Hello Animal Lover!
All you need to know about caring for your pet.

Too cute

Feira de Adoo Pet em Barueri ser no Terminal do Jd. Silveira nesta sexta (19)
No sbado (20) e domingo (21), a Feira ser no Parque Ecolgico em Alphaville

All you need to know about caring for your pet.

For my friends in Europe - my acrylic painting "Cute little bunny sitting in the grass" is also available at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries).

Fr meine Freunde in Deutschland - mein Acrylgemlde "Ssser kleiner Hase sitzt im Gras" ist auch bei Art Heroes erhltlich (kostenloser Versand).

I'm sitting here writing this post and enjoying watching our two cute bunnies hopping around the garden and having fun.

Cute little bunny sitting in the grass -->

Well, well, well. I guess I have to rethink where to put our Christmas tree next year. Daphne made it up to the top of the pantry cabinet, a spot that, up until now, was inaccessible to our cats and perfect to display our tree.

CW: eye contact with a cat

Good morning, afternoon or evening.
It's everyone! The weekend is almost here.
Pax and all of us hope you have a great day. Stay safe and warm out there!

CW: eye contact with a cat

Can A Dog Eat Garlic Bread

Brown Bunny - Scarlet

Oil painting on a red background of a rabbit named Scarlet.

(Bear) my favourite fun thing to do at the moment is to play ball for hours so much fun whats yours

Shopping at for food earlier and they've improved their shelving for heavy items.

Oh, crap. Guardian: "Italian province orders all dogs to be DNA tested in poo crackdown "

Pax is one tired little kitty. She had a long but fun day.
We wish you a good night (or good day) Mastodon friends.

Artem, a serviceman of infantry battalion of the 61st mechanised brigade, pets a dog in a trench at a position near the frontline, in Kharkiv region, Ukraine, January 6. REUTERS/Sofiia Gatilova

Thank you for great review! Great file...Will purchase from this Seller again! Kimberly

Sorry for no posts! Have been really busy with school!
Anyway did you know theres a blue breed of dogs

Pax is striking a pretty pose while Daphne hides in her den.

My cats doin cat stuff.

Any time is nap time for Peck.

"Hey! Pass me up some muffins here, I'm starving!"

Good morning (or good afternoon or evening) to all our Mastodon friends! Hope you have a very pleasant !

CW: eye contact with a cat


Ancora con 'sti Manco una civetta ci cadrebbe pi...

These incredible cities are perfect for you and your furry friend to have a great time!

Experience the ultimate blend of pet-friendly living and urban excitement while making unforgettable memories.

Check out more details here:

Working on my new cat watercolor painting ....

Grey and white rabbit painting

Thickly textured palette knife oil painting of a sweet grey and white rabbit with blue eyes. Easter bunny art for kid's room, kitchen, nursery, home decor or the bunny lover.

video of Pizza the roach getting her name when she was a baby. she was also the roach that counted her babies in her adulthood.

she tried to steal my pizza which got her her name

video was recorded in 2016

I dont think Ill ever get a pet.
After interacting with my partners dog & various cats throughout my life

Ive realized, being responsible for another beings livelihood can ruin mine/make it harder.


Honored that "Heart Of Gold" won first place in the 1/13/2024 Fine Art America contest "Valentine's Day Card Art" contest. Thank you to contest administrator, Stephanie Laird, and everyone who voted for my image. Congratulations to the other winners!!

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Pax is dreaming of catnip and toys. She hopes you have a good evening (or a good day)! Stay safe and warm!

What a way to sleep! Pax is living her best life.

Naughty cat Duman.
(January 2024)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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Look closely. Can you find the void cat in the holiday house that doesn't want to be disturbed

A short story about decision making...

Heres what to consider before getting a second dog, according to one trainer

La siesta mas disfrutona del mundo mundial

UPDATE: More than three dozen guinea pigs were adopted from our shelters during the 10-day fee-waived adoptathon! Thank you to everyone who shared and helped find these little guys the loving new homes they deserve

Pax, when she realizes her brothers ate up all her treats.

Good morning (or afternoon or evening) to all of you! Have a very happy !

3 years ago, in the beginning of the pandemic, we had this guy. Hes been a blessing, and keeps us sane and joyful even in the hardest of times.

Jake the rabbit - textured painting

An original oil painting of a furry, fluffy, brown lop eared rabbit. Easter bunny art for a kid's room, kitchen, nursery, cafe, home decor or the bunny lover.

Alarm is at 6am, been awake since 3:30 because the one female cat that came to the farm after last spaying-fest is in heat and the males that are pending their neutering have their brains grabbed by their balls

If only arranging for a vet to visit and operate on-prem was easier than a months of follow ups and nothing to show for it.

Now you see me

Daphne is daydreaming again.

CW: eye contact with a cat

Will Ireland