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All you need to know about caring for your pet.

If your cat scratches the furniture instead of their cat tree, here are some solutions:

When the post-holiday torpor sets in

Care for your Pet

"Dad, when are you gonna come play with me"

Pax and all of us wish you a good morning, afternoon or evening! Have a happy !

Xing Xing the Rescue Kitty vs.

There is light in the dark.
Here is my loose abstracted acrylic painting of a black cat sitting in the light - or is it a white cat sitting in the dark - or is it a grey cat


Supervisor Miumiu is wondering why I'm not practicing today. (Short staffed, busy day)

Ranga does not care what day it is or what place it is, tries to roll over for pets when she wants.

Nelly isn't sure if the rumours of are true.

Gatti al Fresco

shot iPhone 13 pro salvomic

A cute little cat sits in a meadow and looks curiously between the green blades of grass.

Find my soft pastels painting here:

Katzenworld: He doesnt have to work at all, he fools around and has a ball -2117

Xandra came to visit me while I was in the bathtub!

Backyard drama: one (1) hen where there should be two (2).
Not in nest box, coop, or anywhere else in the yard. Not even a tragic scattering of feathers in a nearby dog's yard.
We went round the neighbourhood, searching and calling, fruitlessly.
When we got home, there she was, pottering round the garden like nothing had happened.
Someone's in for a trim tonight...

Knight surveys his domain


Barueri abrir agenda exclusivamente on-line para castrao no dia 6 de dezembro
Sero disponibilizadas 250 vagas para ces e gatos

Katzenworld: At the sunset of life

It is some more stuff to mark me hitting 3.5 months on . These photos were taken yesterday on Thanksgiving as the entire family came about and helped make dishes for Thanksgiving dinner. I did the dishes at the end and helped keep the away from the food.

Sleepy chinchilla picture featuring Cheech

Duck Is My Life.... And you....

Interesting Facts: How and Why Cats Wash

There are a lot of misconceptions about adopting older , like they cant be trained or arent as playful as younger animals, but really they teach us that age is just a number! Learn more about the benefits of adopting older pets here:


Nova and Scout enjoyed their and hope you all have a great weekend

Katzenworld: Whiskers Fatigue & Other Conditions and How to Prevent Them With Wide and Elevated Bowls &Tips

Omg, I got back home today after being gone for a week and Hoagie is so excited. All he wants to do is play with me. He literally just ran around the corner and jumped off my stomach lmao. I love this goofy x3

Wishing you and your family a !

But you know what that means! , AND

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Happy Thanksgiving from Knight!

"Like all pure creatures, cats are practical."
-- William S. Burroughs

Speaking of pet pics, I recently introduced a "Snake Feature" to my channel. This is a short segment where I show pictures of a pet snake along with some infos about them at the end of a video.

In a social media landscape dominated by breeders and people with large collections, I'd like to support fellow "smaller" keepers who prioritize the quality of their set ups over the quantity.

As I have a few videos in the works again, feel free to DM me if you'd like to see your featured.

Katzenworld: Views of a Cat: If in doubt, go out! -2125

Die Katze im Restaurant (einem Jain-Haus) in Jodhpur/ Rajasthan (Indien) machte einen gepflegten Eindruck. Anders als Hunde waren dort Katzen nur selten zu sehen.
(Februar 2017)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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I dont have my glasses on, but I think theres something weird with the turkey

Dog shelter protest Yambol Bulgaria

Pax, our entire household, and I wish you a good morning, afternoon or evening! And to those who celebrate we wish you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!

They first met in a hotel.

Katzenworld: Animal abandonments hit THREE YEAR HIGH as RSPCA warns of winter crisis &Tips

These two guys are finally getting along.

"Ahh, almost smells like weekend" Supervisor Miumiu

Get a Portrait of your Pooch