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Who's my cute little land mine

Brooke says good morning to you!

In many countries people believe cats with calico coloring bring good luck. In Germany they are called Glckskatze, which means literally lucky cat.

Lucky cat calico soft pastels painting -


Cat Yoga

Sorry for not posting in a while

Shes insisting that she go on this trip too.

Pax says Caturday everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!

Have a great !

We've just published about the benefits of spirulina for dogs. We've had great feedback on Facebook and now wanted to share the post with the Mastodon team:

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This is an that was made for a lady in Florida about 2yrs ago msg me if youre interested in having your pet painted! I paint humans as well! And my stuff's affordable too

Pax is a sleepyhead. Almost time to go to bed. Good night (or good day) to you all!

Does your dog eat off their bowl Or does he/she prefer to eat off a "toy"

I've been debating on retiring my Crayola pet portrait option for commissions after this year. If you're interested in getting one, or at least saving your spot for one, let me know!

More info:

Parker's special food comes today, I'm not sure it'll help but I hope it does.

Anyone have experience feeding a cat ONLY canned wet food I've always had dry food for him but he has to only eat this and hopefully it'll solve his GI problems.

he doesn't 'binge' so I've been giving him about a third of a can in the morning then at night bc it's hard to tell how much he'll eat.

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"Listen you kids! Don't make me come down there!"

My doggo has two modes for photos. Handsome boi, and impossibility blurry troll.

Darby, our daughter and son-in-law's new kitten, says hello on this beautiful !


Brown boys

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Voc sabia Festival de Cannes tem prmio inusitado para cachorros


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Cars, dogs and disease are the biggest killers of koalas

More and wider logging roads through Bellingen's koala hub will not help the survival of the endangered species.

"A database tracking hospital admissions and deaths reveals the devastating impact cars, disease and dogs are having on the South East Queensland koala population."

In the five years between 2009 and 2014, 52 per cent of reported wild koala deaths were caused by car strike, 34 per cent were from a chlamydia-related disease and 14 per cent were because of a dog attack.

This equates to 1,431 koala deaths from a car strike, 943 chlamydia-related deaths, and 395 dog attack deaths in just five years."

Anthropogenic and environmental factors associated with koala deaths due to dog attacks and vehicle collisions in South-East Queensland, Australia, 20092013

I dont think Ive shared a picture of my Gizmo on here before. He just chillin in the bag. You know, just cat things.

Fuuka misses Boo during her walks. And Boo, well she doesn't know how to process that.

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Pax is fast asleep. Good night (or good day) Mastodon friends!

Meet Summer, our new . Im still trying to get her to sit still to take better photos.

Baby brothers.

Queen of The North

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Owners who fed their pet a plant-based diet reported fewer visits to the vet and less medication useCats, owners will attest, are natural born killers and for most of their evolutionary history have e

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Study: Nearly Half of Dog Owners Are Hesitant to Vaccinate Their Pets "Published in the journal Vaccine, the study analyzed a nationally representative sample of adults in the United States and found that more than half of people who own dogs expressed some level of canine vaccine hesitancyi.e. skepticism about vaccinating their pets against rabies and other diseases. "

Here's another picture of our new grand-furbaby!



A growing number of people argue that owning pets is unethical - and that animals can never really have a good life in a human homeTroy Vettese has a parrot in his family. She gets paid a lot of atten

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Good morning (afternoon or evening) Mastodon friends!

Pax is loving having her post-surgical skirt off. There's nothing to slow her down now. Stand back world, you've been forewarned!

Sitting here cold because he likes the blanket that smells like me but only if he can have it all to himself

Sculpture today