keep singing and walkingkeep singing and walking

straubs_booty (at Pineapples are my spirit on Tue Apr 28 05:07:41 2015) @KotiePlayz keep singing and walking
I am a 16 yr old spin cycling meatball who likes pizza..... Stay classy! IGN: straubs_booty
27tattoolou (at on Tue Apr 28 05:07:41 2015) 100% of the time when i watch uan/wwa videos i cry because i didn't get to experience those tours and i never will :):
need you to keep me from falling apart | a j
garypotter_86 (at on Tue Apr 28 05:07:40 2015) Lord, please. I can feel the pain creeping in. By the morning, I don't think walking will be possible. Now where did I put my wheelchair..
Neetha made me a Twitter. USAPL Powerlifter. IG: GaryPotter_
idrobinhood (at Idaho, USA on Tue Apr 28 05:07:40 2015) @AList_AL walking into a line of riot cops. That's intimidating/gang stalking or a vice to checkmate the community to obey.
R.I.P. Democracy..USA.... #Pagan #Deist #Anonymous #Atheist #Freethinker #WaveofAction #Robinhoodtax Legalize #Hemp #Freedom #Liberty
GracieFicklin (at nc on Tue Apr 28 05:07:31 2015) @glenmeetsworld IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT I GO WALKING IN MY SLEEEEP
who says ice cream isnt a finger food
sevenarticle07 (at west begal on Tue Apr 28 05:07:31 2015) The Features and Advantages for GPS Navigation... Advantages of GPS software and Hardware
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jordenwilliamss (at BGSU • ΑΞΔ on Tue Apr 28 05:07:21 2015) College: wearing bathing suit bottoms to bed because walking down 4 flights of steps to do laundry just isn't ideal
too school for cool
Vaderrrrrrr (at Neverland on Tue Apr 28 05:07:21 2015) I didnt want to go home. I just wanted to keep walking to nowhere
a misfit infatuated with the idea of love. hopeless. illinois sad boys. i spend half my time sleeping.
MigoKev (at Texas✈️Florida on Tue Apr 28 05:07:20 2015) Shit I'm Gucci if a female don't want me cause I'm smart she just a dumb broad cause in 5 years when she walking ill ride by like👋🏾😁
If it aint gettin money its strange to us..
NonVestraSedVos (at 10 Downing Street on Tue Apr 28 05:07:18 2015) Must I start tagging all my instruments with GPS/GLONASS?!
We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.
HelenKay (at on Tue Apr 28 05:07:17 2015) I just finished 8m:00s of walking with #Endomondo #endorphins
Married to a fab man, mum to 2 great boys, works in secondary education supporting SEN students. Addicted to Jazzercise. Loves to laugh and drink red wine.
lilichamo (at ARGENTINA on Tue Apr 28 05:07:15 2015) @mcbridemelissa Melissa: has you already read this? Excellent article! 👍👍👍
I live in Buenos Aires la ciudad de la furia.I like :Animal Welfare Nature Movies & TV shows
hazelcordei (at on Tue Apr 28 05:07:13 2015) My mom clearly wants me walking outside with no pants on knowing damn where I just got out the shower & she wants me to take out the trash😒
~FLOWERCHILD~ i love my life♥️
regancortazzo (at NM on Tue Apr 28 05:07:12 2015) @DudeItsJasmine_ hahahahaha when it's shark week everyone clears paths when they see our asses walking through 😂
Hey, wassup, hello
SBLQuotes (at aussiestraya (Australia) on Tue Apr 28 05:07:12 2015) @mattywalgers still not walking
Basically I'm like amazon, I'll ship anything... ;), Robert Downey Jr is my idol who inspires me to be proud of who I am and Chris Colfer is the dream BFF
celisnuri (at on Tue Apr 28 05:07:11 2015) GARMIN NUVI 465T (US/Canada MAP) 4.3" BLUETOOTH TRUCK AUTO GPS BUNDLE #1716
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ExtravagantItem (at on Tue Apr 28 05:07:11 2015) 7"I Car DVD Player GPS Pure Android for BMW 3 Series E90-E93 335i 330d 325d 320d
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RidersView (at on Tue Apr 28 05:07:10 2015) Paris-Tours: First win for young FDJ sprinter Manzin
Tweets from Pro Cyclists & Pro Cycling Teams.
ranjanikanth (at on Tue Apr 28 05:07:10 2015) I'd be very happy if people had manners on road, including pedestrians (who think walking in the middle of the road is their birthright)
Vacation, drama and pulse.
kirrstinnn (at on Tue Apr 28 05:07:07 2015) just sitting in my car bc I don't feel like walking inside
university of oklahoma ΑΧΩ
allisonseligman (at on Tue Apr 28 05:07:06 2015) In other news, today I saw a man walking a giant pig

BennettRes (at 61 High St, Uxbridge, UB8 1JP on Tue Apr 28 05:07:06 2015) Hinton Road Uxbridge Middlesex UB8 , 0 bedroom for rent, Furnished, Walking distance from town centre, £600
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Indigopapi (at nhs cheer on Tue Apr 28 05:07:06 2015) Its so scary walking to my car at night
bad to the bone, sick as a dog
BootyPopper4 (at Five Points, CA on Tue Apr 28 05:07:05 2015) I'll be walking around campus during breaks and in between class period to ask for photos. Please find me if you want a certain group photo.
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angeljusticefan (at Straya mate on Tue Apr 28 05:07:03 2015) “@FunnyQuotees: Walking out of a store after not buying anything and saying to yourself, "They probably think I stole something"”
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gimenezgraciano (at on Tue Apr 28 05:07:02 2015) GARMIN NUVI 2455LMT (FREE LIFETIME US/Canada Map/Traffic UPDT) GPS ONLY LINES
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Vaderrrrrrr (at Neverland on Tue Apr 28 05:07:01 2015) On my way home - I took out my earbuds and was walking just with my thoughts. It cleared my head so much.
a misfit infatuated with the idea of love. hopeless. illinois sad boys. i spend half my time sleeping.
OlaIsGreat (at on Tue Apr 28 05:06:53 2015) Because I can't deal with my 19 year old brother being shot and victimized walking to a Sing store to get snacks
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