Hello Animal Lover!
All you need to know about caring for your pet.

Throwback photo of Hoagie and his gremlin energy. He really wanted that food :blobfoxcrylaugh:

Turn up the volume to hear each word. This weeks words are pets. Try using these words throughout the week and become comfortable using Irish in your day to day life

Good morning (or afternoon or evening) to you all! Pax is ready to play today. Hope you have a relaxing Sunday!

Turn up the volume to hear each word. This weeks words are pets. Try using these words throughout the week and become comfortable using Irish in your day to day life

"If all the worlds dogs went vegan it would save more greenhouse gas emissions than those produced by the UK, according to research advocating the environmental benefits of plant-based pets."

Katzenworld: Understanding Pet Moulting: Causes, Duration, and How to Help Your Pet &Tips

Ever wondered what an animal that's part cat-like and part dog-like would look like This was very informative!

This spot is great because everyone notices me and talks about how cute I am

Happy Caturday!

We've got two sweet rescues that were supposed to be "barn cats". But really they are porch pumas waiting for food and love! We affectionately call them "The Puma Naughty"...lol


Think Nell looks comfy

Important to Know: Proper Puppy Care

Cat returns home after living with another woman for close to three years

Happy Caturday Halla

I went out to get supplies for an adult cat and then go to the shelter to adopt and adult, and somehow I ended up with this little fluff ball instead. His name is Luo Binghe, Bingy for short.

Doodle is happy that it's .

For Halloween, my cats are going as murderer and victim.

: Eating plant-based would reduce more GHG than the emissions of the UK for ' diets, more than those of Israel for ', diets, and more GHG than those of the entire EU for human diets:


If humans & their transited to diets, billions of animals would be spared from slaughter and very large reductions of water & , GHG , acidification & , and biocides could be realised:

Happy from Pax and all of us! We hope you have a special day!

Do What You Need to Do
See the moon roll across the starsSee the seasons turn like a heartYour father's days are lost to youThis is your time here to do what you will doYour life is now, your life is now, your life is nowIn this undiscovered momentLift your head up above the crowdWe could shake this worldIf you would only show us ho

-owner tip:

Play firework sound effects (YouTube) at low volumes in your dog's presence, being careful not to react to or even acknowledge the sounds. Completely ignore the sounds AND the device.

Don't make a fuss of your dog just potter about casually doing other things in sight of your dog, letting them see how very unbothered you are!

Do this now and again, gradually increasing to a medium volume, in the lead up to Halloween and NYE.

I am fed up being a model! How about walkies

Katzenworld: King Olivers Search for His Missing Sister in His Kingdom

Mia is sitting at the window staring right at me with a fly in her mouth that's still alive and buzzing.

Lilith is carrying an empty snail shell around like its her kitten and yowling at the top of her voice.

Loki is sleeping so heavily that I just had to poke him to do an awake check.

The pigs are running around their cages in circles and popcorning so much that they sound like tiny elephants.

Get a pet, they said. They're great for your mental health, they said.

Bully McWinkerston Bark in the Park San Jose (not their real name)

Pax is getting sleepy. Good night (or good day) everyone!

Red eye, for when you really want der hoomins to know who's boss and want to put your paw down on who is going to be a vampire-were-critter for Halloweens.

Daphne is having a peaceful afternoon. Hope your Friday is peaceful too!

According to Director of Emergency and Critical Care at Angell Animal Medical Center, Dr. Kiko Bracker, will display noticeable signs if they ingest , like stumbling, startling easily without stimulation, and half-napping while awake.

Check out this Boston Globe story for more:

Katzenworld: The Benefits of SOULMATE N1 Herbal Essence for Calming Pets and Strengthening the Bond &Tips

New Parker short!

Useless Facts, Badly Drawn #318: Nedjem.

Gobi and Cookie

Help someone smile today by performing a random act of kindness to celebrate

Katzenworld: How Cats Can Improve Your Mental Wellbeing: Research and Benefits of Pet Ownership and Therapy Animals &Tips

Well now my foot is very warm.

How common are dog attacks
"Public health studies estimate there are about 100,000 dog attacks in Australia each year, and people end up being hospitalised in about three per cent of attacks. An even smaller portion of attacks make it into the news, and when they do the outcome is usually devastating."
"That's because about 80 per cent of attacks happen in the home and children are three times more likely to be hospitalised from an attack."

Pax is winding down up on her favorite shelf. She wishes you a good night (or a good day)!

The chilliest lows of the season (thus far) will arrive in Montana and Wyoming Friday morning... protect people, pets and plants!

Budgerigar painting with a touch of chiaroscuro. This is an older work I painted from life on my Nintendo 3DS.