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Halloween is well done and dusted so Zeus decided to destroy any toy related to it.

Pax is comfy-cozy in her bed and getting sleepy. Good night (or good day) to you all!

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Friend, wrote this: "Cats have contributed to the of 63 species of birds, mammals, and in the wild and continue to adversely impact a wide variety of other species, including 124 at risk of extinction, such as Piping Plover. Feral and domestic cats kill an estimated 1.3 to 3.7 billion birds and 6.3 to 22.3 billion mammals annually in the US every year, where populations continue to decline.
2.48 million tons of raw fishery products go to the cat food industry per year. Add dry pet food & 13.5% of the total 39 million tons of wild caught forage fish is eaten by pets. It may seem innocuous because these are considered, at least by the fisherman, as waste products, but in fact, that by-catch is a critical food source in the marine food chain. There is a vast, unseen genocide underway. We are destroying the oceans to feed Tabby."

Not todays fank yous. Go talk to der floofs.

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We're teaching our dog to use the treadmill! This was her first attempt, she's doing quite well.

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Cuando viajamos siempre suean con pollito

His hecking paws!! Look at them!! Hes such a goober :blobfoxcrylaugh:

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Cuando no tienes preocupaciones



One of our cats, this one is Penguin

This is one that was recently made for a gentleman in California who is a big supporter of my business and my animal assistance efforts, he asked me to paint his two chihuahuas with a 1980s school portrait photo laser background. I can do this type of thing for you too! This one was done with acrylics and oil paint on canvas

Cosas sobre mi parte 1

Peck and Pax share a moment together.

Good morning (afternoon or evening) from Pax and me! We hope you have a happy Friday and a very enjoyable weekend!

Badam knows how to travel to the future quick: biig stretch and take a nap!

Why is taking so long Dotty

Fireworks are loud and unpredictable, causing a lot of stress and anxiety for pets!

Protect their safety this weekend by:

1. Keeping them indoors during bonfires and firework displays
2. Closing all windows and doors to reduce any noise and flashing lights
3. Turning on the TV or radio to create background noise/distraction
4. Creating a comfortable safe space for them to hide if needed

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Brother and sister rescues Loki & Hazel joined our family Wednesday

Pax fell asleep on the loveseat. Time to go to bed! Good night (or good day) everyone!

Missing my sweet peachfronted conure, Courtney, who lived to be 29 years & 11 months, a great old age for his species. In this photo, he gets photobombed by Boobear, the white-faced cockatiel who is an attention hog.

Which one of my pet rats are you

After a little over a year it finally felt right to bring another kitty into the household, so without further ado, allow me to introduce you all to Brisket.

She's a lovely little gal who my partner and I adopted and just brought home yesterday.

Unlike Antonio who took a while to get comfortable, this little one seems to have no qualms demanding socializing and affection right away. Now if only she'd start warming up to Pip!

Chinchon siempre quiere salir . Le encanta posar

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Our sweet boy

Reaccion de mi perro al sonido de mueco de goma . Que pasara

A Laika le ha salido un hermanito

Daphne likes to blend in and go unnoticed.


Pax is trying to stay warm on this chilly November morning. She wishes you a good morning (or afternoon or evening)!

Lo que hace cumplir aos

From the archives of On this day in 2020. On pet owners in Australia paying $100,000 to get their animals home from Canada

Nuevo test de inteligencia

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Best Funny Animal Videos Of The 2023 Funniest Cats And Dogs Videos

I have a hilarious follow up to my 'big silly sock' dog post*!

If anyone thought the post was just was a joke and not a thing I was actually doing I would like to update that today was my surgery (everything went well) and I have said this so many times the last few weeks that when my wife came in after my surgery the second the nurse left the room she said "goddamit I walked in and all I could think the second I saw your cast was 'big silly sock', why did you do this to me!" and I am still riding the high lmfao


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