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All you need to know about caring for your pet.

Ella es una perra de guarda y defensa

Why dogs can be afraid of children: Pet owner's tips

Pax and Peck both say, "Top the mornin' to ya! Have a happy !"

Tiger eating his salad this morning.

Mi nia no quiere trabajar , queda claro

Long-haired grooming tip:

I use two brushes for Parker now.

He loves boar bristle brushes, they do almost nothing to remove fur or mats, but they tidy the fur and he purrs like mad

And a dematting tool, which he does not like very much but removes tons of hair and can remove a good amount of mats. Some you just have to pick out. It's what you monke fingers evolved for.

Katzenworld: The Importance of Cat Grooming: Tips and Tools for Happy Cats petGuard # &Tips

I have discovered a fish community on Tiktok so am going to probably be pretty annoying about it. Check this guy out he eats whole clams! He is a giant freshwater Puffer as big as your arm and I am absolutely obsessed with him. Look at that amazing face!!

Calling this Fish Uber Not really sure what is going on here but the rider looks very surprised.

Such pretty eyes


Many cats I know of don't care much for dogs.

The feeling's mutual.

Pet Owners Care More About Their Dogs Than Cats, Study Finds

All you need to know about caring for your pet. Astonishment ...
(September 2023)
(Foto: Rdiger Benninghaus)
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Couldn't resist to share this photo of Kismet, and has a page full of sleeping don't forget to push on "Nyt lis sisltj", in case your not the best.


Aww idiot boy wants cheese that he cant have

Stage fright.

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Xing Xing the Rescue Kitty and my work from home adventures !


This is one that I'm currently putting the finishing touches on. It was made for a man in California. If you'd like this type of thing done for you too, let me know! It was painted with oil paint and acrylics on canvas.
This type of thing makes an awesome holiday gift! Custom-made art is way cooler than buying some mass-produced thing from a department store!

3rd Annual Active for Animals

What: Community fitness classes, complimentary coffee, & a meet-and-greet with from the Napa County Shelter.

When: Sat Oct 28, 2023
at 09:15 am

Where: Active Wellness Center Napa, 3421 Villa Lane, Napa, California

This event is open to the community and to all fitness levels (beginners welcome!), with a suggested of $5 per class. Donations of cash or dry or canned pet food goes to the Friends of Napa County Animal Shelter.

*Pumpkin Boot Camp at 9:15am on the Basketball Court
*Pumpkin Splash-Down at 9:15am in the Lap Pool
*Downward DOG Yoga at 10:30am on the Basketball Court


Here's footage of my friend Kem working on a painting of a dog for a man in Germany. He has a family-run gallery on the tourist strip downtown, his wife and his daughter are artists and paint as well. I have a lot of nice finished paintings made by their family if anyone out there's interested in getting some nice new art for their home. Art is a great gift to give someone you love!

Aurora Animal Shelter working to rehome dozens of 60 cats rescued from hoarding house

It was probably one of the worst cases Ive seen in Colorado, just in terms of the condition of the cats

"Mom! Mom! Did you see that Did you see what the boys just did"

Good morning (or good afternoon or evening) from Pax and all of us!


Ma anche quando...

Combarro , un pueblito con mucho encanto

Katzenworld: Debunking Myths About Rehoming Rescue Pets: Adopting, Behavior, and More &Tips

A logo I designed for a design contest held by 99designs. The client is a small animal veterinary hospital, providing health care to mostly dogs and cats.

They had a vision in mind, which I tried to fulfill. Unfortunately my entry wasn't chosen, but it was a good learning experience.

I'm available for new projects! Feel free to message me here or through email at contactjohnery.com

Amazon Pet Empresa de Jeff Bezos considera ter veterinrios por teleconsulta


Hunting for orcs & bugs is serious business


Boy time, starring Chester's front part and Harrison's little blanket

Pax is settling down for the night. Good night (or good day) to you all!

Cats love these people: Be a good pet owner

My cat loves to sleep. # #

new Parker short! Orange Cat Behavior

Preparing for being in a cast after my ankle surgery next week by repeatedly sitting down my dogs and saying remember guys, staring next week Im gonna have a big silly sock on one foot for a while, but DO NOT jump on the big silly sock. Licking and snuggling are fine and Levi you can keep up you usual schedule of kicking me in the ribs at least five times a day when you sit near me- that always hurts but it wont hurt any mor than usual- but NO JUMPING ON THE BIG SILLY SOCK!

Question for owners. What does your dog bring you (or visitors to your home) when you cross the threshold The classic is "slippers" and it's tempting to ascribe intentionality: "Make yourself comfortable!" But I get brought stuffed toys as well as footwear. I wonder if it's whatever comes to mouth, as it were.

Katzenworld: How to Fuse Luxury Decor with Your Pets Needs &Tips

Pobre nio mio con lo bueno que es

Where would we be, without animals to love and be loved by

She is supervising, and if this little kitchen storage shelf comes out looking anything less than immaculate post-assembly there will be judgment.

Fabric agency