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All you need to know about caring for your pet.

My reaction when I learn that Copilot is the first big announcement of the year.

People and animals suffer immensely due to the ongoing war.

Wild and endure injuries, psychological trauma, and often become lost or killed. The sounds of explosions and sirens leave them terrified, causing profound distress.

russia must be held accountable for its crimes against humanity and the genocide against the Ukrainian people!

Watch (29 Second) MFA Ukraine Insta Reel


Rise and shine everybody! Time for morning stretches.

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Man attacked in own home by XL Bunny.

Care for your Pet

Dig that crazy cat


Da anni portiamo avanti questa rubrichetta dedicata agli , ma se c' uno che ha contribuito a renderli ancora pi buffi e divertenti, quello Zio Johnny - Vincenzo Lauria. Chapeau.

The Evening Walk
"A dog can never tell you what she knows from the smells of the world, but you know, watching her, that you know almost nothing." Mary Oliver, Her Grave

Walking the pup the last few nights, I'm reminded of what hides in plain sight from us. Rabbits standing still, waiting out the passersby. Other dog walkers, faces glowing in rapt attention to the phone wh

In quake-hit Ishikawa, some evacuees are having a hard time finding a shelter that accepts pets.

Want a small dog breed that looks like a squished large dog Get A Swedish walhund!


Its a Shrimp No! A Simp A S(hr)IMP! Slap this bad boy anywhere you like! An original illustrated sticker by SNAPPAKAPPA


Here is a progress pic of a pet portrait of a dachshund from Berlin named Richmond that was done earlier this year. If anyone out there is interested in having their pic painted, let me know! Human family members can be painted as well, along w/all types of other stuff

What did you learn and what are you learning from your pets

Im nervous about adopting a cat from someone who doesnt have the time to take care of it. My family might bring one to the house and Im scared of neglecting the poor cat, so I have to give it plenty of care. But I dont know exactly how.

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Kingston mobile clinic helping the unhoused population and their pets
The Community Veterinary Outreach program makes its debut in Kingston, providing health care to unhoused residents and their pets.

Kingston mobile clinic helping the unhoused population and their pets
The Community Veterinary Outreach program makes its debut in Kingston, providing health care to unhoused residents and their pets.

The standoff.
Will there be a fight Just give them a minute.

Just some
for your . Today he's chilling in his little fuschia number. Follow for more and videos coming soon.

Tired of people bothering you in your time off Need help drawing healthy boundaries Let the of Iceland reply to your emails for you!

(Seriously. People in made a keyboard usable by horses and the Icelandic horse of your choice drafts you a custom Out Of Office reply.)

per chi si lamenta dei costi del veterinario, da leggere:

When you're used to this face, the sadness in the previous post is quite obvious.

I've been thinking about this and can't find any other reason than Gobi feeling very upset about pain, which in my memory, is his first experience.

*smh* Few days over a year old, he's still a baby.

"India had 19.4m pet dogs in 2018 and may now have 31m. ... Indias pet economy to be worth $890m and that it would almost triple in size over the next decade. ... Increased pet-ownership comes with rising incomes, especially among young professionals who tend to delay marriage and parenthood and to be especially open to a poochie surrogate. It is only a matter of time before Indian matrimonial websites include a pet-friendly option."

Uh-Oh. There's trouble afoot! Pax is in Daphne's territory.

CW: eye contact with a cat

Gobi baby had a sad for a couple days. I returned home the other day to find him limping, refusing to touch a hind leg to the ground. I'm guessing aggressive play with others caused it.

He's a farm dog, and does not want to come indoors (cats won't welcome him either) so I slept with him outside in the shed for few days until he got better.

He's not fully recovered yet and is demanding being hand fed until then.

Love and Hex #89: Performance Check

Fine, Charlie is Cute.

complete drama queen still outraged at two kittens half his size and grumbles the whole time being brushed

Two brothers, Peck on the left, and Doodle on the right, are happily watching the birds as they flutter through the bushes outside.

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CW: eye contact with a cat

For Christmas I bought my daughter a fleece blanket with my watercolor painting Cat in fall foliage. She LOVES it, it's so soft and cozy!

You can get one for yourself here:



Ano, David. WIP " last worked on in Aug 2023, .

I have the tenancy in starting a new and sometimes not finishing them. This is one that I was contacted for art commission, but it turned out to be a phishing scam. I really like what I have so far. Maybe I will finish this at sometime to show as an example for a REAL commission.

Goodnight, sweet Pax and goodnight Gertrude. Sleep well, everyone.

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An original illustrated print by Citruslucy

"To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders." --Lao Tzu

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men The Shadow knows!"

CW: eye contact with a dog

Fierna found a new place to do pancake time during free roaming time, under the running wheel of course while her sister were running in, this way the wheel can slightly touch her fur while turning.
She, of course, was unhappy when I move her from there

Day 2 of my

These two senior "lovebirbs" are so cute together every day. They've spent a lot of time lately investigating, chewing, and cuddling in this special box.

I post this link all the time for those who want to know more about their story but there's no paywall so have it again if you want it

Even if you never keep New Years resolutions for yourself, you will want to keep these for your cat:

All you need to know about caring for your pet.