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quenblackwell Dallas, TX my cat really grounds me to reality and keeps me sane and I love her and I’m so happy to have my miso in my life. when I’m sad she does nothing and it makes me so happy. I love feeding her and giving her treats cause she just likes it and meows and it’s so cute and I love my cat. INSTA: QUENBLACKWELL quenblackwellwork@gmail.com
avenue_rie anywhere else but here These three things I’m certain of: I love my Polaroid camera, I love my cat, and I have insomnia. just because we use cheats, doesn't mean we're not smart.
SupaaflyyyxD I love my cat so much. Sometimes she don’t know how to act and that’s okay. Cause, same. ♎️☼ ♋️☽ ♎️↟
flordemaga_ Puerto Rico, USA I love my cat, everytime I have a mental breakdown she’s just there next to me purring there all cute and soft. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
doevember lrt. I love my cat to death and it's going to be so hard to let go of her. she's been through my high school graduation, college graduation, angst, heartbreak, whatever. she might not have the best personality for anyone but me and my dad but that's okay. amanda, 24 y/o deer/dragon gal taking things one (shaky) step at a time! 💖 I love HTTYD more than life itself! she/her #cerebralpalsystrong
Kandii_LAN El Paso, TX I love my cat so much and people that dismiss him can kiss his ass
NyxLock Wellington, New Zealand I love my cat so much but it's like... honey.... please do not chew on the cables or scratch up my PC grill... And then I turn around and she's just doing it and also this exact face :3 (they/them) | Cosplayer, photographer, proud cat parental to @kittypurgatory | big witch & big bitch. tabletop gremlin 🎲
ammyinwonder Minehead Omg I love my cat, she just comes running into the bedroom and jumps up for a cuddle, omg 26, just a brain tumour warrior, 🧠 i'm actually a unicorn 🦄
rook_autoturret Ohio, USA Since the Aaron Carter drama I decided to just look at Nick Carter and see if he was as bad and they are like night an day. Aaron be out stealing from his fans and creators and Nick is like "look at my kids!!! I love my cat!!! Help Australia!!!" NC is wholesome as crap. I love my cat, ffxiv, and the thing that lives in the spaces of your home that you've forgotten.
amyalicetattoo Glasgow, Scotland listen I’m wine drunk and so thrilled with my hair and about 3 seconds away from crying about how much I love my cat but have some selfies okay thank u luv u all x Amy, 23, Tattoo Apprentice. Send me a DM on Instagram or email amyalicetattoo@outlook.com to book in ✨
sinister_garden British Columbia, Canada Ahem... How else is my fluffy one supposed to be comforted when I go off to the day job if I don't tell him that I love him and I'll come home? And if I'm expected earlier, how is he to know? (Shut up. I love my cat more than most people.) The twitter home of Danielle Klassen, writer of horror fiction and the stories of The Sinister Garden Legacy site. Updates on Mondays and Fridays.
Kenny_Deli ÜT: 40.721565,-73.928192 @RemyKassimir If we dating you’d have to deal with the same thing because I love my cat and you’ll always be second to him Queens, NYC. Kenny Deli is not eating slop - Kim Congdon
Sami_Rose23 New York, USA Not to sound like a total lunatic but sometimes I get really emotional because I love my cat so much. She is just so precious and so loving I can’t believe someone didn’t want her 😭 waiting to hit the lotto and own an animal sanctuary
CryptoPappyD Pottsville, PA I came home just after trying to talk to the neighbors. We didn't fight. But I came home and ... I love my cat. I'd do anything to make sure he's safe. Probably why I went to talk to the neighbors. And I left my door open. I want you to fork with me. Never touch my cat. Or home Love my #GrandChildren. Denied SSI for Christmas. Could use a little hand-up. GFM: CashApp $CryptoPappy BTC: 1DN7vU7GcXEeaVFCq2LFNEYcwVarGndsGy
kaafisara my cat really grounds me to reality and keeps me sane and I love him and I’m so happy to have my poopp in my life. when I’m sad he does nothing and it makes me so happy. I love feeding him and giving him treats cause he just likes it and meows and it’s so cute and I love my cat. SMAD
amandaspy11 Iowa, USA I love my cat. He knows when bed time is and will sit waiting for me if I’m staying up later than normal
vaguelyemo ass village I love my cat but the little forkface woke me up at 4 am for no reason like he has food and water readily available and when I went to pet him he ran away like he just wants to forkin scream at me I guess baby dyke and bowl-cut enthusiast
quenblackwell Dallas, TX my cat really grounds me to reality and keeps me sane and I love her and I’m so happy to have my miso in my life. when I’m sad she does nothing and it makes me so happy. I love feeding her and giving her treats cause she just likes it and meows and it’s so cute and I love my cat. INSTA: QUENBLACKWELL quenblackwellwork@gmail.com
marykstevens nomad it’s 2 am and I really need you all to know how much I love my cat thank you and goodnight i am a clenched fist with hair 🌹
gracekelli24 honestly, i love my cat more than anything but when it’s 1am and i’m finally getting home from being out all day, she needs to not scream at me like a mother wondering where her child has been idk, i’m just here
forkxcolton texas. i love my gf and i love my cat
LottaColdiron United States My boss was my secret Santa, I got a mug that said I love my cat and I do #stillwaiting Your future wrestling Campion 💍married 🐱Cat Mom 🎸Guitar 🎌NJPW ⚡️🎸🤘🏽 🇵🇭🇺🇸 Your mom pays me to go easy on you.
natuhnis Canada Emotional support animals r great and I love my cat with my whole heart Ellie, Cīpay and Joshua fan account
Mistilu Chile I remembered NyansenUguisumaru and wow such a good ship i love my cat sword son that doesn't know about fashion, and his pretty all fashioned bird green tea matcha sword boyfriend Connie || 20's || She/her 🇨🇱 - SPA/ENG/IT || ♥ || CROCHET & AMIGURUMI
bathingmapes Killeen, TX Theres this video on fb of this woman breast feeding and her car is like kneading her boob while shes breast feeding and idk man...i love my cat but imma have to pass read more books
flawlessfalx I love my cat soo much but I just want a lil puppy to carry with me everywhere and I’m going thru the hardest time in my life rn.. like it would really help me. just with all the traveling I do, I get nervous with that commitment. idk what to doo World Traveler, Creator of only1movement, and Inspiring Vegan Fashion Designer. Animal Activist, Volunteer, and Environmentalists! ❥EE & God 1ˢᵗ
MirandaBiletski YQR--YXE *sigh* Olivia got too much toilet paper in the toilet today... I'm now off to buy a plunger and repeating to myself "I love my cat even if she's a dick" went to the Paralympics that one time and filled with sarcasm and strong opinions. @AthabascaUBiz student. Mostly tweet about my cat and politics
_BreakfastAt_ Everyone that doesn't like cats is always all well if you die your cat will eat you. Ummm I love my cat more than anything. She can eat me for survival. If she doesn't a bunch of worms and bugs will so why not take care of my cat even after I die? I fink you freaky and I like you a lot
Lucymyfanwy42 she/her | (l)gbt January 17th: i was stressed but it's okay 🙃 i got some of my mock results back and i got a C in both french and german which i'm happy with 🥰 also i love my cat 🥺 🏳️‍🌈 vanity / emmerdale | thasmin / doctor who | call the midwife | killing eve | gentleman jack | six the musical 🏳️‍🌈 Hannah❤️
vetomoownsmyass + i love my cat because he does not know how to purr but like he tries really hard and makes this cute strange sound i just love him sjsj [they/them] 🌃 In city, I feel my spirit is contained 🌌
legendftkissy thinking abt the unconditional love of a mother like how i love my cat so much and even tho he’s f*t n st*pid i would still d word for him and that’s how jay looks at louis i’m so broken 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙨𝙚 𝙝𝙞𝙜𝙝 𝙬𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙨 𝙣𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙗𝙧𝙤𝙠𝙚 𝙢𝙮 𝙨𝙤𝙪𝙡
HumansArntReal wonderland I love my cat Marbles soooo much but... he loves sleeping on my bed... and he does not stop farting 😭 convinced my life is one big fever dream
Tiffobot Iowa @toddedillard 5 and 7. I love my cat but I’m afraid of what she has to say Writing, cats, tea and dreams. I believe in you.
ShinyKiiwii Washington, USA I LOVE MY CAT SO MUCH! : I am grateful for every year she is with me and every moment she comes to me in my most trying times. Even when I fork up in life she is still there with me, always knowing and always… Artist. Streamer. Gamer. Check out
mythicalbre Knoxville, TN @mythicalnadine @Mythical I love my cat but he is the clingiest animal. he wants constant attention and he us not content with just laying beside you or on your lap. he likes to try to lay on your shoulders or chest and will completely block your ability to pay attention to anything else. 😂 briar/bre • 28 • lesbian • they/them • mythical beast • shaniac • mcelroy fan • #BYMB ♡
PinkieRBLX in your following list Last year my brother took this picture with my cat 😍 And she is so beautiful,I love my cat 💞💞 ⛄Beginner artist & Gamer⛄RTC member⛄Pink fan⛄Goal:500 followers⛄Roblox username: vara4⛄ pfp by @_Kiera_Playz_ and her friends❤ ⛄
myserendipityyy TO I love my cat more than most people and I used to hate them. He is literally the best thing that has happened to me. 🎙
acrylicuniverse My cat loves the tiny head scratches i give him and i love my cat 🥺
ColquhounGareth Beyond the horizon 🤡🚁🐸🥛👌 @TheLaurenChen I love my cat (Munchie) he can do as he pleases. He's 10 and we've have had him as our family member for 10 blissful years. Spending any time with him is joyous Proud of my Ulster-Scots/Scots-Irish heritage that shaped the USA thru men like Andrew Jackson, U.S. Grant, Davy Crockett, John Wayne. Dual 🇬🇧/🇺🇸 national.
Thabet_UAE Abu Dhabi, UAE (Jakku) Cats are adorable, and I love my cat. But it’s super rare for a cat to show more affection than a dog. That pic doesn’t say anything about dogs btw الوداع لا يقع إلا لمن يعشق بعينيه.. أما ذاك الذي يحب بروحه وقلبه فلا ثمة انفصال أبدا. @mansourq
brittanynoelle Disneyland I love my cat. I love my neon pink Starbucks tumbler. I love big cities and the mountain and the desert. I love double scoops of ice cream. I love writing words on paper. I love cracking the spine of a new book. I love getting an education. I love margaritas with my mom. Take a glorious bite out of the whole world♐️♋️♎️🖤🔮🌙
EarthboundNess_ Onett Town @sintendhoe Omg I totally feel this, I love my cat so much I sometimes have to remind myself she's going to die otherwise I'll be in too much pain when I lose her and she's only 2 ): Your boy Ness from Onett Town, posting you Earthbound and other gaming content, ok? 😁✌🏽🌏🧢
heyy_its_Lizzie The Land I really wanna know how people can abuse their pets? Like I love my cat so much and wouldn’t hurt her once
lilbinch69 Boston, MA I love my cat sm and idc how lame that is sorry you have to witness this account!!!
JoDotSilas neverland i love my cat. but this fool always laying in the middle of the bed and i’m stuck choosing a side, like come on dog.
edgyer_sec Brazil @initinfosec I love my cat, but he has this closet thing tho where he goes in and pees on this one specific shelf... He is a old chubby cat already 10y, so I just put those dog sanitary mats and just replace them like a litter box. This the chubby little shelf pisser I love so much. IT infrastructure | Dev | Blue Team | Twitter is a scary place
jibuyabu sydney, australia You know you're an introvert when your flattie is a moderately affectionate cat and you still need to alone time away from her. And I love my cat so much. a chatty introvert. context is everything. she/her
AndrewCBlock Norman, OK I love my cat, but he needs to stop being so scared and catch whatever it is that's making noise in my closet. Current hobo. Former Particle Physics Ph.D student at OU. May occasionally auto tweet factorials because I am a goober. B.S. Physics, MSUM 2018
MikeyRobins Sydney, Australia @sarahvmac @wendy_harmer @ISCAustralia @sussanley @Matt_KeanMP Damn right, I love my cat and I love my country’s amazing wildlife Be a responsible pet owner My new book "Seven Deadly Sins and one very naughty fruit" is out now. Check out my new website for details and book tour.
softskjinnie 190513 i love my cat bc he can tell i’m freaking out about bc and the documentary i’m watching so he wants to help 😿 #YOONGI: birth is a curse and existence is a prison