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Since it's we recommend you curl up with a cat on your lap and listen to our old podcast episode "Our Pet Topic (Part 2, with Cats)"!

Design Milk : Tavo Is Revolutionizing the Way We Travel With Our Pets

Las mamas perrunas . Son las mejores

Pax wishes you a bright and peaceful Monday!

Not knowing that his human had died, a dog waited for him for a year in a hospital in Caloocan City, Philippines. Does this story sound familiar

Outfit de halloween perruno

Katzenworld: Young Kitten Avoids Leg Amputation Thanks to PDSA: A Story of Hope and Help

EP099 Rexo to Khaira plz stop tickling me

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Who's a good doggie
Who's a good doggie
You are! You're a good doggie!

OMQ finds the majestic qualities in all creatures.

Y'know, I love my dogs.

I don't let them pick up food off the street because it could make them sick, so, when my princely boy dog grabs something and runs... I think it's just food.

It wasn't.

It was shit.

He made me wrestle shit out of his mouth.



Pax's bedtime is almost here. We hope you have a wonderful evening and a great week ahead.

Here's an that was made for a lady California several yrs back msg me for ! I specialize in people's favorite photos!

Uh oh, someone is moping today. Poor girl.

My kids enjoying the heating pad while enjoying the foliage view

Meme, Pelcio, Miminha etc: 5 + 3

I got sent a cat in the mail today and they want my fingy :blobfoxbox:

Purr-fectly Clever Stories!

New Parker short!

Cats marking territory: Be a good pet owner

Cute, and s/he does appear to be loafing, but a hard pass on dog breads.

My children at the salad bar.

Katzenworld: Highlights from the WSAVA World Congress 2023: New Global Guidelines, Sustainability in Veterinary Profession, and World Rabies Day Assessment &Tips

EP098 Rexo drives Locco crazy on Khaira

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Short on confetti for your next bash My I offer the service of my . The stacked tp holder was a bit of a bust.

Three angles of weenie mutt junior

Happy from Harrison and a box we got from Nuts.com (not a sponsor) (please ignore my unvacuumed rug, I've been sick)

Another cat for Caturday ...

Black cat hiding - acrylic painting -

I think Leia is mad at me for this

Just Doodle acting cute.

This is my evil cat Monkey. It is not her fault she is awful. She came from a home with dogs and crack heads and has serious trust issues, but the softest fur and the cutest fucking feet ever. MAN does she bite though. is made not born

It's Caturday! The cat lovers collection at


Saturdays are for dogs too

will testament new zealand