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Ever notice how chihuahuas act like they're the boss of everyone Such little bodies, but such big attitudes!

Art is here -

Little eppy baby

George is finally starting to loosen up and play a bit more. Yesterday morning he did his first 'binky" while running circles around my partner (a binky is when a happy or excited rabbit does a little twisty leap in the air). Then last night he took a lot more interest in the toys we got for him a week ago, just after he was found.

George has a neuter appointment in early September and will be looking for his forever home after he recovers fully.


(Instagram 20.06.2020)

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Ergonomic sleeping position

Parker's had loose stools for a few months now, not always totally diareahh, sometimes solid, but usually at least a bit wet and gross. I'm sure he doesn't like it either.

Anyone had success with treatments I ordered some food mix in stuff on amazon that's supposed to help. he mostly eats hard cat food.

Doesn't really have any other symptoms aside from being generally a senior (he's about 13)

Pet litter

Care for your Pet

How 3D Printing Changed This Dog's Life Marques Brownlee on a company that 3D prints prosthetics for disabled . Pretty awesome!

Duman the cat.
(August 2015)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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Today I got food service straight to where I was sitting

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Munch munch munch

Lounging weenie

- as usual - disappointed! :blobcat:

i didnt expect to get watching this .

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Happy to you all!

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I should try making a timelapse of the parafeline activity over my blanket through the night

Isnt amazing! They have developed the Push me Pull you . Eats twice as much but no pooping!!

. . . . I had to do a double take

Nikko looked REALLY LONG for a moment

Have a late picture of my dog Nell I guess!

Pax wishes you a good night (day)!

John has the wind in his hair and his beast companion at his side!!! who else is feeling like a class today

Bonus points for pics of those animal companions!

I never thought I would find myself disclaiming sorry my dogs are fighting as usual every time I speak on a work call but here we are

Sleepy senior puppy.

It's a ... Morty cat in a smol box! Lol

, and effects on and our

My little dude Myles on the road trip moving from the east coast to the west coast. Just my two cats, one dog and myself. It took 5 days of driving only during the day.

"While the funds we've raised have brought us close to the low end of the estimate, there is still the potential for the costs to surpass even what we've been quoted here.

Depending on the results of the scan, there may be more costs to consider."

Please consider making a donation to help Bernie with the cost of his surgery!

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Daphne's markings and coloring are subtle, but beautiful.

Peck loves to sleep sitting up like this.

Love sitting outside on the patio with my doggies lately! Brought fans out here so it's bearable.


Be a good neighbour and chase coyotes with robot hands that leak oil.

Whoa! Whats happened to . I thought they turned the corner last quarter, but the shares have been in . It filled the gap and is near a 12+ month low. Given the number of pictures on I thought it might be running with . I have no position on any security mentioned in this toot, nor am I recommending the purchase or sale of either.

All you need to know about caring for your pet.