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NanettesZone @_PamC OMG! Disgusting! I love my dog and she only goes in the car or maybe an outdoor patio place with me. Never inside stores or a coffee place. I've talked to store managers and they say they can't do anything.
EcasticF @awlow05 @DemonSeedMuff @msunperceivable @tragicbirdapp "I love my dog so much i am going to facking test my cyanide capschules on zem and zen im going to shoot its puppies afterwards and zen im going to kill ze dogs of my waif" I don't know what the hell I should write here. GER/ENG
_Bae_Blades_ Southampton. I love my dog but the loud snoring and pushing me out of my own bed is starting to take its toll I like dogs more than I like people.
4_DUBB Oswego, IL Finally copped 1 of these things.I love my dog but her winter coat and all this shedding is killing the sinuses and I never Been allergic to any dog Chill Vibez Expert, StonerDad StonerGamer, StonerHusband,Twitch Streamer, Gotham Universe Lover, Anime Lover
amlys Chicago, IL @Bella_Chanelle I love my dog so much but he is 100% not fit to be in most spaces because he is a heathen and a menace. The pottery studio is dog friendly and there are well behaved dogs hanging out all the time, but mine could never. She/Her Nikolai Lantsov’s wife. Ser Harwin Strong stan. Baby potter. I read a lot, I watch TV, I miss Puerto Rico, rinse and repeat.
sethintheworld Washington, USA @TheDoctorIsntIn I’m aware, it’s a movie lmao im just saying as a dog owner I love my dog more than anything man so even joking about it or wherever I don’t agree with and if you do that craps lame black. wrestling fan. the elite forking suck, my dawg
FreelyAD510 Deep East Oakland I tried to take my dog outside while I’m halfway out the door he looked at me from the hallway like bitch it is wet and cold as fork so I walked back to the room he under the covers before I even take my robe off 😭 fcking bum lmao i love my dog The BOSS. CEO. Amber D 💚✨
tyxbreaker Shreveport, LA yeah I always see cats, never see dogs and I love my dog so much so show us dog owners some love too now its not always about the money 'round here neoconceptual artist, illustrator, techno composer, DOOM mapper and swampy crafter from Louisiana. I own @ITSFOXBITE & #CHUTZCRAFT
KimRubaek Xi Jinping has 1.4 billion pets: The entire population of China. I have one pet: a dog I love my dog. But ultimately she is under my complete control and command and I wouldn’t think twice about having her put down in case she starts causing trouble. Author of The Case for a Global State
persicapit charleston, sc @melliemacker yeah I love my dog enough to not take her places where she wouldn't be comfortable and would thus make others uncomfortable, it's a weird quirk of mine! socialist stuck in the south. former restaurant worker recovering from pandemic PTSD. 🚨TIP YOUR DELIVERY DRIVER AND YOUR SERVERS!🚨
potatochipfr @eggshellfriend @justalize Chill off bitch I got my dog when I was 17. I didn’t know better then. Now I know to adopt. I love my dog to death and he knows that he’s loved.
SomeQuietGuy1 @Objeckshun As much as I love my dog and I'd never want to let her go, I would in this instance. Her health is important and I wouldn't want her to suffer for my own self needs. It would make me sad, but I would do it. SomeQuietGuy here! *Twitch Affiliate* Streamer/Cosplayer/D&D Lover/Dancer/Nerd! Twitch: IG:
angelaliz_ A Flyover State I love my dog, I really do. I love him a lot less when I have to take him out and it’s snowing tho I tweet about 90s and early 2000s music and being a sports enthusiast who, despite heartbreak, roots for the Clippers, The U, Marlins, Panthers, and Dolphins
cherniske_t @SenSchumer That’s like saying anyone can practice medicine. You don’t need a degree or any kind of training. Marriage is ordained of God. One man and one woman. Anything else is just a mockery of God. I love my dog but I would not marry him. It’s a perverted thought. I'm a child of God.
TechieBambi A polarbear's butt, apparently I will annoy my dog at any given moment, even sticking my face up in hers while she's eating and demand kisses and she'll still be so god damn sweet. I love my dog. If that ain't love idk what is I do art when I'm procrastinating on my school work
Nefertitee080 Yo Daddys House @tinnkky I love my dog. And id love for her to go everywhere with me. But around my forking food, NEVER. Girl not even allowed in my kitchen & ppl bringing them into whole groceries stores. I literally cant. I hate dog owners +21| 🏳️‍🌈 FemDom ⛓It cost for men to DM me, women are Free. Linguist, Womanist, Writer, Social Justice Warrior #childfree cult leader | 1913 🐘#MetooHeWasAQue
LorenzaBacino London @RobbieRinder I love my dog. I hear you and feel you Cross-cultural dialogue facilitator @erasmusvirtual and @Soliya #virtualexchange #Journalist, #travelwriter, #translator, yogi and art lover
AnEnjoyed I love my dog he's just big and stupid and he's great AnEnjoyedEgg#6159 Deathcap gang @Sloushy1 dream Stan
RyanSudge Jersey @eggshellfriend Good, fork you and your opinion I love my dog Sparky ⚡️. I don’t just say crap. I mean, I do talk a lot of crap, but I generally mean what I say and I say what I mean.
Internet_Ted #Dogs are the best! I love my dog more than anything in the world! Anyone who doesn't like dogs is just wrong and needs to get out of my sight! Hi i'm Ted and i like the internet.
venus3939302 she/her + comedic relief + 668 hii i love my dog (back home, right), hiking, smoking, knitting and paradise kiss (: i also like collecting things harlow ♥️ talia 👭 rory 🔥 drew 😈 TINKY 🥰 jordan 🧑‍💻 wyatt 🤓 jesse 🪩 jax 🫦 ivy 😈 dm first for a spot 12/01 ❤️‍🔥
InternetAzzhole @MajestyRia I have everybody. Everybody is good. I love jeebus. I love Gawd. I love a system that would saw off your head and put it on a stick. I love my dog.
loubabyloveshaz Da Hood (Calum Hood) i love my dog he is so fluffy and cuddley ⋆。˚alexa, play bigger than me by louis tomlinson⋆。˚ • ˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚she¡her. . . . summer love lᜊveb꩜t˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚
Broneil17 This! I love my dog, but I know her social settings. Outdoor brewery with ~15 people, absolutely. Anything else and she’s perfectly comfortable sleeping at home I climb mountains and help people sell stuff online.
KMAG_YOLO TX @CassanelliVito @kickiniteasy @dklmarxist I have a dog and a child. My son goes into stores and restaurants with me. My dog doesn't. My dog is a danger to others. My son isn't. I love my dog, but no, she is not remotely the same as my child on any level. Obnoxious Texan. Simp for my friends. Politics, culture, crapposting and occasional Swiftposting. I/me/mine
PurpleUSAWTF @DogLovers03 You aint gonna have a big dog and nice carpets.....but i love my dog more that carpet.
5thave_native New York, NY Before i got my dog i was like ima breed my frenchie , this and that. Once i got her I couldn’t se myself getting her pregnant and then selling her babies 😢 i love my dog too much fork that money Owner of 5th ave films (upcoming production house) | book@fifthavefilms.com
AhhDamz Mobile, AL #PortCity #TMV ✌✋☝ I love my dog because at the end of the day he’s always happy to see me and always understands that I’m doing my best. #RTR 🐘#WhoDat ⚜️ #BLM ✊🏾 Laissez les bon temps rouler
alexapolettte El Universo I love my dog but I never want another dog ever again. Aside from all the goodness they bring to my life it has caused me so so so much stress and a horrible fear of ever losing her 💔 love & light & laughs & lavender lattes & luna & luis miguel & arturo (◡‿◡✿)
DewiPowell Caerdydd, Cymru @craigscott209 I love my dog as much as anything but “… and his pets” had me howling. 📊Digital #NHScomms | 🚀 Founder @KOCymru
Randomizedproto St Louis, MO I feel like this needs to be said Loving an animal and zoophilia are 2 different things. I love my dog but its closer to how a parent would love a child than I want to stick my dick up his ass pronouns: they/them I am a furry photografur and rexouium enthusiast help me take over the world a bit trans🏳️‍⚧️ discord username: RANDOMIZED PROTOGEN#8008
hcollier12 Delaware, USA i know i love my dog cause im driving with windows down in 35 degree weather, heat blasting and still freezing my bottom off cause i know how much he loves sticking his head out the window Instagram- hunterc.12
ElviraHaycraft @covid_parent I love my dog and don't want to poison her, so none, but I keep people like you away from her, don't need her exposed to stupidity
RabbiFacts @DeeperLol @jabbercult @mamajpm1776 @ElijahSchaffer @kanyewest @ye So if I love my dog I can kick him and feed him bugs??? You got a twisted look at love wow lol 100% anti communist and pro God.
chirpy8221 United Kingdom Why do I love my dog Hattie? Walking up a track and I needed to stop for a moment. My friend took Hattie's lead and walked on. After 10m she stopped and refused to go on without me. That's why I love her ❤️🐶 #dogsoftwitter Buy Blue Verse! That's why I haven't deactivated Twitter.
rachelmoraless Arlington, TX I love my dog so much I would squeeze him but he would try and bite my face off ♌︎
a_swanb @katiivey My Dad noticed all the ‘I love my dog’ signs on people’s cars, so he created one for his car saying ‘I love my wife’. I didn’t know how I felt… though I admired his intent and action!! Relationships, sex, bioenergetics, faith… these are what I care to write about ☺️🌺 Giver of energy hugs 🤗 intuitive healing touch 🤲 kinesiology
NumberOneDingus Worcester, MA I love my dog and there is absolutely no way I’d bring her to a cafe CT - MA | WNEU 2017 | WRFC | SR ❤️ Patriots - Yankees - Chelsea FC Waffle House Enthusiast
dnahudpeth Missouri, USA I agree I love my dog and do take her various places but not everywhere.
Jordisoblue Queens, NY I love my dog like she my flesh and blood take a breather this crap for jokes| GSU🦅
beaniecapprints Denver, CO @AshleyAnn19899 @BeudotEzra @JordanBloch @dklmarxist Im a dog mom and I hate kids and this false equivalency is making you look forking stupid I love my dog enough that I don’t take him to places where I don’t know 100% he’ll be received positively. Idk why you say you love your dog and then take him to places he’s not welcome she/they, illustrator, character artist, dumpster fire🏳️‍🌈 | primarily art acct 🐭 | lrestivo0801@gmail.com🐰 DO NOT repost or edit my art| BLM ACAB
fempunk Bentonville, AR @thereal_etipi @ReturnoftheSK @dklmarxist there are dog friendly bars and places in the US, I love my dog and I wish I could take him everywhere! But I also work at a bakery where people try to bring in dogs and if they don’t have control over their dog then it can be a liability for us. 24// she/her // artist
BeullahGC @dklmarxist As a dog owner, I agree. I love my dog, but I am not a dog person and even though I own a big dog, I am scared of them and lately they are everywhere.
le_leeeeeee I love my dog so much I been wanted a small puppy that don’t grow and trey got it 🥹 Doochie👩‍👦
piklizpootnanny california I love my dog but why did he take two poops on our walk and the second was bigger than the first, HES INSANE full of whimsy
hotdogouroboros ...do they let people do this? I love my dog more than almost anything on this planet and it sounds like a forking nightmare
johnHringo La Vale, MD @generalslug Agree. I love my dog and having her around at work would make the day much easier, but she would not be able to be cool about it. Besides, I'm not at work to enjoy myself Not taking things too seriously (he/him) any opinions you may catch me having are not reflective of those of the company I work for
acidtwab edtwt a little introduction – my name is tabitha (tabi/tab for short), i’m a female, she/her, minor, capricorn, australian, 5’0, lesbian, i love my dog, fashion, and literature :). looking for moots, just ♡/↻ if you’re interested :p she/her ⋆ live laugh lana del rey
_SpanishFlyyyy I love my dog he always knows when something is wrong and gives me love
nikolina0315 @SenSchumer I love my dog. I want to marry him and he should be entitled to my social security once I’m gone. Make it a law!!! Other than that your stupid bill achieves nothing. 🍊 is better than mold covered prune