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I'm embarrassed to ask again, but have you seen Harrison

"Ginger" Shih Tzu dog photograph

I just heard that this month is . It's all about the snoot. Will you please boop Kukla's snoot

I'm hanging out with this interesting seal.

Parque Shopping Barueri receber Feira de Adoo de Pets nos dias 2 e 9 de dezembro
Para adotar, preciso ter mais de 21 anos

Parque Shopping Barueri receber Feira de Adoo de Pets nos dias 2 e 9 de dezembro
Para adotar, preciso ter mais de 21 anos

Studie: Unverheiratete, kinderlose Frauen sind die glcklichsten Menschen berhaupt.
Claudia: Wenn du hast, ist alles andere egal.

Habeis visto a el Grinch

A story from Jamel Hendley/Greenviool/PawProfits on Medium Read this story from Jamel Hendley/Greenviool/PawProfits on Medium:

Katzenworld: Keeping Your Pets Safe During the Holiday Season: Tips and Precautions &Tips

Katzenworld: Protecting Your Pet from Antifreeze Poisoning and Other Hidden Dangers at Home &Tips

Yo no sabia que hacer contigo pero #

Pax is zonked out right now. She's in Dreamland. We wish you a pleasant night or a pleasant day!

Around here everyday is Caturday. :) Love my rescue babies!


Could a Give Your Pet More Years for our companions are moving closer to reality. They also raise questions about what it might mean to succeed.

Knight thinks winter might be coming

Cops entered without
Unnecessarily shot pup
Fight for justice now

Dogs and "concrete developments" threaten the critically endangered Far Eastern curlews

Here's Daphne doing her alluring cheesecake pose.

Hi everyone. I'm looking for my cat Harrison. Have you seen him

Katzenworld: Might a cat be the cure for combating loneliness in older adults &Tips

Doodle could sleep on a soft fuzzy blanket, but no, he'd rather sleep on a hard, cold, plastic lid!

It's getting to that time of year again. Snow & ice warning in the north east!

Potite Ivy top model

Pax wishes you a very happy !


If someone wants a pet that is quiet all day and doesn't fly, they shouldn't get a bird. Birds are meant to fly. Clipping their wings is cruel. Birds are noisy. Covering their cage to keep them quiet during daytime is cruel.

A hamster is more appropriate for people that want silent, non-flighted companion animals.

Good morning, afternoon or evening from Pax, the rest of the cats and me!

Yo este ao me porte muy bien pero Santa

In the UK, 85% of dogs are regularly home alone for up to 5 hours.

Pets can struggle to cope when left alone which adds another layer of worry to their owners.

But what if we could help both of them with music

Music can mitigate feelings of loneliness and boredom which can reduce the likelihood of engaging in destructive behaviors due to isolation .

Here's what you need to know


Katzenworld: Tummy Rub Tuesday Week 474: Submit Your Cat Photos for a Chance to be Featured! #

's pet Show Your Pet Day Ending! A howl-out to the lovely Laila and Bark, the most gracious (and growly) hosts we've ever had.

Pax is sleeping on her CatDad whom she adores.

Good night or good day to you our Mastodon friends!

"Should I really eat that Actually I'm not a salad eater."
(June 2018)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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Sphynx Cats Enjoy Some Catnip and Paddlin

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Bf's cat is trying to "Single White Female" Harrison

... i love them all ...

"If the virus were able to spread unchecked in raccoons, transmission would easily radiate out from Omaha to surrounding areas, because there arent many large mountain chains, rivers or deserts...to act as natural barriers, Wallace said. The CDC estimates that the virus would expand in concentric circles at about 24 miles a year. Over five years, the rabies strain would make its way to South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas."

Doyle is very handsome.

Problems Making a Will choosing your executor