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Make 2024 your cats best year ever! I have 9 suggestions, and you can start using some of them right now:


Oh no, it seems our dog was replaced with an ice cream cone!

Best Pet Car Seats for Dogs and Cats you can buy today. Snoozer Lookout II, PetSafe Happy Ride, Pet Gear, FidoRido Dog Car Seat, and more.

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Good morning, afternoon or evening to you! Happy Friday!

Pax is up and ready for action this morning. Nothing can stop her today.

CW: eye contact with a cat


A made a miraculous escape against high surf in Santa Cruz, on Thursday. After being nearly washed out to sea, the dog was then thrown back onto the road by the surf.

KSBW Action News 8


Cambridge a 'lifeline' to rough sleepers and their pets.

"A charity is offering care and support to the four-legged friends of a city's rough sleeping community.

Volunteers with StreetVet provide medical check-ups, treatment and outreach care in Cambridge city centre every week."

I have something incredibly important to share with you all:

The photos we took of our cat for my partners offices pet costume contest

(She was thankfully purring the whole time anyway, but we rewarded her with treats aftereards)

Sleepy-time has arrived. Good night or good day to all of you!

Duman the cat, currently in fear and panic because of the reckless and anti-social firecrackers and fireworks. Climate and environmental protection is suspended these days before and after New Year's Eve - - the worst will of course be on New Year's Eve.
But it is precisely this section of the population, which complains the loudest about rising prices, that spends the most money on these harmful activities.
(December 2023)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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It is that time of the year again

Made a new drawing this holiday! This is 'Fee', a calico cat. It's a drawing on pastelmat with colored pencils.

Here's a pet portrait that was made for a man in Ohio about four years ago. Msg me if you'd like any made based on photos of your pets! I'd love to make some nice custom artwork for you!

It's quiet time around here. Everyone but the humans is taking a nap.

Harrison is working really hard today.

Are you a slave to your cat Youre in good company - youll find some famous people who are in the same boat you are here:

Peck is sizing you up. You'd better watch your step.

CW: eye contact with a cat

Can confirm, I had guinea pigs as a kid. We made the mistake of putting their cages in earshot of the refrigerator and the shrieking started as soon as you opened the produce drawer. Lord, grant me their boldness.

Mami te quiero tanto tanto tanto


They say if cats had thumbs they could rule the world. Oh no. Brace yourseIf. I think it's happening.

Good morning, afternoon or evening all!

CW: eye contact with a cat

Happy holidays from my sweet little fur-niece, Bella! What a photogenic girl she is. Unfortunately shes not a huge fan of the camera, so I have to employ some furtive tactics to get photos of her, but its always worth it!

The murderous creature you live with is a murderous creature, study confirms

, like , should be indoors only & leashed or caged in a when out


Trailer for And a Happy New Year documentary. The full documentary premieres on television tonight at 22:50 on Dutch channel NPO 2.

"Without commentary, but still loud and clear, this short documentary shows how animals experience fireworks on New Years Eve. We follow the mounting stress of animals and their owners, from the perspective of dogs wearing GoPros."

Holiday foods that can make your dogs and cats sick, and what to do about it.

Turning a blind eye to roads and dogs in koala conservation

In the early 1900s farmers, hunters and government officials opened the koala-hunting season. Now the extinction of the koala is driven by land clearing, sprawl, vehicle crashes, dog attacks and logging.

The framing of (koala) conservation stops where human habitat and their mobility design (roads to everywhere and speeding vehicles) fragments the habitat of the endangered wildlife.They haste from the remaining refuge island to to the next refuge island. If the speeding vehicles won't smear them across the road, they end up mauled by introduced roaming carnivores.


"Owning pets may help slow cognitive decline among older people who live alone, study shows"

The way I read the headline, there is causation between owning a pet, and slowing cognitive decline.

However, the article says:

"The study, which doesnt prove pet ownership causes the slower declines but rather is associated with them,"

So that's correlation and not causation. Did the headline writer read the article he was writing a headline for

Pax is dreaming of peace on earth. Good night or good day to you all!

Lizzo Cant Stop Crying After Pet Dog Pooka Dies on Christmas Eve

Check it out!

Infrared rabbits!

Starting to work on bonding Anton with our other again. It's a process for sure.

I had a therapy cat visit with the assisted living residents on Christmas Day and it was awesome! You can find out more about how it went here:

Fogos de artifcio: veterinrio d dicas para proteger Pets durante o Rveillon
Especialista orienta como amenizar o pnico e transtornos causados pelas exploses

Fogos de artifcio: veterinrio d dicas para proteger Pets durante o Rveillon
Especialista orienta como amenizar o pnico e transtornos causados pelas exploses

My Dog at Crufts