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Every year, dogs from across the globe head to Birmingham, England, to show off their dancing paws. In the "Heelwork to Music" category at Crufts, they're judged on musical interpretation, choreography, and the bond between handler and pup. A new Hulu documentary followed competitors as they prepped for the 2023 show. ABC News has more.

For all our pet lovers!

Sweet and gentle Daphne is enjoying a peaceful moment.

1. Father and son (Cosmo, front and Pando)
2. "Seems like the spot" (Jelly)

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Katzenworld: Join Tummy Rub Tuesday Week 473 and Submit Your Cat Photos for a Chance to be Featured on our Blog #

Goedemorgen Tootsies,

Voor een ieder die behoeftig is een welgemeende dikke knuffel

Goodmorning Tootsies,

For everyone who needs a sincerely big hug

Special guest for Thanksgiving week

Pets being scared of the vet visit is a popular trope that has been mined adequately for humor in pop culture. Progressive Insurance's new ad campaign flips that trope to delightful effect in this campaign!

Full marks for getting even the setting right, as per the pet - cat owner climbing up the tree and dog owner hiding under the bed

Simple, humorous, relatable, and perfect product pitch! Excellent job by the agency Dieste.

Shh - poor Zeus has had an exhausting morning. He had to defend the house by barking at a leaf that had been blown onto the front door.

Pax is sleeping peacefully under her favorite blanket. Have a great night (or great day) everyone!

Gotti.photo by

Thanksgiving dinner means table scraps for our pets, but whats safe for them to eat

Veterinarian Dr. Lori Teller shares pet care advice for the upcoming holidays.

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Does anyone have any vacuum recommendations for pet owners It looks like I'm going to have to replace mine. Point me in the right direction if you've got any helpful ones. (No, I won't get rid of the pets. Moving on. )
Please help save me from the pet hair. I'm starting to feel like Monica from Friends, where I need a vacuum cleaner to clean my vacuum. It's turning into one of those nesting dolls situations but w/ vacuums.

Katzenworld: Why do cats struggle to see objects close up &Tips

Toe bean stretch!

Keep the holidays safe for your kitties!

Fourth special session (Nov. 20, 2023)

On Mondays show: We take a closer look at the fourth special session of the Texas Legislature. And veterinarian Dr. Lori Teller answers questions about pet care.

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Doodle is practicing acrobatics again.

Meanwhile Gumball and Hefe are just glad the young whippersnappers are leaving them alone.

Glad to see Sir Alec and Hazy becoming buddies. Here they are resting after a "You run and I'll tackle you by the throat" session.

After a night of total mischief, Pax greets me with a "I'm sorry Mom, I won't do it again" look.

Good morning, afternoon or evening to all of you! Have a happy Monday!

Pets may be beloved members of the family but research shows their upkeep can have a significant impact on the environment.

BBC asks: "Is it impossible to reduce their carbon paw print"

Experimented with a slit aperture. It's not perfect, but it makes for a fun effect!
Shot with a Pentacon 135 f/2.8 on a Canon 70D

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Katzenworld: Revealed: UK Households Spending over 600 to Keep Their Pets Warm When Theyre at Work

Pax is done for the day. Time to sleep. Good night (or good day) to you all!

"I enjoy cats because I enjoy my home and little by little, they become its visible soul."
--Jean Cocteau

Harrison's Little Blanket Update.

Pax thinks there's nothing better than a Sunday afternoon nap.

Katzenworld: Scottish Governments Ban on Snares Welcomed by Cats Protection

Below're a few progress pics of an oil painting portrait that was created for a family in Vermont. Your pet can be illustrated too! Msg me if you have any nice pics. Humans can be painted too!

Timeline Cleanse

The jacket has arrived!
Thank you,
I'm going to ask a seamstress friend about measurements & how to adjust them to fit my cat

Fredericton SPCA hosts Pet Pawlooza to avoid closing its doors
In a recent letter sent to donors, the Fredericton SPCA said it only has enough funds to continue operations for about two more months.

Fredericton SPCA hosts Pet Pawlooza to avoid closing its doors
In a recent letter sent to donors, the Fredericton SPCA said it only has enough funds to continue operations for about two more months.

Good morning, afternoon or evening Mastodon friends! Hope you have a pleasant Sunday!

Pax appears to be deep in thought. What do you suppose she's thinking about

Cake is cooling and roast started in the oven. Potatoes are next. I am thinking of potato gratin. When someone has a birthday in this family they get one of their favored meals. I have to run out to get creme cheese for the icing later. The dogs really are amazing time managers making sure I am up nice and early at 6 Am on a Sunday morning. Don't worry they are working on their chews treats wile they watch me work.

Happy wet our gorgeous , has man so we are looking after him .

fabric wanted