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Happy my guinea pig does not know when to stop eating an only stops when he's so full he physically cannot move anymore thankfully his brother is better

he a little confused but he got the spirit

Cat: Did I do something There was no indication I wasn't supposed to do. This place is CRAZY

Cat 3 seconds ago:

"Hmm, let me see....What mischief can I get into next"

Good morning (or good afternoon or evening) to you from Pax and all of us!

I just watched this documentary. I really loved it. It shows the positive emotional power and other can have on people, and can help rehab people.

Little June is 18 weeks old. Not only a rescue, she is a rescue from the wild a desert kitten abandoned in my carport, she is now adapting sweetly to an indoor life away from harsh weather and predators.

Great Australian Pods Podcast Directory:

A Venezuelan man and his pet squirrel made it to the US border. Now hes preparing to say goodbye Sad and inspiringcould be a nice family movie/screenplay

Pax is not quite ready to go to sleep yet, but she wants to wish you a good night (or good day)!

Here is my Neko. Id love for you to caption this picture!

Saturday mornings with my monsters.

So huh

Tilly definitely not being melodramatic while expressing that her vet checkup had gone on long enough and she was clearly just being keeping from returning home out of cruelty (it had been like 10 minutes and the vet hadn't even come in yet lmfao)


My beloved boy Kito for .

Happy Caturday Mastodon Friends, guess who won the musical chairs

Fine Art prints, home decor and more of my acrylic painting "Black cat in the green grass" are also available for the US on my website here:
(Orders are fulfilled by Fine Art America / Pixels.)

A black cat is on the prowl in the green grass in my garden. She is looking at me with her big green eyes.
I painted this cat portrait with acrylic paint in bold expressive brushstrokes.

Happy everyone! Pax wishes you a good morning (good afternoon or evening)! She hopes you have as much fun as she is having today!

A Few More Times
So before we endAnd then beginWe'll drink a toast to how it's beenA few more hours to be completeA few more nights on satin sheetsA few more times that I can sayI've loved these days Billy Joel, Ive Loved These Days

When we love the days we're passing through, it becomes easy to believe that they'll always be just as they have bee

Anyone recommend a pet insurer Considering Petplan


Merry and Pippin asking about having a second breakfast.

*Their names are not actually Merry and Pippin.
*They will not be having a second breakfast.
*They will be having extra catnip crunchy bites though, because I am very easily guilt-tripped.

Budgies have a very high resting respiration rate, ranging between 65-85 breaths per minute. Their Heart rate is also very high at over 300 beats a minute.

10 things you might not know about budgies:

Katzenworld: Cat reunited with owner after three weeks missing thanks to microchip #

Thats a good human. Pet your master.


Pax is out like a light. Good night (or good day) everyone!

This pitiful woman's excuse for stabbing her 1-year-old niece is that she was trying to her , and her niece got in the way. As if that explains it. This wretched excuse for a human being has absolutely no business owning a dog, or being allowed near children. She apparently believes it's totally normal and acceptable to stab your dog. I can only hope she's locked up for a long time, and is prohibited from owning any more .


Ah, thats the idyllic life in our house (yeah, right! For 10 seconds maybe). Those 2 grew up together and are the same age (8). For about a week they were even the same size. Im pretty sure kitty loves her dog brother more than the other way around. He grumbles at her if she showers him with too much passionate attention.

since youre new here, wanted to share that if you add hashtags to your post, you will find other owners.

Katzenworld: Should cats be kept indoors Whats a catio &Tips

Edwardo is giving you aggressive side eye because you didnt bring him any veggies

Dumb and Dumber and dangerous

DeSantis Administration Recommends Against , Right as Tops Nation for Hospitalizations

More than half of U.S. owners are skeptical of canine vaccinations

Not that I don't enjoy seeing her flattened bottom and toe beans floating above me, but it's so funny how of all the soft, comfortable places in the house it's this one that has become her go-to resting spot.

Doodle, Daphne and Peck are enjoying the morning sun together.

Care for your Pet

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"Mom! Mom! Come play with me!"

Pax is up, active and ready for some fun. We hope your Friday is fun, too!

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