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Own your Own Pet Business Cute/good idea

Kukla and Peck wish you a happy !

I was going to have a rant about the recent rushed dog legislation in the UK, but I realised that I laready did it, years ago, and basically nothing has changed. I refer you to my previous rant on breed-specific legislation. Great job, Suella.

Care for your Pet

Here is another portrait of our eco-friendly lawnmower - this time a minimalist black and white ink drawing.

See it full here:

Monday morning vibe. Have a great week!

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Bath time

I try not to regret much, but. i gave Harley up at a low point a few years ago. It was better for him, but i do miss the bugger.

Pax loves snuggling with her CatDaddy. She'll be asleep soon. Good night (or good day) everyone!

In the realm of connections, there exists a fascinating that has captured the curiosity of both and alike - animal communication and the enigmatic realm of psychic pets. This intriguing concept looks into the idea that animals possess a form of communication and sensitivity that transcends our conventional understanding.

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Thing is just so cute! I love taking these 'selfie' pictures of them
(Bonus points if anyone can recognize the action figures I have sitting on top of the tank).

Thing is just so cute! I love taking these 'selfie' pictures of them
(Bonus points if anyone can recognize the action figures I have sitting on top of the tank).

A for Zelda, our just stretching out and relaxing.

Couple of pictures I took a few nights ago. Snowy having a yawn after a long evening:


: non sempre affidabile.

Today we celebrate for our cat named Sunday! Six years ago today we found her, alone and scared. We waited for her mother's return, but she never showed up. So we brought her into our home to live with us.

Pax wishes you the happiest of Sundays!


Our fluffy angel is 8 today. We took her for her favourite activity - hike along the shore. Here she is at a pebble beach standing by number 8 laid out in rocks with some kind of stone heap that vaguely resembles inukshuk in the background. Happy eight, Peppi!

Don't have the spoons to post my hiking photos yet. Here's my partner snuggling with our mouse, Rorschach or Rory for short.

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Kelly would like y'all to have a very good

It's time for sleep. Good night (or good day) Mastodon friends!

The first gingerbread cookies are already being sold in stores, so I thought I might as well post this cute Christmas cat today...

Cute Christmas cat watercolor painting -->

Lost in contemplation ...

Find my acrylic painting here:

"Could somebody please help me I can't seem to untwist."

Remembering our two cockatiels, Peekaboo and Edison (Eddie), both of which died in the past year.

They always enjoyed their time on their gym. Later in life, though, they lost interest.

Peekaboo died in November, and Eddie in September. Eddie never recovered well from the loss of his companion. They were a bonded pair. I called them The Odd Couple.

Here they are in younger years.


Me: No, you cant be on my lap after surgery.

Trixie: ..

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Verne is having a nap in a comfy box this !

Crystal, my green-eyed kitty, wanted to pop in to say hello on this happy afternoon. Crystals beautiful, pastel coat of pink, cream, blue, green and yellow makes her a very pretty girl.

See Crystal here:

Lap time with my buddy Doodle.

A loaf contemplates its penguin

Who's my cute little land mine

Brooke says good morning to you!

In many countries people believe cats with calico coloring bring good luck. In Germany they are called Glckskatze, which means literally lucky cat.

Lucky cat calico soft pastels painting -

Cat Yoga

Sorry for not posting in a while

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