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All you need to know about caring for your pet.

Two woman is charged with starving are doing much better and are ready for adoption, says

In other news, picking fruit is *hard* work for a puppy

Good morning (afternoon or evening) from Pax, the gang and me! We hope you had a pleasant weekend.

One of my students alerted me to this example of SMPC in the real-world, at JPMorgan: "Prime Match is the first secure multiparty computation solution running live in the financial world"

It enables inventory matching - where buyers and sellers match to trade stocks without moving the market - but without revealing either party's buy/sell orders unless a match is found.

All you need to know about caring for your pet.

Some stills from tonite.

Katzenworld: ProtectaPet Catios: Creating a Safe and Stimulating Outdoor Space for Your Cat &Tips


new fur babies! meet violet and toffee

Might as well post something wholesome now.

My familys chicken coop is almost complete.

We moved our chickens into it because it was ready enough for them to finally reside there.

Of course, the dogs were out barking a lot.

Just goes to show that me and my family were connected to the countryside my whole life.

Which is more than just the things Ive posted.

Were not all exactly bad folks for that matter.

Peck's having a great time with his favorite wand toy today.

"C'mon, let's go play" is what Pax seems to be saying. We hope your Sunday is filled with playful moments and lots of fun!

com que al tema dels li conv ventilar-lo, et deixe els primers versos que va fer el Pare Mulet al seu "Tractat del Pet". (S. XVII)

"Nota primo: que'l petar-se
no est prohibit per llei,
i aix al vassall com al rei
los es lcit el petar-se,
Ni crec jo que puga donar-se
principi ms evident,
quan tots creuen firmament,
ser cosa molt natural,
el no haver-hi ningn mal
en obrir-li la porta al vent."

A 91-year-old driver was referred to prosecutors Friday for allegedly being involved in a hit-and-run accident that killed a small dog in Nagoya in July.

This looks like an outdoor version of my first post

Katzenworld: The Dangers of Pilling Cats: How to Safely Administer Oral Medication &Tips

Here is a pet portrait that was made several months ago for a lady in Washington state, check it out. I can do this type of thing for you too! All I need is to be provided with pics of your pet. This one is painted with oil paint on canvas. Get in contact with me if youd like me to do this type of thing for you!

Here are some of the paintings that were made by one of the artists I promote, his name is Sirapong, that is him with his cat Lucky in the 4th photo. If you like any of these and'd like to have more info, please reach out to me and I can tell you stuff like size, price, ordering info, etc

Dog runs playfully towards camera on a farm. Usually, this terrier's ears flatten to the side of its head and it races along at full speed, so seeing them flapping up was a rare pleasure.

Meow....Happy Caturday!


Pax doesn't want to go to sleep yet, but she wishes you a good night (or a good day)!

Private jet service for rich dog owners condemned by climate campaigners

Shes doing her best.

Happy Caturday with this little pencil sketch from my sketchbook!

9/30/23 Open 6-9p. No open containers, please.

It's Caturday, but I'm feeling contrarian & I've had a lot of dog books lately so, here are 4 featured items: funny, serious, & terrifying (for the spooky season)... & a cute photo of 2 cats (to earn the hashtag). Stop in for other pet books & much, much more!

Katzenworld: Cat who lost leg after being caught in snare given a fresh start in life &Tips

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boys for the people.

Lonely cat

shot Leica Q3 Summilux 1:1.7/28mm Biancavela Press / salvomic

It's so refreshing to see 's intervention in the so-called 'vegan cat' debate, having waded through a slew of other takes which miss the point entirely.

Someone had to say it: there is no such thing as a vegan pet, regardless of what they eat.


Happy 8th Birthday to our Pug, Penny!

May this cat grace your timeline as it graced my path. His name is Noir, and hes nominally owned by a neighbor, but hes mostly a neighborhood cat. After this video, the little old ladies were on their walk and stopped to feed him

my frogs are more photogenic than me

Pax wishes you a very happy !

For my friends in Europe - my ink drawing "Cute cat" is now available at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries).

Fr meine Freunde in Deutschland - meine Tuschezeichnung "Ssses Ktzchen" ist nun auch bei Art Heroes erhltlich (kostenloser Versand).

Wishing you all a happy Caturday with my
minimalist pen and ink drawing in black and white of a cute little cat.

Find it here -->

Ya know, I love my pet videos too, but can y'all just put the bloody phone away for once and just play with your pets without filming it Just enjoy it without sharing it every damn time!

Semi threatening 'is it lunch time yet' vibes.

Katzenworld: The Little Things That Bring Your Cat Joy: Tips for a Happy and Contented Feline

For my friends in Europe - my soft pastels painting "Tuxedo cat portrait" is now available at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries).

Fr meine Freunde in Deutschland - mein Pastellgemlde "Tuxedo Katzenportrait" ist nun auch bei Art Heroes erhltlich (kostenloser Versand).

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