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tonasaso3 I love my dog so much I honestly feel like a dad. It's weird because it's a dog and not a human but I feel that the feeling is the same I mean look at him. He's the best Thanos did nothing wrong (not joking)
ChristineJayne7 San Diego, CA yo I love my dog so frickin much and knowing he *might* have a serious health issue is TEARING ME UP INSIDE San Diego🌴
dazedlaisha San Diego, CA I watched this dog movie and now I love my dog 193782388x even more Que bonito es vivir 🦋 Angel S.♥️
Netherlanders Ruinen, the Netherlands Hello people and things of this world! This week i will be your Netherlander! My name is Sanne and I’m a animation student at the HKU. Also i work at the Railcatering on the train and i love my dog and little brother. Cheers!! Although internationally known as 'The Dutch', we just like to call ourselves Netherlanders. This week's Netherlander: @Loredana_arts (Sanne)
barriocrib @BougieBlackGurl This definitely describes me. Lol. I hate all the crap you mentioned. I love peanut butter tho. Bacon is ok. I love my dog and cat too. uncool Knicks fan. I cuss a lot more now then when I was younger
surrealyo California, USA I love my dog so much. She got up to go out and I didn’t see her leash. So I said, being lazy, we can’t go out without your leash, where’s your leash? She thought for a second, raised her eyebrow and ran to the bathroom, where I had left it to dry after the last walk. 😂 ❤️ Employment Litigation Consultant. Pro breaking down systemic barriers. Patterns don’t lie. Everything’s Fiiiiine 🎶☄️💥 #medicare4all #wagejustice
BolickHannah Texas, USA @sopesandwich I like Art I love my Dog and I like anything Asian .Tae is my Bae 💜💜💜🎶👑🎶 I like to draw people animals and most of all Taetae
DeathandKylie Gaylord, MI Y’all I love my dog but if he doesn’t stop deep bottom barking at crap I can’t see or hear I’m going to have to light my house on fire. I mean I’ve always known my house is haunted but I don’t need him telling me that they’re moving around. let them have a house party and stfu Just another Ye olde dumb slut. I have one brain cell and it bounces around my brain like a windows screen saver.
kelsie_hughes_ Utah, USA i’ve never loved anyone more than i love my dog and i don’t plan on it she’s so cute🥺 dog mom
thegoldenmitch1 New York, USA I love my dog and I want her to go everywhere I go forever!! Donald Trump made me leave but my girlfriend brought me back
patferrr Quezon City, National Capital Region My closest friends in the office are either pregnant or already moms and I’m just here like i love my dog hhahahahhaha I like to laugh in all caps
lyss_the_priss Cibolo How much do I love my dog? Well she doesn't like sleeping with blankets but loves to snuggle with me. I have to be covered to sleep, so we compromised and I'm in long sleeves and long pants to go to sleep ✌🏻️as cliché a white girl as I can be👌🏻
baeflexx Charleston, SC I love my dog so much he’s apart of my world and I couldn’t have him any other way tbh. just a kid trying to find paradise. 🏝
earthIy_comfort it's almost 1am and im crying over how much i love my dog i feel god in this chillis tonight
allisonwsamuels Seattle, WA I love my dog but he somehow managed to sit in paint at the farmers market today??? Before I knew it, the back of one of his legs and a spot on his butt had black paint and I don’t know how this happened TX ➡️ MO ➡️ WA
CierettiaB_x Essex Words can’t describe how much I love my dog she’s my world and it really annoys me when people get dogs for Christmas or birthdays and then get rid of them when their bored how could you do that to a dog that to them your there whole world 😭😢 •Instagram- cierettiabennett_xo
Pernill40391040 Odense, Danmark Hello, I'm Pernille and I love my dog I'm 18 years old and I'm a danish student
UWDAWGS32 @KIRO7Brooke I know how you feel I love my dog and cat more than anything
reynoblewrites Germany if you wanna know what kind of mood i am in i have spent the last 24 hours watching dog training videos, villalobos clips, and giving my dog so much attention that he just stares at me whenever i give him a kiss i love my dog nonbinary (they/them) pansexual, virgo, intj 🌙 PNW born and raised 🌲 writer ✨ halfway to feral.
SophiaSophiasea Stateless. +ONLY WITHIN VERY DIFFERENT CONTEXTS, you can say.....I love my dog .. I love my wife....I love my profession....Context explains how different your love is for each...but you don't say : " I love my work, my dog and my wife..." ---sorry that sounds very pathological Longest held hostage of the evil US Empire. EVERYTHING ON THIS PAGE CONCERNS ONLY YOU VLADIMIR.
DelaneyCollier8 I love my dog and that’s all
sleepingibe Silver Spring, MD My sign: Aquarius Longest relationship: Is 9/24 Virgo? Mom: Aries Dad: Scorpio Worst Relationship: Aquarius Best Relationship: Whoever is compatible lol Best Friends: Capricorn (RIP) I stay away from: Virgo bc fork it. I love: my dog. Edit and retweet! An angry Dolphin fan with a camera phone. Fan of Maryland Terps, wrestling, comics and video games.
ash_collins13 Missouri I really, honestly and truly do not think I can have kids because I don’t think I’m capable of loving them more than I love my dog. I mean that with my whole heart. My favorite things include: Terry, Nana, and margaritas (not necessarily in that order)
kikimotian It’s that time of the month and I’m laying in bed eating matcha flavored Pocky crying about how much I love my dog lmfao I hate being a woman Soon black balloons pop 🎈 Let it be the day the pain stop 🖤 | Honestly I’m here to talk about hip hop 🎶 🎵
harleyyythomas Granbury, TX I dont think you understand how much I love my dog and it’s really getting to me.. rottie mom❤️
Dont_Eat_Me_ @Rachelspencils @Guy_Coghlan @Al_Mackie @westbornegirl @1GarethWynJones @JoeWStanley @guardian @TheWeekUK Care about and love are 2 different things. Said you can love animals and kill them. I disagree. I love my dog I would never harm him or end his life prematurely. “The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.” -Leonardo Da Vinci #vegan #govegan
whatsdnd they/them, katey reasons why i became a cat person: cats do not wake you up at 3 am to poop and then bark at your shadow on the door. (i love my dog but man she dumb as hell) • trees in your eyes, stars in your heart • book nerd, podcast lover • druid main • i put the bi in nonBInary • local jeremy knox • caught up on TMA
i_mightcry anyways look at this picture of how much i love my dog and how much he hates me hugging him TTU ‘22 • livin like larry (the cucumber)
purplecow_22 hi i love my dog tux, he’s stinky, crusty, but just a sweetheart. whenever i’m upset he always comes and cuddles me, who knew such a crusty boi could make me so happy working hard to be a better me
jeondekus BTS, BSD, BNHA, ML, AFTG im bringing this back because i miss kook and i love my dog “You are a pipe dream.” | header by @puppsicle
Crimson_Sonic Shreveport, LA @pinkbitchy I love you slightly less than i love my dog. And my dog's and a dog so yeah that's pretty forking high. Just a horny, supportive, trying to get through life, male. I'm straight I swear, despite what my TL looks like. I love my friends, family, and amazing people.
DaRealQua Layin Low I love my dog’s. All 3-um got different personalities. Da smallest one act like the Big dog. And the Big dog act like da small one. 🤦🏿‍♂️ 😂 K N O T L I F E - F O R E V E R
fuuturdean she/her || tn i’ve been crying all evening thinking about how much i love my dog and i think he knew i was crying because next thing i knew he was at my bedroom door waiting to come in. he’s literally the best dog. we are all starving artist. we are all one.
styletotheharry hi i love my dog so much and i’d take a bullet for her treat people with kindness n all that
Catheri95584638 @ArianaGrande mmmmm no i don't think so. i love u as much as i love my dog and uh that's like a lot ♡ 🖤🖤🖤🖤💭 i'm an arianator i went to her concert and i'm seeing her dec 12 2019 follow my ig @trulymoonlite
adrriiannaaa Bella got a blowout yesterday and I just have to say I love my dog Anairda is the name
dev__1387 Fresno, CA Koa turns 1 years old tomorrow! I love my dog more than anything in this world ❤️. I know he is not a real kid but he is to me and I’d do anything to give him the best life I possibly can. 🐾💕 TightEnd @MJCFootball 6’4 250 *Red Shirt* 4 eligibility years remaining. #GoPats
l3xtraordinary I love my dog so much I don’t understand the bond between human and canine but it’s beautiful and I love it yung elf ears
Jo_Marney Kent, United Kingdom @goalman2000 Some people love dogs, Jon. I love my dog as much as you love your children, which is why I am using dogs as my example, because I love them and I want to help all of them. Fact remains, taking them on or having them is our own choices. The 'Bad Girl of Brexit’ 🇬🇧 says the Daily Mail. 'Like a bloke in the pub', says the Standard. Friend to all animals. Ex-Ukip, now backing Boris for #Brexit.
al_haber California, USA @RexChapman I love my dog so much, but it hurts me when I reach out to her for a hug and she runs away. Like get back here and love me damnit nerd, Disney, dogs, classic rock and photography
Midnightidle @__nama12__💓 I been crying on and off because I'm worried about my dog because he quit eating. So if anyone can me pictures of marina maxx or dom it would help brighten my day. I just want him to be okay. I love my dog to death I got him when I was 9. 𝓂𝒶𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒶 𝓲𝓼 𝓶𝔂 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓸𝓯 𝓶𝔂 𝓵𝓲𝓯𝓮 ♡ @thehauntinng and @lanas_froot are sweethearts♡ fan account ♡zach ables and maxx danizger number one fan♡.
Michael23911591 @6abcAnnie @PSPCA @6abc I can't believe the way some people treat their dogs. I love my dog and can't imagine what people are thinking. SMH!! 60 something sports nut.
not_tunachest im scared of chickens i love my dog so much tht i have a lil baggy with 3 of his lil puppy teeth and i’m getting his big bottom paw print tattooed on my shoulder with his name under it. am i obsessed? probably. but who could blame me? he’s the cutest pup to ever set paw on this earth 🥺🥺 my tan is fake but my happiness is faker 😗✌🏼
empathyisking 🇨🇴 🏳️‍🌈 I know I love my dog because it’s forking negative 25 degrees outside and bitch still walks her lmao ungrateful little whore wanted to stay outside longer a bitch couldn’t even take my spot if I gave it to her
mcreynoldsatwar Oregon, USA @s97295920 @AssisT_styx @DavidKlion @MrAndyNgo I don’t know about a dog. I love my dog and wouldn’t want to insult him by comparing him to a libiot. US Army intelligence Veteran-Father-Viking-3%-Gym Enthusiast-Fly Fisher-Horticulture-Contingency-Pundit By Proxy-Vastly Underutilized-Anti Narcotic-Pro CBD
pg89573227 I love my dog but sometimes I see him through other peoples eyes and it makes me so protective. #dogmom #WallE I’m right, deal with it
bamcki Bath, ME @it_meirl_bot I love my dog and he loves me too. Bath time
ypc_94 Orlando, FL Im still heartbroken about what happened to my dog sitka and animal control, the whole situation was out of my control, i love my dog and i hate that I couldn’t give him what he needed, i just hope he goes to a good family that gives him what I couldn’t 😓 Portraits//Fashion//Lifestyle Photographer from Puerto Rico Creating amazing things
Kdillinger33 @MsSamanthaMay As a dog lover I totally get it and those haters don’t have dogs probably. I love my dog more than most people in my life Love kayaking, Boston sports, playing bball, romance, and bubble baths. Not necessarily in that order
BennyHyena PSN: RealDrRoadrunner Big problem. My dad knows I don't make enough money with my current job, but he's still making me save up about four hundred dollars to pay for Chewy's check up. Don't me wrong, I love my dog, and I would definitely pay it myself under better circumstances. But I can't just... PG-13(mostly wholesome) | artist, gamer, memelord | irl friend @JohnCon44639700 | 19 | ♂ | bi | 💘@sNovah_Wolf💘 | furry | LGBT+ | GTAO/Minecraft

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