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RinleyCoyote I love my cat? She's playing with her pickle toy in the bathroom and just occasionally says "waowaow" at me. Even if the world is crapty and will only get worse over time, at least I get to live a life that crossed paths with Fio. Larper, artist, collector of bones and coyote enthusiast, he/they. If you like what I do, consider helping me out:
verbiina Portland, OR I love my cat so much I’m willing to piss myself so I don’t have to disturb him sleeping on my and if you aren’t that ride or die for me then you can yeet ur ugly face right into my piss sheets angy bangy in the hanky bank when the bull frogs jump fröm bank t
EclipsePrime1 Spring Hill, TN I love my cat but hate her at the same time. One second she’s purring, loving, and sweet. The next: an evil demon sent from the depths of hell that hisses, growls, scratches, and occasionally bites. Hey everyone! I’m 21 years old and I love reading, writing, watching YouTube, animals, video games, and food! My pronouns are she/her so no one gets confused.
hyunalbs i love my cat and would personally fight anyone who harmed them in anyway but like all she did was pull a weird face like she didnt hit it or anything? some people just dont like animals or are scared of them smh 🤡 the only thing bts paved was snsd’s driveway stream moonchild to drop 20lbs
burakkuhani @brighterlove_ I love my cat and this is her home so respect her. As long as you're not touching her or picking at her I don't care. It seems like a joke between the girl and the owner anyway. Surprise, salope. Je parie que vous pensiez que vous aviez vu la dernière de moi. 25+ ONLY. She/her
le_aledelleios the first song i ever wrote with vocaloid was when i was 14 and it was about how much i love my cat and it featured badly tuned engrish v4 flower ˖ ℑˡˡᵘˢᵗʳᵃᵗᵒʳ ˖ 𝕽ᵉᵐᵐᶤᵉ ˖ ₁₈ ˖ ᵗʰᵉʸ ˖ dm me for commissions !! ˖
picklethicck I love my cat so much he’ll just wake up or lay down and I’m like 🙀🥺😭 I’m so proud of you!! who knows
RachelBreann95 Pawleys Island, SC I love my cat, but I really want my arm back so I can turn off the light and go to sleep 24. Jonas Brothers enthusiast. WV/SC.
hotbabybreath literally hell i love my cat and she’s really cool <3 look at this picture i took of us she’s so cool ur built like a booboo cake bitch
axilatl Jelly is a literal scaredy cat but he loves and trusts me so much that he just lets himself be dragged and grabbed around by me if I am being annoying lmao I love my cat Show me a miracle
fairydowoon 𝗌𝗁𝗈𝗎𝗊𝗂𝖾 ♡ me and koora just had a race 😭 BRUH PLEASE I LOVE MY CAT SM وخرو عني // backup: @shouqfanaccount matchy matchy with @babieyeojin
coolusername94 Rochester, NY I love my cat so much. And him and my dog are best friends. I'm living dreams. Movie & TV Lover! Favorite Directors: Eggers & Ramsay. Favorite Actors: Amy Adams & Willem DaFoe. Movies: All That Jazz & Cold War. TV: Always Sunny & Barry.
KaTayLark Alabama, USA So that being said: I love my cat and all I need is my cat. ✨🌅🧡
dayziedayzie @welcomet0nature I’m a cat owner. I love my cat, and he loves me, but he can get feisty, and many times I’ve told him, “It’s a good thing I’m bigger than you are!” So I’m not going to say “Aww” at this. Fond of dark roast coffee, nature, comedy that’s funny, and Shakespeare.
taywilsoncx Between the pages of a book @hannahmosk I love my cat. He was found abandoned by his mom and siblings and was raised by a dog for the first four weeks of his life so he’s a little confused on what he is. He actually posed with me when I did the book pic for your book on IG. Book Blogger | 22 | Forever Reading | Hufflepuff | Chronically ill | Nerd
alienora California I love my cat more than just about anything. She is the best. I do wish she'd stop letting me know the food bowl is empty by waking me up by hooking a claw into my nostril and pulling. I don't know how I got here, either. Petticoated swashbuckler.
Bokuroyaoya Somewhere in Thedas Should I ever get a girlfriend/boyfriend, she/he would have to live with the fact that I'd never love them as much as I love my cat and my best friend. 23 y/o, German, try talking to me about Dragon Age and Haikyuu!!
airy_doodle Oh worm? I love my cat but sometimes I see the teeth marks on my apple pen and then I’m angy at her 😤 21 || Art Student, 3D Animator, Voice Actor, Comic Artist || 📍Current Project: Commissions Open!📍||
kesharosecr i love my cat more than anything in the world. I swear every time I see the motherforker I have to go kiss him and hug him welcome to our Sunday service
georgeharrizen alive And i love my cat 🐀 i dig love
delicateinsane cornelia street i love my cat so much she’s so soft and cute gave you too much but it wasn't enough but I'll be all right, it's just a thousand cuts
fearlesslyreads 📚 @bIankspacebabys I love my cat too but she will lay on the pillow I’m laying on and take up half the space at like 4:00am. 22 • emma’s bestie • library page • fearless • queer • reader • she/her • it’s very brave to be vulnerable #WeNeedDiverseBooks
yxncts li quanzhe protection squad i love my cat but hes just a little crazy . hes taken to jumping onto me, headbutting my hands, and then jumping off and headbutting the bed nex7 + nct + wayv
ChurchillCheri Grand Forks, North Dakota I love my cat a lot. She has gotten so clingy though! She sleeps on top of me the entire night! Then anytime I sit or lay down, back on, and it's in front of my tablet or phone. God forbid I give anything else my attention. I love God and 99% of people, but I don't like that many. I write poetry or just a bunch of words sometimes. I like make up, but I know nothing.
HeyLuckyAnnie In your hearts I have a cat. I love my cat. People sometimes get me things with pictures of cats on them. And I struggle to articulate that cats are not exactly a fandom for me. I like cats, but not in the same way I like Steven Universe. My cat is my weird and entertaining roommate. Your local enthusiasm enthusiast + singer/songwriter & logistics/marketing manager for @MisbehavinMaids. Exceptionally weird, but cute. Queer. She/her/they/them
EmmaGao6 Beijing I changed name of YUUMI back to Poppy, but the fact is that my niece still call her YUUMI. I love my cat and will take care of her until the end of her day. She needs me not as much as I need her, but she’s the one who always be there with me. WHO DID YOU MEET CHANGED YOUR LIFE?
holisticasshole Germany I can do eskimo kisses with my cat. I can also full on use her as a pillow and all she does is either purr or groom me aggressively or purr and groom me aggressively. I can also stick my face in her belly fur and blow raspberries. I love my cat. come into my emotional neurosis cottage 🌈 she/her//they/them... it's whatever
BlackTriangle42 Indiana I love my cat. I spoke to him like a Boston gangster and he cuddle up next to me. I then spoke to him like a Cali hippy and he attacked me. my dream catalogue
HGilleo Ya dads house I love my cat but she lacks all personal space and it just took me over an hour to record a 6 minute video bc she wouldn’t stop jumping on me / my computer :-))) call me ᵀᵃᵈᵖᵒˡᵉ
flakkiiss_ La Habra, CA I love my cat and dogs but seriously after them, I will no longer have any pets. Dealing with vets & everything else is just too much emotional stress for me & I can’t control myself. 😔 pórtate mal, cuídate bien
HelloHelenSmith WA Something a lot of people don't know about me is that I love my cat very much, unconditionally, he is very fluffy, and chaotic, and only bites a little bit when he is excited and wants to fight she/her
WonderlandsAndi Me: “Justinnnnn!” Justin: *nothing* Me: “Okay, bye!” Justin: *meows and runs to me as fast as he can* I love my cat soooo much. Andi. 25. She/Her/Hers. Header made by the most gorgeous girl, @antoinetties 💕
alexa_brooke616 I love my cat and I love feeding him the healthy wet food we loves but holy fork it smells so bad someone fix this. 24▪️she/they▪️lesbian ▪️vegan▪️@itchinforfic
knowthefeeliing parasite as of 10/10/19 thinking about how my cat doesn't know what death is and how she's never done anything wrong in her life and how she's pure and innocent and how i want to protect her but i can't cause she'll die anyway yes i'm drinking i love my cat so much not my pussy, the pet fork
Faithb1997 Sometimes I just sit at work and think about how much I love my cat •these things happen•🌈
meeoowleen probably in my bed me: I love my cat more than myself and I'll always be there for her. my cat, in the middle of the night, scratching on my door: MEOW MEOW me: OMG I HATE YOU PISS OF give me sushi rolls, not gender rolls. 🌵she/her🌵
ashinretrograde new york city i love my cat for a lot of reasons but my absolute favorite thing is his love for this canvas i put down one day to paint and that he claimed #CatsOfTwitter capricorn who doesn't know how to relax. she/they 💐🦋@autumnfalls97🌈
figgygee South West, England @silentnightbeds I love my Cat and that she tries to her us into the lounge at night 🐈🐱🐾 I am happily married with a beautiful daughter and a mad cat. I love retro and vintage, Billy Fury and old movies.
ssenpau she/her | 18+ just wrote a quick 900 words text about how much i love my cat bc i wanted to determine the word count i‘d need for my uni paper im gonna finish later and wow my.. fingers never moved so fast. i just love my babey so much yall cant imagine aizen sousuke plea se hold my hand • 煉獄 杏寿郎 ♥ { bleach , magi , kny , fate }
lizawilz Florida, USA Getting another kitten (for a week lol) made me realize how much i love my cat and i never want another because he deserves 10000% of my love all the time 22
aNPCinyourstory SD I love my cat, but she caught a mouse and dropped it on my head again. 😑 A man told me that I was created by God to serve mankind, so I became a witch and devoured his heart.
Edc3Itzz There are around 350 000 words in the french language, and none of them can describe how much i love my cat. fork Fortnite 🤡🤡 Minecraft is life 👌 always bored don't know what to do😕🙃😳
laur_fran17 I love my cat but he has been scratching me and climbing on me not stop for 7 hours. Just go to sleep holy cow thirty-eight of new york's finest versus one guy in a unitard
JenniferFMeado1 Alabama, USA @superscuba83 What!!!???? Her dead cat?? U gotta be crapting me...it just keeps getting better and better...I mean, I love my cat and all but...damn.
Cyclonic_Jet Jersey I love my cat. But so far this morning I have been awoken at 4.30am to the sound of wretching, cleaned up the resultant sick, did not get back to sleep, and then stepped on a slug she brought into the house. The joys of pet ownership. An insight into the mind of one of the not so greatest minds of a generation.
burntsoylent denton something functional and handmade im excoted to do more next semester, i love my cat earl sweatshirt, i love my partner andrea, i need to cry, im a more confident and assertive person now but im still so lost i have so many extreme positives everyday and so many extreme negatives they/them hi im shadman im 21 i paint 🇧🇩 / header by @YORIYUKIII
KrisLigman SoCal My cat somehow sensed I was reading about petting a cat that WAS NOT HER and popped up on my desk demanding attention just now. Amazing. I love my cat. Creator: You Are Jeff Bezos | Loc/Addtl Writer: @guildlings | Board: @critdistance | If singular they was good enough for Shakespeare, it's good enough for you.
okitanoniisan 21 | Canada | She/Her i love my cat because i can give her a big sqeaky smooch and she actually likes it shout out to frisk for not scratching my face off every time i blow her ear drums Hey, I'm Ada! YouTuber, amateur translator, RGG karaoke addict, and admin of the Yakuza wiki. Kiryu and Saejima love abound here. Welcome to hell.
RebecaAvalos22 listening to local IL bands If I ever say I love my cat someone remind me of today when he jumped on my ribs while I was sleeping because he got into something sticky and I didn’t notice till I got up from work. There’s nothing like giving a cat a bath after a 12 hour shift 5:30am can’t get here fast enough I'm like 22 or something and like animals a little too much since I pick up strays
NegativeDiva Curled up on Kira's Lap. I'm crying my bottom off after mom showed me a video about a dog who got lost was taken care by a man and after some time with it he found out the family was searching for it and had to give it back. I'm crying because I love my cat and this reminded me of him. Illustrator| Vocaloid Cover Producer | Pythadoru, UtaPri, StaPa & Dream!ing fan | @mikuo88's girlfriend | Welcome to the crossover hell ☆Commissions are Open!☆

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