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zaasadnia I love my dog and I love when he is fresh after shower. What I don’t love is that he had to destroy all house while we were gone…poop and cover himself in it to get one. Send help!
JHitchcock99 Dallas, TX @PianoDentist86 @Donnabritus @KonstantinKisin The whole pretty parenting idea is ridiculous. Yes, we can have close and special relationships with our pets. I love my dog but if my children were starving, I'd cook her for dinner. I'd be sad about it but there is no contest. Studier of Humans. Community Integrator. Djembe Drummer. Master's Candidate. Grandmama. Non-Partisan American. International Distinguished Member @PhiThetaKappa
kiminicha i love my dog so much my baby my little one my precious my girl my life my angel my love my heart minnie and hyunjae who? ⠀ leia o carrd ꨁ
Bloodstain3d 6ft below How much do I love my dog? She had the zoomies and I ran all around the house with her for about 10 minutes even tho I'm seriously disabled and am not supposed to even really be walking that much rn. she/her/vamp♡if it ain't about vampires we're not interested.♡Vampire/Romantic/victorian goth♡MILF♡Married♡
Puckbunny13 TEXAS @TransNEFY91 I love my dog and kitty but kittys the most!!! BEACH GIRL🏝Feed me nachos and tell me I’m pretty😁 @commanders @NHLFlames #resister NO DM’s🤓 🇺🇸Married to a 🇨🇦 I cuss A LOT @seether 🙌🏻
Kianna_23 She/They💗💛💙 I love my dog don’t get me wrong but she just made me fall down these stairs and now my ankle is twisted. I’m mean mugging her for the rest of the day ✊🏾•$KiannaH23•19•BCU🐯
AdamMico1 Boston, MA @ZachBowders Yes, I love my dog and would love to bring him into the office, but it's a very silly idea. It's simply disruptive. A better idea is a benefit where the employer helps fund an employee-selected doggy daycare for staff needing to return to the office. CoE @Moderna_tx | @Tableau Visionary + Ambassador | @DataDLC Advisory Board | Hamburglar of Tableau Swag | #DataFam Mayor
Cube_Republic Brasil @niikhb I like both and I love my dog Simon, 3D artist selling content in second life, dev, specializing in plants and foliage. Cacti and succulent grower and avid cyclist.
rumdrinker71 Alexandria, VA My little [air quote] angel [air quote] decided to roll around in the leftover guts of some predator’s kill. She smells like death warmed over. Now Zola needs a bath. But there she goes trotting off… fat, dumb, and happy. It’s a good thing I love my dog. Navy (ret) Surface Warfare Officer & missile defender with a side of fries. DoD Operational Tester. Professional eater of tacos & hamburgers. Opinions = my own.
AdhDruids San Diego, CA Time to go on a stupid walk for my stupid mental health, because I love my dog and his old man happy taps are the best. #Dog ADHD and Autistic | Gender Non-conform | Demisexual | I'm an ADHD Coach and Educator on Tiktok. | DnD DM and Twitch Streamer | Poet and Author |
Fandiogenamie Republika ng Pilipinas🇵🇭 @FinalAyyMG I need go to the vet urgently bcoz of my dog his need operation of the testicle. I didn't know what I'm doing, bcoz I don't have work and I don't have money to pay the vet after operations or examine. 😭😭 I love my dog he is 16 yrs old..brad his name. Mother of three children and six foster cats. Petlover and family Lover.
lookatthemoon33 New Jersey, USA It goes without saying that I love my dog more than I love my husband - and yet my dog still loves my husband a tiny bit more than he loves me 😒 trash-talking, anti-social, stay-at-home 🐶-mom / real housewife of 🌊 county / seaweed-smoking 🧜🏼‍♀️. love sarcasm and botox. hate most people.
SAINTJACQUES1 #NowPlaying Micaroni and Vulcano - I Love My Dog You Love your Cat
jimUMfan Eustis FL I love my dog. He isn’t aware of all the worlds issues, He’s happy every time he sees me and loves to hang out. A good dog is a great gift. #dog #AmericaFirst
awbitcoin New York City @PlateLicker_21m Weird! I love my dog and stack as hard as I can !! Former physician, now learning about money while happily accumulating #bitcoin 🗽🏳️‍🌈 Full node⚡️#hodl
pianohnds name is: moon , jazz , orbit ; they/he (she if close) semi nsfw , hard dom , lesbian , 17 04’ , nsa nsfw marked by extra spaces between the words ! “I love you more than my dogs” couldn’t be me, I will never love anyone and anything like I love my dog, bye.
brittscooper Lake Charles, LA I love my dog but he just dove head first into thorns and then looked at me like I made him do it. These bulldogs are stubborn Death Investigation and Dissent
Tamara66949263 @SheriMAGAA I love my dog. He alerts us when he hears a car or person. Living way off the street in the woods he is our doorbell. The bark and howling is loud. He’s not aggressive. My old Standard Poodle look out. He would attack. Alpha male Pro Gun, Pro Military, Pro Freedom of Speech, ex-healthcare worker, environmentally responsible, Pro Choice, Pro Union and Independent.
BrownieJaime Perth, Western Australia I love my dog, but man is she stupid. Every night she waits at the back door to be let in, only when we open the door she stays outside. At the moment the only way to get her inside is to walk past her pick up the hose not the end of it the middle, and shake it and she’ll run in.
serotta620 Castleton-on-Hudson, NY @AveryBa68752542 @RockyMountViews I have to scroll past them. I feel guilty about it. I love my dog so much, it scares me to read them. I can’t stomach the pain and sadness. But if it makes someone feel better to post it, I’m all for it. Here for silly puns, dogs and nature. Cyclist, artist, bird nerd, reader, dog lover, mom to Molly and two grown-ish humans. No DM’s, thanks!
Mellow_Jackets Lesbos I love my dog and if any of you forkers lay a hand on him so help me lesbunny, healthcare worker, they/them 🤡 thanks for joining my gay bottom crap show. do you like, want a coffee? why are u still reading this
DailyKosTrends I love console gaming. I really do, and always have. Today wasn’t the best of days as Microsoft/Bethesda announced that two games I had been waiting for this year had been delayed until 2023: Starfield and Redfall. Dang, I was hoping for that news to be … What's trending on Daily Kos right now; updated hourly. Not an official Daily Kos account, created by a community writer and DK fan; this account is automated.
yoitsrubylol i love my dog so much she deserves all the walk and treats 🇲🇽 she/her. i ramble a lot. i am also, unfortunately, very stupid and socially inept.
SamBagel18 I love my dog and 2 cats. they are so good
speakmeowtv she/her ✩ 19 i love my dog and cats and flowers and sunshine and my friends and mcdonald’s and stupid memes and the beach and raspberries and pepsi and languages and music and cinnamon #positivity #yas unfortunately the ice cream machine is broken today 🏳️‍🌈 Ham Hole and Heel Haw Firm IM A PERSON NOT A STAN ACC ELON LET ME BE
lostinwonder I love my dog so much, she is one of the best decisions I ever made. But she consistently chooses 4am to be the perfect time to jump on my bed and paw at me for cuddles. Why? I would cuddle you all evening if you let me, why has it got to be 4am?! 😩 Trying to be the change I want to see in the world. // Once told that I was 'alright' for a social worker. // Servant to my dog.
michellouisee Earth I love my dog the most between the hours of 7A and 7P. She’s a true beast at night and is so mean!!!! The artist formerly known as mchellpik.
timetoact2 The Sea @juleswoodson11 If he’s not friend material he’ll never be date material. 1. Friends, you have to like and respect each other. 2. Love, I love my dog but I don’t hump it. 3. In-love, solid! Get married and enjoy a monogamous relationship. I Worship No Created Being! No Angels, No Saints, Not Mary. Jesus Christ and Him alone!✝️ #LoveToBlock (Big/Hairy/Ape)🦍 #Texan #NavalCombatVet #TankerWars 88’
Ion_Reaper Nova Scotia, Canada I love my dog zoey who loves to crawl under the blankets normally she goes into a ball. but it seems the little thing wants to lay on her back tonight and have her feet hanging out Random Canadian weeb who talks about plastic robots and streams on Twitch as a Vtuber Icon done by @Gkvalhalla image above is my OC Lightraid
PlanetLanii Hyrule I love my dog and his liddo teef artist • streamer • gamer • very loud, & always a lil sleepy • @rjmadrid27 ♡ II.XII.MMXX ♡
AmandaAKABatman Black Lives Matter And let’s not make this into a debate k? Dogs are great, I love my dog, I just know that I do not have the mental energy to care for one, too much work for this lady. Living National Pokédex Completer. Recovering Theatre Kid. Sagittarius Rising. Oldest Daughter. Film Score Snob. She/Her. 23. @BatmansPriv #ProtectTransKids
Adventurer_Rin Tails it is! It's the healer! So as experienced as I am at tanking, I'm equally inexperienced as a healer, so WHM is my only one. 🟩🌳💚 (Also I love my dog hat and fought tooth and nail for it.🐶) Highlander | FFXIV IC account | DMs open | 🔞 Working on a carrd I swear
NotFromJupiter Philadelphia, PA It's 4:54 in the afternoon and I'd just like to say I love my dog :) If you're looking for funny jokes and clever tweets I am sorry for wasting your time. (he/him)
YouDontReallyT1 United States @TheChadian I will vouch. Big dogs are calm as cucumbers and giant toys for kids. I love my dog but if the kids were to lay/pull on her wrong she would snip. MORE Bigfoot Erotica PLS
cakeroIIs 🍢 my dog is so forking ugly he's so fat and stupid (i love my dog he is so silly and he is very cute) restricted on main D: @oognle
etherealexhort Moonlit Forrest @KindLittleBug While I love my dog I think I am a cat person at heart. They just fit my vibe better. Plus they have strong boundaries and a need for solitude like me. Chaos and Black Magic curious. Lover of the beautiful. Wants more covens and to ski powder. ☀️♒️ 🌕♊️ ↗️♎️ 🌑♊️
AW_Runaway Leicester I love my dog as much as she loves sticks and tennis balls A UK based maker for fursuit and costume parts. updated with progress pics and costumes I think are awesome.
catvanlisHS 🏳️‍🌈 I love my dog so much she is perhaps the only little creature that fills my heart with such love and joy brb || CHARITY STREAM ON THE 13TH JUNE
Richard90959366 La Grande, OR @aimealleycard Hard no, i love my dog, but he is 100lbs, and has his own spot. He has a job to do, and he knows it..almost took a friends arm off when we "tested" him one night😁🤷‍♂️, good thing he recognized the voice, fyi dont have a friend pretend to sneak into your house to test your dog😱❤
baileymarie_31 i love my dog and i would not trade her for the world but god damn i wish she would chill tf out sometimes 🥲 BLACK LIVES MATTER • #metoo • she/her
panistroglodyte Bristol I have curry for tea but Leonard ate his special treat too quickly and his body no longer has possession of it. I’m worried the smell of curry might upset him. This is how much I love my dog. Churchyard dweller, bee adorer
totostoots she | black i hate twt verified accs cuz they be tweeting the dumbest crap like "aww i love my dog" and get 80k likes, WHO EVEN ARE YOU??? SMACK CAM
LeftieNot Hull @MatthewStadlen Because I love my dog and dont want to eat him. White van man. Not a fan of the EU or socialism. Libertarian and advocate of the NAP. Proudly blocked by @ProfKlausSchwab Tweets auto delete after a week.
aaustinwhoo I love my dog so much because he watches me have at least 3 mental breakdowns a day and not a lick of judgment crosses his face 🫶🏼 healer ✨ reader 🔮 friend 🤍
SahilMall16 i love my dog and all my dawgs 🗣
RobertSymmons1 @juleslhoward I disagree. I love my dog more than life itself, and he's still a massive idiot 😉. (Still buying your book though - it looks GREAT!). #CuratorRob Golden retrievers and Fishbourne Roman Palace Views my own
AJFarrelly_ Kent, UK. @DzintraSullivan But I LOVE my dog and she loves me! Author of 'Time to be Gonagain' - a steampunk adventure novel. Available at Him/they/her/it/oi you!
DailyKosTrends I love console gaming. I really do, and always have. Today wasn’t the best of days, as Microsoft/Bethesda announced that two games I had been waiting for this year had been delayed until 2023 in Starfield and Redfall. Dang, I was hoping for that news to … What's trending on Daily Kos right now; updated hourly. Not an official Daily Kos account, created by a community writer and DK fan; this account is automated.
Allieslikewoahh mars i love my life; i love my boyfriend, i love my friends, i love my dog, i am so grateful for everything i have😭 i feel like i can finally breathe. sure do miss my pa, waka, and mac miller tho… soul collided w/ @kmcinerney462♡ ♡ ♡
jotahoe_kujhoe she / her i love my dog and i hate men future employers look away

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