Hello Animal Lover!
All you need to know about caring for your pet.

October 4th is World Animal Day!

Thank your patron god or goddess today and look for signs from their animal counterparts. It's also a great time (as if we need a reason!) to pay special attention to our own familiars and pets.

Just wanted to wish you all a very happy

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Over two dozen windows to look out of.

Three soft cozy cat beds

A cat tree and a corrugated cardboard kitty box.

A futon and an actual bed

But no. He wants to sleep on the kitty mat.

Be part of a kinder world Celebrate by supporting charities and companies dedicated to animal welfare!

If it's October, it must be Zombie Dog season. Another free (no ads or paywall) horror/humor story inspired by one of my photos:


My wife started a thing. Im simultaneously proud and amused. She also publishes the original design for any other s out there.

Faighnich dhomh mar a tha fios agam gu bheil Fagioli beagan gasach madainn an-diugh

All you need to know about caring for your pet.

used dog

One of my favorite photos ever.
I took it on Vancouver's Granville Mall.

Chikoo cat has a prolapsed rectum, all vets in nearest town are either unavailable or don't handle these cases. Leaving on a 5hr (x2) drive. It's 1.5hr to town, then a 3.5hr cab from there to the next vet. It's gonna be a long day.

The boys are taking their afternoon siesta.

Katzenworld: Legislative Changes Improving Animal Welfare: A Look at Milestone Victories in the Past Year and Whats to Come



Our cat named Sunday loves her Chewy box bed.

Design Milk : Say Goodbye to Wire Crates With the Chic Wooffy Dog House

Somebody, not gonna say who (Frankie, my bouvier) decided to grab one of my quarterstaffs and was very pleased with herself. I guess in her mind, its a wonderfully uniform stick that her hoomin is using all wrong.


Good morning from Delilah the Pig. She wants you to stay fabulous. Don't let her down.

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Good morning (or afternoon or evening) from Pax and me!

After leaving the comfort of her fuzzy blanket (piled on the floor behind her), Pax has come over to me wanting to play.

Katzenworld: Join Tummy Rub Tuesday Week 467 and get your cat featured on our blog! #

To those that have pets: How does your pet react to you pooping your diaper

Pax is in Dreamland. Good night (or good day) to you all!


Wanna help out somebody My friend, literally my friend in real life, Karla's dog needs emergency surgery.

You can see my donation on the page.

Please help the dog. She's almost there!

Edited to add the link.

(Oktober 2023)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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Katzenworld: Cat Heaven Island: A Paradise for Cat Lovers on Tashirojima Island, Japan

A while back I thought it would be cool to make a moss "stage" to photo my pretty little pillbugs on, but my model spent most of her time quickly trying to escape rather than exploring the lush green landscape.

Still time to vote for the Law Paw Calendar 2024's face of January over on the dark side: # Dogs

Two woman is charged with starving are doing much better and are ready for adoption, says

In other news, picking fruit is *hard* work for a puppy

Good morning (afternoon or evening) from Pax, the gang and me! We hope you had a pleasant weekend.

One of my students alerted me to this example of SMPC in the real-world, at JPMorgan: "Prime Match is the first secure multiparty computation solution running live in the financial world"

It enables inventory matching - where buyers and sellers match to trade stocks without moving the market - but without revealing either party's buy/sell orders unless a match is found.

Some stills from tonite.

Katzenworld: ProtectaPet Catios: Creating a Safe and Stimulating Outdoor Space for Your Cat &Tips


new fur babies! meet violet and toffee

Might as well post something wholesome now.

My familys chicken coop is almost complete.

We moved our chickens into it because it was ready enough for them to finally reside there.

Of course, the dogs were out barking a lot.

Just goes to show that me and my family were connected to the countryside my whole life.

Which is more than just the things Ive posted.

Were not all exactly bad folks for that matter.