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julioolia La Crosse, WI It is physically and mentally impossible for me to love any living thing more than I love my dog and that's my most wholesome personality trait better looking than tom cruise and stronger but perpetually sad
radical_tx South Houston, TX I love my dog so much, who knew a little furry friend could help ease my anxiety and help me push forward in life. We don’t deserve these special animals💜💜💜 it’s spoopy time | 💜 @deathwingua 💜
ellasevier13 I love my dog so much it hurts and I hate that he is in so much pain right now I really hate that I can’t make it better and he hurts even with the drugs and he doesn’t understand why and I swear he’s depressed anyway I am feeling incredibly inadequate and also poor
MoneyMakinAce15 Wherever da money At- Jersey I love my dog but when we get rich I’m gonna hire him a 2nd accountant and I’m managing bro bread 😂🤷🏽‍♂️...idc, we BOTH can fight so idgaf bout bro temper 🤷🏽‍♂️ Rip the Boyz, Free the Guys! All Hustle No Luck...owner of Artis Trucking ♿️💯💰
chrissejds maselang bahaghari i love my dog so much hair or no hair i love her so much im crying at work right now she gives me strength and nothing in this world can make me as happy as i am when shes cuddling up to me lord jesus bless all dogs i only go on here for funny crap to send my friends. fork twitter.
LucPhillips Charlotte, NC #AGT Audition was a success imo... I love my dog and my family so much...what great INSPIRATION!! 40 yr old MARRIED skateboarder, QB, Bucknell, greatest dad & husband to ever walk the Earth, speak French, lived in Austria France AGT on 1.18.2020
krystalarias02 St Peters, MO i love my dog but that bottom just bit my nose, ripped my piercing out, then proceeded to swallow it and i’m emo abt it francis howell central 21’
AndyOzzy5 Minnesota, USA @Gute_Szn @tanishkamascara @NextLvLPack @goldiswim @ShonWrld I hope you believe me. I swear on my dog and I love my dog Vikings | Wolves | Twins | Wild | Teddy Bridgewater fan |SKOL | Also I’m dumb
eugcardinale Venezuela / Evanston / Brazil I love having a dog I love my dog and 99% of the time having him helps me in school and in life but then there’s other times where it just adds to the stress High School Musical Enthusiast™ || Northwestern Medill 2021 || North by Northwestern Assistant Managing Editor || She/Her
_Hate_Holly_ I love my dog so much it makes my heart physically hurt sometimes. And that’s just my DOG. How do people with children not just fall completely tf apart? The convenient thing about being a magical woman is that I can be gone as quickly as I came. 🦄 🏳️‍🌈
AtzinLuv i started crying and my dog came up to me and cuddled with me and panicked when he saw tears. i'm crying even more i love my dog yoongi body forking roll
cyphersgloss anyways ❤️ i love my dog and cat #YOONGI: get the strap, STAT! ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀
lizandres95 Cow Town, USA not to sound like a broken record but I LOVE MY DOG SO MUCH! like, it’s been two weeks and she’s changed my life so much 😭 my heart is so unbelievably full not bad for a girl with no talent
LilRickMoranis Philadelphia, PA Yo I love my dog. So when we initially got the dog she was my kid. I mean the first time I saw her as a puppy she walked right up on my feet I picked her up she got in the inside of my jacket and fell asleep. I knew... Between Hemingway, Thanos and Pablo. CEO of Wallito Samuél edibles.
dogsnbaseball Oceanside, CA Lol at Christmas my grandmom gave me a cute puppy calendar because she knows I love my dog and grandmoms are just cute like that. And my aunt goes “When are you guys gonna start having kids so people stop getting you dog related things?” LIKE EXCUSE ME I LOVE MY PUPPY CALENDAR. "fly eagles fly" -mike trout // Bryce Harper is the most underrated player in baseball // ESTJ
space_seabass Twitter is amazing like one guy can say “I love my dog” and not even two replies down someone else would say “why were you born so I’m a Creative Writing major now I guess
cvddlyjeon golden i love my dog and my friends and my beautiful mum i kissed a grill and i liked it. [ she / they ]
mimei Tokyo i love i love i love i love my dog and he never! gets tired of me telling him how much i love him and that is beautiful indeed 😘❤️💜💕💞🥰💕❤️💜💕💞 kpop stan tbh
TheFilthyGringo Belfast, Ireland @katrinamcd_ Imagine you went to the date and it was just the dog sitting there. There's certain breeds of dogs I'm not fond off, so when a girl is like, "You love dogs eh? I have a dog too." Im like, "Easy tiiiiiger, I love MY dog. Woman, I don't even know your dog." 😒 The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places
SavannahCrowe4 Hi everyone, I’m Savannah! I am a sophomore in Environmental Science and I’m from Long Island, NY. I love my dog, spending time with friends and family, and being by the water! #nifkin ESF '22
bperf322 Charlotte, NC I love my dog and all dogs... but it’s annoying af you can’t even tweet Michael Vick without dog humpers gettin up in your mentions SEO Expert #Hokies #Caps #Broncos #Titans #JeepLife #VinylCollector
liiiiiiizzzz lady knows i am having a bad day bc i came home and after her dinner she just crawled on me and started giving me lots of kisses and i love my dog very much liz || 24 || she/her || rocoP 💛 kirariP 🧡 sheryl nome will never die 💖 || alexandra adventurezone did nothing wrong 🧡
henchmaid Portland, OR Norman perching himself on the couch to watch me play hours of video games is why he’s the best. People don’t like him because he gets too excited and crazy to meet them but he is seriously the perfect dog. WHY DO I LOVE MY DOG SO MUCH. one food processor away from having a life worth living
RebeccaLee83 Toronto, Ontario 🥰🙈🤗 I love my dog to death but I would love to add these two into my life 😍 how affectionate, tender and adorable!! #SickNotWeak If you or someone you know are/is feeling alone- looking for support, help....need someone to talk to; please check out ☺
debraruh Virginia USA & Global Citizen Thank you for sharing Lucy. I love my #dog but would never try pass him off as a service animal. Sad that people do this and it is #dangerous for the #animal too. #ServiceAnimals go through years of #training. #CEO of @RuhGlobal | Global #DisabilityInclusion #Aging #D&I #Accessibility #TECH4ALL #TECH4GOOD Strategist. #Host @AXSChat & #HumanPotential at Work | #Author
Tiffgomoo I love hiking I love the Guadelupe River I love my dog and I love sunshine I can show you how to peel a banana with your feet.
_FatimaXD_ Los Angeles, CA If going to an empty park alone at 4:30am, with 40 degree weather, and it being pitch black doesn't show how much I love my dog then I don't know what does! no sé qué poner
IssieMiesner @hailsinbookland Charlie is so adorable! I have always wanted a “Weiner dog” But I love my dog she’s my profile picture. Oh yeah thanks for recommending those books before Christmas. I got some and now I have a lot of heavy reading ahead of me. Hey, my name is Issie and I love to read! I have an adorable dog named Bumble she is my best friend. My profile picture is her. I hope you enjoy my pictures. Xo
jhelaigutz And ofcourse para malaman nyo na, WHY I LOVE MY DOG SO MUCH? She cuddles me whether I'm happy or sad and is always pleased to see me. I couldn't ask for a better friend! That's all thankyouuuu. 😊❤️ And to my baby girl this is for youuu! 😘 I LOVE YOU! 💓💓💓 If you're happy, i'm happy
Ieftsock i love dogs and i Love MY Dog but cats are something else,, i really am a crazy cat person at heart like just looking at my cats makes me go a bit insane. how are they so cute
EriksonIvar Earth @sibaburck @CNN My compassion level works fine for me thanks. I love my dog and we both love steak, enhanced with Pink Himalayan sea salt. Over 84 trace minerals! #NoOpinionsWereChangedToday He/Him. A reclusive recording studio rat. I make sounds and put them together. Music is life. #DnD Junkie #Critter. Send me your Mallomars.👽
EriksonIvar Earth @SorshaMorava @sibaburck There's a difference between slaughter and animal abuse and every state has laws governing the slaughter of agricultural products. I love my dog....and both of us love steak. Your argument is invalid. He/Him. A reclusive recording studio rat. I make sounds and put them together. Music is life. #DnD Junkie #Critter. Send me your Mallomars.👽
Mawissaxx California It’s been a while since me and yoko cuddled in bed on the weekend watching tv, I love my dog. 🐾 ra ta ta ta
ismokemids2002 PHX CHI NSH That being said Reggie’s rearing his neck on mine and I feel like we’re soulmates. I love my dog. ...coming soon . @mocheddaprod
jazzmin123 California I love my dog he knows when I’m feeling sad and don’t feel good 🥺 Escape The Ordinary 🌸
spleenlessdemas @MamaTriedHoney I say goodbye and then that I love my dog. Every time. Hispanic and Latin America Digital Media Specialist
Dopest__E .DownTheRabbitHole. Y’all I love my dog, like LOVE. But this MF peed on my couch THREE TIMES THIS WEEK 🤬😡😤🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 And not on the leg or side, on the damn cushion where I sit. EEE-Låy-Nuh/// CAHUILLA/// MIR
theLeXYZ_Affair New York-ish I love my dog and I would also love it if he stopped rubbing his bare asshole on my personal belongings Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Dumb Bitch Band // we hope you will enjoy the show (they/them)🏳️‍🌈☭
Iron1G Pasig City, National Capital R I love my dog. She is so good. While I plow multiple neighbors' driveways on the street, she sits in ours and watches me. No wireless fence. No leash. Well trained dog.
nick_lafontaine Guelph, Ontario I love my dog and the camera on my new phone raptors are still the champs
itsKatianna I love my dog so much but if he got hurt some how and had a large vet bill....see you in heaven Wuppy 😅Does that make me a bad person?
YYushiio I love my dog, she is that mental support I need when it comes with me crying alone by myself. She always hears me and just makes the most happiest, I grew up with this sweet dog. Sure, she bites but I will forever love her, I hope she'll still be in my life when I get older. Hello! I uhm, am an artist. And yes, this is my second account please follow my other account that just retweets random things, I sometimes draw 🔞. @BestYurio
Berti_and_Ernie Dog's favorite places The more boys I meet the more I love my dog. Carrie Underwood #quote 🎥🐕 Founder of the home of #viral #dog #videos.🐕🎥 Our content owners get paid for their videos #fairplay 🤗🤑🤗
cheezytoon I really hope dan and ash get a picture together with camila so I can tweet it with some reaction memes and the caption "I LOVE MY DOG PARENTS" ☆ chaotic dumbass ☆ 17, bi, she/her ☆ I draw sometimes ☆ the edge of sleep more like the edge of my seat
MissLacyLennon This is insane and heart breaking. I love my dog so much ... sign this petition please. 18+ONLY 𝓟𝓮𝓷𝓽𝓱𝓸𝓾𝓼𝓮 𝓟𝓮𝓽 - 𝗖𝗢𝗧𝗠🍒- 𝕋𝕆𝕋𝕄 🍭 ડρⅈꫀᧁꪶꫀ𝕣 ᧁⅈ𝕣ꪶ 💋 ʎɹnɔɹǝW ǝıppǝɹℲ- •ʇɔǝɾǝɹ lɐıɔos ɐ ʎlpɹɐɥ ɯ,I ʇnᙠ ˙lıʌǝp ɐ ɯɐ I 'ǝɓɐʇsuO •
Boba_Tie I love my dog and i cant wait to visit him today! I wanna get him a brother but idk how he will do You remind me of my beamer
_courtniepro Masshole & hell yes I love my dog and Jack D in my Coke. But honey, I love your love the most. Yeah you’re right, I’ll probably go to hell. But god damn all the stories I could tell.
iLoveeeLucy 803. I love my dog and I kiss his face 25/7 but he is not allowed to lick my face , mouth, none of that 🥴 little butt | big heart
SallyAddisons Surrey @PhelpsieSarah @KathyBurke My dog knows when I am ill with low cortisol levels and refuses to let me sleep - this saves my life - I love my dog.... Addisons disease sufferer, hydrocortisone pump user, fighting the NHS for drugs I need to survive. Oh and I paint a bit, too.
supasonic07 @RubinReport You know what I like to believe? The meaning of life is to be with other "beings", comfort them in difficult life stages. I love my dog with all my heart and it's enough for me. I don't need more. Just enjoy every moment with her. Wish you all the best. ✌️