Hello Animal Lover!
All you need to know about caring for your pet.

I wonder if Kraft Heinz is aware that they make the single most effective drug delivery system for dogs

I discovered a new type of fertilizer

Happy from Pax and all of us!

guarding the front porch
a pair of feline gargoyles
Not so menacing!

***HAPPY ***From my Porch Pumas Milo and Loverboy!

- menacing

My CAT Art:

Why do we associate Halloween with black cats
I don't know, but I love painting them.

Prints and more here:

Fine Art prints, home decor and more of my Cute cat pen and in drawing are also available for the US on my website here:

My heartfelt thanks to the buyer from Amsterdam, Netherlands, for purchasing a poster featuring my Cute cat pen and ink drawing. May it fill your heart and your home with joy.

Katzenworld: Visiting a Rescue Cat Cafe in Japan: Exploring Unique Culture and Saving Stray Cats

This is the ultimate indoor play area

Babushka Dog

Pax is sleepy and looking for a place to lie down and sleep. We hope you have a good night (or a good day)!


Xandra's first puppacino! She LOVED it! Slurp!

Fashion tips for bun-buns: Der extra floofs from moulting can really enhance der backside look for Floofy-Butt-Fridays or any Floofy-Butt-Day.

Useful Tips: How to Clean Animal Hair from Clothes

Meet D'vana Tendi Mistress of the Winter Constellations (but you can call her "Tendi").

Happy (evil) Fish Friday! from Crystal Fish Caves

I wanted to go to her lap. She didn't let me. Just you wait.

We got a new bird a little while ago and she is just the sweetest little thing!

Katzenworld: Preventing High-Rise Falls: A Cats Remarkable Recovery and the Importance of Safety Measures &Tips

Iggy is finally figuring out the dog door. We're not sure why he had so much trouble with it, but we're super proud that he's got it now!

vs crab

Design Milk : Made for Modular Mayhem: The Infinity DIY Cat Tree

Oldish Parker pic. Trying to get his weight back to this again! Keeping an eye on him.

Good morning! Name the album cover!

Do you need Pet Insurance Yes you do!

Pipoca & Meme


Un al di sopra delle parti.
(Franco premietti)

Rauf asleep on me, as usual.

Introducing our new collection of reusable eCards, a one-time purchase suitable for any occasion... now available with a 40% discount until Halloween!

We donate 5% of every purchase to charities supporting animal welfare

Katzenworld: Keeping your cat safe during Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations &Tips

She randomly attempted to pull my blanket off of my lap.


EP096 Rexo one bone a day keeps the dentist away

# #

Preventing Pet Intoxication

My cat Flower loves her new bed! My wife got two for the dogs but the dogs dont like them but Flower likes it lol

Oh hey have some random Nell pics I guess

Pax is all tuckered out. Pretty soon it'll be bedtime. Good night (or good day) to all of you!

We walked down one of our favourite streets in our neighborhood and we saw this cat. They always hang outside of their house and always wants cuddles.


If you use pain cream and have a cat please read this.

Creams with Flurbiprofen are fatal to cats.

Brands that use this chemical (Not a complete list):


Heres my dogs melting in a box

With this ridiculously yellow coat Maya is finally brave enough to walk in the rain, was even wagging her tail. I don't know if it is common for a but she seemed terrified of the rain!

google wills