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La mensa dei gatti

shot Leica Q3 Summilux 1:1.7/28mm Biancavela Press / salvomic

Como disfruta en el pantano

My daughter and granddaughter are at in this weekend so I'm tasked with feeding the .

Happy from Chester cat.

Not my but looking like they're having a wonderful morning on the dog beach at Ocean Beach

For my friends in Europe - my watercolor painting "Two cats and a full moon" is now available at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries).

Fr meine Freunde in Deutschland - mein Aquarellgemlde "Zwei Katzen und ein Vollmond" ist nun auch bei Art Heroes erhltlich (kostenloser Versand).

Two cats and a full moon
watercolor painting

Find it here:

Lazy Peck is snoozing away his !


Poemas perrunos te va ha encantar

at the parents. Say hello again to Boots.

Super active during the day but a blanket enjoyer at night.

Happy ! Here's my latest kitty, Bubbles...

Artwork at

Use a muzzle only when needed: Pet owner's tips

Pax wishes you a very happy !

Mi mama dice que soy influencer

Quem mais feliz, donos de cachorros ou de gatos A psicologia pode explicar


When do you start your Christmas preparations

Wishing you a purrfect Christmas - pen and ink drawing - Christmas card -

Katzenworld: Recognizing and Managing Diabetes in Pets: PDSA Provides Advice for Owners &Tips

Knight being awesome


I want to stay awake, but I'm tripping balls.

Pax is sleeping soundly. Good night (or good day) to all of you!

Happy Caturday Eve! We have two rescue kitties on our farm. They love to lounge on the porch and in the gardens. Meowing for love every time we go out...They were supposed to be "barn cats" according to the rescue group...nope. LOL


Happy ! I use my large glass ornaments to weigh down my light bubblers and the night time effect is glorious! Hand created aquarium ornaments. Many colors and styles, some glow in the dark and some even Float! Find me on !!

This is the welcome wagon when I go visit my chiropractor she's very sweet.

Happy ! Handmade aquarium ornaments are great gifts for fish lovers! $10 on up on Ebay or message me here for details! Hand created aquarium ornaments. Many colors and styles, some glow in the dark and some even Float! Find me on !!

Me robo el corazon

Katzenworld: Take Charge of Your Pets Health: Join Mooses March Webinar on Early Pet Cancer Detection # &Tips

Pax has one thing to say to you today: "Chef's kiss!"

Welcome to the Pets community. The Fediverse is a place full of ideas and knowledge and were excited to be a part of it.

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Good morning (or good afternoon or evening)! Pax is up and looking for action today. She hopes you have a great day!

Caught in the act! Have a fun weekend and watch out for the cats on .

Creo que mis nios tienen ganas de piscina

so many fallen
hairs haunting my furniture
small price for dog love!

- haunting
- fallen


imagine how fuckin scary these things gotta be when you're smaller than them

Adivinanza perruna

- the kitten of

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Katzenworld: Keeping Your Feline Friend Calm During Bonfire Night: Tips and Products to Help &Tips

Bueno creo que ser de luz ya soy asi que cuidadito

Anyone in looking to adopt a sweet little fluffball in about a month

I don't adopt them out but I can tell you the name of the shelter and when she's available.

The wiener dog does a chew.

I love my turtle