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doggo_potato I have a new fren. In my outside. I sniff and then. My fren hides. I love my turtle fren. I am a doggo. My hoomans call me Potato. I LOVE STICKS! And socks. And poetry. But mostly sticks.
nochu_naz 190519 @miu_von @jiminsagenda @YeosangPromise Im the same tbh i love my turtle necks/cardigan and i always dress similar bc its so comfy haha ♡ you will be okay here, magic shop ~ Jk 🐰 18 ☀️ #방탄소년단 🎐 ~180928•190519
SaintMese247 @The_Truthness @TeamKanyeDaily I love my Turtle Doves and 350's, but my 700's are my go too shoes. I was born with the Gift of Gab what more can I say. #team99 #edp247 #iameverydaypeople #everydaypeople247 #hustleandmotivate247
mervemelek1 Durban, South Africa Idk how many more times I’m gonna say this and it’s never gonna be enough but I love my turtle so much ❤️❤️❤️ med stud
a_random_turtle Livingston, Scotland I hope all my Aussie friends are well and safe, all my love to all of you and my condolences to all those who where claimed by the bush fires 22•F/T carer•Digital artist•NYR fan•Scottish Gaelic•IG@/nonstopartx• •
837pagi NCT/JKT48/5SOS @polaristorm it seems like he is in love with turtle neck and this pose 🤔 but anywayyyy it was someone else, it's just my side who feels this way i guess?? well haven't felt like this in some times so i just get excited 😅 @A_YoriJKT48 @A_MutheJKT48 • i draw sometimes, check moments for fanarts • she/her
lile_is_love Azania. @LionelMpisi My G, i don't even think that turtle from kung fu panda is wiser than that man and that turtle preaches 😂😭👐❤️ He's good but he's not locked in..
vlynn930 @RawBeautyKristi I will wait 87,001 years . I have my limits. And I happen to love turtle crap .
PShep10 Airdrie, AB I’m getting a new phone! So I get to upgrade my case too!! Got a @elleritch for the last phone and it HAS NOT disappointed! So getting a prettier one this time AND IT HAS A SEA TURTLE on it! 😍😍 I love what this… Country girl stuck in the city. Love sports-mostly hockey. Love a lot of music. Love my man, wee humans, family & friends. helping make the world a better place
mzcutter18 @sara_marie000 @TurtlePoker @TPChristmasTree You guys are amazing and I love both of you Sara and Turtle!! My list is posted on wishlist Wednesday and Matthew's pinned tweet. Sadly there's been no activity for a while, but I have faith the remaining 9 items will be purchased by some special Elves/Angel's! Single mom of 3 living my best life in recovery, trying to provide the best that I possibly can for my babies. Blessed to be apart of #TwitterPhilanthropy
vidadeliz Somewhere changin Leo’s diaper I’m proud to say, I always paid for my dance stuff in high school when I fell in love with dance again. I worked my butt off every summer at the turtle farm 😂 it was tough but humbling And in college I got paid to dance soooo 🤷🏽‍♀️ do not take my tweets serious, or to CPS, I be playin on here 🗣
fopeolaleye ldn oh my god there is someone building a turtle toilet i didn’t dream it these people are mad and i love them p(r)etty pottymouth, politics grad, @nusbsc officer, @fearlessfutures freelance, they/them, email: fope.olaleye@nus.org.uk
Angelbear27 Moutains @BindiIrwin @TerriIrwin I got my Steve Pops! A week ago and cried when I opened them! I got both versions! Him holding a croc and a turtle, my grandma’s favorite animal. She passed away in 2006. I love these, Steve was an amazing person and I loved watching the show. Love u guys! I love Movies&Sports&Music&dancing&the outdoors&fun in general&my dogs &Ive been writting a book for a long time
xmfalaniko Sacramento, CA Happy Veterans Day to my brothers! My big brother Cheezy and little brother Turtle. I love these two sooo much. Thank you God for always keeping them safe 🙏❤️😢 GOD First, Family Forever; Paralegal; 🌴🌺🇹🇴. #AngieFOREVER 🕊❤️
endeguz Amsterdam, The Netherlands spaghetti stripe over turtle neck is my new thing and i love that
mandyjw70 uk GOLD TONE TURTLE BANGLE BRACELET $5.00 Gold tone Bangle Charm Bracelet Turtle Fits 7 to 8 inch wrist SKU:GTBB080519 if u love turtles and looking for a gift then visit my website and see what i have on my website thanks for following me and supporting me ... my websites
realmahogany_MY Nova Scotia, Canada One of my babies from work sends me a link this morning for turtle necks that are on sale cuz she knows I love them and then she says what size and color you want cuz she wants to buy me one for xmas 😩 forking adorable (IG: mahogany902) #TeamTaurus
Fyda_Elqis Malaysia My gyeobugi and my bby onibugi 💕💕 I just love tortoise/turtle and u soo much... ❤️❤️🌹🌹 🌼🌼 I loved cat also 😻 Whatever happens just be yourself 🙆 & Keep Smile 😊 xoxo 💋 사랑해 Personal IG : fyda_elqis Nuest Fan Account : nuest_love_150312
itsme_snehaa Handsome boy!! In my favorite look I love turtle neck it looks so so so cute on him!! 😛❤ !! Take a moment and.Appreciate this beautiful human 😭❤ #AsimRiaz #BiggBoss13 #BB13 don't start me I have no brakes
lolpert Los Angeles, CA sometimes i take the LA Metro bc i'm still secretly hoping for my Before Sunrise but last time i was on it some guy tried to sell me a turtle & then i went home and cried that some people can fall madly in love & others can't even handle turtle parenthood. anyway i just drive now tv writer. I’m sixteen years old and i DON’T need a governess.
keofoxglove I have a turtle pillow in my room and both my cats love sleeping on it Pin up girls and killer queens
Nsfw_turtle They/Them The irony of how I personally prefer krbk over bkdk, but my tl is basically 99% bkdk and I love each and every thread and fanart lmao 19 | Bisexual | NSFW account | Fandom and shipping trash 👌🏻 | lots of gay crap | probably problematic? | 🔞 Sure as fork NO MINORS 🔞 | no age in bio = block
rachelmaterdom @doandoittoem The alien, ufo and smiley were just bc I wanted them, but my mom and I have matching ladybugs bc they’re her fav, wolf is for dad, “I love you” is in grandma’s handwriting, and turtle is for my other grandma who passed snapchat: raayy_raayy insta: rachel_materdomini
archantiall1 @LA_PG13 @I_Hart_Sneakers @DreEastes @InfoMenso @SherryLewman3 @ABC7 @FINALLEVEL Oh my profile pic is denzel washington as a turtle and my banner is actually denzel washinton My personal hero is Sowell and I used to love @FINALLEVEL till he showed he was a massive racist. I cant say the word black even in a positive way but he can say white non stop. Truth and Media. Also I always thought Denzel looked like a turtle. Only reason I have the pics.
chinesenoodles1 Manila, Philippines I love my Uniqlo Wool coat! It's 70% wool. It makes a 16 degree weather feel hot! :) instead of buying fat jackets that make you feel uncomfortable and bulky, buy wool! :) But my turtle neck and skirt is from GU :)… Happy and married 💍🙏🏻 Cafe owner :) Philippians 4:13
sandrabenven67 Toronto, Ontario I just watched Two Turtle Doves with my mom and it was beautifully written and acted by @nikkideloach @RadyMichael I love watching #CountdowntoChristmas with my mother, best memories to make! @hallmarkchannel ❄️⛄🎄🤶🎅 Hello my name is Sandra. Welcome to my Twitter page. I'm all about family, nature, inspirational quotes but mostly having fun.
itsstillalex love all the celebs talking about their pets and what they meant to them following maximus' death. nas had a pigeon. "I know what my sloth meant to me. So I know what his turtle meant to him." - Usher "I remember when my plant died. It really took a toll on me" - DJ Khaled All I care about is Disney and Muppets and nothing else. I tweet a lot and its all bad. He and also him. Follow @tmbg13 if you're just wicked gross.
Jalia_Ball Colorado, USA @warFareWeaves When I built my gaming computer, I bought a Razer headset and played a lot of CS:GO, and I love the sound on it, but the set i bought, was USB not a jack. So, I found a set from turtle beach and it sounds a lot better especially for COD in my opinion. 18 | Former Manager of WPHS Counter-Strike team and stand in | Fan of OpTic Gaming
milkynkookies multi (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*) @saltyafcookiie guess so...i just wish i had a more distinct style if that makes sense? like i love peices like turtle necks and skirts and stuff but i dont own any that match and im too insecure to wear a lot of nice things in my closet🥴 supporting my favs as well as yours~❁ #NCT127inTOR》#PENTAGONinTOR》
tracewein I laughed, I cried, I hugged longtime friends and oh I won a Ramona basket! Loved this day and now I must carb up and go to bed with love in my heart. darlenescott59 love you and all your strength @ Turtle Rock… I am a Mom, Artist and Freelance Designer for Tracy Weinzapfel Studios. Feel free to visit me at
MiniMe_a_Turtle Mars @OfficialZakRB My sentence: I love plays deku a ride to the hotel thanks pooped in the Meadows are you still planing to pick me up and take a ride back thanks for asking for the kids poop is from Google Wallet email I sent the payment request via Google Wallet email I sent the payment request I'm MiniMe nice to see ya!
arcordo hell probably thankfully neither my leo or my turtle brumate and i swear oskar is at 110% all year. love him skye ● 23 ● she/her ● star wars | sims ● NOR/EN ● i play A LOT of sims
doggo_potato I have a new fren. In my outside. I sniff and then. My fren hides. I love my turtle fren. I am a doggo. My hoomans call me Potato. I LOVE STICKS! And socks. And poetry. But mostly sticks.
Cupa_Joe_ Joe mama My girlfriend gave me this turtle we named Fred during our 5 months and our date to a cool aquarium, now Fred comes with me wherever I go, he gets a nice ride in my MSI pro gaming backpack ❤️👏 Love Fred and my gorgeous girlfriend 💕 Hey just your local white step dad with memeage approval and blessings of sexy voice and cool hat. in other words, where there’s a Cupa there’s a Joe, good day
_MasterSplinter Twin Cities, MN My first fighter was SF4 and played Balrog with a very turtle play style, so much so that another player said that I must be Master Splinter cause I love turtles so much. Accountant/FGC member/Gamer/Aspiring Game Critic
_reggae_love Lmao I talking to turtle ( my nephew who is about to be 2 ) African-American grab my neck like he want square up 😂😂 this lil boy don’t know I’ll end his life and pay for his funeral a 🥴 02/28 RIP MARK BROWN || All About Reggae ❤️‼️ || JAH'16 || 🇬🇭🇧🇸
hypinjongin whitney🍯🤞🏽 See jongin's rare but consistent combo of a black turtle neck and jeans has got to be one of my fave basic fits on him. His physique goes so well with that i LOVE By law, I can not follow you back if you stan girl groups other than mamamoo.
theTAEtanic21st Honestly, idek let me explain my choices. My mum calls me a turtle lol, that’s the process of me in fight not flight mode, and Hongjoong looks extra cute. I love these boys, and it would be a dream to win a Polaroid :( 💓 #hello82 #Touche_ATEEZ #ATEEZx82 @hello82official yo yo spaghettio
ManleyMeaghan @hsieh_zachary You are my favorite YouTuber and I love scrunchie the turtle
dowellvest Born & Raised in Black Queen Charlotte's Ville, Virginia | Current Resident of Houston, TX At 19, I was dealing with my love for Michael Jordan...and Janet Jackson...at the same damn time. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Chile! That ‘90s hair and a turtle neck with sweatshirts. #19BC Dowell-Vest Communication, LLC | PVAMU Director of Film & TV Production | @PVAMUTV | Wife of my Wife | Daughter of My Tribe
xingou Queens to Sacramento You know what I use as a pillow? Like I legit can't sleep without it? My stuffed turtle. Nothing compares. (My puppy chewed off one of its eyes and made a valiant attempt on the other, but I still love my gimp turtle. 💜) Equality, Language, Science, Music (Let's be real, it's 95% @BTS_twt here.)
nochu_naz 190519 @miu_von @jiminsagenda @YeosangPromise Im the same tbh i love my turtle necks/cardigan and i always dress similar bc its so comfy haha ♡ you will be okay here, magic shop ~ Jk 🐰 18 ☀️ #방탄소년단 🎐 ~180928•190519
CArtistics Canada Apparently my turtle bois Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo are all trending rn and....I’m living for it? GIMME MY 4 IDIOTS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH💙❤️💜🧡 🔞21 / Bi and I’m not sorry / Female / Canada / Artist / Monster dicks and anime tiddies 🔞
theWebbyghost Alabama's armpit Donatello is my favorite turtle and I love him Comic artist, Let's Player, Skeleton Queen and total dweeb. Fledgling DM. Loves monsters and creepy, spooky things. A horrid little goblin. 30 yrs old. She/her
Sweet_Release89 @SheaSerrano @arcade_1up FAVORITE? You want me to pick a favorite??? One does not simply choose a favorite between TMNT..... But my very firstest ninja turtle when I was 1 year old was Donatello so I'm gonna go with Donny 😊 but I love the other three juuuust as much and always get all 4 of a set 💕 Love for animals, writing stories, the english language, TV-shows, Music, meeting people I look up to...
turtle_empire Brooklyn, NY If i face time you and all you see is nose to forhead. I love you deeply. If you see me trying to get angles, you have not earned my trust and a picture can be taken at any second 😤 Making steps towards success everyday 👏🏽
turtle_naomi Southampton @SamanthaMalin I take a chemo shot once a week for my RA , you will get through this sending you hugs and strength, and love born in upstate New York ,left home 1970 travelled on the hippy trail thru Middle East ended up in Cardiff, long story. hates brexit , loves animals , sanity
lame_and_trendy Visalia, CA @SheaSerrano @arcade_1up This is late but still, my love for Donatello will never cease. Every turtle contains certain traits that I can relate to, but the nerdy/smart one that wore purple just gets the win for me when I have to pick. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.
JBartlCI Chicago, IL @SheaSerrano @arcade_1up I’m playing as my favorite turtle Michelangelo on my new TMNT arcade game and the guys are getting hungry. He’s even late for a pizza dinner because the love is mutual. Former sportswriter turned marketing manager. Seinfeld quoter. Bacardi drinker. Michigan State Spartan. It’s not rocket surgery.
BGZRR Who Knows So i finally got a pet today for my birthday and its a Western Painted Turtle! I named him Kuzembo after the smite God! Welcome Home Kuzembo!🐢💚🌿 @SMITEGame #Kuzembo #Smite #Turtle #Love I'm a Xbox Ambassador in training. Ask Questions anytime I'm willing to Help!❤ (Call me BGZR) I mainly play on xbox

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