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defiaye Scotland @MrFix2010 @indiednajones Thankyou honey. It just came through. Thankyou so very much. I love my cat more than anything else and thankyou for helping me improve his life. xxx An account about Scottish Politics and Art. Feminist. I also suffer from chronic pain. I'd rather be honest than liked.
StarstruckRage Des Moines, Iowa I love the fact that you chose to show me jumping my life out both as human and as a cat. Very telling of the man 😂 I love my cat. He's cool 😎 One life, Nine hearts, And eighteen hands that'll rip you all apart !
raveeliv Puyallup, WA @aqmeraamkhett @ecalnothgierc04 I second this. And I’m a Gemini myself. fork cats. I love my cat but he’s a spawn of Satan himself. 😂 All lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter.
Dev_YACOB Nottingham, England @thekrissychula I haven't been able to do much professionally lately. I love my Cat like he's a baby of my own and I was told his cancer that he beat 5 years ago came back determined to kill him and spread to his lungs. this hit in a different way now everything reminds me that he'll go soon... /COMMISSIONS OPEN/ UK-based Ilustrator. Forever LGBT ally🏳️‍🌈 Art on twitch: Insta: @the_moth_from_hell
bbyunies i love cats so much i love my cat so much my little bastard my black ball of joy my arrogant fatass everybody hates him and he despises every human being but me i would d1e for him i would d1e for cats in general my eternal light, baekhyun
Velvet_hoodies Texas, USA I love my cat with my entire being but he gets so cuddly sometimes but he doesn’t like it when I hold him he only wants me to pet his head while he sleeps and usually not a big deal but it’s been 45 minutes and he throws a tantrum when I stop for .004 seconds bc how dare I stop Alec//20//matching with @sad_boi_hours__❣️//“smart but dumbass a rare combo.”// I’m a succ😳👉👈//BLACK LIVES ALWAYS MATTER//fork COPS
VargsEdgar California, USA I love my cat but the way she leaves footprints on my car is not so love able until she’s on my room and sticking her head in to bite my hands. La vida sigue, estas presente? He/Him :)
cottagecore666 the bay ⏩ boston every time I'm like "aw I love my cat" I know she's gonna bite me soon and make me regret saying that fork 12 no pedophilia | she/her
bangtansgiggles I never realised how much I love my cat until it's raining so heavily with loud thunders and he's at his place outside the house and I'm worrying so much at work till I'm tearing up god-- #BTS : A sleepy tae enthusiast.
kmw329 Here. In my head. I hate my life, and I hate my job. But I love my cat. However, my cat wants me to go to bed right now, and I am NOT READY TO GO TO BED YET. Literature Nerd. Theatre Obsessed. World Traveler. Bibliophile. Feminist. Puff. Disney Lover. INFP. Cat lady. Dork Extraordinaire. She/her.
brittposso Orlando, FL Drunk sad and lonely = I had too much wine I’m crying cause I love my cat too much and I want a hug No you can’t touch that ♒️🖤 |-/
kiIIingbcys she/her 18 | gg™️ this little plastic frog has been my cats favorite toy for like a year and i just found it in my laundry and she looked excited man i love my cat no gods or kings only man
Zaschwar Occupied Kumeyaay Territory Sometimes, I'm tempted to give my cat a bath and take a pic just to piss @benshapiro off, but then I remember I love my cat and that Ben is an unmitigated piece of crap who already has enough triggers #WAP 📺ᗯᖇITEᖇ 🌈ᗩᖴ ᒍEᗯIᔕᕼIᔕᕼ 🐻 ᑕOᗰᖇᗩᗪE ᑕᕼEEᔕEᑕᗩKEᒪOᐯEᖇ ᑎᗷ ᕼE/ᕼIᗰ 🐈IᗪOᒪᗩTEᖇ ᑕITIᘔEᑎ Oᖴ TᕼE ᖴᗩIᒪEᗪ ᔕTᗩTEᔕ Oᖴ ᗩᗰEᖇIᑕᗩ
velocirabby i’m a broke, mentally ill college student and it’s been hard finding a job with this pandemic. i love my cat so much and knowing she’s healthy would put my mind at ease! even if you can’t donate, sharing would help me a lot! 💞a fight between two bees is called a bumble rumble | 19 | she/her
Flornost On the Outside, Looking In i was showing this video to my mom, and i cat ran towards us, alarmed. she thought there was another cat in the house, and she was ready to eat a bitch. i love my cat. Non-Anglosphere GNC Woman | Anxiety Incarnate | Creative | Eldritch Goth | Sapphic Sophist | Existentialist | She\Her/They\Them (Liz); She\Her/It\It's (Lvcy)
ilikeredvines I love my cat so much she is so tiny and cute and I think she’s neat they/them • violently non binary • pink themed anarchy • 100 gecs stan
feitcn read carrd ꐕ i love my cat so mu h i just want to kiss her forehead sbess so cute and elegant and soft and she is my everything yo mama joke archive
AetherAir ☉♋☾♊↑♊ ♀♊ she/her neways if i die i love my cat more than anyone ive ever met and if i had to choose between him and a sibling to save from a fire id choose him if you think it's about you then maybe it is
blakebelladonna i love my cat girl but i just might say fork it and make a cat boy instead bc i have a need ( you’re holding out for some romantic life. ) mod umbriel @ luceneda. rps in anam. #BlackLivesMatter ACAB
melissaakz_ Singapore i love my cat so much, literally the only one who misses me ☹️ like i wasn’t home for a few hours and i put her in her spot to sleep but she came back to me and cuddled in next to me i don’t deserve her hi i went crazy and deactivated my previous acc so pls follow me
ellielane7757 Reston, VA bit late to the #vtfollowtrain but it’s my last one so I’m hopping in anyways. I’m a senior originally #vt21 but now VT 20.5 😊 bio major and entomology minor currently hoping to get into grad school 👀 i love my cat, crocheting, and finding cool bugs! Can’t wait to meet #vt24 VT '20.5 | ΓΦΒ 🌙 she/her #savethebees
rianwrlds she/her ♡ 17 ♡ acab Am I in tears bc I love my cat so much that idk what im gonna do when she dies bc ive had her since i was four years old and shes all ive ever known? Yea 𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐥 𝐥𝐢𝐥 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 ♡ switch (soft dom+)
Lyrasco Colorado I love my cat but I have a very small desk and there is not enough room for both my laptop and him unless I move my laptop partly off the edge of said desk I don't even know, man. I’m just trying to hang in there, and I talk about my WoW OC and my cat too much. 🐱@aipom93 ‘s forever girlfriend 💍
nabilfiqri_ this is my cat and i love my cat💜 sayang pika🤮
squishyycatpaws here i love my cat and would die for her kinda just here, existing. does the audio production thing. i retweet sapphic art, cats, and ff14. 🌈 she/her i: @dotMango
Slayota dom calls me daddy🌚 i think i love my cat more than anything and anybody in this world. to rage or to sage?
distressolo she/her, 16, bi, BLM, cabin 3 i'm back at wanting to have a dog because they're so cute and they'll show me more love than my bitchy cat (i love my cat btw) #PERCY : hi i'm bisexual :)
deadasszz England, United Kingdom I love my cat so much she smells like sugar cookies and looks so cute she’s very special lil ugly dude
Eliot01375004 Melbourne, Victoria @carolineCMCE And cat grass? I love my cat grass better than nip 🐾🐾🐾 Super snuggly British Blue with Mum, Dad & sisfurs Baby Bronte & Atwood. Privates in #ZSHQ!!! Always remember our Senior Sisfur Cordie 🌈Oct 2019
Teessaa_ stuck in Austin traffic I'm annoyed with how much I love my cat. She's ridiculous and the size of bowling ball and I love her more than life I tweet before I think
VannaaVannaa I love my cat until it's time to go to sleep and she laying right under me like bitch get TF! i retweet everything so enjoy my page :) but dont be fučking rood follow me
ForgetHolidays Say shh @heythats_mytaco @NinaBina4Peace @SacredNeckbeard @Muzzakh @CAIROregon ps if you want to pet Jonesy, I'm sure she'd let you and appreciate it. I love my cat and get appreciate when others do as well. A neat trans woman who likes stories. Scifi/Fantasy/Horror in all the mediums! She's does twitch and enjoys playing Magic The Gathering.
lydthegemini Some hood in Balifornia I love my cat more than anything and anyone in this world I tweet crap that comes to my mind. | Kid Cudi’s bitch | black lives matter 🇪🇹
irlharpy i love my cat. she is full of irrational violence the likes of which can only be fully understood by similarly small and neurotic animals gee • 24 • they/them — hopeless horror hag-dyke surely cursed for their hubris
organdonorsonly I love my cat. I LOVE her. I understand why people are cat people now. She’s an angel, she brings me peace, and I don’t feel guilty for not having tons of energy around her. She and I just vibe lmao literally I’d smoke her out for free but she’d pay me anyway you are substantial. you are love. you are joy. you are acceptance. you are growth.
elliotdakid 336/828 @paigenicolex23 @krockspunway i hope you find a cat thats right for you! i love my cat to death and he absolutely loves dogs! i wish you luck! a mix between a pop-punk kid at heart and a bad bottom kitchen dude. he/him #translivesmatter #MyNameIsElliot #BlackLivesMatter
Gibbons285Tg I guess in Wisconsin if you speak the truth and people don't like it they call you a drunk!! Guess it's a defense mechanism they don't want to hear the reality!! I actually work and stay at home and I love my cat!! But I guess people will always have their opinions! 32 years as a BB Coach. Coached in a couple of National Championships Games. NAIA, NCAA. Head College Coach at age 24.Proud Dad #love UWO, Western St. Colorado.
cwatca London, ON If you all know me, you know how much I love my cat and how much my cat likes to wear hats She may be playing shy in the photo, but I found this colouring book when I went to Shoppers tonight and had to get it 😺… Lives for coffee, @backstreetboys. Loves @NKOTB, @Pitbull, good music, and working out. ♥ the day when Backstreet Boys (2011) and Pitbull followed me (01/17/12)
orawczyk Yermo, CA @KatieHill4CA 3) alcohol is my shortcoming, not pot. 2) not mine. (Fungus nails) 3) I love my cat and she's free to come and as she pleases. Her "cat tree" is any tree outside. Liberal Independent voter, former Marine & DAV, deist, father, retired, widower, pro: choice, environment, equality, labor, science.
MikeSzoke Somewhere, Probably @eltando I'm also allergic and am the same way lol. Fortunately I love my cat so Jenna gets to keep him and I deal with benadryl lol 21 • Dragon Quest • Persona • Survival Horror • Platinum • Nintendo • Devolver • JRPGs • Anime • Indie • Collector • Will Play Anything Once •
geepeewhy Yorkshire and The Humber, Engl I love my cat Ubik but he has an eye infection that requires pills and thrice-daily eye drops. Unpleasant, yes. Unmanageable? Surely not... Just here for autism, hockey and BreadTube. She/her. 🏒🍊🏳️‍🌈💜
HeyaItsAzure Sometimes my cat will lay on my mousepad next to my mouse and i'm happy bc he's in petting distance. i love my cat Morgyn + they/them + fr i play ffxiv and cry for a living (header screenshot by my friend Miomu)
infini_tori Bromley, London Can I just say how much I love my cat? We were cuddling and falling asleep, and then a weird noise of something rustling (probably a plastic bag or something) freaks us both. Ron has now been guarding the area of the noise for the last (She/Her) Wannabe Humanitarian, consumed by the nerd life. Join me on Twitch!
claudiapoindex2 NC @Sharon_Moore60 @Washhanger @GrandpaSnarky @mydogisadem @tamleh94 @staab_rita @2005HockeyDad @La83111 @fball_mama10 @ZenBonobo @LuciferTrump @tmariello57 @RBot2552 @ceceliakingroc1 @g_bittel I love my cat Skittle..I got him and his brother 17 years ago.We lost his brother to cancer.We all grieved for him. I am so happy I got them both..now Skittle is our only cat..king of the world..best cat ever.💖💖💖💖 President Joe Biden. *Salem College *Black Lives Matter. WTP2020 #Resist. Bob Dylan,Pink Floyd, Hippie Forever 🌻
drh0rrible London/Leicester "i love my wife and i love my cat" ,,,, frank stop being so relatable Leah • 24 • she/her • i like to draw •
Mehndi_tgr Pittsburgh Coming home and being greeted by Kaji as he wags his tail and wants to be pet. I love my cat. Wanderlust at its worst. On a quest to the West. Outdoor dirt creature. Artist. He/Him. Trans.
Baronduki baronduki@gmail.com @GamingwithPFox My favorite animal is a penguin, but I dig frogs too. I love my cat and dog though. 😌 What’s your favorite animal? Level 25 | Super Saiyan | BVB | Nintendo | Xbox | Twitch Affiliate | Twitch & YouTube: @Baronduki
beetljuuc Kansas City, MO i love my cat but i really wish he would stop opening the silverware drawer and laying in my silverware 🇮🇹 marshall + 22 + borderline + they/them + comms closed + art history, reptile enthusiast + I paint on the weekends and am a bit of a mess + BLM. ACAB.
ThemClem New York, USA I love my cat and her weird faces. Non-binary makeup artist.
yamiichu1 @OliLondonTV Yeah and I love my cat 15 | Digital Artist | They/Them or She/Her | ✨Procreate✨ | ENG | I also love Owari no seraph 😌😌 | header by @cabeeese

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