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La siesta mas disfrutona del mundo mundial

UPDATE: More than three dozen guinea pigs were adopted from our shelters during the 10-day fee-waived adoptathon! Thank you to everyone who shared and helped find these little guys the loving new homes they deserve

Pax, when she realizes her brothers ate up all her treats.

Good morning (or afternoon or evening) to all of you! Have a very happy !

3 years ago, in the beginning of the pandemic, we had this guy. Hes been a blessing, and keeps us sane and joyful even in the hardest of times.

Jake the rabbit - textured painting

An original oil painting of a furry, fluffy, brown lop eared rabbit. Easter bunny art for a kid's room, kitchen, nursery, cafe, home decor or the bunny lover.

Alarm is at 6am, been awake since 3:30 because the one female cat that came to the farm after last spaying-fest is in heat and the males that are pending their neutering have their brains grabbed by their balls

If only arranging for a vet to visit and operate on-prem was easier than a months of follow ups and nothing to show for it.

Now you see me

Daphne is daydreaming again.

CW: eye contact with a cat


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Playing fetch is a surprisingly common behaviour in cats, scientists say, but they like to be in control of the game. Well, that last one's no surprise.

This is the look of a dog that's begging for a treat. (And Kukla got one, by the way).

Happy to you all!

CW: eye contact with a dog

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"Oh, what have we here
Look at all these nice things I can push over the edge."

Good morning, afternoon or evening! Pax is headed for trouble today. But we hope your Monday is trouble-free, happy and safe.

Preferred wake up routine (volume up)

Chilli really wants to see what Kenji** is showing

**see previous post.

Kenji believes in "show, not tell"

Cosmo always has the best ideas to welcome Monday

"It is the norm in New Zealand to allow companion cats to roam freely and only a minority of cat owners practice cat containment."

Here's a piece of cat artwork that was made for a lady in Thailand, check it out! It is done w/oil paint on canvas. If anyone out there'd like any photos of their pets painted, please contact me, I specialize in that!

Pax is all done in. Good night (or good day) Mastodon friends!

The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat.
-Jules Renard

Credit to my dog, they make a wonderful model.

Here's Doodle doing something that's very rare for him: enjoying a bit of soft comfort. Doodle usually prefers to sleep or rest on cold, rock hard surfaces. He's a funny little guy.

CW: eye contact with a cat

Keep your pets safe too.
(and check those engines for critters trying to keep warm)

Thing in their upgraded terrarium. Really happy they've been adjusting well

Thing in their upgraded terrarium. Really happy they've been adjusting well

Pax is in a pensive mood this morning. I wonder what mischief she's cooking up

Good morning, afternoon or evening to all of you! Have a happy and safe Sunday!

CW: eye contact with a cat

Baxter got that feeling too.

Neighbour's cats come to my house very often asking for treats.

Their visits bring a soothing sense of companionship, especially following the recent loss of my beloved dog.

Parents of cats can temporarily be parents of dead mice, too, but a new type of smart home accessory could fix that.

A week since losing Gobi. Still crying multiple times a day, still looking for him among the rest of the pack. Miss him dearly. Every feeding time, not picking up that fifth bowl brings me to tears.

It is feeding time again. Doing my best to pour love into those bowls, not tears.

But I'm okay, other than these moments, life keeps me busy. Friends coming over for vacation helps. Friends and family checking on me helps. Remembering the good times with my Gobi helps.

time I guess lol

Born and raised city slicka. 90's baby grew up with dat gameboy. I mess with code. Working retail (and hate it fr) while I try to find passion and purpose. Maybe makeup artist or DJ idk yet. Lifes a boat and Im just floatin
I have a two ferrets named Cheesecake and Chump and a pomeranian named Tupac

Hastags are important so

A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things.
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

I deny your existence. I am ignoring you.
Yeah well I ignored you first.
Well I am ignoring you harder.

Mom loves me best.
ffffft I fart in your general direction.

A rare moment of tranquility:
Littermates, Daphne, Doodle and Peck, enjoy some sunshine together.

Halla is wishing you all happy weekend

Tilly has recently discovered a few new fun places to sit while she cycles between pouting, glaring, and screaming at us. I love her so much.

(cat ec/glaring at camera)

Merry to all the and their !

Nyota the rescue lovebird sits guard in the door to the new nestbox-- if you squint, maybe you can see Boobear the cockatiel snuggled up inside.

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Citizen complaint of the day: What's a large working-breed dog gotta do in this town to run around

Portrait of my Dog