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Tell Mom its treat time!

Can you believe these sweet pups Wendy and Lainey have been in our care for more than 100 days Neither can we! They both love to play and are very affectionate. We know theyll be perfect for the right adopters. Meet Wendy during open hours at Nevins Farm from noon-3pm and Lainey at the Northeast Animal Shelter from 11:30am-5pm today.

Meme brincando com pano / playing with a cloth

Good morning (or good afternoon or evening) to all of you! Pax is in a pensive mood this morning. It's a great day for daydreaming!

Its not a rollover situation, pal. If you don't use your lives, you lose em.

Mental health is a universal human right and pets can play a vital role in supporting our mental well-being

If you or someone you know is struggling you're NOT alone, just reach out!

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Katzenworld: Tummy Rub Tuesday Week 468: Submit Your Cat Photos for a Chance to be Featured! #

I put the new blanket on the bed and she loves it! It has dachshunds on it!

Top 10 best life experiences ever are when your scratching behind a dogs ears/on their neck and they use their lil foot to scratch it with you. 16/10 would rather have had it happen like once a day than falling in love with Richard and inevitable getting eaten alive by his ego.

Pax has had a long day. She's ready for sleep. Good night (or good day) everyone!

Sailor wishes you a Happy Halloween

Phoebe is back home with us, the X-rays were clear so she was free to go! We'll be giving gabapentin and critical care for a few days, but hopefully we're out of the woods.

Chester has been pampering her with grooming

"The stick must come with me!"

Dahlia always giving me a death glare like I did something wrong

For my friends in Europe - my watercolor painting "Two bunnies" is now available at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries).

Fr meine Freunde in Deutschland - mein Aquarellgemlde "Zwei Hschen" ist nun auch bei Art Heroes erhltlich (kostenloser Versand).

With or without text
You can choose what you like best...

Two bunnies watercolor painting - here:

Katzenworld: The Shocking Differences Between Cats and Dogs: Which Pet is Right for You

Doyle is ready for tummy rubs.

The sun cat lounges on his earthly throne

Phoebe update, she's out of the ICU as her temperature is back up. She's been eating and pooping on her own this morning, so she's definitely on the mend. She'll be getting x-rays to rule out liver lobe torsion, but barring that she should be coming back home today.

Happy Mondog! Have a great week too.

Monday Mood

Xing Xing the Rescue Kitty hopes this picture brings a smile to your day


Harrison has a little blanket.

Pax wishes you a good morning (or good afternoon or evening)! She has big plans to cause a little mischief and have some fun today.

iOS 17 brings new functionality to the Photos app, letting you tag and add your pets to your "People & Pets" album, previously just the "People" album.

iOS 17: Your Photos App Now Recognizes Your Pets

Katzenworld: The Importance of Having a Cat Guardian: A Humorous Perspective from Queen Nubzilla

With lots of love in every memory and words, this is my new story published on .

"Lua & Buba: A Story of Love, Loss, and New Beginnings
Our Four-Legged Loves"

Feel free to share your thoughts about.


New blog post!

Phoebe is spending the night at the hospital as her temperature was low and she still wasn't eating. When Chester was there for a similar situation he did just fine after getting some fluids. We're all missing her tonight

Just finished this cutie pie! A custom portrait of Ted. :)


Good night (or good day) to you all! Pax is smiling. She had a happy day. We hope you did as well.

Standing portrait
(May 2015)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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Parking lot wiener

Phoebe wasn't eating this morning, so we've fed critical care and now we're waiting at the emergency vet. Not too worried, but fingers crossed she isn't obstructed.

Here she is, absolutely covered in critical care dribbles

Throwback photo of Hoagie and his gremlin energy. He really wanted that food :blobfoxcrylaugh:

Turn up the volume to hear each word. This weeks words are pets. Try using these words throughout the week and become comfortable using Irish in your day to day life

Good morning (or afternoon or evening) to you all! Pax is ready to play today. Hope you have a relaxing Sunday!

I love my dog