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I find it endearing that my dog won't sleep on his bed after I wash it unless I toss a piece of dirty laundry on it to give it the pack scent. You disgusting little furball. I love you too

Gorgeous boy Bruce
Care for your Pet

Count em1-2-3
Was trying to enjoy my morning coffee but cant reach my mouth due to Trixie laying next to my neck. Taking this photo wasnt easy.
Now the coffee is cold but the kitties are nice and warm.
I hope your coffee is still nice and hot.

"Ever wonder what kind of TV shows your dog might choose if they could work the remote control New research from the University of WisconsinMadisons School of Veterinary Medicine provides some answers, but the study was more interested in solving a longstanding problem in veterinary medicine than turning canine companions into couch potatoes."


For my friends in Europe - my soft pastels painting "Catnap in the sunshine" is also available at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries).

Fr meine Freunde in Deutschland - mein Pastellgemlde "Katze beim Nickerchen im Sonnenschein" ist auch bei Art Heroes erhltlich (kostenloser Versand).

I wish you all a nice and relaxing weekend!

Catnap in the sunshine soft pastels painting - here:

You've been a good day *pats*

A bit of cheesecake from Daphne. She's feeling sexy today.

CW: eye contact with a cat

You and me together watercolor painting - for all (cat) lovers...

Find it here:

Meet Jewel, my latest cat with a stained glass effect. Happy Caturday!

Prints & more -


Bought a dryer for my dog as I'm having to go back to doing her baths myself. My hair dryer is so old it's stuck on one speed (not the quick dry one). Kids and pets, I tell ya.

Although... I'm not fussy, maybe I'll just use her fancy dryer on my hair.

Pax is bright-eyed and ready for action on this cold morning. Hope you all have a good day (or a good night)!

CW: eye contact with a cat

Il bagnino sono io (mannaggia allacqua, per!)


Having fun with a black and white ink drawing and colorful splashes of watercolor paint ...

After the rain -

We suspect she knows how incredibly gorgeous she is.

Pax is curled up in her bed fast asleep. Time to say good night (or good day) to all our Mastodon friends!

SHOP UPDATE! My Professional Snoot Booper design is now available as a button! Do you have the experience to proclaim yourself a professional snoot booper

Order here:

Magical Zappa. Have a lovely weekend.

The girls, Daphne and Pax, usually don't get along. So it's nice to see them lying close to one another.

CW: eye contact with a cat

Foods Dogs Can And Cannot Eat

Internet down (Google Fiber) all day in our part of Austin which means sluggish hotspot-dependent work, AND found out that Quickbooks no longer supports Venmo so that is making tax prep... frustrating to say the least...
Good thing I have a kitty to help otherwise FLAMES!!!!
Luna, you are a good studio assistant. Well done

There are over 250 strays in chernobyl and with help of the CFF it may be possible to get them a home!

Leia is wondering why you havent brought her any treats

Ellipticals are a doggie safety violation!

Most cats love boxes - but if you want to make them even MORE fun, I have some tips for you:

Have a happy old on a homemade tiny couch to start off this . She may or may not be catnipped and cozy...

What Can I Do If My Dog Eats Grapes

Ukrainian Defender filmed his trip home together with his kitties.

what an incredible thing to do, humanity
Ukrainian Defender filmed his trip home together with his kitties. ...

Uno studio pubblicato sulla rivista Biology Letters riassume i risultati delle considerazioni su meccanismi, ontogenesi, evoluzione e funzione dello scodinzolio nei cani domestici

Grey Easter Bunny

An oil painting of a fluffy grey Easter bunny on a soft pink background. Ideal animal print for a girl's room, baby's room or the rabbit lover!

More backyard pics with the furry gang

everyone needs a good soak

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
Albert Einstein

Pax is sleeping with the birds tonight.

Good night (or good day) to all our Mastodon friends!

CW: eye contact with a cat

Good news for thanks to and its customers

Got an electric throw blanket today, so I can be comfy-cozy while sitting at my desk and not have to run the space heater the whole time.

Nikko definitely approves of the new blanket!

Woof! The latest in my new Dancing Daisy series.


The dietary fiber in yucca can help promote feelings of fullness and reduce appetite, making it easier for dogs to maintain a healthy weight.

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