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I'm praticing angles for taking non-flattering pictures of pets. What do you think of this one

Good morning (or good afternoon or evening) Mastodon friends! Happy !

Pax is up and ready for some fun. Hope you can find some fun in your day too!

can pose a high risk to systems, as 97% of freshwater species sold in are not native to this region. IGB researchers have identified the most important and developed a 3-step assessment method >

These Bare November Days
My sorrow, when shes here with me,Thinks these dark days of autumn rainAre beautiful as days can beShe loves the bare, the withered treeShe walks the sodden pasture lane.Her pleasure will not let me stay.She talks and I am fain to list:Shes glad the birds are gone away,Shes glad her simple worsted greyIs silver now with clinging mist.The deso


Were travelling today and Im leaving my cat alone in the care of our housemate for the first time since I moved here and Im not at all concerned or stressed over it because everything will be fine or at least this is what my chronic gastritis is telling me.

Huuuman do you have any more food


Snail dance

Trixie had a nice nap, staring down at a bowlful of broccoli.

Alfie chilling

Katzenworld: Si je pouvais retourner en arrire If I could go back in time -2109

Lost Companions
Reflections on the Death of Pets

A heartfelt exploration of human grief after the loss of a pet by the New York Times bestselling author of Dogs Never Lie About Love.

Since Ive been home Trixie has been sleeping, hanging from this stick, one eyestalk drooping down. I wish I could nap that comfortably.

Dogs have savaged 49 stocky lizards in southwest Perth, leaving the placid creatures dead and dying with horrendous wounds.

New work! 5 hamsters front&back bundle, png, ai, pdf

Wah dis abouts whiskers an nosies
Why you stares at me wif one shiny eye You weird rectangle.

Pax is sleeping peacefully. We wish you a peaceful night (or day)!

Seen in Rudolstadt (Thuringia).
(August 2021)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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This goober.

I'm grumpy. Where's my treats

Care for your Pet

Katzenworld: The Magical Silvervine Fish Shaped Cat Toy from Japan are Back!

Ter um cachorro divertido de um jeito diferente, e sendo filhote ento, sempre tem uma novidade.
Ela escolheu um brinquedo no petshop, um macaco de pelcia, e que j tem uns 20 dias intacto sem ser estripado. Destruir td ela quer nos dizer que exigente com brinquedos

Happy  from Sasha!

I played with my snails for a few minutes this morning, for the first time in a while really cause Ive been away sick :( so have some long overdue . Niles has been super into his jade plant so I let him be, but Trixie and Chibi were playing piggyback in the palm of my hand.

Good news story, and we need more of these.

Daisy saves her feline brother from, not a well, but a mineshaft.

Our tabby cat named Sunday wishes you a happy !

Contrast Capturing Pets in the Dark Depths of a Cave

Descend into the mysterious darkness and find hidden companions in the shadows, revealing their true beauty in stark contrast against the looming cavern walls Don't miss the chance to capture this unique and captivating sight
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-photographer -Winogrand

Good morning (or good afternoon or evening) to you! Pax is happy and bright-eyed today. Hope your day is bright and happy too!

To adopt a shelter pup, they rescheduled their own wedding

an old favourite rabbit comic from 2015

Dachshuahua girl comes to beg for food.

Katzenworld: Tips for Soothing Pets During Storms: Preparation, Distractions, and Natural Remedies &Tips

Visiting with sweet little Popoki this week! This girl LOVES her treats, and here she is licking her chops after I spoiled her with a handful of yummy snacks. She is SUCH a special girl.


My son, who is autistic, is in the bath, so we decided to hang out in his room to mess with him when he comes back, Lurch isn't wild about the slick floor because he has trouble keeping his feet under him in this room.

It's sleepy-time at our house. Pax is out like a light. We wish you a pleasant evening (or a pleasant day)!

The dog didn't want me to get up today.

Katzenworld: Charlie the cat saved by PDSA after car accident &Tips

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

A month dedicated to helping older pets find loving forever homes.

Every good boi and good girl needs and deserves a loving home, junior and senior.

We have a 10-year old
An 8-year old
And a 4-year old

How old is your furry family member

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