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vivispinkhair It's my sister's bday so cheesecake and ice cream. My baby got a tiny bit too. Not too much but enough for her to enjoy. I love my cat. 🥹 31 She/Her If my age makes you uncomfortable, don't follow. Stay safe out there! LOONA and Band-Maid mostly.
killkao she/her/they I love my cat and when she throws her little body on my arm and we just sit and she is warm and so is my heart twitch streamer sometimes
ZackMorrisDT New Jersey, USA @SnakeMomMelissa I love my cat very much. She is a spoiled little princess, and we wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a YouTuber and who makes Let's Plays and Anime content, and I'm always looking for ways to improve what I make. Subscribe to join the Moon Rabbit Army.
surfinunova your moms I love my cat so much he is so cute and small catagory 5 blankie event leaves 5 sleep and 13 rested (xe/xem)
macnwho mariners apartment complex i love my cat but she loves attention and i love my space and she doesn’t understand the concept of boundaries
BatByDaylight @_Baeleeena I love my cat, he always knows when I’m having a bad day and will come over to me to be picked up and hugged Lover of movies and superhero’s || #TheBatman #DeadbyDaylight
MAGNETIC_DOGZ USA + EST timezone I love my cat so much Idk if words can even really describe it. I've had her since I was 7 she's the first and only pet I've ever had and I'm so scared for her Maggie ★ 21 ★ she/they ★ white ★ lesbian ★ Multifandom artist! I retweet a lot. 🚫 Please don’t QRT my art. 🚫 BLM + ACAB #ActuallyAutistic
niiinnq i love my cat so much she was sleeping upstairs and i went downstairs to fix the wifi, she ran after me and sat at my feet until i was done click on my link for art 🤍
clarrot Singapore i love my cat so much i wanted to go find him in the living room and when i turn around he is in my bedroom carpet yawning. wtf he such a cutie I am a good divine energy.
CryptoSibArt @HortiDogsNFT @daylight_boo For sure! That's why I love my cat so much 💗Pure love and sincerity Not sweet but bitterheart 💃🏼 #WomeninNFT *Abstract art - "Charades" *Pencil-drawn portraits - "Old mirrors" ▲●■
youniquestarr My castle @Jessica10308712 I just got done with a 7 day restriction even after they decided what I said was not against the rules. Since I was in trouble other times. I love my cat groups and friends though. Love animals, metal music, books, makeup, travel, true crime and paranormal. VERY liberal, for LGBTQ, women, environment, science and vaxxed (no DMs or lists)
lentilswithrice 26 they/them pnw i love my cat. i went to the store and bought her like 3 gifts today. i have given 5 gifts to anyone in my entire life so far, and i’m 26. however i will buy her 3 gifts and not think about it i need to be journaling. marxist
DIONTRIST I love my cat and my dog ❤️ but my gosh… they literally don’t know space. Stuck to me like glue at all times!!!! Love u babies🥹 #dogsoftwitter #CatsOfTwitter Author and Illustrator for Hunger Begins In The Heart ♥️Founder of James & Jay Co. Singer / Songwriter
AProductions54 I love my cat but she always knocks crap over and I’m gonna get violent Filmmaker formerly known as Gojislayer
_tenacioustiff California, USA i love my cat so much she hella cute smart and friendly PARTICULAR & PASSIONATE 👑 IG: Sleepy.yellow 🌹JRF🌹 Earth Angel.
hotmomsnearby tangy’s house 🧡 i love my cat i really do, BUT WHY DOES HE HAVE TO ALWAYS BE TOUCHING ME IN MY SLEEP MY GUY ITS LIKE 80° IN HERE AND YOURE HOT AS crap 😭 she/her | super random funny person | tangy enthusiast 🍊 | dash’s mom 🐈‍⬛ | dc: soap#3365 | a safe space where all are welcomed ♡
lyla27605398 Bro i love my cat. He was being so forking sweet a little while ago and was grabbing my arm and rubbing and rolling all over it, and it was so forking cute i’m dying😣😭 she/they | bi | idfk why i downloaded twitter but anyways 🤷🏻
bingheIovebot they/he/she, 16+ rentry byf she also gives me hugs n thats a sign of affection and trust too 😞💗 i love my cat sm aka binghelb ! ae/vs editor
KitzMyself I love my cat very much but he has a tendency to put his front paws on my chest and stretch so that he’s pushing all his weight on me, it hurts they/them💖🏳️‍🌈 I want a nap but after I finish rereading PJO
gghaymara Your moms bedroom I love my cat, he’s about 1 year old but he is an absolute menace and I don’t know what to do. He scratches everything, he’s broken curtain rods and ripped things off the wall, and scratched the crap out of my arms and legs. I constantly have cuts cause of it. Idk what to do man streamer, funny man, he/him, heartthrob, GIGACHAD
RG24658767 Can I ask someone for help? My cat 😸 has illness and I don't have enough money to take him to VET. I love my cat and if something happened to him, I don't think I would get over it😭😭 Please help me 🐈
itadakimasu_yum flavortown 😒 i love my cat more than I will ever love another human being and that is a simple fact. the love of my life, truly. when my love for him surpassed my love for akaashi, i knew it was over 21 | whichever pronouns strike ur fancy today | if u want more info like my mother’s maiden name and the make of my first car you’ll have to dm me
avocadosrgoodd people be like “i love my cat he’s the cutest in the world” and then they show you these pictures.. she//her ~ furuba ~ spy x family ~ sasaki to miyano ~ kono oto tomare ~ a sign of affection ✨ i really just post kyoru
vermeinen in love with karma i love my cat and only my cat
ilysanlang she / her y’all i love my cat so much she could just be sleeping right next to me and i look at her and start crying because she’s so cute tgcf 💌 | mdzs | erha | 📖: erha extras
Surrealsylph @KiriAhri Man Y'shtola is not at all "basic". I love my cat girls and boys!! F whoever said that!
__alienz Not me accidentally making myself almost cry at work because I love my cat so much and just want her to live another 500 years but she’s already 15 Life's a bitch and so am I
ItsTymo Last night, I was trying to come up with ideas for a fun new PFP. I love my cat, and I'd drawn this version using old Catoonist images as reference back in September. I didn't know Clon back then, but I DM'ed him to get his blessing to use this as a derivative PFP. (2/6) Posing with other people’s dogs since ‘93 | he/him | Community Manager for @timepieces | Mod for @coolcatsnft | Black lives matter.
annabhier chicago Every time i save money i just lose it. I love my cat but her being in and out of the vet every paycheck for me is seriously hurting me 😭 I'd do anything for her tho but it's insane :/ I've been at the same savings amount for months... she/they
lilmissElena5 US: 41.482713,-81.814281 @ReignOfApril I love my cat, but she never comes around when I’m eating and certainly wouldn’t be up on the table. Food lover, book nerd. I love live tweeting Netflix dating shows💛 #BlackLivesMatter
bigtiddycIown IE🔔 i love my cat and my cat loves me :) WEED DA BEST🤹‍♂️
kainacastillo Chicago crying in the club (my bed) bc I love my cat so much and today marks 2 years together KA-EEE-NA say it right 🥰 I work hard & love my city. IG: kaina BOOKING 📖📚 US: kdeasy@outermostagency.com UK/ EU: steven@toutpartout.be
softvow a very sleepy girl im so disoriented today and on top of that i have cried for the stupidest reason ever but only because i love my cat to death ._. 24 year old cat mom that lifts weights
louyoongles cbyf | amna ‹3 cats know when you dont feel well and stay with you and i love my cat thank u #PROOF ~ she/her
JesseJamesBond @graveyworld @18kGoldman My hands are so scratched up I look emo but I love this game with my cat. Or similar games like try and touch the belly without being degloved. I love my cat, he murders so many smaller creatures. Dutch guy
RisatheWolf1 Scotland, United Kingdom @longharedbun That feeling is the best! 🥰I picked up Maya earlier and we walked around the house for a bit and she legit had her paws around my shoulders like she was a toddler 😭😭 she was giving me loads of nuzzles and purring away like mad! I love my cat so much! 🥰🥰🥰 Awoo. Wolfie Waifu. Curvy. Scottish. Ace. Furry 🗑️🔞
FrankRibbit I Love My Cat 3-In-1 Women's Jacket: Choose Your Cat I Love My Cat 3-In-1 Women's Jacket: Choose Your Cat $159.95 I Love My Cat To The Moon And Back 3-In-1 Jacket ...
FrankRibbit I Love My Cat 3-In-1 Women's Jacket: Choose Your Cat I Love My Cat 3-In-1 Women's Jacket: Choose Your Cat $159.95 I Love My Cat To The Moon And Back 3-In-1 Jacket Featuring A Light Blue Fleece Jacket That Zips Together With A Black Lightweight Wat...
downpie_ São Paulo, Brasil In therapy I talked about how much I love my cat and I think that's homosexual behaviour art, arcane, spop, taylor swift and stuff • PT/ENG • 22y/o • lesbian • 🇧🇷
mathseru kpop, anime, rant me and my cat r the perfect duo and i love my cat sm🥹🥹💐💐 📑 CE'21, tempat keluh kesah selain sajadah.
k1dg0rgeous 21 | Michigan | he/him I've been having a pretty bad mental breakdown all night, but when I heard the kitty scratching at my mom's door and meowing (because it is breakfast time) it made me snap out of it for a second and laugh. I love my cat sm I just hope she knows how grateful I am for her :) smol animal enthusiast | alt rock/post hardcore/swancore enjoyer
thekaitmonster They/them I love my cat. I'm glad she likes to sleep in my bed with me. But she's old now. And she snores. Loudly. It'll wake me up from a dead sleep. I've broken up with people over that before. gamer of all kinds. storyteller and lore collector. writer and artist. plant and animal lover. keeper of secrets. non-binary lesbean. seattleite of 6 years.
DLVisADumbass2 I usually don't talk about stuff like this on my account but I love my cat so much, he's the most important thing to me. Whenever I have a rough day at work and go home my mood instantly increases as soon as I see my pretty boy, he's a bit of an asshole and doesn't let me pet+ 20~ This is a new account because the last one got deleted or whatever 18+ please Nsfw content, minors please dni 🔶🗡/🔶🌻/🗡🔶🌻
cheemtopuff ballpit i love my cat shes so soft and cute you are not immune to keiji shinogi propaganda
farmboyzayn she/her, 18 ♊︎ crying so bad bc i love my cat so much and i don't think i could ever live without him the feminine mystique.
a_kidonthis Man I love my cat *she grabs my arm and bites it like it’s a toy* minor|she/he/they/it| go follow @TheVoid_Dweller :)| pfp by: @ItzJustFrank|banner by: me| creator of foid| scrunk lord| runs @frank_cuts
TiipsyT Moorefield I love my cat so much and he just can't stay healthy and it's breaking my heart 😭 Marshall University Pharmacy School Class of 2021. Follow me on twitch for mediocre gameplay but high quality drinking:
hayley_182_ She/her | 21 🏳️‍🌈 i love my cat and only my cat #1 hunter Schafer enthusiast | Aquarius ☉ Capricorn ☾ Cancer ⤉ | swiftie + deadhead + phan 🐠🌈🍃🍄 ☭ ✡️
apcshtheory he/they ; 16 ; white ✡︎ i love my cat ocs so much you have no idea. they're all just silly. but sometimes they're not and one is awful and i hate him anti goy anti WASP
neopreeni Finland I love my cat so much T______T she's always waiting for me when I come home from work and she always screams at me and begs for pets and yesterday when I was sick she wouldn't leave my side all day 😭😭😭 25 / he/they🏳️‍⚧️ / ENG/FIN / I like video games, movies and J-music 💫 / art acc: @n3g3art / FFXIV: Ifer Trarith - Omega

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