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Anti-vaxxer owners wont their because theyre worried about


We love our hoomans but what happens to us if something happens to our pawrents

Ensure that your beloved pets are always cared for with a Pet Guardianship Agreement

- Who will care for your pets after your passing
- Instructions for their well-being
- Financial provisions

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We spent the last week in Elie, Fife, where Jess got loads of treats and walks on the beautiful beach, then today we visited the Riverside Museum in Glasgow for the Clydeport Festival (food stalls, crafts and wonderful traditional live music) where once again she was spoiled rotten and fussed over by loads of kind people. Trying to make her remaining time as happy as possible turns out to be quite the tonic for us, too.

My two house leopards.

This is a portrait of a little Calico cat named Shadow that I did years ago. Happy to you!

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Pax is contemplating what mischief she can create on this lovely ! And Happy Labor Day weekend to all who celebrate!

Nap time

Have a chill .

Anyone with or care experience got any experience on the above upthread

Purrfect Minimalism - my new ink drawing for all cat lovers.

Find it here:

Katzenworld: The Crazy Cat Ladys Colouring Book for Adults: A Whimsical and Therapeutic Experience

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Pax says that before she goes to bed she wants to wish you a good night (or a good day) and a happy !

We lost her.
We were able to get the whole crew together to say goodbye. Don't tell me animals don't have extraordinary senses. Photo with her sister happier days.

This is Doodle, watching with curiosity as my husband used a massager on his sore knee. Doodle was fascinated by the vibrating sound, but too cautious to come any closer.

Washington Post is on its game with the weird and delightful pet stories today. This one is hilarious with great video and photos of a some guy's pet steer named Howdy Doody with impressive set of horns. Howdy Doody loves riding shotgun in a converted police cruiser, going on walks, and ice cream treats. Gifted article here:

Katzenworld: Cat Named Mr Pricklepants Awaits Adoption at RSPCAs Birmingham Animal Centre

The Heartwarming Tale of Scout, the Dog that Escaped from an Animal Shelter and Brought Joy to a Nursing Home

Reeses is staring right into your soul and demanding you bring him some veggies

Guess I had neglected my brand as 'person who plays video games with her cats' lately, so good thing the weekend's around the corner to do some catching up.

Since it's both and , I thought I'd share the ginger cats I have known and loved. Simba is still with us, the other two have sadly passed on (James was a childhood pet).

Asymptomatic with clade highly pathogenic A() in carnivore , , April 2023

Happy Birthday to our cat Albert! He turns 12 today. This old kitty gets a lot of love and attention. He was born at a shelter and we were lucky enough to get him just before he turned 5.

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Sir Alec and Hazy starting to get along better, as shown here at breakfast.

Get ready for the greatest cat show on earth!

Council acts to introduces laws to help protect endangered koalas from dogs.
What does Bellingen council do

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Vaccine hesitancy and misinformation are also amongst pet owners. This paper examines Canine Vaccine Hesitancy. This can be lethal to pets and humans (e.g. Rabies). Disinformation like this spilling into the dog world too:
About 37 percent of dog owners also believe that canine vaccination could cause their dogs to develop autism, even though there is no scientific data that validates this risk for animals or humans.

Pax is fast asleep. Everybody have a great night (or great day)!

Brother boys having matching little bites of lactose free yogurt

Duman the cat liked the sand.
(May 2013)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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Katzenworld: Its the end of the world as we know it -2030

Quote of the Week! WEEK 35 Keanu Reeves

Grief changes shape, but it never ends.
Keanu Reeves

My dog Harley has passed away today. It has been the most difficult decision Ive ever had to make.
We love you Harley & always will.
Ride Hard and we will see you on the other side.
December 2012-August 2023


I think this is still my favorite picture of Parker ever

New Zealand Wills