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Hanging out at my parents place, watching the dogs. Tater Tot wants attention, while Zach is hiding upstairs while Tate is rambunctious.

Sleepy Chinchilla picture featuring Cheech

Here's a pic of the pet slime mold (Cribraria aurantiaca) I had back in 2017. I highly recommend having one in a container on your desk. Just find some in the wild and keep it warm and damp. And in darkness when you're not admiring it. You can feed it oatmeal flakes, pieces of decaying wood, and mushrooms. They'll even eat wet paper towels (don't judge).

Banning ownership of the American XL bully dog in the U.K. would be simpler and make people feel safer than stronger regulation of it.

Ever the opportunist, Daphne is taking this chance to check out the inside of the kitchen cabinet.

what shmoopy things do you do with your pets

Ubiquitous exercise corner for senior citizens in

to the hoard!

"Now where did I put that puff ball"

Good morning (afternoon or evening) to you all from Pax and all of us. Have a happy Thursday!

Anyone have a pet slime mold If you have pics to share please do.

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There's no such thing as a stupid question! Did you know "POWA PETZ" is pronounced "POWER PETS"

Katzenworld: Nearly 900 pets kept in loving homes thanks to Purina x RSPCA partnership #

9. Remember that your pet is almost certainly not misbehaving out of spite. They are just acting according to their nature, which is sometimes incongruous with the expectations that we put on them. They have different priorities than we do. Your best bet is to work with their nature and give them a lot of grace. Scolding is the least effective way to change behavior.

This is the late Slime Shady, who passed on to Valhalla last month. My daughter found her alongside a street about 100 miles from our house during a weekend getaway. She was with us for nearly four years.

Shady was the best snail ever.

"After a frantic four hours of search and rescue, a two-year-old toddler from Michigan was found sleeping in the woods amid sweet dreams, fairy dust, and the two family dogs whom she had wrapped around her finger.

Thea Chase was playing barefoot in the yard of her home in rural Faithorn, Michigan, when her uncle instructed her to go inside and put some shoes on.

Her Mother Brooke said she had the instinct to go and check on her and their two dogs, a Rottweiler named Buddy, and an English Springer named Hartley.

It soon became terrifyingly clear that Thea was no longer in the yard, after which Brooke and Theas uncle began to shout for her. They searched the woods near at hand to the house for about a quarter of an hour before calling the police and Chases husband.

When we get a call like that, everything else stops, Michigan State Police Lt. Mark Giannunzio told CNN."

Since I've just moved (thanks to the Sunny Garden admins/mods for this place, and Cup of Tea people for my old home)
I'm Enne (n), punny full name: Aily Enne Bee, they/them, e/em/eir/emself, a trans/non-binary/polygender, neurodivergent, bilingual, omni-demisexual human who happens to be visually impaired.
I have 12 years of experience in:
Music production and sound design (mixing, editing, sample creating, synth programming, synthesis).
Audio game/software/web development (AngelScript, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, PureBasic, some (C and Python)).
I like nature, pets (especially cats), wind chimes, light rain, music (especially EDM), poetry, Critical Roll, Doctor Who, Formula1, audio dramas, technology, books (especially fantasy and romance), mental health, etc.
I believe in peace, treating everyone equally (with respect), and using one's privileges to benefit people who aren't as fortunate.
The rights of marginalized minorities are basic human rights.
I'm accepting of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, ND and DID people, as well as everyone else.

Still one of my favorites.

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Our dog, Zoey, loves her trips to the park!

"Mom, can I have 5 more minutes please"

Good night (or good day) to you all!

I can't have any books except remainders & recycled paper project books on the bookshelf in my office because these two eat them to make nests. But I can give them all the cardboard boxes to chew that they can stand...

Boobear the cockatiel is 27, if you don't know his story yet, it's here (no paywall)

It's been a solid week of gray skies and/or rain, but the Sun came out today. Got this nice shot of our dear dog Bentley. He's a rescue, part dachshund, part terrier.

My little gerbil, Rom

End of day exhaustion, because keeping an eye on every pigeon in the surrounding buildings isn't easy business.

Singapore Airlines, le calvaire du bouledogue pteur. lire sur :

Katzenworld: Cat Puzzle: Can You Find All Seven Hidden Cats Enjoy the Challenge! #

We failed to get any handle on so here's a vewy rare Robbie wif his whiskers on show for

Spot on, algorithm, those two images depict absolutely the exact same thing.

Katzenworld: Autumn Garden Plants to Avoid for Pet Safety PDSA Vet Nurse Warns of Potential Dangers

Good thing the ceiling was there, or that pup would have floated away.

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Care for your Pet

Roaming dogs attacking wildlife on NSW beaches

"Australian locals who have reported an increased level of dog attacks on native Aussie wildlife say they're fed-up with "entitled" pet owners acting irresponsibly...The aggression at times when I've politely asked if someone can call their dog has been scary, and a couple of times I thought guys were actually going to punch me!"

Just like the
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Todays rupops theme is at

Our dog, Zoey, loves her trips to the park!

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