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The jacket has arrived!
Thank you,
I'm going to ask a seamstress friend about measurements & how to adjust them to fit my cat

Fredericton SPCA hosts Pet Pawlooza to avoid closing its doors
In a recent letter sent to donors, the Fredericton SPCA said it only has enough funds to continue operations for about two more months.

Fredericton SPCA hosts Pet Pawlooza to avoid closing its doors
In a recent letter sent to donors, the Fredericton SPCA said it only has enough funds to continue operations for about two more months.

Good morning, afternoon or evening Mastodon friends! Hope you have a pleasant Sunday!

Pax appears to be deep in thought. What do you suppose she's thinking about


Cake is cooling and roast started in the oven. Potatoes are next. I am thinking of potato gratin. When someone has a birthday in this family they get one of their favored meals. I have to run out to get creme cheese for the icing later. The dogs really are amazing time managers making sure I am up nice and early at 6 Am on a Sunday morning. Don't worry they are working on their chews treats wile they watch me work.

Happy wet our gorgeous , has man so we are looking after him .

Luna is a fan of To The Grave.

Katzenworld: Pets Boost Remote Workers Mental and Physical Health: Survey Reveals Benefits and Impact

The Presidential Pets Mug features a playful portrait of the 44 furry friends whose loyalty and purrs have made them official members of the first family. Enjoy your favorite hot beverage in patriotic style!

Life of a cat, you gotta envy them

I put down this cheap papason chair for one minute to test out places for a new chair and it's immediately his favorite seat i the house

Meet Goldie, the sweet Golden Retriever. She loves the beach because she gets to run, splash in the water and meet lots of new friends. Everybody loves Goldie.

Shes here with U.S & Canade:

Pax had a fun . We hope you did too! Have a good night (or a good day)!

Have a relaxing Caturday!

Pencil sketch from my sketchbook

Today we introduced a new fur baby to the house. Scoobert hails from the local pound. He is 5 months old. We have no clue what his mix is.

Left: Scoobert before adoption
Right: Scoobert in his new home.

will be set up outside of five Tisol Pet Nutrition & Supply Stores on Main Street, Davie Street, Arbutus Street, Grandview Highway & Market Crossing .

From 10 am to 4 pm, teams of volunteers will be providing anyone in need of or food & supplies with enough items to get them through the holiday season.

There will also be litter & a limited amount of food for little pets (like & ) available.

Katzenworld: Help Save Isla Animals: Support Their New Shelter and Rescue Efforts

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Hes a chameleon.

Verne got the tinkle ball this !


Rescue Dog and 4-Year-Old Girl Adore Watching Disney Princess Movies Together

It's a perfect for a pair of swaddled purritos

Do you remember Darby He's the kitten my SIL found in a storm drain back in September. He's 3 months old now and thriving. My daughter thinks he's the sweetest boy!

RESCUE TIP: My SIL says if you ever find yourself trying to coax a baby kitten out of a spot where you can't reach them, call up "Mama cat calling her kitten" on YouTube. Works like a charm! Darby came out of that storm drain right to him!

Happy (from the not-a-cat).

Happy Caturday!

Sitting cat portrait - soft pastels painting -

Which cat portrait do you like better - black and white minimalist or in colorful rainbow colors

Black cat silhouette here:
Rainbow cat here:

Life doesn't get much more comfy than this!

Pax wishes you a good morning, afternoon or evening. Have a great !

Which are really just you sucking the spit out of other people who think theyre unique and edgy for not having boundaries, or basing their opinions off of shit on the internet that isnt even true. Honestly. Read a book, take a knitting class, and maybe learn how to keep your hands to yourself in the presence of other peoples animals.


Miss Jocelyn Bell Burnell The Cat decided her Caturday should start at three oclock in the morning, and required emergency petting regardless of the hour.

I don't care if those take a bath, I'm a Mr. Cat

shot Leica Q3 Summilux 1:1.7/28mm in Sicily (Italy) Biancavela Press / salvomic

Dany is a little wet Pika Pika
Jon in the background: >:c

Happy Caturday friends!

Going for a ride on my Bestie


What are you waiting for

Nov 18th and 19th free shipping on US ground shipping

Black cat acrylic painting here:

All my paintings here:


Great Australian Pods Podcast Directory:

Katzenworld: Mango the Cat: From Illness to a Happy Life

Good morning you lovely people. I've just had a long cuddle with Ziggy, her wee bare body tucked up under my chin while I curl up on the sofa half asleep. It's really blissful. Heaven must have in it. Toby's vet visit vent well yesterday. He's so different to the Hahns Macaws. Docile and easy to get in and out of the travel cage. Ziggy especially is prone to escape when the vet tries to towel her. I've seen us chasing her around the surgery room a few times The vet just laughs. I think he has a real soft spot for Hahns Macaws. He knows well what little rascals they can be.

A full on for me today as I work on the custom I am trying to finish for next week. I've decided to start watching What we do in the Shadows from the beginning again, so looking forward to a day of and binge watching.

Have a lovely day, whatever you get up to

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