I went mate and they are awful. No fight. We were walking round them at times

yiddo1984 Warwick
@dannycliff I went mate and they are awful. No fight. We were walking round them at times
walking on water like Jesus, whippin the work in a Prius
Adriane_Guarno Red Hour Films - Los Angeles
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mitchellskinard Richmond, VA
A toddler asked their parent "what's the point in walking up an escalator?" after watching me do just that. Parent responded "I don't know"
babybadger666 Omaha, NE
I hope you break your chanclas while your trying to multitask being a little bitch and walking
Wont piss on my leg and tell me it's raining
idekdes Kiefer, OK
Actually walking today 😳😳
falasteezi snapchat:baelestine // chicago
walking in my light up sketchers
I know I should cam tonight but I really want to go watch the walking dead with my mom😭😅
_AlliHolbrook Maryland
[kisses @_MattJohnston softly, smiling as I leaned into him walking into the living room where my mom was waiting for us] "Just let us get +
CourtneyLowman North Carolina, USA
I feel so helpless walking around in this stupid knee brace.
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Albania has been populated since the early Paleolithic period.
sweetgurl_rissa Trinidad and Tobago
he dead eh even walking past one.... but if it was my babygirl! I closing my eyes and running through that...
ciarancurran76 Adlington, Lancashire GB
The Walking Dead is the worst comedy I've ever watched. The slapstick isn't funny in the slightest, and none of the punchlines work. 2/10
GeneralissimoEl Isla Island
@bm21_grad @halabtweets @TomBrujas you're an idiot if you don't understand how 24/7 satellite and GPS surveillance works.
Lzh_Puppy United States
Walking doge life!! #dogsoftwitter
amandarich78 Atherton,Manchester UK
I walked 5.18 km with @mapmywalk. Check out my route in Atherton, United Kingdom! #walk #walking
Walking dead tonight!!!!!
Use the lg discontinuity equivalently straight a gps grift: iubrtMuCa
KymbaB California
Every Sunday we have a family dinner and games and then watch walking dead. last week I said "I love family...
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ToddnBlair Kingdom of Isolation
J. Alexander needs to teach GiGi Hadid how to walk. She is terrible at runway walking. She stomps like an elephant; walks crooked. Terrible.
cinthiaa394 Fort Worth/Denton TX
Walking at the mall with my mom and some guy tries to snatch my hand😱 some other guy that witnessed it apologized for it 😳
@Eric_Kremer12 we're going apartment hunting next weekend. Schedule us some tours.
Walking in the rain with headphones in your ears and your favourite music on has got to be one of the best feelings ever.
LosPorfirios Distrito Federal, México
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LongbarrowPress Sheffield, UK
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lyriconor netherlands
it would be so amazing to meet mutuals at book tours and shit but nobody comes here loving life
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_Bombshelll_ Houston, TX
What happened to the baby in the walking dead #TWD
emmaxo4 CT & NY
When you're walking back from the gym & you find Easter eggs w inspirational quotes in them hidden on campus☺️

Created: 13 Mar 2016