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Pax says Happy Thursday to you all!

Well went out and came back with a flat cap for Charlie and I think he looks great

Sometimes dog parenting can be a little tough but it's also incredibly rewarding!

It's known to help lower your blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, and boost your mood!

Please remember this next time you're having a bad day!

Widdle boi the question mark cockroach. He was a friendly and intelligent bug who was dog-like in demeanor. He tilted his head at anything he was interested in, gave high fives, liked car rides, and was afraid of the outdoors.

He even had wire prosthetics in the last few days of his life.


Katzenworld: Supporting Cats in Need: Peoples Postcode Lottery Raises Over 7.3 Million

Oh, so much this. So very much this.

That reminds me of a I have not told here previously. Shock, I know.

My partner wasn't allowed any as a kid. After she finished school and was out working in the real world, she decided to fix that, and picked a as her first pet. Standard Syrian hamster, kind of tawny coloured. She named her Zena Wallenda. If you've ever seen a hamster hanging upside-down from the wire root of their cage, you know why.


have u had any good experiences with insurance

Sir Alec is black all over except a litte white near belly button.

My favourites so far (all by GREAT experts):

There are more great ones, but those are my top five.

This turned out to be prescient.

Here is some footage of a painting that was made for a lady in North Carolina last year. Message me if youre interested in having your pet painted!

As a single man living in a fairly isolated rural village, sometimes my cat is the only companionship I have.

This is the original version of my profile pic!

Angesichts diese "Monsters" hlt sich Duman the cat lieber im Hintergrund.
(Mai 2013)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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I've said it many times, but I envy her ability to pull her "I'm over your bs and I'm grumpily judging you" face so effortlessly.

I should really start replying to people who cross the line just with her pictures and refrain from saying anything else. XD

Katzenworld: Cat Puzzle: Test Your Skills with Kitty Crypto Quotes #

Play time

Anyone looking to adopt a cat or dog need look no further than The Humane Society of Huron Valley in Ann Arbor. All adoptable animals are spayed or neutered, are up to date on their vaccines and microchipped and are FREE

Daphne is just lounging around on this hot and humid .

Too cool for school.

Not just humans, you should worry about your pets feet/paws when walking them.

Happy from Pax and all of us!

I have this odd clothespin.

Perfect pets for homebodies: Find your perfect pet companion

This kid looks dangerously cosy.

Walking sucks