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New Parker short! Here's an angery man after a flea treatment. Don't worry, takes about 10 minutes for him to forgive me.

NPR: Vaccine hesitancy affects dog-owners, too, with many questioning the rabies shot

Looks like somebody woke up in a grumpy mood this morning. In spite of all that, Pax and I wish you a very happy !

Last night our 10 month puppy was driving us crazy. I am not sure if it was full moon or what but she was waking all of us up. It will be a long day today.

Katzenworld: What to do if you find a stray cat plus the 5,000 mistake to avoid &Tips

Doodle and Daphne are enjoying the great weather today. It's warm enough to keep the windows open and they are loving it.

Luna is waiting for you to bring her a treat

Katzenworld: Cat Puzzle: Unscramble Musical Cat Tunes and Have Fun! #

Doyle is being a ball today.

He thinks hes hidden under there. Hes such a goof :blobfoxhappy:

The best way to prevent weight problems with your pets is to work with your veterinarian to assess body condition and discuss how much your pet is eating and their activity level. Looking for more weight management tips Check out our website:

according to some studies, as many as 50% of and are overweight or obese, which can lead to health problems like exacerbated joint degeneration and osteoarthritis. Weight loss alone can help keep pets off some pain meds 1/

Happy to you! We hope you have a beautiful day! Pax is looking around, trying to see what mischief she can get herself into today.


Pet Rock Cats!



The Pet Rock was a fad in the mid-70s, started by Gary Dahl. Sold in cardboard boxes, these "pets" were ordinary rocks and came with a humorous manual with instructions for "care". The idea was a critique on pet ownership hassles. This novelty item became a hit over 1.5 million were sold, symbolising the power of uniqueness in marketing.


These Cats are cuter than their original ancestors!

dognapper on a scooter sought

Today I'm working with two of my favorites - a cat and bright fall colors .....

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Claws Of Obsession

My wiener comes with radar dishes.

Everything packed and ready

Love it when I get woken up at 4:30 AM to a dog with an upset stomach
Glad I wasn't still -high and confused (as I usually get after taking my night meds), realized that Tessa needed out, managed to get pants, cross with no socks and only a jacket on - get the dog harness on her and rush out, still somewhat disoriented.

Looks like she's in quarantine in the linoleum kitchen for the unforeseeable future. Got no idea what she's eaten but it was a sight alright

EP094 Rexo to Khaira come on let us play ball

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A bun wif a puzzle. What's dis Why dis What to do wif dis

Bark in the Park San Jose

Alma, my sweet and brave walking companion.

Glad to hear this is happening again this year!

Adding some hashtags for broader reach:

Someone is panicking because as Im riding my exercise bike (excuse the heavy breathing), she MUST climb onto my lap which just isnt possible this very minute.
For someone with a tiny voice, she can be quite loud when she needs to be.
She finally managed to climb onto my shoulders and now I have cat fur stuck to me everywhere because Im sweaty.
Lets call it Adventures in exercising

Tell Mom its treat time!

Can you believe these sweet pups Wendy and Lainey have been in our care for more than 100 days Neither can we! They both love to play and are very affectionate. We know theyll be perfect for the right adopters. Meet Wendy during open hours at Nevins Farm from noon-3pm and Lainey at the Northeast Animal Shelter from 11:30am-5pm today.

Meme brincando com pano / playing with a cloth

Good morning (or good afternoon or evening) to all of you! Pax is in a pensive mood this morning. It's a great day for daydreaming!

Its not a rollover situation, pal. If you don't use your lives, you lose em.

Mental health is a universal human right and pets can play a vital role in supporting our mental well-being

If you or someone you know is struggling you're NOT alone, just reach out!

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I put the new blanket on the bed and she loves it! It has dachshunds on it!

Top 10 best life experiences ever are when your scratching behind a dogs ears/on their neck and they use their lil foot to scratch it with you. 16/10 would rather have had it happen like once a day than falling in love with Richard and inevitable getting eaten alive by his ego.

Pax has had a long day. She's ready for sleep. Good night (or good day) everyone!

but this one Talks to you.