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All you need to know about caring for your pet.

Que bonito que es Chinchon

Do you know the signs of stress in your cat Youll find them here:

Care for your Pet

found in La Pompeya sector of Vina Del Mar

SE BUSCA A SU FAMILIA, RESCATADO EN SECTOR LA POMPEYA , Actualmente se encuentra en Escuela Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins, para mayor informacin comunquese con IG: catastrovet

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These $23 buffalo chips are a hit at our house. We don't have aggressive chewers so these give them plenty of chew time & the chips seem safer than some other other types of chew. This is right at the low point for a bag of these.

Nice furniture crate. Love when the door doesn't swing out in the way.

Spy dogs learn to control their wag.

Handwashing a major source of pet in UK rivers


The pet Ill never forget: Kevin the cat was my confidant. Then came the dreaded phone call ...

Look at this good girl.

Restaurant cat (Instagram 15.10.2021)

Creo que con esta caricatura he batido algn record de dibujo de mascotas en una nica ilustracin. 2 caballos, 3 perros, 2 gatos, 2 cabras y 1 vaca.

Si t tambin quieres que te dibuje con tus mascotas, con tus barcos en miniatura o con tu coleccin de mocos secos ponte en contacto conmigo y lo hablamos.

Did you know that there is a breed of dog known as the 'Specialogue' These dogs are bred specifically to be the most unique and one-of-a-kind in the world! They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and can even have customized markings based on their owner's preferences.

Me: Maya, what did you do!
Maya: Im sorry. I dont know how it happened. Im a princess. I dont roll around in the mud.
Maya: I love youuuu

Bright sunny morning, charging up my solar batteries and cats

Checking China Daily...

"Legislators want Shanghai to be more furry-friendly to attract young people"

Gosh I love cultural differences!

Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bugs bite!

Sleep baby sleep,
Close your bright eyes....
Lullaby by Jimmie Rodgers

Pax is sleeping contentedly in her bed. Hope you all have a good night/day!

$20 is a good price on water fountains. Capacity on this one is better suited for cats & small dogs. Love the water level indicator

My non-fur babies

County of Santa Barbara:

Pet Owners in Evacuation Areas: County of Santa Barbara animal shelters are open for intake until 6pm. Shelter phone lines (833-422-8413) are open until 6pm.
The animal emergency after hours number is: 805-681-4332

When your parents show pictures of adolescent you, where you actually thought you looked rather bada$$ at the time

Kitten season is starting and shelters get overwhelmed. If you can volunteer to foster, it really helps.

Just give him a sunbeam and a blanket and Peck is in his happy place.

/ -

Earl Warren (3400 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, CA 93105) is open to accept livestock until 1pm today.

All three Santa Barbara County Animal Services Shelter are open today from 10am-6pm.

Phone lines are open 10am - 6pm.833-432-8413

For animal emergencies - call 911

Since my last post on birds I was wondering if anyone had questions about owning one or just had questions in general. Well, you're welcome to and I will try my best to respond as fast as I can. You can leave your questions here or tag me on the post you'd like to have a question on.

Now you can have a little bird break from all those words <3.


WrestleMania at our house.

My buddy Pax and a little coffee make for a pleasant morning.

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all our Mastodon friends! Hoping your day is pleasant as well.

Trigger alert: eye contact

Dozens of injured and = There is currently an urgent need for veterinarians in the areas of / in .

Do your kids want a dog may be on their side.

Today was spent mostly resting and cuddling with cats. Much needed break from being out and about every day last week.

Long-tailed tit. One of the cutest birds living in Poland. I took this photo almost 10 years ago, but recently it won a contest and will now show up in Google Chromecast (along with some other of my photos), so it might make sense to bump it up :)

Sabrina Madison

Happy Sunday!

Doggo living his best life
Christopher Gunson

Captain KAITO

A brief on the jata stingless at home.

Um breve vdeo das jata em casa.

Happy Caturday from Finny, as he peers over the edge of his window hammock at me. This boy LOVES a good window hammock.



$43 for a nice big cushy bed. They deserve it

So You Think It's Cute

living will