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I have a tiny kitty condo castle! You can see more of it - plus video - in todays blog:

Such experiences always make me wonder whether scientists could investigate something like this. IMHO, develop sometimes cultural skills (if you let them). Bilbo, for example, had observed very precisely that I love and collect some along the way. He tricked me with that:

Very nice to see!
We run diffusers of a cat pheromone by Feliway, the Optimum one, which sorted out all the disagreements and stress. Everyone is relaxed and cool, now.

Good morning, afternoon or evening to each of you! We hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

This is a very rare sight at our house: Sunday (in the compartment) and Pax (up on top) usually do not get along. It's nice to see them tolerate one another, even for a few moments.

It only took 246 days, two national appeals, one newspaper story and a magazine feature, but Ginger is finally in her forever home

We fostered this spicy 19 y/o for almost 7 months!

Always adopt


Probably not on your news bingo card >> Why giant goldfish are storming America's Great Lakes and wreaking havoc on wildlife - TODAY

Hey Dawgs, get a stronger password, eh!

The Good Life. Some live it daily.

While growing up and even as an adult, we had several parakeets over the years and most all made wonderful pets, especially one named Mickey who was also blue and was my constant companion. This is dedicated to Mickey.

Available here:


Morrison under the tree

Letting your cats roam outside is a big threat to biodiversity. Keep your cats inside!

Domestic cats and their impacts on biodiversity: A blind spot in the application of nature conservation law

Good night (or good day) to you!
Pax is dreaming of her favorite things: spring toys and treats.

Trying a new brand of food. Walmart has their own in house brand of dog food that I can order and have delivered to the house. I've looked up reviews on a few sites and it seems to get good reviews. They don't have it in large bags though, 30 pounds is as big as they go, and with a 150 pound dog that doesn't go very far even cutting it with table scraps and wet food, so I'll have to order at least two bags at a time to keep the barrel full for a few weeks.

Cats - Invasive predators as an extinction force

"The first study to quantify what our felines eat on a global scale finds they have a significant impact on wildlife."

"In total, cats eat 981 species of bird, 463 reptiles and 431 mammals comprising about 90% of species consumed. They were also found to feed on 119 species of insects and 57 amphibians."

"In Australia alone, cats are estimated to kill more than 300 million animals every year, with conservation groups calling for cats to be kept indoors."

Domestic cats and their impacts on biodiversity: A blind spot in the application of nature conservation law

Killer kitties: cats are eating 2,000 species, including hundreds that are at risk

Peck says, "Hey don't forget to wake me for dinner!"

Did you know theres a test that tells you how much of a psychopath your cat is You can take it here, and see my results too:

Daphne is looking regal this morning.

Cat PSA: Perhaps youre like me and didnt know, but apparently its A Very Bad Thing for cats to get diarrhea.

Internet advises to see a vet if things dont resolve in 48 hours.

Anyways, the vet thinks its issues from a different food, and we have a plan. But if you're a new cat owner like us, be advised!

Whether youre a solo who loves to or you share your with a , , and , a large and comfy for a gives you ample to bask in your sanctuary.

Animal shelters all over England are at capacity due to abandoned Covid lockdown pets, increasing poverty of owners, and a shortage of vets. This is a heartwarming story of one RSPCA rescue.

Willows story: how an abandoned dog lost seven puppies and found a new home Pets The Guardian

That time we had litters of kittens and puppies at the same time.

This was in 2021, vets were not available here to stop the deluge and I got thorough practice in raising several litters of furballs.

Uber Pet est de volta e vai transportar ces e gatos com hora marcada


2 N.J. men charged for role in dog fighting ring that was livestreamed

I'm so happy, I'm so emotional that I started crying...my family dropped by with an early Christmas present! Cockatiels!

Ever since my little ones Joshua and Sundrop passed away I've wanted another pair...for a few years I wasn't ready but I sure am now. :ablobcatattention:

They're only like 3 months old so they're babies! Old enough to leave the nest but still pretty young. The darker colored one seems to be the spicier brother, while the other is a bit calmer.

I look forward to learning more about their personalities. Thinking Peppercorn for the darker colored one...Andrea and I hit on that thinking about it and it fits so well. I was going to wait longer but it just fits you know :apartyblobcat:

This means so much to me...after they left and the birds were in their new home I started crying, heh. Joshua and Sundrop were such lovely babies who lit up my life...I can't wait to get to know these two brothers. :blobcatlul:

, Polish equivalent of organized an action: visit their website daily, press a button to "feed" a . For every fully "fed" dog they will send 20 kg of dog food to an shelter. The event ends in few days and I'd appreciate your help in feeding few more dogs before it's over.
(yes, I'm asking you as well lovers)

A quiet afternoon at our house.

Cat Ownership and Schizophrenia-Related Disorders and Psychotic-Like Experiences:

Verne is having a snooze.

Informacin muy util solo para perritos

Ive got an ugly Christmas tree sweater! So where better to wear it than in front of the Christmas tree You can see the video here -

A hatchday art for my sunboy!!!



Se voi sapeste quanto abbiamo amato ...

Una vez tuve dinero , amigos y un perro

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