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Goddamnit, I missed Well, heres a picture of Nell from her walk today as a late submission!

My dog is making yipping noises in her sleep and it's the most adorable thing I've ever heard.

Pax wishes you a very happy Sunday!

Now that is an interesting pet:

A picture of the quartet of chaos that mess up my life in so many ways!

His treat for dog day yesterday He got to finish the peanut butter jar, one of his favorite things to do. All natural peanut butter for him. I think he enjoyed it.


SOLD! Thanks Falling Down

! on

Good thing I was done eating those grapes, I guess.

Having cats is endless hours of discovering failure modes of our schemes against gravity.

Murphy's downer: Anything that can fall, will fall.

As of 3:30 pm HST on Saturday, August 26th, Officials have permitted Humane Society to access the burn zone in a coordinated search and rescue effort to find live .

Animal Search And Rescue (ASAR) & Animal Incident Management & Greater Good Charities trapping team will join MHS who will be escorted into the impacted areas.

Report lost :
(808) 877-3680 ext. 9

Betty wishes you a very Happy National Dog Day!

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Cozy sisters.

Happy ! Here's Tika.

The difference 3 weeks make!

We took in a litter of six 2 week old ferrets on 5th August and have been hand rearing them after mother rejected them

We have two strong healthy boys named Boris and Squid. Sadly we lost the other 4 of the litter due to faulty genetics - its been a hard month

Photos are on day of arrival, around the 3.5 week mark, and then the last two are from today at 5 weeks!

Not all heroes wear capes. They even rescued snakes, some very angry snakes.

Beloved pets in Canada rescued from wildfires by volunteers who stayed behind AP News

Pax is fast asleep in her favorite spot. Good night (or good day) everyone!

As the day begins it's descent into night, this contemplating kitty bids you farewell on this fine .


How did you celebrate International Dog Day today

We spent some time putting the finishing touches on a new Jack Russell Terrier design for our Urban Unisex T-shirt, inspired by "Totem" masks

Let us know what you think in the comments below

This is Sunshine my Flame Siamese. I got this guy at a Petco adoption I thought he was a washed out Tabby, not the exotic blue eyed doll face shown here. I would never have gotten a Siamese as they never shut up. He never shuts up but actually I kinda like it. dont shop bob barker spay and neuter your pets! There are so many unwanted animals even this exotic beauty was in a shelter!

This is a pet portrait that was made for a lady in Washington state last year. The first pic is the original photo, and the second is the original photo she sent to me and asked to have painted by hand with oil paint on canvas. She asked to have a cool abstract-y background for it to match her interior. Message me for !!!

Ember explores the front yard. Nice new logs to climb on.

The boys are getting their naptime in this

Katzenworld: Battersea Celebrated International Cat Day with Unique Feline Residents of 2023

Kito says hello and Kivuli gives some side-eye for .

Eye of the Tiger

Happy ! To celebrate, you could listen to our podcast episode about some Very Good (ancient and medieval) Boys and Girls. :)

The void cat in his lair on .


What's black and white and red all over

Monkey if I don't pet her exactly to her exacting specifications. She has an awful temper on a hair trigger. Literally.

with attitude

(to be clear, the blood is mine : ) )

Hutton 24 the hutton brothers