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tortellinius Waking up: fork this stupid earth I hope everyone on this planet burns Some random holy moment between 11:15am and 4:30pm: I love my friends. I love my cat. I have such a bright future ahead of me Laying in bed that night: I have never wished for death more than this very moment i will take pleasure in piecing your corpse back together from the dust you will soon become
S00BRACHA ↳ he/they, 27, white, 🔞 i love my cat and also a reminder that her name is sputnik like the txt song dear sputnik i call her niki as a nickname she is not named after any specific person or idol ❝ — i like being bad !❞
h_theeqsycho Utopia I love my cat so much, I could give her half of my food and starve if I had to Cat mom | Model | hairstylist | makeup artist | engineering student | 🇳🇬🏳️‍🌈| old account @qsychothe_
AdorablePartner 😻" I Love My Cat" Print Heart Charm Steel Bracelet😻 Purchase This Best-seller and We Guarantee It Will Exceed Your Highest Expectations! ➜ Our patent-pending jewelry is made of high quality surgical steel with a shatterproof liquid glass coating. ... We believe that our pets are our best partners in life. We love our furry friends, and we want to express that love with unique items that they will adore.
DrawCaith Johto Again, i love my cat but I can't sleep properly because of him. I'm physically sick and nauseous from the lack of sleep I draw occasionally • ♒ • INTP-T • Aroace • They/Them • Trans • Brony • Pokemon • Astrology • Genshin Impact • BTS • Anime • Memes •••
Notthathungry8 ♡°•w•°♡ 18 yrs @sugarfreethc I'm not Christian, and Im not here to preach my religion lol, but I will pray for you and your cat. I will pray you will see him, because I love my cat to the ends of earth...and I don't know life without him ♡TW Everything!♡ ♡Muslimah♡ BMI 38.09 GBMI 17.5 Bul1m1a ♡DNI if you're a creep. I talk to everyone but plz stay safe ♡
wonyptt ˗ˏˋ ꒰ she/her ⟡ nineteen ꒱ ˎˊ˗ i love my cat more than anything and anyone in this world 🕯️edtwt, dni if you're fatphobic and/or under 15 (163cm–49kg, 5'4–108lbs)
p0ppyp0cket i love my cat more than life itself but when he decides to wake me up at 3 am and then meows repeatedly at 4 and 5 and wont let me fully fall back asleep i kinda lose it 🇸🇻 dyke, yogi, cat mom, writer, and stereotype. part-time cancer full-time gemini
RougeLikeGirl Wellington City, New Zealand Im most of the way thru a bottle of wine and i just want yall to know that i love my cat, hes the best. ADHD AF. Sometimes Twitch Streamer. Aotearoa. So much D&D. My cat is Mjölnir. 🌈She/They🏳️‍🌈 sweetnothingetcetera@gmail
yunjinsbby i love my cat even if his tubby bottom hogs my pillow and i have to share 2/3 of it with him, i’m going to bed now gn probably gay panicking over ggs | she/her | 22 | lesbian
Geeevan_02 I can't believe it. He just came back to the door and started meowing. It's been like 24 hours on the dot. I love my cat so much. He is going to be getting a lot of treats.
_helloitsnai the end of the rainbow i love my cat i love my cat!!! he just plops next to me and cuddles and ahh 🥹 Nailah 💖 AACC. she/her🏳️‍🌈 ♎️ ~22~ I retweet most of the time hehe (TinyShinyy) pfp by: @animebarbies
AliceJackson_MJ How much do I love my cat? He has 3 beds in my room... And one of them is mine. Working as hard as I can to make my channel and my other works better!
Saturn_Is_Lazy White I love my cat's meow so much and I wish I had more recordings of her meowing because she meows a lot, but when I hit record she just doesn't meow at all :( 18 | any pronouns | lesbian | cis(?) | traditional and digital artist | winter fan | huge Pokémon nerd | Tumblr @ Saturn-Is-Lazy |
ergodicneutral I have a playlist of Brina songs and I love it! Highlights are Lovely Day (Bill Withers), Good For You (Darlingside) and Guilty by Gus Kahn. It's good listening and yes sometimes I cry when I listen to it because I love my cat a lot! Colin - he/they - microbes, math, cats and wildlife photography. 25yo white trans cripple. opinions are my own
UCANSTOPIMBACK I love my cat and Christ only . ✝️
ArtZolstice Florida, USA “I love my cat boy 😊” I say, drawing him experiencing one of the most painful and traumatic moments of his adult life #WIP #FFXIVART #WoL: Trapper 🐈‍⬛ call me Z! she/her, white, 33 | Dragon Age, FFXIV, OCs | artist for hire! - see pinned tweet for openings/pricing! personal twitter: @ladyzolstice
anorexicgirl444 I love my cat so much!!!! Hes so soft and warm Silliest girl on Twitter
0Lwick Status: Learning Japanese @VMartynaV Cats are cute and chill A cat has never bitten or scratched me before In fact, my own cat is very loveable when he's hungry and hasn't seen me in a while. Rather than a pet, he's more like a roommate. I love my cat! CLZ#5934 He/Him, 20 Average weeb who makes bad jokes also a bit of a degen Have a damn good day (or night)! | I will retweet lots of NSFW at times sorry
ser1all0ser 158cm cw45 ugw35 bmi18 💀 woah my arms look kinda skinny here but thigjs 💔💔 anyway i had a dream where luna the cat and i were just exploring buildings and stuff it was so fun 😭😭 i love my cat sm 17 ♡ seasian (my/eng) ♡ any prns ♡ dms always open ♡ i love my cats and my friends
cronenchump i love my cat. when hes bored of me he sits in the corner with his back against the wall and one arm resting on his big stomach like an old man then just stares in judgment I saw james spader's face today got so angry almost did a hate twet
MagdelenaValaz1 United States @Antonel11361084 @LisaMRomano @othellomor I love my CAT and my PARENTS too, BUT being an ADULT is about TRANSFORMATION NOT STAGNATION! I don't want the husband who: cheats, lies, sleeps around, & hangs out in Karaoke Bars with Wmn instead of being home with his family. It's NOT jst ASIAN men but THEY LOVE THAT LIFESTYLE! Relationship Behavior & Therapist
lilithosphere she/her, 23 i love my cat with all my heart and soul it's genuinely forking crazy
Ms_Yoruichi New York, NY I love my cat so much. She’s so smart she can speak English lol. She knows yea, no, and hello 😂 Twitch Affiliate. A black woman who loves playing video games and giving advice. Wishlist: Contact: contactyoruichi@gmail.com
mfariess i love my cat and her feed ur own ego, i’m busy
MyJadeBeanACNH An island somewhere I love my cat but she goes out of her way to barf on my shower mat and I don’t appreciate that. Hiya! Made an account for my Jade. Kalfi jr is her home 🍒🌷 Xbox|PS gamer 🥳 Bi|She/Her|36|18+ please|Overly Excited
ArtOfZuhani Kadish Tolesa, The Multiverse "I love my cat so much, I would do anything for them!* I would die for this feline!" *except feed them the recommended amount because obese cats are soooo cute and funny haha my cat is at risk for horrible joint pain and organic problems that I have total control over Shorah! | {◕ ◡ ◕} | 31 | proud ace lesbian lich 💀 | makes art occasionally | she/they | 🇩🇪 | WoW/Myst | Cat mum to Mikosh and Kashka
shihagami they/them 22 ic: @FENG67091665 3. Cat person. i LOVE my cat (left) and my boyfriend’s cat (right) 🔞Con artist by day, Author by night *:・゚/ aeth ♥︎
knibbleknob he/him i love my cat he is so needy he keeps butting his head against my hand and pawing at me......................baby nice, thanks for the tip! im not a pussy and i can bury a body, but this could help someone else! 💉 my yandere @postbadfathers
Gamergirl_Monty Australia, Sydney @Zeerabets Thank you i love my cat so much 💗 haha yes that would be amazing if you do! 😄 I've done animal care and horse at Tafe used to work at the Vet back in old days Hi I'm Monty | Australian Variety Streamer 🇦🇺 | Loves Horror | Xbox Gurl | #RazerStreamer & #RazerAffiliate | My Socials 👉
StillMcgillis Hawks Nation I love my cat so much 😭 never get between a girl and her cat you'll never win 27, she/her KnB: KagaKuro/AoKaga Arcane: CaitVi Currently obsessed with Daredevil/Fratt, MHA/DabiHawks
AbigailNRodgers Fort Worth, TX Happy Monday #MedTwitter!! My name is Abi Rodgers & I’m a rising OMS-IV @TCOM_UNTHSC in Fort Worth, Texas! I cannot wait to apply #physiatry for #match2024! My interests include spasticity, EDX, & sports medicine! 🥎🏐🏉 I love my cat 🐈, Aggie football, and country music! 🤩 OMS-III @TCOM_UNTHSC | Texas A&M ‘20 | Pursuing #Physiatry | @AOCPMR Mentorship Committee Co-Chair | lover of cats & Aggie football
N4Kahiru my baby my boy he's the best i love him i love my cat he's cute and beautiful and cute and gorgeous and cute and beautiful and cute and HARUOMI CAN'T BE A OLD MAN HE CAN'T BE
CandiDani19 up your butt around the corner i had such a giant headache and then my kitty came over to cuddle with me and i grabbed his biggo fat belly and brought him close to me and we both knocked back out 🥲🥲❤️ i love my cat so much 😭 25 yr old ipad kid
shenANNIEgans99 Philadelphia I love my cat more than anything but throwing up on my phone and breaking it’s speaker just seems kinda rude of him wtf is up Denny’s
IMissCarrie Occupied Potawatomi territory I just got home from a hard day at work and my cat Miracinonyx brought me a catnip mouse while yelling about it. I love my cat. Multiply Disabled fat nerdy leftist queer. Jewish conversion student. Sensitivity reader (DM me!). 32. She/they. May Carrie Fisher's memory be a blessing 💜
sweetredpaprika Gentle persuasion I get off the big comfy chair to let my cat on because I worship her. No, because she's my baby—and anyway worshipping probably kills fewer people than guns. I'm on the carpeted floor reading poems about spring. I love my cat the way I want to be loved—maybe? Anyhoo, I miss you. Reminiscing. Writing new chapters. Detached. Healing. Working out. Cat mom.
Ahriiiri @MrsChimChimLOL @shinayie I love my cat Dexter, he saved me from a dark place. He’s always been there and he does comfort me when I’m down. He’s sweet and loves cuddles. He’s also super silly too. He has an obsession with watermelons and cucumbers. He’s my best friend and my little partner in crime🥰❤️ I don’t use twitter much
sweet_uphoria They/Them • 20 • eng/fr I love my cat so much like I really did start tearing up 😭 and she's only sleeping, snoring and purring right next to me 😭 #WANDA : I do it and I become the enemy Bts and marvel addict ~ Yoonkook biased🐱🐰
Cloud_Cosplay_ I just....I've never experienced toxic masculinity so hard..... like I know it exists and I avoided it for a while but holy crap I just awkwardly laughed and was like "no I love my cat, she's important to me, anyway here's your total have a nice day." (3/? 25 | Cosplayer | Artist | He/Him 🔞SOME NSFW ISH SO JUST GO AWAY
PururiiVT pfp/diko__chan bn/maplekeurig Got a dress for my birthday, and I was trying to show my mom but this picture is just too good I want to share it here too😂(sorry for the quality my phone is a potato) I love my cat so much, I'll forever cherish this pic now 🫐 Purifessional Head-Empty Elf 🌿twitch: 🏷️memes: #purifarts art: #pururillust
rrhaenyrra the bathroom I love my cat but I hate that I can’t close my door anymore for privacy and I had JUST got my lock fixed too when I got her I’m marie, 20, she/her, black 18+ plsss
la_naaa02 New Mexico I LOVE my cat but her bringing a forking mouse in the house was not it!! I'm glad we were able to kill and get rid of it!! She's kicked out of the house for awhile! 😭😫🤣 • Proud Auntie of 11 ☆ Live, Love, Laugh (:
MaryKallab Maryland / Lebanese Listen, I love my cat so much, and I would do anything for him. But I just spent my entire tax return on him to make sure he doesn’t die from feline bladder stones. Pet care is so expensive 😭😭 If anyone has any pet insurance recommendations, please drop them below. Angsty 28 yr old navigating the adult world 🇱🇧
7lightyearsaway 20 ★ dfw & htx ★ 🇵🇭 i love my cat so much i come home and he greets me at the door i wake up and hes purring against my head and biting my cheek and arms to wake me up i meow back to cats ★ north texas materials engineering (they / she)
heartsminsuga 아포방포 i love my cat so forking much guys and he loves me too (Not yoongi) O yeah Jungkook ! O yeah Jaykay O yeah O yeah Go Jeongguk .. Yeah ! Yeah ! Jaykay !!!
DannyJohnsonJr Cincinnati, Ohio, USA I love my cat. I'm training her to stay in my bedroom while I use the restroom and she actually listened to me. She is in my bedroom with me right now! #cats #CatsofTwittter 34-year-old weather forecaster.
Silverbrumby123 walesland I love my cat but he is so clingy at the moment. Has to sleep on me and if I move him he bites my face .-. And insists on sitting on my lap until my leg is dead twitch: Silverwyn
itzelstears i love my cat but this girl just spilled my soda all over this floor and i wanna cry lonely eyes
mxwinehouse they/them I LOVE MY CAT HE IS A LIL GUY AND HES SO GOOD! 22 | genderqueer dyke | fork TERFs and fascists and billionaires and elon musk | opinions not my own but that of the rat that controls me

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