 along with okko, roblox, maybe fortnite, ofmd, and lego monkie kid
seokjinpija 00 @joejonas u make me happy every day of my life, happy birthday my boy can't believe you're 33 now 😭 i love you from here to the moon and back in turtle steps 🐢❤️ john galliano enthusiastic
ladykirawriting Conservative Hellhole, USA What a big fcking baby! Neymar, my love, you have been treated so unfairly by the soccer world 😩😩😩 I would not be at all angry if you came to Milan to get away from PSG and it's Ninja Turtle overlord 🐢🐢😚😚😚😚😚 Politics Frog | AC Milan | Soccer Fan | Passionate Demisexual | Gamer | Otaku | Socialist Christian | Words in Red #Leftist #BLM #ForzaMilan #Neymar #Messi 🐐
SnowPart2 wang yibo' heart Hello MTJJ this is my new account!! When I open @SnowQueenStan I was a turtle 🐢 🤢🤢 so im not proud... here I can have a new start!! As a pure MTJJ!! let's be friends!!! And scream our UNDYING LOVE for #WangYibo王一博 MTJJ 💚💚💚 we support Wang Yibo, don't follow me if you are a 🐢 ( I can be a Toxic if I want to...don't test me)
PinkCookieSuper None Of Your Business I found that as I grew my favorite turtle changed based on what I needed. I grew up with 2003 but the line was: Leo for maturity, Raph for a badboy phase, Donnie for wisdom and perseverence, then Mikey for fun and love #riseseason3 #saverottmnt @netflix @TMNTMovie Simple and afraid, don't really care what you use for my Pronouns. #saverottmnt. I am 22 and my art is SFW. Prosh*p and t*est DNI.
SPLAT_B3RRY she/it/he @olympus_smp Hi! I'm Berry / Splat / Weston!!!! I'm a young artist and (aspiring) twitch streamer! I'm a Minecraft GOD and love to build!! I also own a turtle and I love everything mythology, so this is right up my alley! I hope you guys find some good members for the server, I'll definitely twitch streamer i screenshotted ur nft!!!!!!
theislandgyal Harlem 🛩 Brooklyn i love my snake, fish, and turtle, but im so excited to get birds, a cat, and a dog.
Steve_Jake Indiana, USA @rejectedjokes @TMNT @netflix @ScottAukerman @shaundiston I watched the movie because of the podcast, and it was great. By far my favorite turtle thing since the OG cartoon and trilogy of movies. I’m absolutely watching the show now. Truly a great movie, I love the changes too. 35 - Positive energy!!!
LOVE_SuniaJ I don’t mind being sore, but when my abs are feeling it that’s a whole different story. Gotta move like a turtle just to turn over and sit up. If it’s my plan, it’s elaborate. I explain things | Voiceover Actress Voice of Holly on @SiriusXM “Sonic Leap” ig:iamsuniajae
tetsukiisback Dreamland @kmack3232 Oh trust me I’m in trouble for the ones i have as is, babies are coming soon and we don’t even have room for them! Turtle has to go next week to the vet to be induced 🫣 i love to share my animals, my friends bring kids over all the time to visit… I’m close enough to a zoo 😂 Well, that happened 🙄 Tetsuki is back! as you can see i have an unhealthy obsession with my animals and wanting equal rights for all. I also say fork a lot.
untitled_one London City, UK Sorry but I can't wait for winter, I love the cold, I'm a December baby. I miss wearing turtle necks and my jackets from Zara. Zara winter garms has me feeling like Ghost from Power every year! Travel Junkie | Football Fan | Hip Hop Lover
lexieofspades And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the reasons why Leo's my fave turtle 😂😂😂 He's so clever I love him INFJ-T • she/her • Illustrator • Hobbyist TOG • 🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 • 🇮🇩🇵🇭 • 🎴⚡️• ⛸️💍 • 🛹🏂 • 🍵🌸 • Arthur Kirkland bias • Zenitsu simp • Multi-fandom
rywilliams4379 Utica,NY My Tweets are human generated by me and me alone.I just happen to like and believe in #Ai. D.A.R.Y.L sent me from the past to see this through.For the good of #humanity we must survive. Save the #Turtle.Who said anything about a Hooker?It was love at first sight.#AMC.We need help If you want to change some things in your life,change some things. I like all kinds of stuff. Never been comfortable.I’d like to try that next.took my MOON shot
BOARlNGG written by mimi ;D “ oooh?! Kitties!! I !! Love !! Everyone!! I know a Mr rat!! I gave him a mini top hat. And a Mr turtle!! He's a ninja!! Kerpooow!! Apparently he's gonna say hi to his brothers for me!! And there's my boar too!! Her name is bertha!!! ” Verrry big grin. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤthis gaze, full of 𝐢𝐧𝐟𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐲 ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤwas too known to me already ;(
yyyetii Having seizures in NJ up to CT Like, I worded that bad, the earring is a turtle with beads and I love them and you can only take them from my cold dead hands H-EDS, PTSD+CPTSD, ADHD, degenerative disc disease, spine injuries, Lyme- no family, NO INCOME AT ALL
twerg45 south carolina ☹ @redpyrameadhead SNAPPING TURTLE I've seen this image so many times I love it sm SUCH A LAD also hi ppl of the internet my boys say hello (black hat is Gamera and white hat is Arnold) 😁 snapping turtles arent as inherently violent as you may have heard!!! (DONT PET WILD ONES OBV) any/all, 19 | SFW digital autist | i'm friendly! | RTs OFTEN | discord: twerg45#0348 | 16+ @twerg69 | priv vent: @tubzly |
brokenbrldges xe/sun/eir. READ CARRD. 16. i love my stupid turtle show so much. it ruined my life and broke my heart but i still love it ❝ or else what? you tricked us into coming here. you said you wanted to spend time with us. you lied. ❞
SlowVibesPics always learning i recently collected and love these inspiring and storytelling pieces so much. they are from an amazing collection named "Tree Samurai", can't keep my eye of the beautiful Flower Onna Muchas 😍 artist @Turtle___Hermit 👉🏼 #nftcollectors #nftcommunity #ai Kirsten (she) | creative german art lover | nfts since 2021 | profile pic thanks to @Turtle___Hermit
Smol_fr0ggy Finally playing @cultofthelamb and this is legit one of my fave games of 2022 and I just started. It so fun. Love my first little turtle follower #CultoftheLamb ♈ Animal crossing 🐸 hobbyist 🎨 horror movies 👻 Living in a winter Wasteland 🇨🇦 24
ValsLocket Dark World i’ve finally made it to rise twt, i have no clue what’s happening but what i will say? i’m not a stan of any certain turtle. i love all my boys equally and i WILL not choose favorites #saverottmnt A gay bottom mf doin art || ESFJ || She/He/It 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ || NSFW+Proship DNI || Minor || ASD+ADHD|| 🇨🇦
BoomMoon619 New Jersey, USA @rawtmnt2012 Proof that Rise and 2012 were both made with love and there was no beef between the shows. We all may have our preferences but they can co-exist. I HATE it when my turtle fanbases fight with each other! Get along and love each other like EVERY turtles team does. XD Name: Jose Ubri- Occupation(s): Cartoonist, Shy Nerd, Unnoticed Snooper of Business & Overall Goofball Come on in, if you want of course...
media_politics University of Maryland Randomly on my HR website today and noticed that I joined @merrillcollege exactly ten years ago today! It's been a fabulous decade with great colleagues and students. Fear -- no LOVE -- the Turtle! Russian media/propaganda specialist. Never thought it would come to this. Professor/Senior Scholar at Philip Merrill College of Journalism UMD.
broccantyzack Hartlepool, England Hi ! Did you see Turtle tonight? Did you not have cash? Were you a victim of an unfair malfunction of my card machine? Well worry no more You can give me CASH via this QR code! And I'd love you to! It was the busiest show so far and I couldn't accept money! Hilarious! comedian/poemist/actor | Manchester Slam Champion | Saboteur Award Winner | @bbctees | @pigfoottheatre | @storiesofcare1 Current show: TURTLE 🐢 he/him
autisticgraham 19 • infp • they + neos one of my main love languages is finding out what my friends like and sending them anything related to that. everytime i see a turtle/tortoise i send a picture to my friend jacob. anytime i see anything st related i sent it to loki. it’s one of my love languages you’re still the only one i can be my weird self with ~ @oceantxxns • multifandom • agender asexual lesbian • white • 🥩🔪 • carrd byf
CrystleAlonzo AZ🏜 MA🌃 MT🏞 CA🌅 @jacasiegel @SDSU Oh my goodness! Be prepared to lose your $#it and have someone capture your reaction. There are MANY turtles and love to be fed and will crawl out to get to you if you have food. I kinda wish I was there to see your first visit 😆 SDSU Turtle Pond SLP, PhD, Language & Literacy Researcher, Director of @coral_lab_sdsu 📚🗣👂🏼🧠 👩🏻‍🏫📢Ask me about: #devlangdis #saydyslexia #impsci #academicmama
froggy_giorno INTJ 1w9/5w7 I remember those dark times when I was younger saying that “Leonardo is my favorite ninja turtle” and everyone just looked at me as if I didn’t had taste? 🤨✋🏻 Now I finally have my Leo Stan’s and I love it! 💙💙💙💙 ❝He%She • ENG/ESP❞ 『ROTTMNT/JJBA/Ducktales/Transformers🌷』→!!tcest/proshipping/leoxkarai DNI!! ☁️ PFP by: @icedaffinity
roroseliaa Commissions Closed I legit checked my closet, and I own zero (0) turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks. I own ONE wide turtle neck, that I love cause it gives those turtleneck vibes without choking me. Live2D Modeler | Artist | Character Designer LVL 21 Comms🛑 Until November DM for waitlist
Turtle_Pigeon @GundamIsHere Am academic. Not anyone's business to know my income. Short I think. 30's. Intact teeth. 6 packs. No drugs but love beer. No kids. Veteran and miss it. Chainsaw counts? Not misogynistic, but also not misandrystic. Israel. Not religious but respects my place, am Jewish. Handsome? Hello. I'm the Turtle-Pigeon and I'm streaming on Twitch. Here it's Twitter. I identify as a dictionary. Let's twutt.
ILOVEPAGETBREW1 @ScorpSik @gayforbauladies @natbluvspagetb @prentiss_em @delaney_wells @Glorialomeli4 Sounds good I will try it always seems to get worse at night oh well nothing I can do anyway and I will talk to tomorrow I would love to show you my drawing tomorrow I have of a turtle 🐢 Hello my name is Kassy. I'm working on my Cna and I'm inspired by @pagetpaget and @pink and @emilydeschanel to do what I do.
snslayyyy reason why i love tight turtle necks , really suits sunoo ,hes getting daring these days and my heart cant take it 😤❤️❤️❤️ •mingi | sunoo | bl |
DrYoungbody @1011_1010_1101 @IdMintThat @kwatts3838 @wealth_turtle @WealthICreator @DiabloIncognit0 @buffal099 @teezee66 @BounceBackOn2 @TheRyanFactor @LeftyTran @TaliushkaZ I'd love to help with something! My daughter is also going to make a custom #CryptoKims. Love you Nikon! This is pullin at the ❤️ strings Sad and angering and love and everything in between! @SayWen_eth @fbscommunity Chief Vibes Officer @FrenchieBallers | #MuscletheHustleJuggletheShow w/ @BounceBackOn2 | @PiratesMeta | @PotmBots | @POTM3429 | #CryptoKims
angel_scoggins Chattanooga tn @rayraysheppard @PlnetPellegrino @MarkRPellegrino I still love toys quite a bit.😊 My prized toy was the Ninja Turtle transformer. Also had the original Jurassic Park set with the gate and everything. Lion King figure set. Those toys were special. Just like Scholastic book fairs in school. Sigh. They/Them/He. Autistic. Artist, UTC student, horror fan, hamsters, action figures, Disney, Star Wars, Marvel. Going through a transition. It's never too late.
friccafracc He/They | 19 my brain is ROTTING it has WORMS and its the BEST THING EVER I LOVE TURTLE Business email: friccafraccemail@gmail.com you can use my art as a pfp or banner with credit!! ALT - @friccaltfracc #friccatwt
britt_turtle SO is sick (not Covid) but won’t be able to attend our baby’s birth but my big brother who happens to be in town stepped up! My little brother is letting toddler and I stay the night and is driving me to the hospital in the am. Love my family! Vegan. Feminist. Pro Choice. Progressive. She/her
NinjaKnoxSoxOff Currently in a tree this type of behaviour makes me ashamed to call myself a long-time-turtle fan. I grew up watching the original cartoon and reading every comic i could get my hands on. I love to see every show get new fans that love the turtles as much as I do and Knox | They/Them | Adult | Artist | Writer | DO NOT REPOST MY STUFF| LMK | ROTTMNT | Ninjago | Found Family only | CAPS LOCK | 🚫 PR*SH*PPERS 18+ Blogs DNI 🚫
QuickyBaby UK Today I'm declaring my undying love for the glorious T95 of World of Tanks! Sit back, relax and let me show you what the zoom turtle is all about! Gaming fanatic sharing my passion! Business enquiries only: quickybabybusiness@gmail.com
_dreamweaver_94 Taco Bell probably My grandpa passed away a year ago today. Miss him everyday. If there’s one thing I got from him, it was his love for animals. He once got really mad at me because I drove past a turtle and didn’t stop and help it cross the road. MS in Marriage and Family Therapy. Ravenclaw. Dive Studios/Mindset Ambassador. Cohost of Welcome to the Club podcast. Coffee is water.
vikkiblack10 Scotland I actually cannot believe @WaitressUK only has 2 more weeks left 😭 I wish I could go see the show one last time. Praying for another tour at some point it a London spot again! Sending all the love to the cast and crew, especially my fave little Turtle Queen @EvelynHoskins 💚 Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and all together quite impossible to describe. 🏳️‍🌈 (she/her)
abbacchiokills they/them You can delete all the tweets from your account turtle dove, it’s too bad that my friends and i love to take screenshot of your boomer bullcrap just to laugh at you pan/nb 🏳️‍🌈 - I'll probably fight you - polluting my Peruvian heritage with animes
paradox_turtle The Swamp Just a word of warning to those who may not be aware. If I send a 🍞 that means my upmost appreciation. Almost as a way to say I love and care for you so please take some filling carbs for the road. Now I just need to find an alternative for those who can't eat bread. 👀 🐢 Bob ‐ 23 - they/them - Artist - DnD - Fan Art - Character Design - Commissions Open! 🐢
xinna_rollies I'm watching Rise of the TMNT and my god the animation is delicious. Also I love what they've done with the turtle's designs :D Completely fits them. Also they rlly buffed Raph up which somehow doesn't surprise me coz it's very himb uwu <3 lmao @spicy_cinna personal acc ✨✊🏽 👁👄👁 I also rant about stuff I like a lot in here (Beware of spam twts) 💖 Non-spoiler free 🗑25🌸
OtherPatZajac Eugene, OR My wife saved a turtle from traffic in the middle of road today and yup I just fell in love all over again Minor League guy ⚾ | Philip Rivers Disciple ⚡ | Passionately opinionated on subjects that don't matter
Randyroundball @TurtleBoyMA @BigToneHere Turtle I’ve thought ab doing something like that but I have too much respect for the game. The fantasy gods would punish me at some point. Plus I would love to win it again this year and be absolutely brutal with my Chirps and punishment for the loser
Kaivris Last month I lost the smallest member of my team. Atari was the sweetest bean, made of sunshine and softness. She deserved 300 years like a sea turtle, not 3, and I'll love her forever. Miss you bunny bear 🧡 I'm creating cute low-poly indie games! Helped and hindered daily by two soft cats
Atemues Leo is my favourite ever since I was a child. I can't deny that. BUT #RiseoftheTMNT IS SHOVING TO MY FACE DONNIE, MIKEY AND RAPH with their unique designs, amazing VA's, awesome abilities and saying "LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM" AND I DO DAMMIT! I LOVE ALL THE TURTLE BROS! #saverotmnt
AustonDraisaitl Toronto, Ontario @WatchMyReview As much as i love the Leafs, Edna’s takes are the worst I have said it a million times and of all delusional leaf fans she definitely takes the cake. Thank god I cheer for the oilers too because my head can’t take her posts . JT is slower then a turtle and not even a point a game Die hard Leafs and Oilers fan!! #AM34 #Draisaitl #Jack_Campbell lets gooooooooooo
BobachelRachael Sue the Turtle came out to say hello. (A kid painted the shell at some point) this is our neighborhood turtle and we love her/him 😍❤️🐢 I call it my Tiny Dino. #SuetheTurtle #TurtlesofTwitter She/Her/They. Queer AF. Earper. New Vegan. “I think this would be a really good time to tell you that I am a lesbian” Just call me Bobachel. Send Earps.
NDN399 United States Miss Chelbie Turtle(my niece), So very proud of you, and all of your accomplishments! You are a born LEADER and I see great things in your FUTURE!love ya bunches♥️ Cherokee Indian
Turtle_Pigeon @notBilly @HeavenScent88 They will try and make you leave the country, you watch. How I know? Cause I live in Israel and we got the same situation but with extra being terrorists. I'm not going anywhere, this is my home even though I love the USA. I know a lot feels the same way. Hello. I'm the Turtle-Pigeon and I'm streaming on Twitch. Here it's Twitter. I identify as a dictionary. Let's twutt.