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All you need to know about caring for your pet.

Love sitting outside on the patio with my doggies lately! Brought fans out here so it's bearable.


Be a good neighbour and chase coyotes with robot hands that leak oil.

Whoa! Whats happened to . I thought they turned the corner last quarter, but the shares have been in . It filled the gap and is near a 12+ month low. Given the number of pictures on I thought it might be running with . I have no position on any security mentioned in this toot, nor am I recommending the purchase or sale of either.

No beds shall be made this day

All you need to know about caring for your pet.






Ready to take on Monday.

Katzenworld: Cat Saved by Vet Charity After Grass Blade Extraction: A Heartwarming Story of Cancer Survivor and Her Beloved Pet

Valuing Australia's rich biodiversity or introduced pets
Over 200 years since European colonialisation Australia has suffered the largest decline in biodiversity of any continent, including the highest rate of extinctions in the modern world. Australia has signed global nature pledge committing to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030. Spending to halt the extinction doesn't seem to match the rhetoric.

Introduced pets are well funded
Cashing in the increased value ascribed to pets is a booming industry, worth $3.9bn in Australia and set to grow by 5% this year, providing products ranging from pet wearables (GPS trackers that monitor pet activity) to those that allow owners to wear their pets.
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Meet Opal, the subject of my first pixelfed post! It's been a few years since I touched a camera, hopefully I can get back into the swing of things :)

Pax had a great day. Good night (or day) to you! Have a great week ahead!

Sleepy girls get the cheek pets

"Latest Update - Bernie is doing well and stable. He is booked in for his 9.30am appointment in Langford. So Aaron and I will be picking him up, catheter and all, from Newport tomorrow morning and driving him to Bristol. Once there we can take the next steps for his imaging before the surgery. We cant thank everyone enough for what you've done so far but we aren't done yet, we need to keep pushing as we have such a short timeframe."

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As Yellowknife residents flee wildfires, pets are not forgotten (Reuters News VIDEO)

The I put in my are growing so well! I was told that will quicky eat up the plants, but I've had this going since early June and the isopods tend to leave the plants alone if they have veggie scraps and oak leaves. Hopefully this trend continues as the get larger if not I'll just remove some of them. Here are the plants I put in:

Naomi the kitty Sailor Scout

digestion's nap :vibing:

Super hot day so time for bowl of ice water and a frozen hunk of watermelon

Super hot day so time for bowl of ice water and a frozen hunk of watermelon

Katzenworld: SCAS Launches the Inaugural Bob Harvey Award to Honor Human-Animal Bond in Care Facilities

Global News BC: Coughs and sore paws: How rescue organizations are saving pets from wildfires

Useful Tips: How to Properly Clean Your Cat Tray

Weird question for fedi but I have a snake belonging to my ex who is in Finland now the snake is a 7 foot long boa constrictor, and I would like to get him to Finland to reunite them. But honestly I dont even know where to start, googling is not doing me any favors. How does one transport a boa to Europe

Been off work for a few days. Quickly returning to my natural nocturnal sleow pattern, but the dog at 10 pm on the dot still gets up, wags her tail and days "It is bedtime you mad lad. Turn off the TV and let's go"

Today is the day we celebrate our cat named Sunday's birthday. She is 6 years old today! We found her in the backyard of an unoccupied house next to ours when she was about 4 weeks old.

Once the nap is done, spam more hashtags with cute.

Happy Sunday from Pax and all of us!

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Philosophise on the importance of afternoon naps.

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This report says something horrid about (some) humans. It should be unthinkable that this happens, every ... "Frances animal shelters reach capacity as dump pets at roadside - Protection group appeals for funds after accepting 12,000 animals since beginning of summer

French animals rescue centres say they have reached saturation with abandoned pets this summer. More than 100,000 are abandoned to fend for themselves in every year, more than half of them dumped just before or during long summer holidays when they are often found next to routes heading for the coast or countryside. Last summer, 60,000 pets were dumped, and animal rescuers say the figure is expected to be higher this year.

The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) raised the alarm last week, appealing for funds to help saturated refuges after it had accepted 12,000 animals since the beginning of summer.

Many shelters are desperately short of space and are expanding their facilities to try to save as many animals as possible. Every year, shelters redouble their efforts to cope with saturation and take in animals in peril. Today, the situation is alarming, the SPA said in a statement. We urgently need to save, feed and care for all victims of abandonment and abuse.

Don't drop the camera when the nose boops back.

Boop all the noses!

Get a Portrait of yourself as the Screamer