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All you need to know about caring for your pet.

This photo could be the cover for an indie band's album

Leia isnt going to stop death glaring you until you bring her some veggies

Does this count for It's the best Pax could manage for today.

Aw yis, I wrote a fun story about tracking down a lost dog named Sprinkles for this new collection. If your kiddos like animals, this is great graphic novel anthology.

Part of MetaFilter's fundraiser this year involved temporarily allowing more chatfilter type questions. It took a while, but eventually an Ask MetaFilter question about weird things your cat does was posted by spamandkimchi!

Care for your Pet

My favorite picture of my wifes cousins dogs.

Happy Friday to you, Mastodon friends! Pax is ready to take on the world! She is recovering well from her surgery.

Happy to all who celebrate!

Today in 'Everything can be repurposed as a bed': this opened envelope that I'm apparently not allowed to throw away just yet.

The anti-vaccine rhetoric that dogged COVID-19 responses has now gone to the dogs, literally.

A little more than half of surveyed dog owners53 percentquestioned the safety, efficacy, and/or necessity of vaccinating their beloved four-legged family members

Katzenworld: Tips for Keeping Your Cat Hydrated: Water Bowls, Fountains, and More &Tips

Lurch says if you're awake enough to be on your phone, you're awake enough to give him pets.

"Cats kill over 6 million native animals in Australia each day, and are challenging to manage...Since they arrived in Australia with Europeans, cats have spread across 99% of the country...One in ten of the mammal species present when cats arrived are now extinct. Cats played a major role in most of those 34 extinctions. And they continue to drive population declines and regional extinctions of susceptible species...Impacted species include more than 200 of Australias nationally listed threatened species and 37 migratory species."


It is

Pax is all tuckered out. Our dancing ballerina has had a long day trying to recuperate from her surgery. Time for some sleep! Good night (or good day) everyone!

Very fast hang out moment. Which rat is this No idea. Either Scout or Dante. Thats what happens when they all look alike.

Unternehmungslustig ...
(Mrz 2014)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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Postcard reward for a patron. Patrons at my $10 tier can receive a reward like this one.

Daphne has high hopes of becoming a Rockette.

Katzenworld: Top Cooling Recipes for Pets: From Pet-Safe Smoothies to Pupsicles &Tips

Play time

Interesting Facts: Is it possible to teach a dog to talk

Large breeds don't live too long: Learn more about your pet

Nap time: Garden Edition! ,

Princess Pax wishes you a happy Thursday! She's in day 3 of recovery from her surgery and is doing well.

Have often thought an NHS for pets would be sensible. I know there's PDSA for low income and people will say you shouldn't own pets if you can't afford them but that would make pet ownership a preserve of the top 10%.

The heat is on, it's on the street Hydrate yourself, to stay on your feet

Katzenworld: RSPCA search for the purrfect retirement home for 19 year old Ginger (92 in human years)

Here's a portrait that was made not long ago for a lady in Oregon msg me if youd like any of your special photos painted! I specialize in that!

"Feral cats kill an estimated two billion animals per year, which equates to six million per night."
"They played a role in Australia's two latest extinctions ... they are one of the main reasons Australia is the mammal extinction capital of the world."


Hello from Minnie the Cat. :nekocatseye:

Thing back in the beginning of August They're getting so big!

Thing back in the beginning of August They're getting so big!

Baby Pax has run out of steam. Time to sleep and to heal. Good night (or good day) everyone!

Truffles recently suffered an abscess on his face. Got help yesterday at the vet. Now hes doing better. Its been tough seeing him hurt. But it feels good to care for him. Aiming for a happy healthy piggy.

Our adult tabby cat named Sunday has wonderfully long white whiskers.

Two of my beautiful daughters enjoying some time in the .

Look at him

GoGain Course in New South Wales