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Happy Yawning Year Mastodon Friends


Happy Caturday! It's the first one of the year. I'm already dreaming of summer, so here's "Sammy in Summer"...

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Smart girl. Daphne says she's going to sleep through the coming storm.

Our Finn at about 5 months old (hes 4 yrs now). We are adopting a rescue kitten in a few weeks and very much hoping he accepts her.

Che vuoi farci Sono una bella gattina



Ma 'sta povera bestiola Qualcuno faccia qualcosa!!

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Key to is . . bans people to be . get to look like . The News you need to know for the week of Sat January 5, 2024:

Happy Caturday!

Baby it's cold outside!

Cuando me dicen que tengo que llevar bozal

Connie is looking at something very exciting!
A squirrel in the garden.

The strange cattractor, I have become one

Met a stray kitten in town yesterday. If it weren't for the 17 already at home, I'd have a new one today


I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior. Hippolyte Taine

Barueri abre 250 vagas para agenda de castrao no dia 10 de janeiro
A reserva de vaga acontece exclusivamente on-line, pelo Portal Pet

Barueri abre 250 vagas para agenda de castrao no dia 10 de janeiro
A reserva de vaga acontece exclusivamente on-line, pelo Portal Pet

Recall training is going strong with Orcus
Of course Im only using positive reinforcement with food, cuddles or play times depending on their wishes

Handsome lil man

Technology could help you get information about your pets to your vet without stepping foot outside home.

Kool Kat looking for a kitty

Oil painting of a two black cats. A sleek black tom cat is on the prowl!

Just after I Finally got Parker's litter box oder amazingly undercontrol, I mean like, couldn't smell ever almost, the kittens have destroyed it

They don't bury right (they try but they scrape the walls, not the litter) and generally they just stink so much more than Parker's.

Not sure what to do. Was very happy with Pretty Litter and the current fully sealed litter boxes with a roof and everything, tho they won't use the flap.

from : woman rescues her AJ

Paws up if you're excited! Our exclusive pet boutique is almost here, bringing a splash of style to your pet's life.

Gear up for the grand unveiling of
Launching soon!

Contrast in attitudes.
Our black cat Peck is unperturbed by whatever is upsetting our little tabby Pax on the floor below them.

CW: eye contact with a cat

looks at me through the glass door when I'm in the kitchen. He likes someone to go out & play. A string on a stick is one of his favourites. He got bored waiting, hence the yawn. As soon as I went to the back door he was already sat there waiting.

My Airedale Toshie & the cat Steve painted for a ceiling mural. We called it the Barking Test. If our dogs didnt focus in on a cat or other animal wed painted & begin barking, we werent finished.

Pax is up and ready for mischief today. She wishes you a good morning, afternoon or evening. Happy Friday!

CW: eye contact with a cat

TFW you buy a 100 of big cardboard egg boxes to make sure you have something to give your to shred in the night, because otherwise the poor baby is angry and stressed and doesn't have what to take it out on

A squirrel has his undivided attention.

I don't have a cat, I have a leaf goblin

My beautiful boy is 8 today. Happy birthday Buster!

Domestic dogs and Australian wildlife. How dogs impact ecosystems

"There are five main ways domestic dogs can negatively impact the natural environments they visit. These are:

direct physical harm through predatory behaviour
disturbance through chasing and harassment
increased exposure to diseases
interbreeding, which can alter the gene pool of wild canid populations
increased competition for resources.

We know dogs are capable of injuring and killing wildlife, but its difficult to determine how common this is, because many events go unreported. While smaller animals such as lizards, gliders and possums are at higher risk, larger species such as koalas can also fall prey to dogs.

One study that looked at wildlife coming into care at Queensland rehabilitation centres reported dog attacks as the cause in about 9% of cases. These cases often resulted in severe injury or death.

Wildlife harassment

You might think its harmless for your dog to chase wildlife if it never manages to catch the animals it chases, but that isnt true. Wild animals optimise their behaviours to meet their needs for foraging, breeding and resting, and being chased by a dog can disrupt this.

For example, certain threatened bird species will nest on the beach and find foraging opportunities based on the tides. One dog forcing one bird to abandon this important activity may have a small impact. But if it happens repeatedly throughout the day, it can become a much bigger problem. It may even drive animals out of the area.

Research conducted in Sydney has shown the mere presence of a leashed dog is enough to temporarily, yet dramatically, reduce the number of bird species detected."

Full article>>

Four-legged friend or foe Dog walking displaces native birds from natural areas

Pax is sleeping peacefully in her bed. Good night (or good day) to our Mastodon friends!

Winter or not, Knight is a ball of warmth. :)

Daphne is hung over.

Tired boy is fighting a losing battle Follow for more and videos coming soon.

Is your cats bad behavior the sign of a troublemaker or boredom Heres what you can do:

My reaction when I learn that Copilot is the first big announcement of the year.

People and animals suffer immensely due to the ongoing war.

Wild and endure injuries, psychological trauma, and often become lost or killed. The sounds of explosions and sirens leave them terrified, causing profound distress.

russia must be held accountable for its crimes against humanity and the genocide against the Ukrainian people!

Watch (29 Second) MFA Ukraine Insta Reel


What is a Title Deed?