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sortarational I will introduce myself before opening day. Hi My name is Ed and I've been a die hard mets fan my whole life. My family thinks I watch sports too much but everything else is boring. I love the mets and I love my dog as I am always open for dog pictures especially with mets gear! Die hard fan of the Mets, Giants and Knicks. Everything else is secondary (will send pics of my dog upon request). I live in PA so love talking to other NY fans
gigipaduano im 21| ♓︎☉♈︎ ☾ ♍︎↑ | she/they @MadeleineGernh1 yes. i love my dog and so glad i have him i love 2000s music, mini wiener dogs, and glee | venmo: @gigipaduano
barbieebarbs california 💖 Having a reactive dog with complete strangers is so frustrating. I love my dog I just wish she was nice to strangers. 😓 She really is gentle and sweet. You just have to gain her trust and be introduced is a neutral (lots of treats) environment. dog enthusiast 🐶 R.I.P LME💙👼🏽🕊 mama to Valeria💕& Luka 👼🏽
zkdlinswh0re destiny|she/her|black @SimoneKolar1 they would kill you and that dog😭😭😭no shade sis, I love my dog too but they would literally tear you both up yes this a stan acc bitch| 19
Richard85620368 @PeterOHanrahaH "I love my dog, long walks, spam and would like to see the hanging of petty criminals brought in during the lunch/tea breaks at county championship cricket matches (weather permitting)". Social Democrat. Dad Rock. Craft ale. Terrible Football. Typos galore.
Scavacini777 Altavilla Vicentina, Veneto @_adembilican_ Hiking, reciting my seed phrase(S) in my brain over and over. Reading the Bible w/my children, milking my goats, collecting my eggs, feeding my livestock, playing w/my sheep dog. Boy do I love my dog. LOVER of GOD, believer in humanity ⚡CYBERHORNET🐝 I want to own one of the 21,000,000 #Bitcoin. BTC 🙏 Address: bc1qk4xzczlcna6amqe9uwssf7afw40clwal3cvlxl
gitushka @Michea06Nice @Texas_Made956 Don’t worry, No matter how much I love my dog, I wouldn’t leave my son alone with her. We separate ours and my dog’s area, it’s connected with a closed area of family room which the dog only got access to on the weekend :)) just chillin, honestly
wewasnishiki Like even though I love my dog and don’t think she’d be able to cause any real damage to anyone due to her size I know how she gets around other animals and I wouldn’t just let her wonder outside MAZIIIN GOOOO!!!
KDBsarahh dMv I love my dog so much! He is just a ball of pure innocence and love ❤️ and also funny as fork the intrusive thoughts win again. 🇧🇩🇮🇹
beach_ranger England I love my dog but I restrict her freedom and manage her behaviour around wildlife. Generally found roaming on the beach, gardening on my allotment or bellyboarding in the lovely North Devon waves. May be mucky. She/her 🏊🌸🌅🌍🏳️‍🌈
hofjames_ Columbus, GA I love my dog he respect me and me only 🙅🏾‍♂️. 334
8lackpen care-a-lot ⛅️🌈 ⚠️PLEASE READ ! ⚠️ Recently I have gotten evicted and moving out to somewhere else soon due to job and money issues. I am willing to do art commissions in order to help out my parents and make my life not as hard, I also need to be sure to pay for pet fees because I love my dog! 🧸☀️ artist composer🌈🌸 / ocs • multi-fandom / GOOFY GOOBER PAL @vaperroreon
SAINTJACQUES1 #NowPlaying Micaroni and Vulcano - I Love My Dog You Love your Cat
styleby_lu Washington, USA Check out this listing I just added to my #Poshmark closet: Handmade I Love My Dog Bracelet and Earrings Set. #shopmycloset @poshmarkapp Consignment on #poshmark * Accessories * Jewelry * Bags
Morbidiaa South TX @Hexpatriot It's all good, I love my dog the same way and I can't imagine having to male such a hard decision like that. Let me know how it goes pls ♥ • I do all my own stunts • dog 🐾 lover • twitters favorite centrist • me caes mal
machersfilms 18 she/her goodnight i love my dog and i love my cat 🫶🏻 lover of scream movies, stranger things, metallica & more
_BlackHippie Ya maw house I love my dog man. He not even a dog man. Play with my brudda and yo family gone feel it RIP MILTON MILES THE GREENMILE. Pronouns: Squid/Squid’s
echocinema_ he, they, it | minor i love my dog <3 she got up (didnt stand up or sit, she just lifted her head up as she was laying down) then layed back down. she then proceeded to get up and curl into a ball right next to me saki tenma 💞 | #bsdtwt #pjsktwt #mtptwt #csmtwt #milgramtwt + more ! | priv - @ivypriv_clover
lyds46 I love my dog as much as she loves sticks and being bad (excuse my dog voice lol) hi I hope you have a nice day today :) she/her
minatotakis +18 h/h twc9+ae+bts+jnk I LOVE MY DOG SM LIKE HE MAKES ME SO HAPPY AND FULL OF JOY EVEN THOUGH HE’S A BRAT LIKE :(((( sana & winter pink hair headmaster ͏͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏͏͏͏ ͏͏͏͏
mzbellateaxo North Carolina, USA Happy Birthday to my Zeusy!! He’s in the terrible 2/teen stage and I don’t like it but I love my dog! 🐾🐶💙🦴🤍🖤 Madame 💍 Popular Loner 🙇🏽‍♀️ Cool AF 😎 Humanitarian ✊🏽 Aquarius ♒️ Phenomenal Woman 👑 AKA 💗💚 Solid 🤞🏽 Authentic 🌻 Dog Mom 🐶
Jaylaaaaaaaaa__ anyways i love my dog bottom African-American and his birthday saturday so we getting forked up 🥳🥳🥳
figchump dust. 27. infj. lurker. i love my dog. i ask her why she pooped inside the house when i took her out and stood there with her for 20 minutes and she just scratches her ear cutely in response let it be!! let it be!! let it be!!
machersfilms 18 she/her i love my dog and cat ughhhhh they the only ones that get me fr lover of scream movies, stranger things, metallica & more
Dillbags777 salem ,or @Brink_Thinker If anybody knows those kids that save that dog have them send me a message. I would like to help their families out or them out in any way possible. That took courage strength and hope. I love my dog more than anything and you guys are amazing God-bless all of you. Snowboard for life
clemaryland Maryland, USA Ok so a resident hawk apparently tore apart a nest in backyard pine tree, obliterating nest and the squirrel trying to get to the bird nest, I guess,, and of course my dog beelines to the leftover fur and feathers.. what a lovely mess. I love my dog, I love my dog,I love my dog🥰 💕🙏🐕🐈🐎💕Rescue someone, if you can💕💕🙏🇺🇲GodSaveAmerica🇺🇲🙏♥️please, no lists 😊✌️
BartikoskiJohn Followed by ‘see 👁 eh’ 🤣 @KathyBu15179268 @416_rig Loved term ‘turd maker’ that was funny 😆 I love my dog, but still, that was funny. My ex and me used to have horses, my brother in law called them ‘hay burners’. True, but we loved them. I release 98% of my fish, including the one in the photo; she is still swimming. Be kind and truthful to each other. Pray to Jesus for forgiveness of sin
TintedShadesbtc GM☀️ I’m Rhiannon, the artist behind Tinted Shades 25 portraits sub 20k. My background is in traditional art, just like my mother, but I’m loving digital drawing these days. Some things I love: my dog Benson, my plants, and my messy drawing desk. #ordinals #nft 69 hand drawn portraits by Rhuannon. 29 inscribed under 20k 40 under 70k on #Bitcoin. #NFT #nftcommunity #Ordinals #bitcoinnft
kaelawhitt M.E.E. ∞ having my weekly cry over how much i love my dog but this time it’s bc i saw a video of a puppy that looked like her as a puppy and i’m reminiscing on the first few months i had her 🥺 𝔦’𝔩𝔩 𝔟𝔢 𝔟𝔞𝔫𝔤𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔪𝔶 𝔥𝔢𝔞𝔡 𝔱𝔦𝔩𝔩 𝔪𝔶 𝔟𝔯𝔞𝔦𝔫 𝔯𝔬𝔱𝔰
hellovickii Daiyu I love my dog and how well she is trained to let me know when she needs to go out. But dang being awoken at 1:45 is brutal when i'm in a sound bottom sleep 😭 Long Island, NY ✈️ Tamp, FL | Star Wars ✨ | she / her | dog mom 🐾 l the Beatles 🍓
TrplCreamCoffee Houston, TX I love my dog but he snores like a grown man, takes up 2/3 of the bed, and kicks in his sleep, can't even make him move because he's bigger than me in a single word, this is a song
SAINTJACQUES1 #NowPlaying Micaroni and Vulcano - I Love My Dog You Love your Cat
ponndwater i love my dog so much. i hope he’s always happy and healthy 19 | head full of reki all the time
faerieonline pixie hollow i love my dog so much and i don’t say it enough publicly lol besties for life songstress ♪ ♫ local femme fatale ⚔️
dazaisbraincell Manchester, England As much as I love my dog— I cant wait until I’m home and I don’t have to deal with her anymore 😭 凪 誠士郎 💕 현재: 서울에 그리워요
serotta620 Castleton-on-Hudson, NY @evornithology Huge dog person. BUT!!!!! On a lead, ok people???? In ANY public place, especially there??? I love my dog very much, but I don’t expect everyone else to feel the way I do about her. And, in a protected area???? Ignorants. Mom to Molly and two grownup humans. Ridiculous humor, books, puns, DOGS, baseball, and nature. Artist, cyclist, birder. NO DM’s, thanks.
3kann4 I love socks from bluey cus she reminds me of my dog and i love my dog somuch mwamwamea He/him | filo | im 13//09 retweet nice art
VioletFourteen missing ralf i love my dog and my bf Z-ro stan • mortician • 24♌️ • in love
pompucal cc/kurwaw || edtwt/shtwt Tell us one thing you love and one thing you hate! — i love my dog and i hate attention seekers jiggle jaggle wibble wobble ♡ cupid is so dumb
RitaSch69543056 @EpochInspired I have a dog to and I love my dog 🐶 and my dog name is Vinnie and he loves me 💘
DintlesMommy Dintle o kwatile gore I haven't been home all day, how do I know: she keeps barking at me, nkare o mpotsa "ntse o le kae, ntse o le kae", then she forces me to rub her 😂🤣😂 I love my dog shem and she has such an amazing "personality" 😭❤️ Menace || Greenskinned || A troll
pupwood 🔞 high noon | wv kv to live an authentic life, is to do not harm others, and I’m feeling better lately, better than when I was angry at everything, I love my dog and my horse and the sea, humanity sucks yes, but life goes on we will die anyway, so I’ll try to live the best life possible 🐾 | 22 | he/it horsegirl | sci-fi enthusiast | disabled 🐕‍🦺 swiftifying trigun | in my Zé carioca era 🇧🇷 | love & peace ✨🌺
RedBeans81 Off an edi, watching sad dog videos and crying over my dog. It doesn't happen every ti- it's every single time I have an edi. I end up crying abt how much I love my dog and how sad I'll be when he has to leave me. This has gotta stop. D(M)V
AmeliaCurwen Manchester I love my dog so forkin much it’s actually mad and overwhelming
planettnaii i love my dog like he came out of me and tbh i believe he did
1011_News Lincoln, NE The 'I Love My Dog' Expo makes a special weekend for dog-owners and their furry friends. Official Twitter account for KOLN/KGIN 10/11 News. We cover what's happening now live in #LNK. Also follow @1011NOWweather. Download our 1011 NOW app.
astroweener sw: 68kg ミ☆ any prns ミ☆ 16 ミ☆ i love my dog sm yall dont understand hes just an innocent stinky little guy !!!walks around my house and lies down!!! edtwt only !! gym rat and artist ✰ im really cool you'll see
delitatts I love my dog. And I’m glad that it seems like she loves me. ॐ | Buena Suerte Tattoo | Pharr, Tx IG: DELITATTS
doggydaemons i could say it again and again (and i will!) but i love my dog partner so incredibly much. he makes me so happy every time i see him, everything about him is perfect and i just love being around him.. he makes me just so warm inside i love him basically a self indulgent diary 🐕
Pav_cn @Garnet_2203 @Han @PierrePoilievre @mini_bubbly @CPC_HQ @brianlilley @AndrewScheer I love my dog too and hate Trudeau. Cynic #Freespeech #FreeJulianAssange #TrudeauTraitor We have choices.

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