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All you need to know about caring for your pet.

Ozzie says good morning. Hed like a bath.


The snoozing cat contemplates his multi-colored toe beans

"Why are you making fun of my weird sister"

This is somehow the maximum comfort position she keeps returning to, and I've just leaned to accept it.

Pax is standing on tiptoes while Peck, who doesn't yet trust her, watches her closely. (Open up for full effect).

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Happy !! I love cats!
Cosmic Cat digital art (not AI) is my own cat, Kitty, and how I believe she might see herself. High above us all, out in space, the cosmos reflects against Kitty's fur and in her all-knowing blue eyes as she looks outward on her otherworldly domain.

See her here -

Snowy awaits my brother's arrival from the shops:

Good morning (evening) everyone! Happy !

Nap time is the best time!

New Yorker: Bringing Up Lady Bird /TheWeekendEssay

so for past couple of days i've been playing , it's a lovely little cosy with quite a few but i can see where it's heading, it's basically / / etc it's fun and with great community guidelines aimed at protecting players from abuse and discriminatory behaviour, the and crafting system is really simple and intuitive, although i do wish they would allow multi item instead of sitting there crafting 100 things one at a time. the farming is lovely and simple, till, plant, water, harvest (after growth time) gathering is nice, go upto tree, hit with axe a few times, same with mining, and hunting is with a bow, wich ads a nice extra skill check (sort of)

now onto the major downside

the oh dear goddess this is horrendous and so predatory. so to start with as of theres no extra clothes that are free, just standard you get in the character creator, everything else you have to pay real money for, and this is where it gets worse, items of are incredibly expensive,
a 3 outfit pack sets you back 30-50 for 3 of the same item in slightly different patterns, are locked behind buying credit packs, and each credit pack is just below the price of outfits, so you have to buy 2 packs just to get them, boosting the price up once more, there is currently no way of earning said credits in game either.

like i said theres a fair few bugs, random are the biggest,

i hope you like my little review of on the first week of

Enjoying supper

Weekend mood.

Katzenworld: The Transgender Cat: A Story of Survival and Hope for Cats in Need

It's whaturday

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Pax is back in her favorite pillow case. It must be time for bed. Good night (or day) all!

Full story > Over 130 shelter just boarded an emergency flight from
The pets were being cared for by Maui Humane Society when the on the Hawaiian island erupted.

Cats, though adorable and loving, are in essence bird killing machines,

Katzenworld: Pet Owners Unwittingly Feeding a Potential Pet Obesity Epidemic &Tips

The fam

Took a little break. Back with Walter!

Littermates, Peck and Daphne, couldn't be more different.

Pax wants to show you how big she has grown. She's not the tiny kitten she once was. Have a great Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend!

Katzenworld: Unleash the Purrfection: Discover the Pawsome Advantages of Raised Cat Food Bowls!

Morning ritual with cats, after walk with dogs is done: coffee and warmth.

It was good to see my today.

Chikoo says have your breakfast before your zoomies!

I adopted a kitten a few months ago after my 17 year old cat died who I had since I was in my early 30's. The decision was killing me. I was so miserable without her but I didn't want to subject her to poverty. So now I am in an anxiety state where I tell myself if I went homeless again I could let her go. I wonder if that stress is why she is losing weight

Hazelnut waiting for her mommy to get home! Shes such a mommys girl, she barely cares when Im around, but when mommy is out, she frets and frets.

From Humane Society: If you find a pet, file a found report.

If you *see* a pet but cannot contain them, filing a found report is still extremely helpful.

Pax is beginning to look sleepy. Good night (or day) everyone!

New York Citys shelter animal population has exploded, with many animals waiting weeks or months without being adopted

to 2017 when we used a torn, leather bomber jacket to make this adorable, steampunk deputy dog harness for Pepper. I was so pleased to find those little brass pieces to accent the design.

> Coyote Holler Rd & Ranch Rd, Potrero in San Diego County / California

Mt. Empire High School parking lot at 3305 Buckman Springs Rd, Pine Valley

/ / :
San Diego County Animal Shelter at 5821 Sweetwater Road,

San Diego County Emergency Map:

I got fan mail! Someone wrote to My Human about the podcast that she and Heather Cox Richardson
and I co-host, asking if they were imagining things, or if they heard a swing banging a birdcage in the background.

It was ball-banging me!

No paparazzi please.


Litter Box Sensor Lets You Know Exactly What the Cats Been Up To -assistant


All you need to know about caring for your pet.