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TDevonian Devonshire And on my breast carve a turtle dove To signify I died of love Fare thee well for I must leave thee Do not let this parting grieve thee And remember that the best of friends must part must part Adieu adieu kind friends adieu adieu adieu I can no longer stay with you No DMs They are banned
groundjustice Auckland, New Zealand I'd like to build the world a home And furnish it with love Grow apple trees and honey bees And snow white turtle doves I'd like to teach the world to sing In perfect harmony I'd like to hold it in my arms And keep it company 🎧 I discuss ideas & not people. 🇳🇿Kiwi-born 🇮🇪Fatherland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Motherland 👑Royalist ⛰Patupaiarehe Relations🌿 6'2" Gently Yet Firmly ▲
ashton45241228 @wealth_turtle @TheRichFromCali Nope SS uses water pistols and a stern voice…how about you raise good people and teach them gun safety. I love my guns I’m having a blast enjoying the new Wild West of crypto and nfts!!!
CybulskieRhys He/him @elated_turtle I love this guy. From my hometown, good kid, super nice and polite. Have no idea why he was drafted I forking love my Ottawa Senators. I swear I’m nicer in person
awkward_turtler UK- only account -she/her love how I ended clip on "Is this channel receiving me") honestly I am just trying something new that will hopefully help this turtle. And hopefully out my shell, its been a really rough week, but this gave me some purpose. 29 👾Bi🌈 Soft goth🔮Video game nerd🕹 PS5 PC & Nintendo. I like arts & cats 🎨 I have a side of Autism & ADHD. Trying to navigate life & the lonely late 20s💫
TreyGreen27 Dallas, TX @DJSyonKream My boy with the blazer and the turtle neck. I love to see it!!! God. Gratitude. Apartments. Sports.
t_thedino (he/they + neos) okay so im looking through my moms collection of my art and projects from middle school and late elementary school and i find this gem, are you sure buddy? also we love the yertle the turtle bookmark i like minecraft, dinosaurs, and bingus 🦖🦕✨ rest easy technoblade
PenlandSkye Florida @RosettaYorke @JamieMarchantSF Thank you! I love tag and am definitely a turtle writer. I’ve spent 3 years on my first manuscript!!! And now it’s with an editor @ReedsyHQ for a developmental edit. April 17th is when I should have it back so I can fix it all! #writer #amwriting #amwritingfantasy #booktwitter Seeing what’s new in the writing and publishing world while I continue to write stories!
FistFullofPhil Stuck on Mars Turtles, If you make my Turtle app do well within 2 years I will give you $3 billion in Twitter, and also work out equity in my Turtle app. Love, Phil Set your clock to two years from now. Now I will forget and the deal is set Space is for everyone but Director Emma owns the Moon. I'm currently on Mars at war with The Proud.
alienlesbian 25 / nyc I AM IN PAIN. I AM SUFFERING. CARSON MY LOVE. GRETA AND THE TURTLE. THE FACT GRETA HASN'T BLOCKED HER ON INSTAGRAM. CARSON STILL TRYING. #HARRIETFLYNN: I have to do EVERYTHING MYSELF / d'arcy carden & kate mckinnon lovebot / co-creator of @ratsindachatau (they/them)
wobrding ⠀ dding — ddong 💭! pretty days for all of you sweetheart. since my progress roomie is now filled with my customer love so i’ll working the order first for now and get a turtle respons. please giving me a taggie taggie if you dm’s me ya love 🎀🩰. thankie berry mucchie!⠀ "she's so boujee with that beguiling poem and poetry," each mankind who lives in a world of wordsmiths murmured upon seeing and engaging with this idyllic lady.
elated_turtle in a turtle dreams me when I listen to swimming for the millionth time and still love it as much as my first listen cool, intelligent and handsome guy #GoSensGo
hkergrrl Saw another adorable turtle today and helped him by moving a branch out of his swimming way and I love him and want to keep him for my own. Look at his cute little messed up tail!! Librarian, Archivist, Historian, Traveler, Embroiderer, History Geek, Genealogist. Tweets are my own.
zoeyisasiren fairy world i got my turtle a little basket for a carrier so i can carry her from her indoor enclosure to her outdoor enclosure and she’s so CUTE!!!! i’m so in love with her 🥰
42_Por_Ciento BUENOS AIRES @BjyxObsessed can i ask you something please? can you explain abt the brooch please? ps: i showed my mom (81) zz and dd's pic, their clothes..... she says awwwwww they are married now???????? thats so goooooooood!!!!! you gotta love my mom, and oldie turtle #TeamInvierno, siempre. #Bullrich2023
WJC1122 Ottawa, Ontario @elated_turtle You should not feel that way at your age. Find something that makes you excited to go to work. I am almost 53 and I have that some days just because I am tired 😂😂, but I love my job. Music, Water, Fire ..... Sens
SoMuchBloodJoe Fayettenam Angela: I was in a group text with my family and said I would like to count sea turtle eggs in retirement (no clue don't ask). Kris: Y'all got turtles now too? Y'all are crazy. Me: Oh hell no I draw the line there. (I love the hell outta this guy.) A shepherd in wolf's clothing.
aRMy_turtle_ After every iftar I do my workout, drinking coffee with my family and enjoying Ramadan vibes. I love how Tarweeh prayer and Quran recitation give me assurance and make feel delightful🤍🌙. 𝔀𝓻𝓲𝓽𝓮 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓸𝔀𝓷 𝓼𝓽𝓸𝓻𝔂
Noodle_Streamer she/her Hi, new people! I'm so excited to meet you all 💜 My name is Noodle! I have 2 cats and a turtle. I love playing all kinds of video games, I make art, I sing sometimes, and I love streaming. Some disclaimers: I don't do f4f. I want to get to know you through interactions first- Latina and 🏳️‍🌈GAYmer🏳️‍🌈 ♡ NA ♡ I love cute things ♡ Cursed by a witch to be a FOOT every Friday ♡ business inquiries only ~ noodlestreamertv@gmail.com
Daisywhatzit2u ROTTMNT fandom hole -No t*cest Finally finished! Really enjoyed doing this one! Forget how much I love shading sometimes. I'm actually pretty happy with this! Sandro is @leo_kinnie 's and Lila's my turtle sona on the right. Tried to imply she got him 'the world's greatest pizza' just to cheer him up #rottmnt You guys can call me Daisy! Pronouns: she-her Hope we all can geek out here together! Most of my ROTTMNT stuff will be on tumblr. (Especially the comic)
JamesIv77027657 @TerpsWBB @FMasonius I absolutely love my grand daughters yall fought and fought till you got it right what a win 3 to go the only name on a jersey you see is FEAR the TURTLE Huge Oriole,Ravens and Terps casinos,walking meeting people and conversing about area sports.
MJ33264827 Browned butter cinnamon babka and turtle brownies are two of my favorite treats. I love the way they combine sweet and salty flavors, and they're just so delicious!
lynzylu5 Canada 1. The 2003 main theme: This was the first of what I didn't expect to be a long journey. This was the one I made on my own without prompt. The rest were all requested. I got this idea in my head of "I love bein' a turtle!" with Mikey's "Embrace the turtle, baby!" and it 1/13 She/They Video Editor for @SaiyaSounds FFXIV/Variety PNGtuber (Affiliate) Pfp & banner by @tasco64 Email: lynzylu@gmail.com
PenguinObscurus The Underworld What a fun stream! Got to play more Splatoon with my mod Turtle! THANK YOU @Generalnoot and @RoddyDoesStuff for the raids!!! I genuinely appreciate it 💙💙 We sent the love over to @TTVChUwUbacca who's doing a 24 hour stream! Check them out!! Demon Penguin Vtuber looking to have some fun! 🔞 | Model: @ArtCircleRStu1 | PFP & Banner: @Mimir_Mimos | Live2D: @bogiewogi |
Officialplughb Online @Solcasinoio How about you come to my DM and give me a few I’d love to raffle them in my communities, OKB, Alpha Gang X, 8tails society and Fine Turtle would Brand • Web3 Specialist • Project Advisor • Partnerships Manager • MOD • CM @okaybears @MechNFT @ExceedFunds #NFT #Crypto #BTC #ETH #SOL #MATIC #Ordinals
shanley Exile, Chicago swimming with that turtle today was sooooooo cool. i love the ocean and animals and while it doesn't restore my faith in "humanity" it does remind me that everything is much deeper than it seems and there is more beauty than there ever could be Venture capitalists are financial terrorists.
ItsHussypuss London @stickynotebecca So true!<3 I can't stress how much I love the turtle bois with baby Casey but I barely see mama Cass😭. I wanna see more of the mum and son duo on my tl<33 Artist & animator . 18 . Movie sonic, tails & knuckles are bros. rottmnt & sonic . T-c*st & proshippers/neutrals DNI . Bonemankinnie #Riseseason3 #MutantMayhem
PixxelCatt He’s at a children’s museum and tbh I think he’s the same turtle that was here from my childhood I love him 19 | she/her | mostly TMNT, but also fe3h, pokémon, rhythm heaven, and splatoon | side acc: @bobblobber | pr0sh!p and ns/fw dni !!!!
theladfromkhi I keep close all day and refuse all the love anyone gives me or shows affection. All my lines are blurry all my enemies were once friends, with this I will hardly reach anywhere, could you please tell these people I wasn’t always this turtle paru? (3/3)
landoflightstv6 St Louis, MI @ArcadexAngel I love the Ninja turtles my favorite Ninja turtle of all time is Michelangelo because he's so funny and he's awesome on purpose hello my name is landoflightstv welcome to the jaws shark attack community 🦈 I stream a variety of different games I'm really goofy when I stream
SickJay84 @GideonOnGaming I love the Last Ronin stories and I love that Michelangelo is the last surviving Turtle. Perfection. And a video game based on that story and done on an epic God Of War level would be absolutely AMAZING! In my personal opinion. Just another freak, in the freak kingdom.
nickbreezus at the rim / rim st … so I am a turtle and my shell is the codes and that is what I live as codes my shell is also the cauldron and I love it I forking love it I forking love it so you can’t take crap from me because I forking love every breath that I have genuinely it feels like universal practice ))(( )) pure purr
spookisdecloset patiently waiting for aro😞 unnamed turtle from Mexico! My grandma really likes turtles along with bunnies because my dad was a huge tmnt fan when he was a kid, and his love for turtles stuck with him. So through my life I've had at least six turtles currently have four, two babies and two adults demiaroce He/they An artist/ Non-Binary/ I'm me :D/ Mexican🇲🇽 and proud of it SPA/ENG matchin with @Dear_Star_Boyyy TCEST/PRO$HIP/dreamdefenders/NSFW DNI!!!!
sadexasperated Sin City @LeaderMcConnell Mitch, you're a turtle and you're never going to stop us but I've been holding you in my thoughts. I'm a very liberal RN and I hope you're feeling better. Sincerely. Love to you and family. I’m an evil left-wing sheeple making lots of typos - new phone #blacklivesmatter #translivesmatter #RN #lawnerd #aspiringlawyer #babyloss #infertility #ivf
sinkingr0ses she/her i love when i see a turtle on my screen and immediately start crying they make me so HAPPY 18 | #1 turtle fan
dianabization detroit-ish And told her to consider it as a bday gift (bday in 2 weeks) and she got so excited 🥹. And then my aide that brought her down to meet mom came back and said “she could not stop talking about that turtle light!” 🥹 I love my job 🫶🏼 #PedsTwitter Venti double chocolate chip with a shot of white mocha syrup plz 🤗 || Tryna find my lebenslangerschicksalsschatz
9ValleyMaiden nomming the pancakes As much as I would love to stay up and make funnies with you all I have about a half hour before my eyes cross and I make mimis so I'm going to go get some reading done. There is a turtle dragon waiting for me. Good night and #SaveA11yBots #WoT #Cosmere #AltText #Cradle #Sylveon #Diabetes #Amputee #Blind. I only follow those who use Alt text. she/her avi by @memo113
polnareffheart Any pronouns, 17 Part 5 is my fave part rn. I love them all. I love the villains. I love Diavolo and Doppio. I love Turtle-nareff. I miss Bucciarati. I miss all my dead boys I only talk about Jojo’s, Kimetsu No Yaiba and Jujutsu Kaisen 😮‍💨😮‍💨
77Panke Los Angeles, CA @La3Life I got my green sweatshirt with a turtle neck and pouch and I love it to death. One step closer to the inner circle. LA + NC
NekoSabs The Void @xlunaone I love our glitch bitch turtle boy 🥺 Although... New Anti just took my entire soul along with my heart 😍😂 He's so badass looking and I can't wait to dive deeper into his story. LV 31 // Demi // she/her // admin for @cheerjse // 2nd half of @forcediigame
mappe90 Been a all right day till I just got the news of a TMNT the Last Ronin AAA game title is in works and from 0-100 my mood lifted so fast and I can’t wait to see whenever it comes out and play it man I love being a TURTLE fan to the end 💙💜❤️🧡 I’m a big TMNT fan i enjoy MTG/Cartoons/Anime reading Comics/Manga and plying video games "Cowabunga" "Tonight, I dine on Turtle soup!"
MaxCrypto1114 The Moon @level941 I'm in FL.. Love it. My girl from Houston. Also a good state. Lol... but FL has so many springs and outdoor stuff. Manatee season... Turtle Bay by siesta key. Miami and cocaine. Kayaks and more cocaine. You'll love it. #Bitcoin #Crypto #Poker 😀 #CiscoCertified 🏰 🐰
ksjbrry face on the street ♥︎ ⋆˚ my beautiful and pretty princess, my butterfly I love you to the moon and back with turtle steps 🤍🩹 ㅤㅤㅤmy life is better since the day I met bangtan
vampirejinmin and if he ne'er returns to me, my heart will stop thereof; place two turtle doves upon my chest to show i died for love. run by @milfbeomgyu
xHunter79 Seattle, WA @Yak52565 Yeah that’s smart Olens seems to sell for the most each auction the one we got was around 1500$ USD but the last one they auctioned i believe was the ninja turtle jersey sold for like 2500$ I hope you guys get this one me and my girlfriend always love seeing your sign at game! |PNW|
vodksho Saw a turtle on my walk this morning and I can’t stop thinking about it if you didn’t know I forking love turtles and that turtle made my day without even knowing it lmao He/Him 19 head deep in literature I love books, skating, and turtles
actualcodyjudah Thank you to everyone for the Happy Birthday wishes! I love you guys so much and you have my day so much better even with just a few words. BUT! It's still Weird & Indie WEDNESDAY! 𝕋ℍ𝔼 𝕊𝕋𝔸ℕ𝕃𝔼𝕐 ℙ𝔸ℝ𝔸𝔹𝕃𝔼 Come hang out in the Turtle I'm an Indie/Horror Streamer/Content Creator who loves entertaining and making people smile and laugh! The Turtle Den
BTolan72 Bridgeport @VincentDJohnson @JCaggle67 @ComEd Vincent after all of this time this is how you’re going to treat me. I thought we were friends… I even named my pet turtle after you. disappointed is an understatement. Still would love to catch a ball game with you and my son Jr. #LetMeKnow @JCaggle67 is my dear friend thats it Senior Sales Manager. DLS '84 HS Prep Bowl Champion. All things CCL. Proud single father of Clarence, Savanna, and Bobby Jr. DLS and EIU football QB. 11th Ward.
SavageFist Santiago RS @LoveRetroBTW Leo is always my main. Blue is my favorite color, sword my favorite weapon and he has the hardest job ever. I love every turtle but Leonardo is the man. My name is Alexandre Belmonte Oliveira, creator of SAVAGE FIST a traditionally animated 2D Beat 'Em Up! Open for commissions also.
coo77505195 Québec, Canada Good morning to all my friends and relatives from Maliseet Territory, part of the Wabanaki Confederacy. We are all of the Human Race, our blood is red. In this way we all walk the red road. I feel to remind you that the Turtle Island we know and love today is... Canadian born, Swedish-English roots. Like to cook, walk and breathe the fresh air, protect the planet, respect Human Rights. Respect Indigenous Rights

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