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All you need to know about caring for your pet.

These 7 unusual holiday items could be dangerous for your cat:

388 von Haustieren

Welches Haustier ist am beliebtesten (Statista + Kommentar: Hunde, Katzen und die anderen) Briefing 388 Gesellschaft, Tierhaltung

Oh look, it's a gargoyle!

CW: eye contact with a cat

Here's a pointsettia-laden cat to help put you in a festive mood - Happy Caturday to all!

"Winston in Winter" -

My peace-loving babushka, conqueror of hearts. Wishing you all a Happy Caturday


The elf.

Looks like I have to find somewhere else to sleep...

Do you have to leave your cats home alone for the holidays If you do, here are 12 tips to make it safer and easier for them -

Happy ! A cautionary tale of letting ferrets wrap your presents using double sided tape.

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Merry Snekmas to each and every scalie from my little St Sneks!

Rauf snoozing.

Goodnight all!

Pax is one tired kitty. Time for sleep. Good night or good day Mastodon friends.

Y'all I wrote about my this week for my article bc I'm a hopeless lady and also a chronic overthinker, so of course I'm super conflicted about straight-up owning another living being.

Anyone else feel like this, tho where are concerned are so squishy. I'm glad that the word exists honestly, shoutout to people for being mad wise about with non-human .



Nimbus investigating his advent calendar earlier this month. Hamsters get popcorn!

that reminds me of this one a puppy has been licking the jar of skippy peanut butter, and he offers the jar to a stuffed dog! Hey its the thought that counts, and the thought that dogs are generous is stunning.

Wishing you a purrfect Christmas!

You want me to go WHERE today It's COLD out there!


Ways to get through the holidays when you've just lost a pet or are facing such a loss, in this week's

I don't get why people shave off their dog's fur and then put a jacket on the dog. Is it a control thing "I own you, therefore I decide if and when you get to be warm in winter"

Miss Rosie

Floof & Goons

Nature Scientific Reports: Fetching felines: a survey of cat owners on the diversity of cat (Felis catus) fetching behaviour. "Here we present the results of a survey of 924 cat owners who report fetching behaviour in 1154 cats. The overwhelming majority (94.4%) of these owners report that fetching emerged in the absence of explicit training. "

Playing Possum
Last night I got to experience something for the very first time. The pup, now eight months old and keenly observant of all that moves in her kingdom, spotted an opossum nibbling on fallen birdseed a second before me. It seems opossums don't run nearly as fast as an excited mutt. The gap was closed in an instant and the pup was on top of th

Working from home in the season is always fun for the family

Cat-owner duo in Ohio shares amputee journey while helping others through animal therapy

They go into a setting and people are like, Whoa, theres a cat on a leash. Whats happening'

Sobek says hello and Let it snow

I think my doggo is broken...he likes to sleep like this...

It's been a long day. Pax's bedtime is here. Good night (or good day) Mastodon friends!

Yesterday I did make the being bad with the .. what if the are the naughty ones


Peck is about to invade Daphne's quiet little nook.

All you need to know about caring for your pet.