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Thing in their upgraded terrarium. Really happy they've been adjusting well

Thing in their upgraded terrarium. Really happy they've been adjusting well

Pax is in a pensive mood this morning. I wonder what mischief she's cooking up

Good morning, afternoon or evening to all of you! Have a happy and safe Sunday!

CW: eye contact with a cat

He's got that feeling too.

Neighbour's cats come to my house very often asking for treats.

Their visits bring a soothing sense of companionship, especially following the recent loss of my beloved dog.

Parents of cats can temporarily be parents of dead mice, too, but a new type of smart home accessory could fix that.

A week since losing Gobi. Still crying multiple times a day, still looking for him among the rest of the pack. Miss him dearly. Every feeding time, not picking up that fifth bowl brings me to tears.

It is feeding time again. Doing my best to pour love into those bowls, not tears.

But I'm okay, other than these moments, life keeps me busy. Friends coming over for vacation helps. Friends and family checking on me helps. Remembering the good times with my Gobi helps.

time I guess lol

Born and raised city slicka. 90's baby grew up with dat gameboy. I mess with code. Working retail (and hate it fr) while I try to find passion and purpose. Maybe makeup artist or DJ idk yet. Lifes a boat and Im just floatin
I have a two ferrets named Cheesecake and Chump and a pomeranian named Tupac

Hastags are important so

A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things.
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

I deny your existence. I am ignoring you.
Yeah well I ignored you first.
Well I am ignoring you harder.

Mom loves me best.
ffffft I fart in your general direction.

A rare moment of tranquility:
Littermates, Daphne, Doodle and Peck, enjoy some sunshine together.

Halla is wishing you all happy weekend

Tilly has recently discovered a few new fun places to sit while she cycles between pouting, glaring, and screaming at us. I love her so much.

(cat ec/glaring at camera)

Merry to all the and their !

Nyota the rescue lovebird sits guard in the door to the new nestbox-- if you squint, maybe you can see Boobear the cockatiel snuggled up inside.

My continues at

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Citizen complaint of the day: What's a large working-breed dog gotta do in this town to run around

New artwork, really fun stuff, really colorful, painted by my friend Muai with oil paint on canvas. Great for the interior of a dog lover's home! Msg me if you dig this one and want some info on it, it's a really nice piece of affordable handmade art!

Mr. Pebbles (owned by a friend) is a favourite subject of mine. He is full of mischief but so adorable, all is forgiven!

Mr. Pebbles artwork -

All the boys have been down to the Groomers for a shampoo and cut and smell lovely thank you Sue xxx

Happy everyone! Pax and all of us wish you a good morning, afternoon or evening. Hope you can fit in some fun today. Please stay safe out there!

CW: eye contact with a cat

Sneak peek from "The Pet Store on Mulberry Street" by Baychie Brinkley

His bushy eyebrows remind me of Denis Healey: Emma F Wrights best phone picture

Emma F Wright


Happy Caturday!

Cat with an Attitude!

Cat 29




The Flappie AI cat door stops your pet from gifting you dead mice

if we do , i can imagine that and are in the mix. i bet dogs are first-timers and cats are veterans. "silly hooman..." or "silly mutt..." then some pontification... "why not make the world your kingdom" or perhaps "its a joke anyway - you'll be back - go f*** some sh*t up!"

Pax is fast asleep on her favorite blanket.

Good night (or good day) to all our Mastodon friends!

Books. Cats. Life is Good. Edward Gorey

When Peck comes in a room, silliness ensues.

Clean fridge gets the white glove treatment by crack team of inspectors.

Happy ! Has you gots in you steps today

This is Special Agent Dale Cooper Ferret completely failing to get my elliptical to move for him. Hey its the thought that counts, well not in exercise apparently.

Looking for a unique gift for yourself or another special someone How about a one of a kind pet portrait I can paint any animal in any size. Payment options are available.

A montage of painting from a tiny cow portrait to a larger chihuahua with a design around the edges.

A portrait of a 27-year-old white-faced cockatiel with limited depth of field to guide the eye to the face

not sure if I like this composition but it's today's

(PS Boobear's story, no paywall is here )

Apparently today is . That's every day in my house!

Neste fim de semana, Barueri ter feiras de adoo de pets em diversas regies
Nesta sexta-feira (12), das 10h s 15h, o Boulevard Central

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