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All you need to know about caring for your pet.

Love to see their brain figure out puzzles

I feel still has a bit of work to do on understanding the concept of personal space.

Doodle wants to wish you a happy !

CW: eye contact with a cat


In winter my whole family goes into 'snuggle/nap all the time' mode and I gotta admit while I may not like how cold it is outside, the absurd amount of happening cuteness inside definitely makes it a lot more bearable. :blobCatheartsqueeze:

Pax says good morning (or afternoon or evening) to all of you! Have a happy !

CW: eye contact with a cat

Looking extremely judgemental
Nikon Z8 + AF-S 105mm f/1.4E

Pax says, "Hey, could somebody please turn off the light"

Good night or good day to all of you!

CW: eye contact with a cat

Mood: hanging in there

You've heard of tree huggers Well, Peck is a wall hugger. Just give him a wall and a nice cold hard floor and he's ready to sleep. Weird (but loveable) little guy.

Daphne's checking out Pax's super powers.

CW: eye contact with a cat

boy time!!


Quel disgraziato di Bob!!...

<-- ON AIR

For your amusement.

>Smart shelter dog attempts to free his friends, then helps himself to unlimited snacks

Design Milk : Put Your Dogs Best Paw Forward With Modern Collars by Parks Best 'sBest

The baby goat and one of the kittens are playing peekaboo around my leg under the desk.

Day's work is done. Now to rest my back until it's feeding time for the goat (mumma is in shed, she can handle the cold but 4 day old baby stays indoors for a while).

Happy our friends hope your having a wonderful day its getting in the U.K. .

Fred says it's bed time, and I agree

Current status, comforting an injured cat who came with a bloody nose and some tissue dangling off her nose. Cleaned up as much as she let me, now to observe if she needs a vet.

She can breathe alright, more concerned if she has trouble drinking water.

Can't really blame whoever did this, because this girl Teeny is agressive to pretty much every other cat here.

If I hold my ear to my cat's belly, there's a V8 running.
So much about the environment...

Pax is having some sweet dreams this evening.
Good night or good day to all our Mastodon friends!

The smallest feline is a masterpiece. Leonardo da Vinci

"Mom, could I please have another treat Please"

CW: eye contact with a cat

went for a walk this morning and three dogs came up to me wanting pets

it was the best day ever can u get paid to give pets to all the animals who want them or nah

Our tabby named Sunday, just chillin' on her own.

CW: eye contact with a cat

This is - slayer of bubbles.

Happy everyone!

Kukla says she needs a nap. It's quite exhausting living with 5 cats.

67% of all pet owners say that their pet listens to them more than a partner.

72% of all pets say that this creepy woman scares them.

fee fi fo fum

Good morning, afternoon or evening to our Mastodon friends! Happy Monday to you all!

Pax thinks she's a fashionista today. She's modeling her stripes for us. They really contrast with the white boots, mittens and collar. Such a little showoff!

Do you think I look like a Furby !!!!!! My mom is laughing

My dad has been in bed with a bad back for a week old injurys happy Monday lovelys

Dhamma --
More , More

Give thanks to God for being able to have pets that loves you and that you can love. Because you can learn to play, have fun, enjoy, eat hungry, drink thirsty and sleep deeply.
Good night :mastodon: ers

Even have their own to drink

Meme, Pipoca (cat brothers), and the dogs Valentino (son) and Julieta (mother), this very warm summer weekend.
I couldn't understand her - she spoke Icelandic.
(in Akureyri/ northern Iceland).
(August 2019)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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Here's a photo of my friend Wassana at work in her studio and gallery a few towns over from me. And the dog is her dog, his name is Pepsi, he is a real sweetheart, he was a street dog that she started feeding and for many years he's been the security guard at her art studio haha If anyone needs any artwork, I promote the stuff in her gallery, lots of nice stuff available now

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon for Daphne.

Our dogs Gina and Joey, sleeping in their beds earlier

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