Hello Animal Lover!
All you need to know about caring for your pet.

Ive got an ugly Christmas tree sweater! So where better to wear it than in front of the Christmas tree You can see the video here -

A hatchday art for my sunboy!!!

All you need to know about caring for your pet.



Se voi sapeste quanto abbiamo amato ...

Una vez tuve dinero , amigos y un perro

Rat fun facts!

Rat testicles are huge. They boast H U M O N G O U S C O C H O N E S. They are so big, in fact, many new owners mistake them for tumours. What I find especially humorous is that their testicles are forever bound to the ground and rats are literally scraping their sack all the time.

They are so chonky stardard bucks balls contribute to 10 - 12% their weight.

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Mi linda perripata

Katzenworld: The Impact of Childhood Pets on Career Success in the UK: Survey Reveals Insights

Supervisor Miumiu is shook with the progress on Monday so far.

After a long day cuddling up with a good book always feels nice.

This is my English Shepherd dog, Winslow. As a puppy, he liked to make forts. Now, when I take a break from my desk, he likes to patrol the Williams College campus and greet the students at every opportunity--on a leash of course. ( Photo by me with my cheap phone camera. )

A very regal Kittens

Saving Kittens Sanctuary is organizing a donation drive for those affected by yesterdays .

Needs > dog and cat food supplies at the following foster volunteer locations:

donation point(s)
912 doe run court
2542 Elkmont Dr.
585 Anita drive

For assistance, please text the following numbers
1- 270 881 8396 or 1-615-525-5908

Montgomery County Animal Control
is asking for some needs for displaced animals

- blankets
- towels and wash cloths
- dry dog food
- dry cat food
- wet cat and dog food
- food and water bowls
- cat litter

Warming the dogs' bed for them or simply taking possession of it forever
Esquentando a caminha dos ces para eles ou simplesmente tomando posse dela para sempre :ablobcatwink:

Bambi turns 3 TOMORROW

The Christmas tree survived the night! I was especially wondering if Pax would get to it, but she and the other 4 cats left it alone. Hopefully we can get it through the season still intact!

Good morning (or afternoon or evening) to you all! Happy Sunday!

Pax, as always, is full of shenanigans this morning! She wants that clock so badly!

Ningun hombre a dominado a mi mama

It's HERE:

Being Open to Delightful Encounters
Do anything, but let it produce joy. Do anything, but let it yield ecstasy. Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer

We learn much from puppies and children. For all my self-absorbed analysis of the world and my place in it, there's nothing like putting your ego on the shelf and playing a game of fetch with the pup, or laughing at the world li


Death toll at 6:
3 in
3 in


Animal Search & Rescue:
Montgomery County Animal Care & Control

Missing / Found / :

Bruce loves his Uncle Geoff

Mama nos tenemos que desacer de papa

Katzenworld: How to Avoid a Cat-astrophy This Holiday Season # &Tips

Star Flyer, a Fukuoka-based airline, will allow passengers to bring their small dogs and cats on board all of its domestic flights beginning January.

from the . How are you Yes, you!


Happy Caturday from Knight!

Happy Caturday!

A black cat in the green grass in my garden - she looks at me with her big green eyes.

Find my hand painted acrylic painting here:

The box substitute.

Siempre quise tener una hija

Verne found a sunbeam this

Hay ladridos que te cambian el alma

Caught this moment of Bruce mid-yawn... SCARY! He looks like some alien character from Dr Who

Heres an awesome gift wrap hack for cats or people with cats:

Leave for a second and I have the crew here trying to work in my computer...

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