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I love my turtle.

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TurtlePeopleYC Long Beach, CA I Love my turtle so much ❤️❤️ lol it looks good in space , my art talks to people , my turtle just shills with his eyes all amazed and ears to listen❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ defiantly gonna ge try turtle tatted 🐢 #nft #NFTCommuinity Turtle Club 4 life ! 🚀bullish❤️ 10,000 turtles. Are you turtley enough for the turtle club? 🐢Turtle People Yatch Club discord :
CatAsbestos @visitoman_vo I would take my partner @davehill76 we would love to go snorkelling in the clear blue waters looking for a sea turtle. #HalfTimeForOman he has been I'll this year and this would be a relaxing break for us both Loves fashion and travel.. chocolate...crisps...chips...burgers 😋😋😋
SunnySagacity @boltactionbeaut I love getting my forked up turtle shell filled with sand and being blown away by the wind 18+. Satanist. BLM. ACAB. 27. Dont DM me with "Hi" Messages. NB They/them Icon art by @aspenofsimpcon
daylightmaria She/them @hayleigh_turtle Exactlyyy, i feel like he was fighting it so much and i love that for him, my boy is a victim bc if he was so bad then laurel wouldnt have needed to chain him and crap like it was obviously forced my poor child I wanna be defined by the things I love, not the things I hate 🤍🌷 • #1 Tyler Galpin stan • Ace 🇩🇴
_laylatheloser Norwalk, CT @thekingzw @Greeleypeople1 @austinadams127 @GurlSavagex @Grim4MVS @Saweetie Who finna tell him that’s not me in my pfp💀 also I love how u have the confidence to bring up looks like you don’t look like a combination of ishowspeed and Franklin the turtle😭✋🏾 never deleting this app😩🙌🏾
DoomerHustler Nowhere and Everywhere @HunksArt just got my first NFT on #HunksArt and i love it, matching hair with mustache matching gold earrings with shades and a nice turtle neck, happy to be part of the project 😎🙏🏻 Another day has passed... 🚬 #ADA newbie $cryptohustler
Scorpion_turtle away with the fairies 📷 sketchydean: To die by your side would be nothing short of an honor; but it’s an honor you don’t wish me to have. And if I don’t have a miracle up my sleeve, if can’t save you, my love, if I can’t give you anything else, I can give you... My friends wrote books/had kids during covid, I got into my first fandom. #SPN #QUEER they/them banner/pfp art by @jackiedeeArt 21+
kodipooks Your mom's house Someone tell me why I keep finding this ninja turtle and rabbit on my tiktok and why of jealous of their love life!? International hot guy Ethan he/him
Lisittsa_Inna Ivro I love spaghetti 🍝 and I've been dreaming about this raccoon 🦝 for a long time. He is inimitable and now he is in my collection🥳🥳🥳 @Turtle___Hermit 💜💜💜 Artist/Portraitist/Optimist 🖌️ 🎨 NFT/traditional
turtleandturtle A note on a tank that says "Komodo needs taken out. 70% ok 23/4/21" with an answering note that says "put back in again + small turtle" reminds me of why I love museums. (And makes me feel comparatively happy with my own organisations collections management lol) Co-Founder @Our_MoH ❤ | Training in Compassionate Inquiry | Trauma informed coach | Survivor led stuff works ❤ #HomelessTaskforce #SecretMuseum
hayleigh_turtle @celestialswiftt I love my eyes and I also like that I’m able not to give a crap about what someone says about me most of the time, unless it’s a close friend Swiftie • PJO • Musical Theatre • Books • Stranger Things • Wednesday
FionaHEvans Perth, Western Australia It’s spring and I’m amused by the #ardour of a turtle dove who coos and struts for his beloved. You courted me similarly, long ago. Now, I watch from my chair at the window as you mow the lawn, your love shown in daily acts of care after a lifetime spent together. #vssdaily Emerging as a writer, a little scared, a lot excited. I’m writing/revising my first novel and too easily distracted by flash and micro. #AusWrites #Writer
EamonMcGowan69 @OMGitsAliA Hey Ali you are my Idol I hope to meet you one day and I love the turtle beach headset because I just got the turtle beach recon 70 headset for my birthday on the 24th. Hope its going really well with Clair and the baby. 😎😎😎😎😎 Hi my name is Eamon and I love playing Fortnite also my idol and favourite YouTuber is AliA
issybettyx He/him + neos @mariaawashere OMG IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT Candice is my hammer head shark, Wilbur is my ikea shark, the little one is called Derek i believe, the turtle is called stephen, and the leopard shark is called Lisa :) I love sharks Your least favourite mcyt writer 💪 || pfp by @Roosprouting, banner by @MessierGalaxy31 || 2/2 gremgob duo 🌼 || 19 days till me day
daylightmaria She/them @hayleigh_turtle Okay, I'm sorry, but i will not stand the slander against my man! I love them together, at least they're so much better than her and Xavier and i love that it's not changing her character bc that would've ruined it I wanna be defined by the things I love, not the things I hate 🤍🌷 • #1 Tyler Galpin stan • Ace 🇩🇴
turtle_31 Nan Coco Mamanw Dear God, I commit my marital life into your hands. Father, when it comes to finding a spouse, I pray that I find someone who loves you as much as I love you. May you always be involved in every decision we make and every step we take. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.
KristMyCuteBaby @_khun_turtle_ @kristificent My love, do you follow me or stalk me to find out if I never defended Krist? I didn't know I had a fan. I am shocked. Oh excuse me, see. In this case, I could be wrong, but many Yuyus are attacking Singto and I'm going to defend him because that's what Krist would do. + A dona desse perfil é Yuyu, Peraya e Samoonjaopha, ou seja fã dos atores tailandeses, Krist e Singto. Se você é hater de um deles pode cair fora daqui.
JustDaisyDream Preston, England I love a challenge, and when I’ve been tasked to create The Ultimate #Macrame Turtle…fingers crossed this works! The original babies are still available in my #Etsy shop #JustDaisyDreaming #FyldeCoastCrafters #UKMakers #MHHSBD #SmartSocial #HandCrafted #HandmadeGifts Handmade Bespoke Cards & Gifts • Commissions Welcome • Made to Order • Creative Digital Artist • Nature Inspired Creations
nneonleonn | he/they | i literally sat there for fifteen minutes in tears, i kept track of how long it was bc i began texting my friend about how i was sobbing over this animated turtle movie GOD i love these kids so bad i need more rise content or i will be so sad forever and ever 🐢 | call me mumble/bowl! | 19yo | aroace | feel free to use my art as pfp w/ credit | leo hater (lying) | t/c3st, nsfw + pr0ship dni | 🐢
TurtlePeopleYC Long Beach, CA I Love my turtle so much ❤️❤️ lol it looks good in space , my art talks to people , my turtle just shills with his eyes all amazed and ears to listen❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ defiantly gonna ge try turtle tatted 🐢 #nft #NFTCommuinity Turtle Club 4 life ! 🚀bullish❤️ 10,000 turtles. Are you turtley enough for the turtle club? 🐢Turtle People Yatch Club discord :
Raulvel66229842 Anytime anywhere you have doubts that I am a real true prophet feel free to talk to God and ask God and let God know in prayer in conversation and oh my Ali I love that turtle neck and those pants look fantastic
PauletteParis1 Exploring - Haleiwa. I would love to do outrigger! Turtle Beach - Did not see turtles on the shore, but saw several body surfing! Shell surfing? Postcards - went to 7 shops to find. I still send postcards to the children in my life, and a few adults! #AlohaFriday If you can't be funny be Feeney.
gothybutch THEY/THEM/THEIRS The way testosterone has fixed my cold hands and feet. Wow! All I needed was T all along. But also I sweat more than usual now and really have an affinity for no sleeve shirts with turtle necks. I love T, but I need new clothes to accommodate this. 26. 😴 sleepy les-bean sharing mutual aid & thoughts 🏳️‍⚧️
unspococoken I think your love would be delightful if birds could crawl backwards and Venus tasted like strawberries. Sounds accurate right? Anyways, call me when you get this message. I need to walk my turtle. Just remember I love you because you feel like waffles. Bye honey. A Twitter Bot that generates voicemails to leave your ex when you're drunk or even just tipsy. These will definitely guarantee you'll win them back.
ink_and_stories Melbourne/Naarm, Australia @Viv_Riven I heckin love turtle frogs so much, my main wanderhome pc is a turtle frog. They’re just so friend shaped!! Buff frog friend!! ARPIA Award Winning #TTRPG designer 🎲 Freelancer & design consultant/mentor 🖋 Best known for #AutoBioTTRPG 🧔🏽 Trans & proud He/him pfp by @/MariaBlowers
MorganFrawley Sydney, Australia Scared crapless without any parachute. I've had that dream but found a way up. I've only lost imaginary pets (?) @DrGJackBrown I totally love my dog (7) and cat (4). 3 healthy kids. I dream of turtle, baby wombat, tiger (not to hurt), dogs I forgot to feed and disappear. #Resister ... passionately hate #45 and white supremacy. Now society fights back! Not easy... slow going, but justice is coming!
Bizzare_Turtle Victoria, Australia @dantdm I remember watching with my family and now yours has grown even bigger. Congrats Dan, all the love 🖕
souyuutwt SHE/HER SEASON having to animate a running turtle and i just wanna call it kamegorou and make it naruto run souma would love this my wife would love this #nikimayo/#adosoukoga dump + occassional art + crying | 20 (geezer) «nikiP . undeadP . akatsukiP» + RCBFY! dn emoji is current activity (🧋 = idle)
callthembug Gaito's castle I love my 4 turtle brothers and their rat father | 18 | 🏳️‍🌈 | she/they | quak quak
Scorpion_turtle away with the fairies loversinthebodega: WHAT A DREAM not my style at all but I love that is was so much colour and print and not boring. My friends wrote books/had kids during covid, I got into my first fandom. #SPN #QUEER they/them banner/pfp art by @jackiedeeArt 21+
TheCoffeeFilter Toronto, Canada @clhubes Not ugly per se, but… When he was 5/6 my brother got this for me at our elementary school’s holiday gift fair. I have no particular affinity towards turtles, mind you—And yet, I cannot put into words how much I love/value this little necklace and it’s silly turtle box. 🥹 Little lighter, big flame. #CreativeDirector, Jewish, disabled. Mostly hockey tweets. She/her.
rasanders19 @AmericanaMama_ I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony. I’d like to hold it in my arms and keep it company I’d like to build the world a home, and furnish it with love. Grow apple trees and honey bees and snow white turtle doves.. We can get here if we just go topless.. We’re in bad shape, but this is America damn it. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸TERM LIMITS!!! Social distancing professional.
folknightsnow @hayleigh_turtle mtr and mirrorball are my favs too!!! i also love this is me trying though swiftie 🫶🫶 annabeth chase is me, i like literally every book show and movie there is, folklore midnights and speak now 🤍🤍
sydney_louise07 London, England @wiIIowr @hayleigh_turtle This Is Me Trying is my fave and Cardigan is my least fave (I still love Cardigan I've just overplayed it too much haha) 25 👸🏻 Swiftie since ‘06 | At Least I'm Trying | Fan Account 🇬🇧
kelpdrew NJ, United States I still value our friendship and can not thank you enough for what you guys have done for me. I appreciate my pep talks with storm, the dad jokes from nico, the corny statements from omega, and the “nerd” talks with Turtle.I hope you guys have an amazing yhanksgiving love y’all❤️ Zap/Jr for ??? |Rank 31k in Osu |17| XP:2615IPfp: @adesdead | @YumeSakuu_ so true bestie | @puredivinityspl @campfire_spl ❤️
Pevches51922416 @fallvibes Because im born in this month,im a capri,its coxy,i love turtle necks,better fashion with coats and cardigans,it also looks cute when my sleeves are covering my hands and SNOW!😁 im cool but global warming made me HOT
sydney_louise07 London, England @eveelachance @hayleigh_turtle My favourite is This Is Me Trying and my least favourite is Cardigan (I LOVE cardigan but I’ve overplayed it haha) 25 👸🏻 Swiftie since ‘06 | At Least I'm Trying | Fan Account 🇬🇧
asturya9 hiding under my blanket 9. Is there another author I’d like to collaborate with I’d love to make a collab with my bestie @Kaeru_turtle but we’re in different fandoms (and both dying with fat fics 🤡) so it’s complicated 🥲 24 • 🇫🇷🇬🇧 • she/her • INFP • Mikey protector • Takemai fic writer & word count clown • All I do is talk about my fic, but feel free to interact with me 🌸
sydney_louise07 London, England @meltaylorsvers @hayleigh_turtle Fave is Cowboy Like Me and least fave is Marjorie bc it makes me super sad bc I’m close to my Grandmother :( but I love them all xx 25 👸🏻 Swiftie since ‘06 | At Least I'm Trying | Fan Account 🇬🇧
Crazyhotboye @AstroStrixx @Vada_Fly You mean like being original people here in America?? America actually name is turtle island which my ppl owned..And told I was from Africa? And made to love all wealth but my own people businesses issues??? If those the serous issues I got then yea that’s true…🤷🏾‍♂️ MUT & Crypto … 🔑Madden is Life 🏈 MUT 23
swftlvsblue 22/CrierAyla♡/Auron Diem smiles at me, and it almost sends me to the floor. “Do you want to see my turtle?” she asks, perking up. “I’d love to.” 💗💗Este momento lo es todo Lance:“No time exists where I won’t love you” booktwt || Taylor Swift || Feysand || Bluelance
aliciaskinner24 Elsewhere, Trench @hayleigh_turtle Love it!! Alice in Wonderland was the theme of my dance recital a few years ago and I played Alice Beineke in the Addams Family, so that is perfect!!! 💖💖💖 “Ask for the paper before you have a story in mind. It’s more fun that way.” - Ryan Met, AJR — @blurry_rep stan 💖 — Swemo to the extremo 🖤 Lorde & Billie 💛
hm_bingung Cakung, Indonesia My lil' sister asked me, "Sis, why don't you raise a hamster again? You really love them, don't you?" I do. Not only hamster tho, cats, turtle, rabbit. I love them. But, if I should choose one. I prefer to raise a hamster. Cause they small and cute. ザビエルとジュリアンが大好きです。 特に神楽 ❤ MLBB Player
souyuutwt SHE/HER SEASON i love my spouse doing the most for the family and i love my wife souma kanzaki yes i am in my y/n moment i am in shambles i am on the floor and i am not okay. we are wedded and we have matching turtle hair clips to prove it. i hhrhrhgrgrgrhhrggrgrhrgrgrhrhrbrvrhr #nikimayo/#adosoukoga dump + occassional art + crying | 20 (geezer) «nikiP . undeadP . akatsukiP» + RCBFY! dn emoji is current activity (🧋 = idle)
JusticeTornado @ElroidTiereon When I was working, my shift was 11pm-7:30am so my life's schedule now is basically still reflective of that lol And yeah they are, though I'm sorry you've never had a pet for too long. I have a turtle that I love to death too, and their shortest lifespans are ~35 years or so. Old bastard and left-leaning FGO degen who is 100% a Nobusexual. Just gotta know what you're getting into here before following.
ashcakes227 Virginia, USA @JackBeomVerse @jaybnow_hr I love this one. It says, “i got my hair done for a comeback and i look like a cute turtle”💚 under construction
TheLizHenry Philly the way she lights up with the trust of someone seeing HER. that electric blue turtle neck and palazzo pants are my favorite but so many looks for her to choose from. I love this so hard. Thick jawn who writes stuff. Former sr. editor @ScaryMommy. Words previously in New York Times, WaPo, xoJane. Sign up for my newsletter, FLOP ERA.
FloodedBloom Glacier, they/them, 21+ //Or maybe I won’t post her Carracosta bc I want to put photos from Violet with her Pokémon as their moment covers. And unfortunately my baby turtle did not make the Gen 5 love list. Keep moving forward! || PKMN OC || MUN IS 21+, MUSE IS 12 ||
cyberspiderwebs Chicago, IL @yummy_turtle definitely 🤣 i love aquarius theyre so fun and my chart is so full of aquarius spider! 22! undercover sniper kitty !!!!! 18+ only ✰ HE/SHE/THEY
shabboshouse Albany NY @RabbiShaul @jorosenfeld I grew up as a kid learning it was a Tsheripacher (Yiddish for Turtle) and as I love alliteration (to my kids chagrin) "The Turtle in the Tanya" (as I appreciate parable/metaphor) stuck with me. Didn't realize that Jastrow says Locust, probably from Sotah re Meraglim.

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