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If you have a finicky cat, here are some reasons why, and some helpful suggestions:

Who said cats and dogs cant get along

If anyone out there wants their pet painted, I specialize in that! I can also add cool backgrounds too, like this one below that was done at the request of a big supporter of mine who lives in California. My inbox is always open!

Estoy aburridaaa !!!

"Hey, c'mon up here everybody! You're missing all the fun!"

Pax wishes you a good morning, noon or night! Have a happy Friday!

Good Samaritan finds 3 puppies abandoned in frigid woods in South Jersey

I hope the POS is found.

El principe azul de mi mami

Mis dos pedazos de guardaespaldas

Katzenworld: Discover the Joy of 4cats Japan Limited Edition Cat Toys with Valerian and Catnip


That's Not An Emoji. The Dog Ate Your Mr. Potato Head

Image Credit: Tim Whyatt (whyatt.com.au/cartoons/)

All We Really Want Is Your Approval.

Image Credit: Dan Piraro (bizarro.com)

Cheese Goes With Wine

Image Credit: Hilary B. Price (hilaryprice.net)

Confira o Olhar Digital News na ntegra


LoL isnt she a cutie. As an artist and a welder and a jewelry maker its hard not to have a lot of tools and tool boxes. That said lol I may have a problem.When there are no tools to steal or beads to disrupt Muffy can be found trying to steal pizza slices twice her size or as evidenced by her green nose in this pic st pats day cupcakes

Pax is all snuggly and warm as she sleeps in her bed. Good night or good day Mastodon friends!

"You cannot ask for more, if you are having a cat as your best friend."
--Dan Greenberg

Dog boots seem like a good idea.

Are they good in real life

The new DOG bed is great
Maybe I shouldve put a sign on it
Seems like certain little heathens didnt get the memo
(Dont feel too bad for poor doggo, I couldnt get him to lay on it yesterday anyway because its new and still smells funny)

Va ha ser que tenemos que seguir trabajando

Cuando me dicen que amarre a mis perros

Furry Family

Good morning, afternoon or evening Mastodon friends! Pax wishes you a happy !

Si tienes un dia dificil mira este video

Earning the Warmth
Through the windowwe could see how far away it was to the gates of April.Let the fire nowput on its red hatand sing to us. Mary Oliver, November

November comes to an end, and just like that, December is at our doorstep. The ambient light of incandescent and LED bulbs make total darkness an impossibility in most cities and suburbia now. The decoratio

The doggos and I are waiting to see if the rain has really stopped for a good while or is it a false pause-itive. Must head out for evening walk before it gets dark.

Katzenworld: Balancing the Scales: How Veterinary Telemedicine Enhances Workload and Work-Life Balance without Competing with Traditional Practices &Tips

Australian populations of threatened bird species fall 60% in past 40 years

"The threatened bird index reveals largest declines in Queensland and South Australia...Since 2000 terrestrial bird species showed the greatest declines (62.5%), followed by migratory shorebirds (42.5%) and marine birds (33.8%)."

In South Australia, a lot of the declines are in the agricultural regions...A lot of habitat disappears and the bits left are fragments that are disconnected. And Queensland is the state where the most clearing continues.

First of all making sure these birds have habitat to live in not removing any more and removing predator species, particularly cats and foxes.

If we want to start turning these population trends around we need to see good, strong new laws in this term of government.


My cat, Poe, just walked across my keyboard while I had Doordash open.

When she stepped off, 50 chicken wings had been added to my cart

My daughter recently got a pet ferret, our first. We hadn't introduced her to my great dane (Lurch) yet. My daughter and wife are at archery practice and my daughter's bedroom door was open. I noticed Lurch went to her door, sniffed and went looking around and he found the ferret on his own. He seemed very excited but I'm not sure I trust them loose together. He's 150 pounds and he'd crush her on accident, but it's good that he seemed to genuinely like her.

I will never get over how precious he is


Two goldfish in a bowl, watercolor. I had a goldfish that lived for 10 years. I enjoyed his company - his tank was right by my computer. I'd get another, but keeping the ever enlarging tank clean was a surprising amount of work.


Daphne's response to the vacuum monster: "Is it gone yet"

I brought Luna home three years ago today

Verne's fluff is threatening to engulf him.

I'm embarrassed to ask again, but have you seen Harrison

"Ginger" Shih Tzu dog photograph

I just heard that this month is . It's all about the snoot. Will you please boop Kukla's snoot

I'm hanging out with this interesting seal.

Parque Shopping Barueri receber Feira de Adoo de Pets nos dias 2 e 9 de dezembro
Para adotar, preciso ter mais de 21 anos

I Love My Dog