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All you need to know about caring for your pet.

Sitting like a good boy. Spoiler alert - it doesn't last.

Just Peck showing off his black panther imitation.

Happy from Peck and the whole gang!

"But Mom, I promise I won't break anything."

CW: eye contact with a cat


Pax looks like she spent the night sleeping in a billiard ball rack.

She wishes you a good morning, afternoon or evening. Have a happy Tuesday!

Primeiras de 2024, feiras de adoo de pets de Barueri retomam na sexta-feira (5)
Eventos ocorrem no Centro Comercial de Alphaville e nos dias 6 e 7 no Parque Municipal

Primeiras de 2024, feiras de adoo de pets de Barueri retomam na sexta-feira (5)
Eventos ocorrem no Centro Comercial de Alphaville e nos dias 6 e 7 no Parque Municipal

Several years ago, a man contacted me and asked to have his dog named Vader painted as Darth Vader. And he had a very loose idea of what he wanted, and asked me to come up with something, and this is how it turned out, it was done with oil paint on canvas. I can make something cool for you too, msg me for

New year, new introduction!

Hi! Im Bek. Im here to find real people who I vibe with. Im one of those ADHD types who has a vast array of hobbies and interests, so Ill try to capture the salient points in hashtag form:

I imagine a buffer overflow probably looks like something like this.

A specialist at work.

The hot takeaway food had just been delivered, the football game had just started on TV. Everything was going according to plan until the wee dirt magnet tried to muscle in on the action. How are you supposed to pig out with this staring back at you

The four stages of 1) Identify 2) Test 3) Snooze 4) Endure

This guy would NOT sit still. Every time I leaned in, he stood up and tipped his head for kisses.

Videos coming soon! Follow for and inner

Another day and another beanbag for . Today it's his pale grey number. He sinks into this one rather a lot

Well... don't mind me then if you're going to play that thing again. I'll just sit here, where your foot happens to be incidentally.... or maybe I'll just lie here instead.

Theres a dog breed that has no fur! The name is Xoloitzcuintli

Please make sure your are safe. Our neighbours dog died this tragic way this week . She suffocated in a chip bag

Happy New Year everyone! I hope youre all enjoying a post celebration nap to start 2024

Stimmung Anfang 2024 - frohes Neues


Ricominciamo l'anno con una bella, edificante sulla forza indissolubile dell'amiciz...



Go Washington Huskies!

Sugar Bowl 2024 at 5PM PST

"Mom, have the fireworks stopped yet"

CW: eye contact with a cat

Design Milk : Papuk: A Feline-Loving Designers Elegant Cat Tree

Is pet health insurance worthwhile

Young marmot, last year somewhere in Switzerland. We spent the night nearby, and were planning to shoot the Milky Way in the night. Unfortunately, the night turned out cloudy, so no luck there! But the luck returned in the morning, with a family of young marmots frolicking around.

Here're some progress photos of a pet portrait that was made for a home in the U.K. last year. If anyone out there's interested in having a nice made of their pet, let me know! Humans can be painted too!

I feel as if the length of my cat's claws have a direct relationship to the size of his delusions of grandeur.

for the holidays, make a difference instead of noise: buy a few bags of pet food for a shelter (or a food bank) instead of fireworks.

Happy NewYear

I couldnt agree more. Animals find fireworks terrifying and can cause heart attacks or scared animals to bolt.

A poster with the caption Fireworks Scare Animals To Death! Above an image of a cowering black dog with their tail down and a fireworks display showing in its eyes.

Happy ! I stomped out a smoldering fire next to a car caused by illegal tied to a bottle of a flammable liquid. Witnessed stressed out by all the loud bangs but had a few comfortable hours on a friend's couch, discussing just stuff that came up

Now some nice rain forces people inside and makes sure the duds won't be lit up by youth the next day

Risk of getting dementia could be impacted by having a dog or cat

Its New Years Eve. That means fireworks. Please PLEASE make sure your pets are inside and safe. Pets HATE fireworks and run away in droves.

Good night or good day Mastodon friends! Have a very Happy New Year!

CW: eye contact with a cat

If you love animals, please, no fireworks.

Our cats will all be terrified and hiding all evening.


Fireworks schmireworks! to all you Fedippl and from this little dirt magnet and me (his grampa, who's solitary new year resolution is to play more guitar in retirement). Oh and if isn't your bag, you can always follow for more and videos coming soon.

ain't afraid of no steenking fireworks. Maybe it's because they're gun Whatever the reason, thankfully this is not at all fazed by them.


All you need to know about caring for your pet.