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I love my turtle.

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Turtle_Things Munich, Germany @louielu_tw Hey Louie, if you mention that I wrote it and include a link to my post, I'd be happy about that. I'd l… Quantum neophyte. #ICPS2015 organizer, cyclist, traveller, consequential stranger. Rotring Tikky II hoarder.
ghostaficionado the fade i got the lil kitten... but never gonna use it cuz i love my turtle out of my head! of my heart! of my mind!
EcologyOfShane District of Columbia, USA That, my friends, is a baby snapping #turtle. I really love being in the field. #fieldwork #diseaseecology science communicator @theAGU, policy liaison, storyteller & producer @story_collider, ecologist, educator @PittTweet, beer connoisseur. all comments are my own
69_Paige2_69 Hull, England This is my turtle. I love my turtle. TOUCH my turtle and I'll snap your neck. I can fix this....|I HAVE NO WRENCH| full supporter of the lgbtq+ community and all they represent.|forever alone, no shame| hated for sharing my opinion.
PlsMeme Sainte-MΓͺme, France i love minecraft so much, does anyone want to play mineplex with me and my turtle jeff A discord bot made by Melmsie, all tweets are made by people using the bot command 'pls tweet'
amaelwess i love my turtle bobby shmurda fan account
robereros @elenazavala74 Thank you my turtleπŸ’— I love and miss you more 😩 Best thing to enter your life
katie_francks Leicester, England Cannot believe I just went for a swim in the sea and ended up swimming arms length away from a human sized turtle, fucking love my life 😊😊 πŸ–€
blu_turtle_ Ireland I would really love to work with you on a couple of projects with regard my blog, and you seem like a dead on, good humored human. Hopeless blogger on the block. Be kind and check me out ❄
Amy__Jam England I love my mini army of turtle push pins 🐒🐒❀❀ Writer. Artist. Horror fan. Bone collector. Unicorn lover. Sad a lot of the time. https://t.co/1KCW42DSGc
sleevedraw i think turtle minion might b my new favorite.. im just so happy every time i log in and he pops up next to me... i love u.. MY NAME IS BYUN!! she/her or they/them. I'm a weasel and draw with all four paws
arieal_turtle_ Washington, USA @Laura88Lee. You're one of the people on YouTube I get my love of makeup from plus you teach me how to use it too lol Ps I love ur realness living life in the amazing state of Washington,16, singer, artist, poet. love video games but I kinda suck at them. art to career. 6/17/15 😍😘 Hudson.
trashmccree san francisco 🌁 THIS IS MY TURTLE SON WHOMST I LOVE jasmine πŸ‘©πŸ» i want mccree and prompto to pistol whip me into oblivion
Turtle_Girl_11 I love @taggedshow, it's one of my favorite shows, it always keeps me on the edge of my seat, you should go watch @taggedshow Life looks like a filter with sunglasses on 😎, I πŸ’œ all youtubers #2YearsofKnJ #HarryPotter20 it's been a time and a half
diphgrayi snank bar sorry about the hansol spam, I love my cute turtle what the fuck I actually love him ! shinee, nct, snuper, astro, victon, etc | jonghyun, hansol, key, suhyun, taeil, taeyong | 1/7 of The Homos
_jesskardashian Canada I love my green nail polish I got it cuz I love TMNT 😁 #TMNT #tmnt #TURTLE 🐒🐒🐒🐒 ღ https://t.co/Y94KlDvlso - Hi Friends! & Hugs πŸ’•ASMR,photography, blogging - I love you
paulsxn_ 11/01/16 MY MOTHER i love your turtle she is adorable and cute like you because YES YOU ARE CUTE i love uuuuu i'm gayer gay
arieal_turtle_ Washington, USA @Laura88Lee so your give away for the makeup is like in 2days I would love to win one. dont have money to buy my own. U are my inspirationπŸ’— living life in the amazing state of Washington,16, singer, artist, poet. love video games but I kinda suck at them. art to career. 6/17/15 😍😘 Hudson.
Dramaqueenetha I love playing with my turtle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ BELIEVE IN YOURSELF 🌍
_incrediblehull sulphur/ada Cody stopped on his way to work and helped a turtle across the road.... I've never been so in love with someone in my entire life 😭❀️ carry on, let the good times roll β€’ meme enthusiast β€’ avid puppy lover β€’ #ECU19 β€’ Cody "Air" FisherπŸ’“β€’

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